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My Updated Personal Battle Plan to Win the War
on Peyronie's Disease
by: John Parks

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

My Peyronie's Treatment
My Personal Battle Plan to Win the War on
Peyronie's Disease
By John Parks

Medical Disclaimer:
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Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Table of Contents

Ch. 1 - My Personal Story .......................................................................................4
Ch. 2 - Why Should You Listen to Me? ...................................................................9
Ch. 3 - What is Peyronie's Disease ....................................................................... 12
Ch. 4 - What Causes Peyronie's Disease ............................................................... 16
Ch. 5 - The Science Behind My Plan ..................................................................... 22
Ch. 6 - Three Phase Battle Plan ............................................................................ 26

Phase 1 - Heavy Artillery/Traction Devices ..........................................................27
Question About Traction devices - Traction Device Comparisons

Phase 2 - Search and Destroy/Oral Supplements .. .............................................34
Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Actyl L Carnitine, Omega 3 Krill Oil
Beware of Scams...........................................................................................40

Phase 3 - Topical Gel..............................................................................................41
DMSO, SSKI, Vitamin E
Surgical Correction ................................................................................................47
Resources ..............................................................................................................53
Talking With Your Partner .................................................................................... 54
Where to Purchase the Products in this Plan ...................................................... 57

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Chapter 1
The Despair of Peyronie's Disease -
My Personal Story

My bout with Peyronie's disease came on rather gradually.
My penis always curved a little to the right, but I began to
notice a gradual increase in curvature and some upward
bending, I thought it was strange, but that it would resolve
and go back to normal. My wife also noticed it, but did not
mention it to me, because she didn't want to make me
overly self conscious.

We were on a vacation in Kauai when my symptoms could
no longer be ignored. Suddenly erections were painful and
my penis was just going crazy. It had a big dent in it now
and I thought it was going to curl up like a pigs' tail. It was
bending upward, and at a right angle and sexual intimacy
was impossible. What was supposed to be a romantic get-
a-way vacation had turned into a nightmare. Neither of us
knew how to cope with this new development.

Upon returning home from vacation, I made an
appointment with our family doctor. My wife helped me
get an erection and we took a picture of it, with our digital
camera, and printed it to take to the doctor. The picture
showed my penis at almost a 90 degree angle. The
appearance and pain were beginning to terrify me. I was
starting to feel isolated and alone with this condition. If
you are at this point right now, let me re-assure you, there
are many men suffering with this affliction. My advice to
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

you is, make an appointment with your doctor and
get pro-active about your treatment, ASAP! Check
out the Page with resources and links in this book, and join
a forum or read what others are doing.

I have a really good relationship with our family doctor.
He is a great guy and an outstanding doctor. I am very
grateful that I could go to him with this issue and not feel
embarrassed or ashamed. He took one look at the photo,
and told me I had Peyronie's disease. I had no idea what
that was, and had never heard of it. He explained what it
was and wrote a referral to see a Urologist. He told me that
if he had this condition, this doctor was the one that he
would go to himself, which was very reassuring. I thought
he would write me a prescription and it would all go away,
just disappear like a bad dream. At least I hoped and
prayed it would be that easy.

My urologist was an older gentleman, he was an extremely
competent man, and I felt like this was definitely the right
place for me. He took one look at the photo and put it into
my file. He examined my penis and ordered some lab tests.
I saw this doctor many times over the next six month
period of time. He prescribed Verapamil injections and
cream from PD labs, and told me to take vitamin E. The
time went by very slowly and my progress was non-
existent. I was becoming very depressed and despondent
about my condition.
This condition is just so unfair, I was getting angry and
could feel myself withdrawing from my wife and those
around me. I needed my penis to get better, but it
wasn't cooperating, it was causing me to lose my
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

confidence. I secretly feared my wife would leave me, and
often my thoughts were dark and about death. I was not
suicidal, I would never take my own life. No, I just prayed
that God would end my life, so that my misery would end
and everybody would just be better off without me.

It was during this dark period of time, that I went to my
Urologist for the last time. I didn't know it would be my
last appointment when I arrived. The doctor did a quick
examination and asked me to sit down for a consultation.
He told me my plaque was very large and had invaded the
Corpus Cavernosum. It appeared to have stabilized and
now it was time for me to consider my next avenue of
treatment. He informed me because of the size and depth
of my plaque, my surgical options would be best limited to
a Nesbit procedure. He drew some pictures while
describing the procedure. The words, "It will shorten your
Penis" continued to echo in my head. Other words like,
possible complications and decreased sensitivity
bludgeoned my already fragile psyche. He ended the
conversation with this:

"When you hear the expression, 'Practicing
Medicine' it really applies to Peyronie's disease.
We really are practicing."

He asked me to think about all that he said and after about
a three month wait, just to make sure the plaque was
stable, we could schedule the surgery, if I wished.
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

I left his office in a daze. I don't remember the drive home.
I just remember arriving to an empty house and laying
down on the floor next to our bed and bawling my eyes
out. It felt like God had forsaken me, and left me all alone
in my misery. That evening after re-gaining my
composure, my wife and I sat down and discussed our
options. I knew in my heart that surgery was no longer an
option, at least at this time, but I needed to hear it from
her. She looked into my eyes and saw my pain and
frustration. She encouraged me to do some research and
seek alternatives. She reached out to me in love and held
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

me. We both cried. I thank God for such a supportive and
loving wife.

The following day I resolved to find an alternative
treatment program. I began reading everything I could on
the subject. I went to the Seattle Swedish Hospital
archives and researched any clinical tests that had been
done for Peyronie's anywhere in the world. I went to the
on-line forums and read so many heart wrenching stories.
There were men whose wives had left them, and those that
had given up hope for a cure or effective treatment. There
were a lot of resources available, but it was so hit and miss.
Something over here and another thing over there, nothing
was organized into a treatment system.

I noticed that one study in Italy showed a 30%
improvement in curvature with Traction devices. Another
research program indicated that Acetyl L Carnitine worked
better than Tamoxifen in a double blind study. The
research studies did not combine treatment methods, so
there was not one method that gave dramatic
improvement by itself. This is where my construction
background came in handy. I needed a plan of action that
would combine all of the improvements that I had studied,
into one combined plan. Maybe I would be successful if I
overwhelmed this affliction, combining all possible
methods available to me. I came up with a three step
battle plan that I implemented simultaneously to defeat
this enemy. Read on and learn what I used to overcome
my Peyronie's disease successfully.

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Chapter 2
Why Should You Listen to Me?

Usually in my line of work we look at the challenge, then
draw up plans to follow, get them approved and next
purchase the products and do the work. The end result is a
finished product.

I took this approach to Peyronie's disease and developed a
systematic program. It was a treatment plan to conquer
and defeat my enemy. I was at war and my enemy was
Peyronie's disease.

Why should you listen to me? Who am I, and how
do I differ from a Urologist? Well, let me start off
with the fact that I am not a medical doctor. Nor do I claim
to be as smart as a medical doctor.

I had never even heard of Peyronie's disease, until I was
afflicted with it. The difference I guess between me, and a
highly trained medical practitioner, is that I did not have
conventional training or bias taught to me about a
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

condition that is very difficult to treat by traditional
medicine, except with surgery.

The other big difference is that I was the one
suffering from this condition. I had a personal
vested interest in finding a cure outside of traditional
treatment, which left me with surgery as one of two
options. My second option was to suffer in silence and see
what would develop on its' own. Well, those choices were
just plain unacceptable to me.

I have a unique perspective on problem solving, being
brought up in a family of non-traditional thinkers. My Dad
has a different way of looking at, and explaining things.
He has taught me to think outside of the box and explore
alternatives. He is really great at looking at things from
different angles and applying the 4th dimension, a
spiritual process to healing which harnesses the power of
prayer. My Mom is a real woman of faith, and she also is
very organized, and analytical. Between these alternative
problem solving styles, and my desperation to regain
normal sexual function, I developed the plan outlined in
this book.

My hope for you, is that you will gain a positive mental and
spiritual outlook and undergo physical healing. I want my
experience with Peyronie's disease to inspire and help men
and couples, that are suffering from this affliction. It is my
belief that everything happens for a reason, the good and
the bad things all make us who we are, and what we will

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

I no longer suffer with debilitating curvature, and my
penis was not damaged or shortened with surgery. My wife
and I are enjoying some of the best and fulfilling sexual
intimacy of our lives. I am grateful for my healing and do
not take it lightly or for granted.

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Ch. 3
What is Peyronie's Disease?

Peyronie's disease was first described in 1743 by a French
surgeon, Francois de la Peyronie. Early writers classified
the disease as a form of impotence, which we now refer to
as erectile dysfunction (ED). Peyronie's disease can cause
ED, but this factor is not always present.

Peyronie's disease is described as a hard lump that forms
within the penis. This lump is referred to as a plaque or
scar tissue. The plaque begins as a small inflammation and
hardens over time. This type of plaque is not related to
atherosclerosis or the plaque build-up that develops in
hardening of the arteries.

Symptoms may develop slowly or they can appear
overnight. In severe cases the hardened plaque can cause
pain and the penis is forced to bend during an erection. In
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

some cases the bend is so severe that sexual intercourse is
difficult or impossible. The resulting sexual problems can
disrupt a couple's emotional and physical relationship.
Lowered self esteem is a big problem in men suffering
from Peyronie's disease.

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

The plaque or scar is not a tumor or a cancer. It is not
contagious and is not caused by any transmittable
diseases. The plaque itself is benign, but the emotional and
physical havoc it causes are anything but benign, it can be

The illustration on the previous page, shows the effect of a
plaque on the topside of the penis shaft, which is most
common. A plaque developed on the bottom of the penis,
will cause it to bend down and a wide plaque can cause the
penis to bend sideways.

How Prevalent is Peyronie's Disease?

It is estimated that Peyronie's disease affects between 1 to
14 percent of men between the ages of 30 and 80. Most
men that develop Peyronie's disease are of Northern
European ancestry, which leads researchers to believe that
the underlying cause may be a genetic predisposition. A
recent post mortem study found 22% of men had a
palpable plaque.

 A study in Germany by Schwarzer et al using a
questionnaire received response from 4,432 men. The
median age was 57.4 years old. 3.2% of the men had
plaque, and 1% had plaque with pain and curvature.
Broken down by age;
 1.5% of men 30-39 y/o had symptoms
 3% between 40-59 y/o
 4% of those 60-69 y/o
 6.5% of men older than 70 had Peyronie’s disease
(thickening of the Tunica Albuginea on physical
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

examination). Symptoms included 84% with
angulation, 46% painful erection, 40% with erectile
dysfunction (ED).

Many men that develop Peyronie's also have
plaque/fibrin deposits (fibromatoses) in other parts of
their bodies. One of these conditions is known as
(Dupuytren's contracture), which causes a
contraction of the fingers. Dupuytren's is often
treated with surgery, with recurrence after surgery
somewhat common. These plaque deposits are made up of
(fibrocytes) types of cells that form a matrix of
collagen and connective tissue they infiltrate tissue
and are described as a type of (benign non-malignant)
not cancerous tumor. These are simply globs of
collagen and proteins that harden over time and cause big
problems inside your body.

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Chapter 4
What Causes Peyronie's Disease?

Peyronie's Disease is shrouded in mystery. This insidious
condition is afflicting men, and seems to be growing into
an epidemic, veiled in secrecy.

Peyronie's Disease in spite of how common it occurs, and
the associated emotional and physical havoc it causes, is
not well understood. There really is not a lot of research or
information available in the United States. It just isn't
something that your Doctor has a handy brochure or
information sheet available to hand out.

Medical practitioners - especially in America are at a loss
to know how to treat this condition. They will usually start
off with Vitamin E and prescribe Verapamil. Then wait
and see what happens. If this doesn't work the next step is
to wait for the condition to stabilize and just wait it out.
Maybe it will go away, or maybe you will have to live with
it or have surgery.

This chapter will explain in common language what the
known causes and suspected causes of Peyronie's Disease
are. The medical term will be in parenthesis/italics before
or after the bold explanation.

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

 Injury:

One of the most common causes (etiology) of Peyronie's
disease is injury. If the penis is bumped or bent beyond a
certain limit, tiny blood vessels can be ruptured
(micro vascular trauma) in the (tunica albuginea) which
is a sheath or tube with many layers, it is surrounded
by veins and blood vessels. The tunica albuginea encases
the (corpus cavernosum) the two large tubes that fill
with blood, enabling erection (tissue expansion). The
layers of this sheath have restricted or low blood
flow (hypovascular).

The low blood flow between these layers
is what makes Peyronie's disease so
difficult to treat, and this makes it difficult to
remove the fibrin cells (fibrinolysis).

Inflammation can be trapped for long periods of time,
which may cause reduced elasticity and excessive scar
tissue buildup. These injuries begin to collect cells known
as fibrin that over time block off the site of the injury.
After multiple small injuries, large quantities of fibrin will
build up in the form of a plaque/scar.

Penile Fracture is a traumatic and violent breaking of
the penis, usually caused during vigorous sexual
intercourse, when the penis misses the intended target and
is forcibly ruptured, much like a tire bursting. This is
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

caused by blunt trauma or excessive lateral pressure. Any
man who has suffered a broken penis, will have no doubt
as to the cause of his Peyronie's Disease. If you have
suffered penile fracture - go to your doctor, do not try
alternative treatment without medical supervision.

Injury and Trauma cannot explain all cases. Some men
develop Peyronie's disease slowly without any notable

 Genetic Pre-Disposition:

Many men who suffer with Peyronie's and Dupuytren's
contracture do not seem to suffer any trauma.
Peyronie's disease is rarely found in men of Asian and
African descent. Men of European descent comprise the
majority of cases. Clinical studies and research are more
prevalent in the E.U. as Europeans' are less embarrassed
and take a more open minded approach. Many men in
America are relegated to the ranks of those suffering in
quiet desperation.

 Excess Collagen:

Researchers also have come up with a theory that
Peyronie's disease may be an autoimmune disorder,
similar to Scleroderma. A common thread I have seen in
the Peyronie's forum is excessive collagen build-up in the
body. Many men are in the practice of taking food
supplements, in an attempt to stave off the effects of age. It
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

has become very popular in recent years to heavily
supplement with Glucosamine/Chondroitin. Some men
drink Knox gelatin on a regular basis, I was one of them.
Reduced back and joint pain are some of the benefits,
along with healthy hair and strong nails.

Over time I believe an excessive buildup of collagen can
cause serious and possibly life threatening conditions to
develop. As it did in my case.

Collagen is great where it belongs, but you do not want it
building up in your internal organs, blood stream and
arteries. (heart attack, stroke and liver failure) You do not
want excess collagen in your penis. Excess collagen over
time becomes stable, hard and strong, at this stage it
becomes much more difficult to remove.

 Viagra and Peyronie's:

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are all classified as PDE5
inhibitor drugs. These drugs work by blocking the PDE5
enzyme, that inhibits erection. There is an increased risk
of heart attack and stroke with these drugs. It is not a
reaction to the drug that causes the heart attack. It is
usually caused by the poor cardio fitness of the individual,
related to vigorous sexual activity, and elevated heart rate.
PDE5 inhibitors, smooth and relax the tissues of the penis,
allowing the blood to flow more freely. In 2002 it was
reported by the International Journal of Impotence
Reasearch the number of cases of Peyronie's had increased
since the advent of oral Sildenafil (Viagra). The report did
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

not indicate that there was any connection or cause from
taking Viagra, just that statistically there was an increase
of reported cases of Peyronie's disease. It may just be that
the extended period of time the penis is hard, may make it
more susceptible to injury.

Sildenafil in small doses (25 mg.) a day has been used as a
treatment protocol with some success.

 Diabetes:

Peyronie's disease and Diabetes have a high association. If
you have Peyronie's, your doctor should test you for
insulin resistance and assess your risk for Diabetes.

High Blood Pressure and Atherosclerosis are also
associated with Peyronie's and you should have your
doctor check for these serious health threats. Most general
practitioners have very little experience with Peyronie's
disease and will not automatically check for these other
associated conditions.

How Does Peyronie's Disease Progress?

Peyronie's is diagnosed based on a physical exam. The
plaque can be felt when the penis is flaccid (limp). Full
examination may require a full erection to determine how
severe the deformity is. In my case I took a photo at home,
to show the extent of the bending, and avoided the
uncomfortable/embarrassing and difficult process of
inducing an erection in the Doctor's office. If there are
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

concerns about ED, an ultrasound can be used to pinpoint
the location and calcification of the plaque and determine
blood circulation.

The acute stage of Peyronie's disease is in the
first 12 to 18 months, which can include painful
erections, penis deformity and difficulty with intercourse.
Eventually, the acute inflammation subsides. At that point,
any pain generally resolves and any penile curvature that
develops may also resolve or remain permanent.
However, as the disease progresses and the scar matures
and becomes more dense, it is not uncommon for the bend
and curve in the penis to increase. Maturation of the
Peyronie's plaque can be associated with a change in
penile curvature as the size and elasticity of the plaque
changes. Stable disease is characterized by a resolution of
any pain and an absence of change in curvature for at least
6 months.

Note: The best time for treating Peyronie's is in the early
stages, when the plaque has not hardened. This is the
time when non invasive methods will be most effective for
reducing, remodeling and removing of developing tissue.
This early acute stage is also when most Urologists and
doctors tell their patients to wait and "see if it will
resolve, or see what develops."

This early acute time is the best time to be pro-active and
treat this affliction before it stabilizes or calcifies.

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Chapter 5
The Science Behind My Action Plan

OK the previous chapter describes the (pathophysiology)
changes caused by Peyronie's disease, but what can
we do about it?

Let's look at the science . . .

Low Blood Flow in the layers that have been
invaded by plaque are a big problem - We need
something that has the ability to penetrate skin (trans-

DMSO fits the bill, it passes through skin easily and is an
efficient vehicle to carry other Chemicals through the skin.
DMSO has anti-inflammatory properties. During the
1960's DMSO was a popular remedy used for by coaches
for football injuries to reduce inflammation and speed

Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years to reduce
pain and aid in healing and scar prevention. The Bible
speaks of Aloe in Numbers 24:6 - "like Aloes planted by
the Lord."

DMSO is the easiest and least invasive method of
providing, trans-dermal treatment that I have found
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

available. The goal is to remove the scar tissue and replace
it with regenerated healthy tissue, like what was there
before the injury. Some topical formulas use Cod Liver oil,
but that does not penetrate the skin membrane/barrier
like DMSO.

Other methods of trans-dermal treatment include
injections and Iontophoresis.

Injection is self explanatory. The results of Verapamil
injections have been less than exciting. Evidence of
improvement may be due to the effectiveness of disturbing
the plaque with the hypodermic needle rather than the
effectiveness of the medication. The jury is still out on this
procedure. Double blind placebo studies achieved almost
identical results with saline as they did with Verapamil.

A very new and promising drug is Auxilium
Pharmaceuticals: Xiaflex Clinical studies have shown
that 67% of Peyronie's patients achieved significant
curvature reduction after receiving a series of injections.
Significant reduction in curvature was 25% or more. Make
sure and ask your Urologist about this treatment option.
Xiaflex is not presently covered by medical insurance and
it is very expensive.

Iontophoresis uses a painless current of electricity to
deliver drugs under the skin - directly to the plaque. A
study in Austria concluded that Iontophoresis using
Verapamil and Dexamehasone were effective in treating
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

pain, but reducing penile curvature seemed to be limited.
Iontophoresis is not readily available in the United States.

Plaque/Scar Tissue Build up - We need something
that will break down the plaque (fibrinolysis). What
about SSKI/Potassium Iodide? Rubbing SSKI into the
penis at least twice daily softens and lessens the plaque
area over a period of several months, allowing for more
normal function. DMSO will help carry the SSKI through
the skin to the affected area.
(Safety and Product Information are covered more
thoroughly in the Battle plan chapter on Topical Gel
treatment, along with other products I used with this
method of treatment.)

Heat Treatment/Hyperthermia - The application of
heat for treating Peyronie's has proven to be much more
effective than Verapamil in reducing pain and curvature.
Heat applied to collagen in the laboratory, made the tissue
soft and pliable. I used hot wet washcloths, but they did
cool off too fast, so I was constantly reheating them. A hot
water bottle, rechargeable hand warmer or heating pad
would make this an easier protocol than throwing the
wash cloth back into the microwave or running the hot tap
on the faucet. Heat in addition to softening the plaque
also increases circulation.

The benefits of taking oral supplements, include overall
cardiovascular improvement as well as improvements in
performance and longevity.

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Serrapeptase and Nattokinase are powerful enzymes
that scavenge fibrin in the body and promote healthy
blood flow. These enzymes along with additional
supplements can be taken orally to assist in plaque
removal, and promote better circulation.

Promote Blood Flow and Tissue Growth to the
Affected Area: (noninvasive extenders) Traction
devices provide traction to stretch the tissues of the
penis, which promotes blood flow and new cell growth
around the area affected by the plaque/scar. Over time this
will build new tissue which will decrease curvature as the
penis grows (cell duplication). Traction devices have
been used to treat Peyronie's Disease in Europe for many
years. Traction devices have been validated by numerous
successful clinical studies,

The treatment program consists of 3 protocols.

1. Traction of the Penis, 7 days a week for a minimum of 3
hours a day.

2. Oral Supplements: Take Serrapeptase, Nattokinase,
Acetyl L Carnitine and L-Arginine with L Citrilline

3. Topical Gel with hot compresses

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Chapter 6
Three Phase Battle Plan
My battle plan can be broken down into three easy to follow phases. It
involves three distinct and different modes of action that are designed to
conquer and destroy this terrible enemy.
1.) The Artillery: We roll out the big guns in our first line
of attack. This involves using a traction device to straighten
and stretch the penis. In this section I will provide product
comparisons, details of use and the science behind it. I
explore why this method is superior to other methods of
traction. Product links and discount codes are provided.
2.) Search and Destroy: This system of attack involves
infiltration. It's the Delta force of our war operation. I will
explain how enzymes and supplements flowing through my
blood stream attacked the plaque in my ravaged penis, and
slowly dissolve the dead scar tissue. I also include audio
sound bites from the manufacturer to help you fully
understand how these products work. I want you to know
how these miracle enzymes have the unique ability to help
restore penis health. There are warnings included about
other products to avoid, so as not to get side tracked in the
healing process.
3.) Infantry Attack: Ground operations are not glamorous
and flashy like the Artillery attack. However, it is an
essential part of my overall battle plan. Topical Gel is a
combination of three products that are applied to the penis,
after hot compresses. This formula worked for me and
saved hundreds of dollars over topical Verapamil.
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Phase 1: Traction Device
Questions about Traction Devices:

Was the Penis Traction device developed for Peyronies
No, it was actually developed in its' present form to treat a
condition known as micro-penis syndrome. This is a
condition in which a penis under one inch in erect length is
steadily stretched over a prolonged period of time to
lengthen and enlarge it. It was found to be highly successful
and effective for this use.

How does Penis Traction help Peyronies Disease?
The same type of device has been approved as a treatment
for Peyronie's and bent penis syndrome for several years.
By adding increased traction along one side of the penis, the
penis can be steadily straightened

How long does it take to straighten a penis?
This method of penis straightening can take up to 6 months,
traction devices have been shown to have a therapeutic
element to them. Traction helps to strengthen the penis
shaft and improve blood flow. This leads to a longer penis
and stronger & straighter erections. Traction also is effective
in remodeling and stretching the plaque, which results in a
straighter penis.

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Have Clinical studies been done on Traction devices?
Yes, Seven doctors in the Urology department at the
University of Torino, Italy had participating Peyronie's
disease patients wear spring loaded arm traction devices.
The patients average age was 53.3, and all of the subjects had
non congenital curvature due to Peyronie's disease. The
average time duration of the disease was 16 months, and all
of the subject patients had clinically stable disease. There
were 40 patients in the test with one dropping out after a
few days due to discomfort caused by the device. The
patients received no additional medication or use of any E.D.
meds. during the study. There was no reduction in plaque
size, but at the end of the study most of the patients were
rated as showing acceptable improvement. One of the
byproducts in this study were increases in penis length and
girth. The majority of the patients were listed as satisfied
with the results. The doctors stated at the end of the study,
that the best time to pursue nonsurgical treatment is in the
acute stages, that is in the first twelve months of onset. The
patients in this study with stabilized disease achieved on
average a 13.5% reduction in curvature. In a prior study
with patients in the acute stage, there was a recorded
average 33% reduction in curvature over six months time,
using traction alone as the treatment program.

Why not use a Vacuum pump, instead of a Traction Device?
Traction devices have been shown to be effective in treating
Peyronie's disease. Vacuum pumps have been known to
cause lumps, blood clots and bruising of the penis. They do
not have the ability to put traction on one side of the penis
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

over the other, so they have been known to cause curvature
damage and increase damage in Peyronies disease patients.
Vacuum pumps cannot be safely used for more than 10
minutes at a time and more than twice a day. Traction
devices are worn for 2 hours at a time, with 15 minute
breaks in between. There are new pumps that use water,
like the Bath Mate, but they do not offer directional control,
so vacuum and hydraulic penis pumps are not advised for
use in treating Peyronie's disease.

Should I buy the most inexpensive Device - What's the
Not all traction devices are equal. I purchased a cheap,
poorly designed product and it ended up being painful to
use, and a waste of money. I then had to purchase a true
medical device, that could be worn comfortably. It made all
of the difference.

How Traction Devices Work
Traction Devices work by securely holding the penis by
a strap, tube or ring that is attached to arms that provide
tension to straighten and stretch the penis. The principle
involved is very similar to weight lifting. While lifting
weights the muscle is subjected to stress and tension, which
stretches the cells and causes micro tears in the muscle
fibers. The stretched cells divide and add new cells, so your
muscle grows. The muscle will become larger, firmer and
hold more blood as it gets bigger.
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

The same principle works with the traction device. It
stretches the penis and allows new cells to divide off of the
old ones and build new tissue around the plaque. The penis
is supported by new tissue. While the penis is firmly and
comfortably held in the traction device, pressure is increased
on the side the penis is bending, allowing it to straighten
over a period of time. Since this is a gradual and medically
approved method, over time penile blood flow will
dramatically improve, and the muscular element of the penis
will strengthen as well.

Dramatic Examples of Tissue Stretching
Phase 1: Traction Device Comparisons

The traction device on the left is a
cheap, poorly made unit that is
typically sold at an adult shop.
The materials used are inferior
quality, the unit is very
uncomfortable to wear for any
time more than a 1/2 hour. The
metal used was brass and you can
see that the adjustment screw is
corroded. The arms are not spring
loaded, so they cannot be pre-
adjusted. Don't waste your hard
earned money on this traction
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

The Size Genetics Traction Device above, is the one that I
used for straightening. It is a high quality medically
approved device and you can see that it would be much
more comfortable, with the wide band and soft foam. The
side traction arms are spring loaded, so they can be retracted
when fitting the unit on the penis. Since purchasing this
device, it has been completely redesigned and renamed the
Peyronie's device. It is now much more versatile for treating
Peyronie's disease than the unit I purchased, and the price
was kept the same as before.
Click on the logo below to go to their website:

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

How to Use Traction

Traction devices should be used every day for 3 or more hours a
day for maximum results. The ideal use is for 4 hours. The
traction device should be worn for 2 hours, then taken off to give
your penis a break (15 minutes). The plaque tissue over time will
remodel using a combination therapy that is described in this
book. Applied heat, massage and traction are the most effective
way to straighten a penis, for congenital curvature and curvature
caused by plaque in Peyronie's.

Post surgical traction must be done under the care of your
surgeon, as many shortening and plication procedures use, non-
dissolving stitches that will not stretch and traction would pose a
danger of pulling the stitches and causing damage. I believe that
my 3 step program should always be done, before attempting
surgical correction. Please feel free to share this book with your
doctor. Many doctors have responded very positively to the
information in this book.

If you have any comfort issues, read more at:
The Peyronie's device also comes with this second head which
has offset holes, for right or left curvature correction. By placing
the noose through the offset holes, as pictured on the left, the
traction will pull directionally against the curvature to offer
better traction control. The plaque is not pliable like normal
penis tissue, so the device should be set to pull against the
scar/plaque to help that area reproduce new cells, then the
penis will be supported around the scar and straightened by the
development of additional new tissue.
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Phase 2: Search and Destroy /

I call phase 2, the Special Forces part of my battle to
eliminate the Peyronie's Disease enemy. Before taking on
any regimen of enzyme treatment, make sure and consult
with your doctor. It is especially important if you are
taking blood thinners or cholesterol reducing meds, to
make sure that the enzymes in this plan will not
contradict, enhance, or interfere with other prescribed
medications you are taking.

Serrapeptase/Nattokinase Blend:

I'll start off with what has been described as the
"Miracle Enzyme", by Dr. Hans Neiper. He was a
The best Serrapeptase/Nattokinase
formula is Blockbuster All Clear
Supports the aging process by removal of
fiber build-up • Reduces breast cysts and
fibrosis by removal of fiber build-up •
Reduces Fibromyalgia by reduction of fiber
build-up • Reduces formation of scars and
wrinkles • Reduces internal scar tissue •
Reduces Pulmonary Fibrosis by removal of
fiber build-up

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

legendary medical doctor that was known for his use of
proteolytic enzymes. Serrapeptase has been used widely
in clinical practice in Japan and Europe, for over 30 years.
Serrapeptase is an enzyme that was isolated from non-
pathogenic bacteria found in the digestive tract of the
Japanese silkworm. This powerful enzyme is what
allows the moth to dissolve its, cocoon. This miracle
enzyme digests dead tissue, such as blood clots, cysts,
arterial plaque and internal scar tissue.


Natto on Rice - an acquired taste

Nattokinase helps the body maintain healthy
circulation. It has been a traditional Japanese folk

Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi researched
with Natto, searching for a
natural agent that would
successfully dissolve thrombus
(fibrin) that is associated with
cardiac and cerebral infarction.
He found that Natto was a potent
enzyme for this purpose.
Dr. Sumi named the newly
discovered enyzme
"Nattokinase", which means
enzyme in Natto.
Robert Redfern is known as, "The Serrapeptase Guy." He has developed
Blockbuster All Clear. Go to the Good Health Store and sign up for his
newsletter and take advantage of the free downloads. The information
and products there are of the highest quality.
Go to:
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

remedy that has been valued as a food for over 1000
years. Natto is a fermented soy food that contains
important enzymes. Nattokinase is unmatched by any
other food derived enzyme for its' circulation-enhancing

Increased circulation is an additional benefit in aiding
erection quality and boosting overall cardiovascular

Note: Serrapeptase and Nattokinase should be taken
without food between meals, or one hour before eating.
This is important, because the enzyme needs to activate
in the lower intestine, so it can be absorbed into the blood
stream, where it will perform its primary function. If it is
taken with food, it will absorb into the proteins in the
food and be passed through as waste.

Take 5 capsules a day initially, then reduce down to 2
capsules a day after 3 months for the rest of the treatment
year. I still take 1 capsule a day for maintenance, and
overall cardiovascular health. My doctor wanted to put
me on Statin drugs initially, but I asked him to give me
some time to try and lower my cholesterol. Thankfully, 3
months later, he retested my serum cholesterol and it
was lowered dramatically. He suggested that I continue
taking Serrapeptase and Nattokinase to maintain this
healthy level.

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -


Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid the
body uses to turn fat into energy.
Acetyl L Carnitine does not rewire or alter the
serotonin paths in your brain,
but it does give you a noticeable boost of energy and
helps to naturally treat age related depression. It can be
taken with or without food and is very safe and well
Acetyl-L-Carnitine and the drug Tamoxifen were
compared in a 3 month double blind study on 48 men
with Peyronie's disease, in Italy. Acetyl-L-Carnitine (at a
dose of 1g. daily) reduced penile curvature, while
Tamoxifen did not. In addition the supplement reduced
pain and slowed disease progression. The other benefit
of Acetyl-L-Carnitine over Tamoxifen was a lack of side

Acetyl-L-Carnitine capsules containing 500 mg. ea.
can be taken with or without food. Other known benefits
of Acetyl-L-Carnitine are improved cognitive function
and increasing nerve growth factor production, which
are essential to growth and repair of tissue. Some people
have symptoms of overstimulation and insomnia with
large doses. Listen to the audio clip for more details on

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Recommended Treatment Doses:
Morning: Upon waking up, and on an empty
stomach take two capsules of Blockbuster All
40,000 IU of Serrapeptase and 1600 FU Nattokinase
Blend. Take one Drs. Best Acetyl L Carnitine
588 mg. and take one Source Naturals L-Arginine,
L-Citrulline Complex

Afternoon: Between Lunch and Dinner, Repeat
Morning protocol

Evening: Take one Blockbuster All Clear

After three months I cut my regimen down to 2
times a day of Blockbuster All Clear, and after a
year to once a day of each. I also take a Source
Naturals L-Arginine, L-Citrulline once daily.

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Omega-3 Fish Oil/ Krill Oil:
I started my program taking Vitamin E gel caps, but my
physician recommended switching to Omega-3 Fish Oil.
He stated there was a danger of over-thinning the blood
with large doses, and of a possible toxic build up with too
much Vitamin E. Omega-3 fish oil provides
cardiovascular support and raises your good cholesterol
levels. Studies do not support Vitamin E and Omega-3's
as having any effect on Peyronie's disease, so I would
consider this optional.
One of the supplements that I did not take was CoQ10
enzyme. This enzyme is often prescribed for use in
Erectile Dysfunction, and would be much more effective
in battling Peyronie's Disease than Krill Oil. It would be a
good enzyme to add to the protocol, and it is essential for
heart health.

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

The next three products are listed in many Google advertisements
on legitimate Peyronie's disease web-sites. They should not
reflect on the website content, as Google uses keywords to place
advertising. I personally would never buy or endorse the
following products.

Peyreton: I reviewed their website and found that none of the
ingredients were known to be beneficial in treating Peyronie's
disease. They have an extensive line of products to treat many
different diseases. The strange thing is, that the same ingredients
had different product names, for different ailments. The same
story is repeated in their product line, except they change the
name of the product to suit the disease it is treating.
Noprical: Yep, same lame ingredients for so many diseases.
Peyrenofax: Lump this one in with Peyreton and Noprical, same
story, just not quite as original. Funny how one of the websites
featuring Peyronie's cures listed these three as the top cures.

I'm sure there are probably other sites taking advantage of
hurting people. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is. These
products all state that you will be cured in a very short time, and
if you are not, then you probably were misdiagnosed.
I requested copies of their stated clinical test results, my requests
were ignored.

Preying on the vulnerable and sick with scams like these are

To read a very complete article about these scams and their
products go to:

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Phase 3: The Infantry Attack /
Topical Gel

If you are under a urologist's care and are using
Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Xiaflex, do not use the topical
gel part of this treatment protocol while you are being
treated with Xiaflex. It could interfere with that
treatment. Please continue to read this chapter for
informational purposes, and the section on
Hyperthermia treatment would still be a viable option,
just not for a few days after injections are administered.
You will need to take this time off to allow healing and
recovery of the injection site.
The ground troops take the fight to the enemy and
that's what we are doing with this assault. You don't
need to spend hundreds of dollars on a compounding
pharmacist. This topical gel consists of three ingredients,
that you simply mix and massage directly on your penis.
The first ingredient is a mineral that helps many
conditions. The brand name is Tri-Quench or SSKI.
SSKI are the Latin initials for Potassium Iodide. SSKI is
used in treating and helping to eliminate "fibrotic"
conditions. Dupuytren's contracture and Peyronie's
disease are both helped considerably by the topical
application of SSKI. The treatment works much faster
when mixed with Vitamin E and DMSO. Purchase all
three ingredients and serve as your own compounding
pharmacist. You will save hundreds of dollars over
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

purchasing Verapamil. The other great thing about this
formula, is that it Really Works!

The Topical Gel should be applied after thoroughly
washing and rinsing off any soap residue. Hot
compresses are effective in raising the temperature of the
penis. Raising the temperature of the penis, is known as
Hyperthermia treatment.

Hot Compresses/Hyperthermia. Heat treatment has
been shown to significantly reduce plaque size and
increase erectile function, by improving circulation.
Avoid raising the water temperature above 113 degrees
Fahrenheit to avoid scalding.

Studies on how heat affects collagen have shown that
heat makes the collagen molecule in scar tissue pliable
and floppy. It would stand to reason there is no better
time to apply the topical gel, than when the plaque is in
this pliant and vulnerable state.

A while back I received an email from a man saying his
urologist told him hot compresses would have no affect
on Peyronie's. Then he remembered how hot compresses
helped his lame horse to recover, and so he proceeded to
use hot compresses and noticed improvement.

If you are have had Peyronie's for a significant amount of
time, and are in the stable stage of disease. I would
extend the time of applying hot compresses, to improve
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

the chances of softening the plaque. I used hot
washcloths which cool down rather quickly. It would be
more effective to use a hot water bottle or heat pad to
lengthen the time of Hyperthermia treatment.

The 1st ingredient in our three part topical gel is DMSO


The Gel formula works very well as a topical. I prefer it
over DMSO liquid. The Gel is less messy and more
pleasant to work with. DMSO can sometimes cause skin
irritation in the form of a mild rash. The skin at the base
of the penis shaft is less sensitive and a good place to test.
DMSO comes in pure 70% with water or 70%
DMSO/Aloe Vera Blend. I prefer the Aloe blend, because
it is easier on the skin and Aloe is well known for its'
healing properties..
DMSO is a trans-dermal solvent, it has the unique
ability to penetrate human skin. It has been extensively
tested for toxicity and safety. The only adverse reaction
to chronic overexposure have been headache, nausea and
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

garlic breath. You will not come close to this level of
exposure, but the garlic smell is a common side effect.
My wife found the garlic smell somewhat objectionable,
but the bend in my penis was absolutely intolerable.

Warning; Make sure your hands and penis are very
clean. DMSO will carry the SSKI and Vitamin E through
your skin as well as any contaminants. You can test
DMSO's trans-dermal qualities by rubbing some on the
bottom of your feet when you go to bed. When you get
up in the morning you will have the garlic smell on your
breath. DMSO has amazing qualities. If you would like
additional information on its use and safety, click on the
link below.

2nd Ingredient
SSKI/Potassium Iodide:
You can purchase Potassium Iodide - better known
as iodine drops on or another source
is the Tahoma Dispensary operated by world
renown medical doctor, Jonathan Wright. Dr.
Wright has written an excellent article about SSKI
that you can link to by clicking here:
SSKI/Potassium Iodide

Iodine is known for its anti-bacterial qualities, as
well as it makes fats, waxes and scar tissue more
soluble in water. Over time, SSKI has been known
to reduce and flatten Keloid scars.
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

There are three “hazards” to using SSKI: staining, allergy, and a very
small possibility of thyroid suppression with longer-term use of “too
much”. Iodine allergy is a possibility, although it is very rare. Usually, it
causes a red, bumpy skin rash, which goes away after SSKI or other
iodine is discontinued. Topical (applied to the skin surface) iodine
allergy is almost never a serious emergency. SSKI or iodine can very
rarely cause acne, which also goes away once the source of iodine is

3rd Ingredient
Vitamin E:
Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant, long used in the treatment of
Peyronie's disease. There has not been a lot of evidence of its'
effectiveness in treatment with oral use. I believe it is best used as
a topical formula. The best and least messy way, to use Vitamin E
for topical use is to buy the small gel caps and pinch the end to
break it open and squeeze out the contents. Simple and easy! No
bottle of oil to spill.

My method of applying the Topical compound was to
start with a thorough cleaning and rinse off any soap
residue, then apply hot compresses (hot water bottle, Heat
pad, or hot wet hand towel) that are not above 113 degrees
Fahrenheit. to raise the temperature of the penis, but avoid
scalding. Next apply SSKI. Squeeze two drops onto the
penis, then pinch open the Vitamin E gel cap and squeeze
out the contents. Scoop out a small dime sized dollop of
DMSO gel and begin to mix and massage into the penis.
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

DMSO will transport the ingredients through the skin. Avoid
using too much DMSO as it will be a sticky mess. It will take a
few times of doing this, to get the quantity of DMSO right.
I found an especially pleasant method of applying the topical was
to get my wife involved in my treatment. She would massage the
ingredients in, and participated in my program. Remember, a
positive mental attitude and good feelings are critical to any
healing process!

This topical gel is also effective for use in Dupuytren's disease
and on keloid scars.

Additional Protocol (New)

The Peyronie's device, I wrote about in the section on traction has
developed a massage program, that accompanies their complete
package. I did not use this specific type of massage, but it really
looks like an effective product and procedure to add, for best
results. They have also put all of the supplements into the
package. This really simplifies the whole process by eliminating
so many different venders to purchase everything.

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Surgical Correction:
The sad part about any battle or war, is sometimes
victory is not an option. The treatment program that I
have developed, has a much better chance of being
successful if it is started in the acute stages of Peyronie's
disease. The plaque becomes more solid as the disease
progresses and at some point becomes stable. I would
still try these methods, before submitting to surgery, but
the sad truth is, sometimes it is too late. If this is the case,
then you should discuss surgical alternatives with your
doctor. In my case, my Urologist was ready to perform a
Nesbit procedure in three months time, since
conventional treatment had failed. I am certainly happy
that I did not submit to that process.

The most common surgical procedures are:
Nesbit procedure, which involves one or more wedge
excisions on the opposite, healthy side of the penis, to
straighten it. The disadvantage of this procedure is a
shortening of the penis.

Nesbit plication procedure
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy
Studies in the UK and Germany have shown that extracorporeal
(outside the body) shockwaves directed at Peyronie's plaques can
reduce penile deformity in established, stable disease. This
technique has been used to smash kidney and gallstones for many
years, and might avoid the need for surgery in established
Peyronie's disease. Treatment is given over several sessions on an
outpatient basis. This technique is still under investigation and is
not yet widely available. The International Journal of Urology
posted preliminary results in (2002 - 9, 110-113) Out of 4 patients
one had his plaque disappear, the other 3 remained unchanged.

Plaque Excision Surgery, is a procedure, where the plaque is
removed from the erectile tissue and a graft of foreign tissue is
used to fill in the resulting gap. Graft material can be fat,
transplanted from your own body, or specially treated animal or
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

cadaver tissue. This operation has a higher rate of complication.
When the plaque is very large and erectile function is lost,
another option is implantation of a hydraulic penis implant, to
regain function.
Graft Materials
Surgis biodesign patch is a graft material made from animal
tissue. Alloderm and Tutoplast grafts are made from cadaver
tissue. All living cells are purged, which removes the risk of
rejection, infection and disease transmission. The graft is now a
matrix material to fill in the gap left by excision of the plaque.
The patients' blood infuses the graft and makes the tissue his
own. The graft tissue will feel stiff for a couple of months while
it is becoming part of the penis. After a couple of months it will
feel more normal and pliable.
Below are 2 links to Youtube videos' that discuss and
show plaque removal surgery. The second one is very
graphic and was difficult for me to watch. I have provided
the links below:
Dr. Riemenschneider discusses the nature of Peyronie's disease and the
surgical procedures involved. (Some Graphic Content)
Dr. Sudha Krishnamurti narrates a Peyronie's surgery involving plaque
removal. (caution: Graphic surgical procedure)

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Implant Surgery:
The final surgical option covered in this book is Implant
Surgery. When alternative and traditional methods do not
work out and especially with Peyronie's associated
Erectile Dysfunction, implant surgery is the most logical
option at this stage. If you are considering this route, I
would suggest you go to a blog of a man that has had
great success with this method and read up on the best
type of implant and how to pick your surgeon. He is an
expert in the field from his own experience and I defer to
Jack in the field of Penile Implants:
Read More Here:
Surgery on the penis is something most men would rather
not think much about. I have included links to a couple of
surgeons' websites. These sites include descriptions of the
different procedures as well as before and after photos,
along with letters from satisfied patients.
Patient Release/Consent Form: This is a patient consent
form that gives a great description of the procedure and
graft material. It also describes the risks involved in this
type of surgery.
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Other Medical Treatments Being Studied:

Xiaflex/Auxilium Pharmaceuticals:
The clinical trial results for Xiaflex show great promise.
67% of the patients in the phase III trials showed
significant improvement in curvature and plaque
reduction. Significant improvement consisted of 25% or
more reduction in curvature. These successful results are
higher than any other drug that has been tested for
Peyronie's. Xiaflex is also approved for treatment of
patients with Duypentren's Contracture. Read more about
Xiaflex at:

Transdermal Iontophoresis involves the use of
painless electrical current to deliver drugs under the skin
to the plaque. There are four drugs being used presently
with this method that I have read about in the Journal of
Urology. Dexamethasone, Lidocaine, Verapamil and
Diclofenac. The full test information and results are
available at this website:
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Dexamethasone is a steroid that prevents the release of substances in the
body that cause inflammation.
Lidocaine Hydrochloride, USP is a local anesthetic.
Verapamil is in a group of drugs called calcium channel blockers. They
work by relaxing the muscles of your heart and blood vessels.
Diclofenac is a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug (NSAID). This medicine
works by reducing substances in the body that cause pain and
Other Lesser Known Drugs:

Transilast is mainly used for treating chronic dry eye. It fights
fibrosis and extracellular build up that blocks tear ducts. It has
also been found to give some relief for chronic skin sarcoidosis.
Transilast's anti-fibrotic effect has put it on the radar of some
urologists. There are no clinical trials going on at this time.

Interferon has been used successfully by a few urologists to treat
Peyronie's. Interferon is an immune modulating agent that
inhibits the release of inflammatory agents within cells.


American Family Physician
Peyronie's Disease Management, Information page

The Peyronie's Association
Peyronie's DiseaseResource guide with a Physician finder
http:/ /

The Peyronie's Disease Society
This is a great support forum with lots of news and links that encourage active
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -
Ladies, here you will find that special, private, place to share and offer support
with other women that may need to express and get guidance for their feelings of
emotional turmoil.
This site is a source of information for patients with questions. Its purpose is to
increase understanding of Peyronie's disease and its treatment, not to provide
medical advice. Though knowledge dispels anxiety, its use in formulating
appropriate treatment decisions requires the help of an experienced medical

Peyronie's Disease at Wikipedia
Loads of Information and links to related information, diagnosis, treatments and
surgical procedures.

National Kidney and Urologic Home Page
Resource information from Urologists about the disease and treatments availability

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Talking With Your Partner
Dealing with Peyronie's is stressful and difficult, not just for the
man who is afflicted with this condition, for his partner, as well. I
was suffering from depression, and was pretty much inconsolable
for a while. It is one of those things that you just do not know if it
is ever going to get better.
I was impacted very negatively by decreased self-esteem and a
complete lack of sexual confidence. While this was going on with
me, my wife was having to deal with my physical deformity in a
very important area of our relationship. Sex was very
uncomfortable and painful for both of us. Through it all she was
very supportive, but obviously concerned, and I know she was a
little grossed out by the strange appearance of my penis.
I hope it will help you to know, that you are not alone. Peyronie's
disease is not spoken of much, and there is not a whole lot of
medical research or information available. It is a relatively
common condition. It is estimated that up to 10% of men have
Peyronie's disease sometime during their life. That figure comes
directly from Urological surgeons that treat the condition.
Unfortunately, due to the silence surrounding this disease,
couples can feel isolated and often suffer in silence. That is why I
decided to come out publicly and put a name and face to this
terrible condition, and build this website. There is nothing to be
ashamed of, and this condition does not make a man less
masculine. This is a condition that is completely out of your
control, and very little is known about its' causes. Peyronie's
disease can come on fairly slowly, and is something you may try
to ignore at first, until it becomes unavoidable. That for us was
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

while we were on a vacation to Kauai. It seemed like suddenly it
was much worse and the erections were painful.
If you are the partner of someone with Peyronie's and you are
reading this. It is important for you to know that your partner is
probably suffering a great deal of embarrassment and is having
feelings of inadequacy. It is important for you to talk together,
about his condition and how it is affecting you. This may be a
difficult subject to bring up, and he may resist having this
conversation with you. It is better to talk about the impact of this
condition in your relationship, than to ignore it; after all it takes
two people to have a relationship. Having a conversation about it,
could be an important first step in seeking treatment. Try to be
sensitive when you approach the subject. Men can put up a tough
front, but I know from experience that during this time our ego's
are very fragile.
You could begin the conversation with affirmation. “Honey, I have
always enjoyed our sex life, but with what is going on right now. I think
it would be a good time to talk this over with your doctor. Maybe he
could help us get things back on track. I would be happy to go with you,
if you want the support.” Most men would have a positive reaction
and begin talking.
I am very thankful for a loving and supportive wife. I Love her
more every day and am so proud of her for the way she stood
with me, through those really dark times. Good positive feelings
are important for healing. Spend quality time together, and try to
be creative and playful in the bed room, in spite of this condition.
Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

Outside of the bedroom, strive to be good friends, and do things
together to keep your relationship fun. Hold hands and touch in
non-sexual ways to show your affection for each other. My wife
loves me to cuddle with her and sit with her in the evening and
share our days with each other. My advice to husbands is to
cherish your wife in ways you never expressed before this
condition. You might feel awkward or goofy, taking a shower
with your wife and washing her hair, or sending her an email or
card, telling her how much she means to you. These small things
are important to your relationship. If you can't remember the last
time you gave her a massage or sent her flowers, then it has been
way too long.
I hope that you have found the information in this book helpful
toward your healing process.
Thank you for reading our book,
John and Sheila Parks

Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

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Peyronie's Treatment Options - by John Parks -

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