For those who would like to be informed on how to renew their massage therapy license, below are some

information about it. License Renewal Procedure for Massage Therapists in the Philippines In Metro Manila, you can renew your Massage Therapy License at the Department of Health Center for Health Development Welfareville Compound, Barangay Road Block 6 Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City. You can call them at (02) 7183097; (02) 5354521 with Fax number (02) 7183098 or email them at Submit a letter of request for renewal. The letter of request for renewal will be provided in their office once you renew your license). You will also need to attach the following documents to your request for renewal: 1. Latest medical certificate (certificate of recent physical and medical examination issued by a government physician). 2. Current professional tax receipt 3. Current community tax receipt (CEDULA) 4. CEM/CEUE Number 5. (1 pc.) 1X1 picture 6. (2 pcs.) 2X2 picture 7. Certificates of trainings and seminars attended after you became a Licensed Massage Therapist 8. Official receipt number of your Renewal fee (the fee, as of 2008, is no more than Php500) After submitting the necessary documents, you will be given a date when you can claim your certificate of licensure with its year of validity extension. It will also indicate the receipt number of registration fee and the signature of the Regional Health Director concerned. There are also technical updates that are being promulgated from time to time so you can get in touch with them at their numbers. You can also view and read this article for free at the spa, massage therapy and wellness blog site: