Architectural Artifacts A Meta-Reference Model

Reference Model Open Distributed Processing
Open Distributed Processing Reference Model Viewpoints ( )


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Information Architecture
Constructs & Process Of Use

Technology Viewpoint

Infrastructure Architecture
Hardware, Software, Network Configurations

Business Process Modeling
Enterprise Viewpoint

Business Architecture
Component Business Model

User Experience Design

Information Viewpoint Computational Viewpoint

Work Flow Design

Application Architecture
Functional Decomposition

User Interface

Service Representation
Engineering Viewpoint

Systems Architecture
Implementing Mechanisms

Architectural viewpoints are multi-dimensional and multi-layered
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ODP Viewpoints:
For a System and its Environment 1. Enterprise Focus on purpose, scope and policies 2. Information Focus on semantics of information and processing 3. Computational Focuses on enabling distribution through functional decomposition into objects that interact at interfaces 4. Engineering Focuses on the mechanisms & functions that are required to support distributed interaction among objects 5. Technology Focuses on choice of technology
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