My 100% automated marketing system that turns

200 postcards into 76,400 all working for you
making you money! This has the power to change you and your family’s life! This is my contribution to leave this world a little better than I found it! Sincerely, Kit Elliott Creator of Viral Postcard system


Dear Friend, I want you to turn off all distractions because what I’m about to reveal here has the power to change you and your family’s life. It’s really that important. AND I’m going to be completely transparent with you, plus, show you both sides to everything so you know the outside PLUS the magic behind it. AND if you have questions, you can easily email me back. Call me old-fashion, but I reply to all emails just out of plain ole’ common courtesy! How does an extra $2,511.75 every single month sound to you? What could you do with an extra $2,511.75 lying around EVERY month? Maybe you want to take a much-needed vacation, pay off some credit card bills, or just have more time freedom. I want to share a breakthrough opportunity with you and show you how YOU can use it to build a PASSIVE RESIDUAL income. “Passive” means you put in a little effort, and the money continues to come in month after month. That means you work ONE time and get paid over and over again. Can you imagine getting paid from your past jobs for the work you did YEARS ago? Passive Residual Income is the secret formula that rich people have been using to get wealthy, take extended vacations, and have the time to design their life. Passive Income allows you freedom that 99% of people NEVER see.


First, let me tell who I am: Hi, my name is Kit Elliott, and I’ve been in the “work from home” industry for the last 7 years after discovering this simple passive income formula. I was able to QUIT my job as a 6th grade Science teacher where I worked 60 to 80 hours a week and was paid LESS than $2,200 each month. Teacher pay is simply NOT enough to cover monthly rent, utilities, cell phones, insurance AND have a life, too! I stumbled onto this residual income formula 7 years ago, and after quitting my job, I went on to average over $43,000 every single month. AND I’ve been fortunate to break free from the rat race and LIVE the life I want. But the truth is – it’s my obsessive compulsive nature that allows me to program, write, build, connect, and design thousands of websites over the past 7 years that has led to most of this success. I call it obsessive compulsive – most people call it a lot of work! :0) AND part of my business is to keep on the lookout for REAL, HONEST opportunities to help myself and my clients make MORE money.

This is the fun part.
Over the years, I’ve seen my fair share of junk deals, Ponzi schemes, and worthless “money games!” AND I hate to lose money and I hate to see people fall for these losers. While good, solid money-making opportunities do exist, they can be hard to find. A lot of stuff that “looks good” is just overblown hype that falls apart once you start digging a little bit. Ultimately, you have to sift through a lot of dirt to find a few diamonds.


BUT that’s the THRILL of it – finding something fresh, new, and exciting is the greatest feeling. I LOVE finding the right opportunity at the right time – and watching the money flow in. I get emails every week asking, “What do YOU recommend right now that is NEW and EXCITING?” Honestly, most times I can’t recommend anything. Sometimes I’m still doing my “due diligence” on a couple of promising programs – and won’t know more until I see the CASHOLA! But, at other times, I do have a unique opportunity that I’ve investigated – tested – and proven that it really makes money. AND that’s where I am today. I want to introduce you to a FUN opportunity that really works and is the first of its kind in this “work from home” industry. What is this opportunity: iLiving App

It’s the first-ever mobile app that pays YOU.
BACKGROUND: The Inspired Living Application is a one-of-akind, mobile application that makes it possible for the average person, to profit from the exploding mobile application industry. The iLA application delivers a high quality, professionally produced, personal development video to your mobile device on a weekly basis. With iLA you will receive practical information from top professionals in their fields on topics ranging from:
o o o o o o

Goal setting Time management Personal development Business development Leadership development Financial management


Personal motivation, and more

In addition to having content delivered to your mobile device you will have access to iLA’s ever expanding video archive. At your convenience, you can access iLA’s content rich library to review past videos and explore subjects that interest you. Even if you don’t have a mobile device you can still enjoy iLA from a traditional website and be encouraged to reach for new levels of excellence in your life. With iLA you will be encouraged, motivated, and inspired to achieve your goals, excel in business, relationships, health, and enjoy success in your life. Along with fantastic content, iLA is the first and only mobile application that makes it possible for you to make money. With iLA’s matrix program (see ‘The Compensation Plan’) you can:
o o o o o o o

Pay off debt Prepare for retirement Work from home Travel Enjoy more time with your family Make your own hours Be your own boss, and more


iLA Compensation Plan
The Magic is in the 3X7 Matrix!
With iLA there are 3 levels of involvement 1. Free enrollment Monthly subscription $0 A free member receives: a. iLA weekly video content delivered to their mobile device. A free member does not have access to: a. The video library b. A personalized website c. The ability to earn for referring others to iLA unless they are ‘Active’. 2. Retail Customer Monthly subscription $6.95 A retail customer receives: a. iLA weekly video content delivered to their mobile device. b. Full access to the iLA library of video content A retail customer does not have access to: a. A personalized website b. The ability to earn for referring others to iLA

3. iLA Associate Monthly Fee: Only $9.95
An iLA Associate receives: a. iLA weekly video content delivered to their mobile device. b. A personalized website

The ability to earn money for referring others to iLA

An individual must be “active” to earn commissions from iLA. There are two ways for you to be active. 1. Become an active associate for $9.95 a month 2. Acquire 2 retail customers
The $9.95 is where I want you to come in! Can you afford $9.95?

Please say YES!

Understanding the Matrix
The 3x7 is a “compensation matrix” where you get 3 who get 3 who get 3.. down 7 levels. The magic in this type of compensation is that when you get 3 – then everyone after that is placed in the first available spot below you. THAT means someone just received an extra person and did nothing to get them.


That’s known as “Spillover!” When you get a person placed in your available spot from the people above you – you just got their spillover. Remember you only need THREE! The people above you only need THREE! So the system automatically places the extra people in the first available spot in your “matrix” (even if you have zero). Many people on my team received their three within hours of signing up because of the spillover coming from above. The following is the amount paid out through 7 levels of an Active Associate’s organization. The chart below depicts the total number of spots available on each level of the matrix and calculates the amount paid if each spot is filled with an active associate. You start earning on level 1.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

3 9

@$1.00 @.80

= $3.00 =$7.20 =$2.70 =$8.10 =12.15 =$72.90

Total= $3.00 = $10.20 = $12.90 = $21.00 =$33.15 =$106.05 =2,511.75 EVERY

27 @.10 81 @.10 243 @.05 729 @.10

2187@$1.10 =$2,405.70 MONTH!


“How to Increase Your Monthly Income with This Program!”
PAY INCREASE NUMBER ONE: The matrix will be expandable so once someone has a completed matrix they will have the ability to start a new leg in their matrix and add a fourth person direct to them. If this leg fills up a fifth leg can be added, and so on. PAY INCREASE NUMBER TWO: Get Paid a Matching Bonus on All Your Direct Referrals Commissions!
When you advance through the ranks, then you earn a matching bonus on your direct referral’s commission checks. This amount is added ON TOP of your residual income. That means PAY INCREASE! Here’s how: Refer Three People and Get a 10% Matching Bonus Directly refer at least 3 people and receive a 10% bonus match of what each of these associates earns on their matrix commissions. Example: that would be $251.17 for each associate with a filled matrix. ($753.51 for 3 people) Refer Six People and Get a 20% Matching Bonus Directly refer at least 6 people and receive a 20% bonus match of what each of these associates earns on their matrix commissions. That would be $502.75 for each associate with a filled matrix ($3,016.50 total for 6 people).


Refer Ten People and Get a 40% Matching Bonus Directly refer 10 people and receive a 40% bonus match of what each of these associates earns on their matrix commissions. That would be and extra $1,004.70 for each person that has a full matrix ($10,047 for 10 people). And with my 7 month plan, that won't take long!

Now We Are Into Retirement Money And Quit Your Day Job Kind Of Money! (I told ya’ it was a winner!)
When you advance through the ranks, then you earn a matching bonus on your direct referral’s commission checks. This amount is added ON TOP of everything else.

Just Remember:
A person that you referred does not need to have a completed matrix in order to receive a matching bonus. You will receive the matching bonus regardless of what they make in accordance to your level. You make money no matter what!

Matching Bonus was Enough for Me to Say YES Immediately! But now, they just added a One-Time Monthly Bonus to the comp plan.
Anything after your first three signups – they are going to pay you $5 on the next three people.. and $5 on the first three they bring in.. and $5 on the first three they bring in.. ALL THE WAY DOWN TO UNLIMITED LEVELS! That will turn into big one time commissions!

The next four signups – they are going to pay you $8 on the next FOUR people… and $8 on the first three they bring in.. and $8 on the first three they bring in.. ALL THE WAY DOWN TO UNLIMITED LEVELS! That will turn into big once a month commissions! To recap, they skip the first three.. then, the next three is the $5.. the next four is the $8.. and everyone you signup after that – they are going to pay you $9 and then, $9 on the first three they bring in… and $9 on the first three they bring in.. ALL THE WAY DOWN TO UNLIMITED LEVELS! That’s big time, one time monthly commission checks! Technically, your matrix could fill up with no effort, but it takes some time. There are two factors that will fill up your matrix FAST.

Factor #1: The Amount of Effort You Put In
Can you see the problem here? When you signup, it just sits there AND if you get one or two signups – they just sit there. So if it never takes off – you didn’t earn anything. That's why I created an automatic system to get you to get yours. It’s called the “Viral Postcard System!” I designed and programmed the system (and I’m a bit obsessive compulsive about it!) Then, my direct mailing house prints the postcards, buys the lists, inserts the label, inserts the stamp, imprints your ID # on the postcard and drops them in the mail for you! Then, when your leads get YOUR postcard – they see the same system you are seeing now. When they signup – they are placed


under you and they count as your direct referral. AND the same thing happens for them.. and it spreads virally after that! Did you get that? Those of you who just got that – are racing to the signup page right now. So now, the system not only forces you to take action and get your signups – it automatically does it for your signups and their signups and their signups and their… all the way down to unlimited levels. That means some serious $9 one time bonuses.. plus 40% matching bonuses on top of your residual income! That is going to add up to one big monthly check! Congrats!

Introducing The Viral Postcard System!
The postcard comes in the mail. Prospect sees the website address on the postcard as When they see the video and my fabulous face, they will insert YOUR ID # into Step 1. Then, they are placed under you and count as your direct referral. Then, my mailing house does the same for your signup and we now have your signups DUPLICATING your success. And everything is automated after you activate your viral postcard system! The system sends your order to the mailing house – they double check the ID# to make sure your website is correct and working – then, they print and drop the next Wednesday. That means you could have signups within a week!


My mailing house prints 200 postcards for you with your ID# on them. Then, they do their magic and drop them off in the mail (delivered and stamped and mailed to the hottest buyers!) If you received a postcard or saw our ad somewhere, then, you are probably one of the hottest buyers out there since you’ve been searching for something like this for a long time! It’s finally here!!!

Now let’s talk about the costs of everything. To get to the $2,511 per month mark, this is a 7 month journey. We ask that you commit for 7 months. Without commitment, then it’s just another program you tried and dropped out of without giving it a chance. Commitment is the key to building residual income with this! So the company charges $9.95 per month (SURPRISE!) And the postcards run 50 cents per postcard (this includes list rental, printing, postage, your ID# imprinted, delivered to post office). That runs 50 cents per postcard. AND we have that setup to auto-send 200 postcards every single month on autopilot. That’s 200 postcards times 50 cents = $100. You can get started on the Viral Postcard System for $100 per month, and we ask that you commit to the 7 months. PLUS, in our backoffice, you can order blank ones with your ID# imprinted on there. The blank ones are ten cents per postcard plus a flat $15 shipping. It takes 7 months to fill up your matrix and hit that $2,511 per month mark using the 3 get 3 example.


But what happens on your 8th month? Those new signups from month #2 will hit the $2,511 per month, and you will earn the matching bonus on them. That’s 40% per month OR about $1,000 per month per person who reaches the $2,511 mark. Then, on your month #9 – the next signups will reach their 7th month mark – and you earn another $1,000 per month per person. It continues to grow each and every month as YOUR new signups hit the $2,511 mark. That’s big time Passive Residual Income! That’s life-changing!

AND The Biggest Factor #2:

The Team You Join

Think about it! If your team is not placing spillover under you, then it will take you a long time to fill up your matrix by yourself. You’ll want to join an active team who advertises, who brands their team, and who provides marketing tools and systems for you. That’s us! :0) And you definitely want spillover coming down from above (unlimited levels above you). When you join my Team Massive Spillover, you get access to our 17 minute per day marketing plan inside our team’s backoffice. For those who want to do no work, once inside, you can choose to participate in advertising co-ops that count as your direct referrals and grab ready-to-go marketing tools. Ad co-ops allow our team to get bigger ad packages by splitting the cost up with team members. That means you can choose different ad packages for the month, and your ID

is placed on a rotator. As the leads come in, they are split evenly among the people who chipped in. When they signup, those count as a DIRECT REFERRAL from whoever that lead landed on. The ad co-ops are an extra benefit, and you can choose which ones as you go along. They run $90 to $200 per ad. That’s just extra advertising for you and the team if you choose so. PLUS you benefit from the over $12,000 per month I spend on advertising because that spills over in the matrix! You can allow the Viral Postcard System to do the work. You can choose the ad pools. Or go bigger, by following the 17 minute per day marketing plan and QUICKLY fill up your matrix within a short amount of time. It’s up to you! Our team is NUMBER ONE for a reason and you’ll get the benefit of all the team spillover that fills up YOUR matrix. Our motto is: “If we all do a little, we can all make a lot!” We’re proving this is 100% TRUE as our Team grows!

Team Massive Spillover Support
As a member of Team Massive Spillover, I have setup the backoffice to unlock bonuses and give you easy strategies to signup even more people. The backoffice is what I’m most proud of because as you do more – you get more.


It’s that simple. And you can see what a big dork I am. (you’ll see what I’m talking about!) Plus, you get access to our tools that work. For example, one of our members copied and pasted our ready-to-go email and got 100 signups in 48 hours. That all spilled over to the people under him – and now, most of those people got their three without doing any work. AND their matrix started… Another one of our members mailed our “viral flyer” and received 3 signups within a week. That bonus will unlock for you after a week! Another Team Massive Spillover member placed our “ready-to-go” banners on his blog and received five signups this week alone. All those signups were placed way down in the matrix under our team.

There is REAL value in all this that you get for free when you join Team Massive Spillover! Here’s the cool part – this report is rebranded with the
person who sent you here! When you typed in the INVITE CODE – that was someone’s ID#.. someone who is very active and will work with you to build your matrix and place a lot of spillover underneath you.


When you signup, your leads and prospects will get this report with YOUR ID# inside. When they pass it around, that is just one more viral marketing stream. AND it’s another part of the Viral Postcard System that makes this a winner! That’s why I really look forward to your 7 month journey! I really have created something that is life-changing here. AND when we all work together.. if we all do a little, we can all make a lot! This will forever change you and your family’s life! On the next page, you can see how to get started and get the ball rolling with this. Take your time –complete steps 1 and 2. It’s very easy. If you have any problems with your ID #, just remember, you get to choose your website name. So you can easily test it in the browser. YOUR ID# is on the order form of your new website! You will need that for Step #2! Just a heads up! AND the main thing, just have fun with it!! Onwards and Upwards,

Kit Elliott Viral Postcard System Creator


How to Get Started and Activate Your Viral Postcard System Today!
Step #1: Pay $9.95 to Get Your ID NUMBER to Enter It In Step 2.
To join iLiving App and become a member of Team Massive Spillover right now, click the link to be taken to their online order form. You can choose your website name which will look like After you pay, you can type it in your browser to test it out. You’ll see your name in the upper right and just click on Join Now to find your ID Number!

Click Here to Join iLiving Now for Just $9.95
After you order, you’ll receive an iLiving App ID# and a Website to Fill Up Your Matrix.

Step #2: Enter Your New ID NUMBER to Activate Your Viral Postcard System
Click on the link below, and enter your new ID NUMBER into Step #2. That will activate your VPS System and log you in the team’s backoffice. If you don’t know your ID Number, just type in the website name you chose in Step 1 and Click on the Join Now. Your ID# is on the Order Form!

Click Here to Activate Your Viral Postcard System
Just Enter Your ID# from Step 1 into Step 2 and Press the Button.


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