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Internship Report On Summer placement Internship

Conducted at Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Tivim Industrial Estate, Karaswada. Mapusa-Goa.India

Report submitted by Vivian Gershon Lopes Roll No: 1117

Second Year Bachelor of Business Administration 2012-13

Under the Guidance of Lecturer and Project Guide Mr. Vernon Desa St. Xaviers College Mapusa Goa.

DECLARATION I declare that this project is done by Mr. Vivian Lopes, and it has not previously formed the basis for the award of any degree or diploma or other similar title. Class SYBBA Name: Vivian Lopes Roll No.:1117 Signature: Date:

CERTIFICATE This is to certify that this project report is a record of work done by Vivian Lopes during the period of study; under my guidance to the best of my knowledge and that it has not previously formed the basis of an award of any degree or diploma at the Goa University or elsewhere.

-----------------------------Signature Mr. Vernon Desa (Asst. Prof & ProjectGuide, Department of BBA)

On this page insert the certificate given by the company stating that you worked there for the period of 6 weeks from **/**/2013 to **/**/2013.

DECLARATION I do hereby certify that this report has been prepared by me. This report has been compiled and prepared by me and it has not formed the basis of any diploma of degree. The report is to be submitted to the St. Xaviers College, Mapusa, Goa as partial fulfillment of internship paper of 7th term of the BBA program.

Vivian Lopes Roll No.1117 St. Xaviers College, Mapusa, Goa - 403507. Class: SYBBA Dated:

I express my deep gratitude and thanks to the entire staff of Tata Consulting Service for being Co-operative and helpful towards me, and made my internship possible. I specially thank Mr.Pandurang Salgaonkar .


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Introduction Company Profile Aims & Objective Methodology Findings And Analysis On the Job Training Project My Learnings My Contribution To The Organisation Conclusion & Suggestions Appendix Bibliography

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It began as the "Tata Computer Centre" for the company Tata Group whose main business was to provide computer services to other group companies Tata Consultancy Services was established in the year 1968. TCS is considered a pioneer in the Indian IT industry. Despite unfavorable Government regulations, like the License Raj, the company succeeded in establishing the Indian IT industry. Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organization that delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty that no other firm can match. TCS has a strong network of strategic and solution partners with a joint objective of helping its customers become high-performance businesses by maximizing the value of their technology investments. Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) which is a part of Indias largest and oldest conglomerates is engaged in providing information technology (IT) services, business solutions and outsourcing. The Companys services portfolio consists of application development and maintenance, business intelligence, enterprise solutions, assurance, engineering and industrial services, Geographically, TCS operates in all five continents, with North America and Europe constituting the largest markets for our services. TCS derive over a fifth of our revenues from emerging markets such as India, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle-East & Africa.TCS has over 238,583 of the worlds best-trained IT consultants in 42 countries Revenue of $10.17 billion (fiscal year ending March 31, 2012).. Software products of TCS are TCS Bancs, Digital Certification Products., Healthcare Management and their Some of the popular clients are AVIVA, British Airways, Cisco, Electronic Arts, ING Group, Motorola, Microsoft, Philips Semiconductors, Sony

Company Profile Tata Consultancy Services started in 1968. Mr.F.C Kohli who is presently the Deputy Chairman was entrusted with the job of steering TCS. The early days marked TCS resonsibility in managing the punch card operations of Tisco. The company, which was into management consultancy from day one, soon felt the need to provide solutions to its clients as well.TCS was the first Indian company to make forays into the US market with clients ranging from IBM, American Express, Sega etc. TCS is presently the top software services firm in Asia. During the Y2K buildup, TCS had setup a Y2Kfactory in Chennai as a shortterm strategy. Now, with E-business being the buzzword, the factory is developing solutions for the dotcom industries. Today, about 90 percent of TCS' revenue comes from consulting, while the rest from products. TCS has great training facilities. In addition to training around 5 percent of the revenue is spent upon its R&D centres like the Tata Research Design and Development Centre at Pune, along with a host of other centres at Mumbai and Hyderabad. Over $25 million were spent on enhancing hardware and software infrastructure. The company now has 72 offices worldwide. As many as seven centres were assessed at SEI CMM Level 5 last year(3.4 mistakes in a million oppurtunities).These include Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Calcutta, Hyderabad and Lucknow.Several business and R&D relationship with global firms like IBM, General Electric, Unigraphics Solutions have been made. The present Chairman of TCS is Cyrus Mistry and CEO andMD of the company is Mr. Natarajan Chandrasekaran. The companies strength as of the financial year 2012-13 was 276,196 .

Aims and Objective The objective that i was tasked with completing was to do a study on the Human Resource Department, specifically the recruitment process. Another objective tasked to me in the organisation was to research and look into more efficient methods of recruitment.My aim in TCS was to experience being in an organisation, to relate to the organizational behaviour and completing tasks that were given to me in that department efficiently.

Methodology Before beginning my internship period at TCS i was able to compile a brief review of the company through the internet. I reviewed the TCS site online and got to know about the Human Resource department and their carrear opportunities avalable online. I underwent an induction programme through which i got a chance to speak with different indivudials in the HR department . I got the chance to ask them questions to gain some additional information. This i did in the form of an unstructured interview. Since i was given tasks throughout my internshim i got the chance to observe alot of processes in the administrative block. Besides this i was able to have a look at various files and documents for an sort of detailed reference i had to make.


Findings and Analysis

Human Resources Department Department information Human resource is also a management function concerned with hiring, motivating and maintaining people in a organization. It focuses on people in the organization. HR plays an important role in the growth and development of the organization. The following are the job responsibilities of the HR department All round employee management(recruitment ,attendance ,computation of salaries) Liaison with all Government Departments Filling of returns Maintaining travelling expenses Addressing employees grievances Training and development Performance appraisal The works that are looked into by HR department in Tata consultancy Services ltd are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Recruitment process Appointments Induction Confirmation Increment & Appraisal Promotions Acceptance of resignation IR/HR Issues HR strategies Transfer


RECRUITMENT PROCESS It is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submitted. The result is a pool of applications from which new employees are selected Objective of recruitment & selection Select a right person for a right job The main sources of recruitment at TCS are:1. Internal promotion and internal introductions (at times desirable for morale purposes) 2. Agencies for the unemployed and job sites 3. Advertising (often via agents for specialist posts) or the use of other local media (e.g. commercial radio) 4. Employee referrals 5. Walk ins

In TCS, the HR department of the company mostly hires the freshers, or experienced professionals.
Process The senior officer of the hr department goes through and scrutinizes all the forms The verified forms are then sent to the M.D. where he selects all the suitable candidates based on their merit. The selected are then contacted and asked to come in for a further short listing/selection process with both the senior officer of the H.R. department and the M.D. Selection process is through 1.Written (Aptitude test) 2.Interview (Technical & non-technical) 3.Group Problem Solving Selected candidates are handed a training letter, for a period of 3 months which includes a stipend as well as training


After the training is completed the employee is handed a prohibition letter. This period is of 3 months and is done to insure that the trainee is ready for employment. This can be extended by another few months if the senior officer feels the employees is not yet ready. The confirmation letter is the final step of recruitment, abd this letter affirms that the trainee is now a full fleged employee.

TCS levels of recruitment In theory there are 4 levels of recruitment, they are: Top level management This level mainley consists of CEOs Middle management level This level consists of managers Frontline level In this level leaders i.e. department heads are included. Work force level This level consists of the amature entry level employee The following is the selection process for each of the specific 4 levels of recruitment. Top level management It is the top most and prestigious post for the Tata Consultancy Service like CEO, MD. Here top most person is mainly concern for managing the whole company, they also make strategies related to decision making for to phosphorus in near future . Selection process for Top Management Level is through 1. Interview 2. Candidate Presentation 3. Offers and negotiation Middle Management level (Executive selection scheme) The Executive Selection Scheme is a fast track programme for accelerated growth of high potential professionals. It take care of all project taken by the company.


This is also two way communication process. Here the manager communicate with his high level person, lower level employees and more with clients. Now the selection process of middle Management level This is also based on internally and externally. In Internal process 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Interview Presentation Case Study Analysis Leadership Quality & According to their performance

Now External Process 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Written Aptitude test Interview (technical & non-technical) Case study analysis Presentation Leadership quality Negotiation

Frontline Level Frontline level is the upper level of work force level. A person could be the head of one team of workforce level. Here it concern with strong technical as well as communication skill. It is two way communication process where he/she communicate with work force people as well as their technical department. This is internal and external process here employee is getting select from inside the company or from outside the company. The inside selection process is bit different from outside selection process. selection process for frontline level from outside the company 1. 2. 3. 4. Written Interview (technical & non-technical) Case study analysis, aptitude test Group Discussion

For inside selection they considers 1. According to their performance


2. Interview 3. Leadership quality

Work force level Work force level is the initial level of any company, hear the selected person do the job which is assigned by their head. In the TCS the initial job is mainly concern with software development, it could be hardware or networking related also so candidate should have knowledge of computer languages, hardware or networking for which post he/she is applying. the recruitment process for work force level 1.Application: it can be either online or respond to one of companys Ads -- They screen candidates resume and call them for an interview Selection process is through 1. 2. 3. Written (Aptitude test) Interview (Technical & non-technical) Group Problem Solving

Training Training refers to a planned effort by a company to facilitate employees learning of job related competencies. The goal of training is for employees to master the knowledge, skills, and behaviors emphasized in training programs, and apply them to their day-to day activities. The employee training process is represented through the flowchart . Leave There are three types of leave Paid leave


Casual leave Sick leave

On The Job Training The project tasked to me was to look into and recommend more efficient and cost effective methods of recruitment in addition to those that they already provide.

Project The main sources of recruitment at TCS are :1. Internal promotion and internal introductions (at times desirable for morale purposes) 2. Agencies for the unemployed 3. Advertising (often via agents for specialist posts) or the use of other local media (e.g. commercial radio) Research into TCS employees (TOI)states that 60% of the workforce at TCS have an average work experience of atleast 3 years. Inversely, 40% of employees that TCS recruits are freshers just out of colleges or universities. The previously mentioned methods of recruitment suffice adequately to employ experienced or indivudials lacking jobs. However focusing on the 40% of freshers coming straignt out of college. Multiple forms of relatively new methods to recruit employees are avalable. Since the current recruitment process at TCS alrecdy includes internal forms of recruitment, i have focused on external forms of recruitment that might be more cost effective.


Below are the proposed methods that i have suggested . 1. Careers officers/advisers (and careers masters at schools) 2. Leverage Smart Phones 3. Tap in to Social Media 4. University (Campus) appointment boards

1.Career Officers/Advisers(career guidance) Career planners provide the service of guidance to people facing a variety of career challenges. They can advice clients on various careers based on their clients knowledge, experience,merit and personality. Getting in contact with thses advisers can help not only TCS but the career guadance officer and d client as well quickly shortlist possible favouravble outcomes. This form of recruit is devoid of any fees or charges. 2. Leverage Smart Phones

With smartphones becoming an integral part of peoples lives, its seems that almost anything can be done from the comfort of your mobile. It has become an additional technological limb that people use to play games, keep updated on news, and even search for their next career. The advantages for employers in mobile recruitment are the convenience and immediacy . Smartphones offer the same speed and capability as a computer, but with almost unlimited accessibility and the ability to respond instantly, which can give recruitment higher and faster responses. Mobile recruitment can also target particular candidates at a lower cost (compared to traditional advertising). 3. Tap in to Social Media

Sites like linkedin and facebook are not only cost free but also provide multiple advantages :-


Find hard-to-reach candidates. When competition for talent is fierce, identifying the best can be challenging. Social networking offers the ability to reach out to passive or hard-to-find candidates that likely could not be reached using other sources. Reach higher-quality candidates. Individuals who frequently use social networks tend to be early adopters of innovation and also tend to be more technically savvy. Increase ROI. You can dramatically reduce sourcing costs and increase ROI through social networks. Posting and sharing job openings through Facebook or LinkedIn is more likely to deliver results than a single description on a job board, so the potential value far exceeds the cost.These are the traits many companies look for in potential candidates. Social networks offer a fast way to connect with these individuals. Be the employer of choice When your company establishes an online presence, you send a positive message out to potential candidates that your company is connected and understands how to communicate with them. Being the employer of choice means candidates want to work for you and spread that message across social networks, magnifying your brand and message. University (Campus) appointment boards



My learnings Unstructured method of employee performance appraisal Many older performance evaluations relied on employees behaviour and personal qualities as reported by a supervisor. The unstructured method relies directly on the superiors subjective opinion without an objective rating scale.

Conclusions and Suggestions

Employee satisfaction

The company can take measures to better employee motivation in the company. They can adopt motivational techniques like rewards,perks or other motivational techniques like employee of the moth. This will increase morale and competition amongst them Employee appraisal The currently used unstructured method of emplouee appraisal though time saving , can prove to be in efficient as it is subject to opinion of 1 personwho


can be bias. Other methods that could improve this would bt the 360 degree appraisal or a trait focused employee appraisal that focuses on 3 aspects of the employee such as helpfulness, dependability and punctuality.