- We have been learning English since 3.15 pm. - I have been living in Solo for over 13 years.

- We have learned English for 3 hours. A: Hi Hasan, what were you doing last night? I knocked at your house’s door but nobody opened it. B: Oh, sorry, last night I was cooking in the kitchen.

His hair is short.He wears a shirt. . .He has small nose. Body  average. . strong.He has big watch.He has brown eyes. Face  small. .He smiles every day.He has good accent. bony. .He has good hair. short.He is thin. Arms  long. square 3.He is smart. slim. fat. .He is tall. Neck  long. . . weak 5. . More physical characteristics: 1. short. . muscular 6. Head  big. Legs  long. round. small 2. short 4. . muscular.Describing people: .His hair is black. strong. large. handicapped.He is clever. oval. . . thin.

big. thick. 13. small. chubby. flat 10. thick. thin. 17. Tattoo  love. thick. brown. --based on the drawing/shape— Personality characteristics: . small. Flyspeck 19. black. blue. Ears  big. round. narrow 16. short.Intelligent/Smart >< unintelligent . thin 14.Lazy >< diligent . 15.Impatient . Moustache  thin. curly. Eyes  big. 8. long. thick. big 11. thin 9. bald. long. bun.Patient . Lips  thin. Hair  short.7. 12. long. black. small. blonde. Beard  short.Bad-tempered  easily angry . Mouth small. 18. good-ordered. long. Cheek  thin. Teeth  small. Nose  big. Eyebrow  thick. pointed=sharp.Nervouse . green. narrow. brown.

light-brown skin but thin body. He wears a watch on his right arm. pointed nose. He likes wearing t-shirt and formal trousers. He is an easy-going person/man. She has medium weight. and keen/persistent. pious. He is smart enough and has good personalities such as polite. obedient. She is medium height. He is still on the 2nd year of Junior High School. . My oldest son is 14 years old (14 years of age). He has short black hair.- Clever >< stupid Gentle Generous=kind-hearted religious polite >< rude He is a quiet person. He is about 170cm tall.

a kitchen. a living room. a bathroom. There are some flowers in pots on the balcony. fresher and greener. whilst the interior (the living room and the family room) is painted light cream.Homework Write a description of your house by using the following patterns from the example below: My house has two floors. They make my house look shady. a family room and two bedrooms. The rest of the wall of my house is painted light-green. . two bedrooms. The first floor consists of a garage. a library room. The exterior of my house is painted green. On the second floor there is a bathroom. an open balcony and a storeroom.

.That’s all about the description of my house.

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