Jesus did not write, and those who wrote later on did it according to theirs understanding feasibility, and there are many contradictions. Then later on, in the fourth century, when Rome forged its church, roman one but not Christian, intentional mistakes were added to the contradictions, all for the benefit of Rome, for the Empire, which was in total decadence. Everything was distorted, in order to give for the priests or for the roman bailiffs the maximum of authority, whether to obtain money or to supply the Empire with the subjection of people. And, Our Father prayer suffered all sorts of adulterations. Note: OUR FATHER, WHO ARE IN HEAVEN – Jesus taught that God is Spirit and Truth, Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent, who sees everything in secret and in secret pays according to each one’s deeds. He taught that God is above any type of relativism, above time and places. The God mentioned in Our Father prayer, which is roman adulteration, anthropomorphic or external to everything and everybody, slave of feigned clothings, idolatries, formulisms and formalisms, candles and other idolizing and pagan trinkets, has never been the Sacred Principle that Jesus represented the best way He could. There is no sense of time and places for God, and He does not suffer any restrictions. He is in the deep inward of everything and everyone as DIVINE EMANATING, SUSTAINING AND DESTINING CENTER, and nobody will gain anything by saying the contrary because the ignorance, the error and the evil will be crushed at the due time. HALLOWED BE YOUR NAME – If God or His name depended on man’s sanctification, He would be lost! Jesus would never say such dullness! This proposition is too stupid to deserve more attention. YOUR KINGDOM COME TO US – It was the same Jesus who has proclaimed that the Kingdom of God is inside each one, and It would not come with external signs. Everything depends on the internal developing of the spirits. Besides, any fool can know that it is the spirit’s duty to march towards TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE, because in God there is no flaw and everything, in principle, for Him is – Eternal, Perfect and Immutable. Whoever got involved in being seller of pretences and idolatries was the one who invented this clamorous mistake! For the Kingdom of God to come, the fools need to buy slobbers, and bow before the sellers of slobbers, etc. Any Books and Prayers that teach to search God outside, far away, through simulations or lures are criminals. Waiting for God with open arms on top of the mountains or not mountains, is work of ignorants or swindlers; it is the beginning of many mistakes, deviations, immoralities, etc. God is OMNIPRESENT, and the communion between the son and Divine Father is in the TEMPLE OF CONSCIENCE. YOUR WILL BE DONE – Never would Jesus teach such dullness because He knew that the WILL OF GOD IS ABSOLUTE JUSTICE, which will be done whether everything that is relative, spirit or matter wants it or not! To put the WILL OF GOD in terms of possible alternative, yes or no, is something that would never come to Jesus´ mind. Jesus had the Law of God as irrevocable; and his Divine Example of WILL OF GOD submission, has never given place to any ambiguities. Whatever seems like that is human’s invention. ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN – Again the dullness of enslaving God to places or times, etc! Again man’s foolishness, intending to slave God to his narrowmindedness, to his restrictions and, above all, doing so to negotiate formalisms and idolatries with the fools! By affirming that God is far or in a territorial heaven, the

owners of clergies keep being the mediators, or sellers of idolatries or superstitious slobbers. The rest of the propositions are childish, and forgiveness for sins does not exist in God, because there are no precedents for the Divine Justice. Re-equilibrium is acquired through deeds, for this reason God offers opportunities, conditions and situations, etc. We do not have to consider temptations from the part of God, but tests to be passed instead. It is not God’s function to pass the tests for whomever, neither Christs’ nor conscious spirits’. If someone KNOWS THE TRUTH AND PRACTICES THE GOOD, he will certainly get help for the success of his battles. God gives the elements but the achievement is up to the spirit. It must be clearly understood, the INTERNAL temptation is always worse than the external one. Therefore, no one should blame God or whoever it may be, for his negligences or intentional wish to surrender to error. This is what Jesus taught, above all, through His Divine Example. He did not put any responsibility on God, Who guarantees the relative free will to spirits, through His Fundamental Laws. Do not forget that rights mean duties. And if it was not this way, God would be deaf or wrong, or even evil, because Humanity is full of people who keep repeating the Our Father prayer all the time and commit crimes, from massive assassinations to the most depraved habits. This is what God wants: “Know yourself and carry out yourself”! Osvaldo Polidoro