Mary Aileen T. Dumaguit BPS 2-1 Professor Sandra Martinez

or question. Pretentious. Fake. a stain that is needed to be removed but cannot. for with them. to meet these standards have been the common goal of humanity. And therefore. we can easily cover our dark spots. if we’re all made of god’s kind. of course. We made ourselves busy creating scraps that would only add to the tons of waste from human activity for the . with respect to the writings about the creation of the world where everything was made of God’s kind and is exceptionally outstanding from everything else (but then again. Hideous. But things are easier said than done. We fool and get fooled. but a mixture of different human qualities. We do not let ourselves be the center of embarrassment. We wear wigs. How can you deal with things where standards were already been set? Would they understand that you’re actually living your life according to what it makes you feel fulfilled? And so we wear masks. This is what makes us hide ourselves so as to avoid judgment. I must agree for I am in fact a product of the combined efforts of the whole universe to improve the human specie. WE ALL ARE. We hide from the truth. whether we like it or not. which stated by the great author Chuck Palahniuk. and we can either accept and go with the flow. which to this day. But from whom do we hide for? Whom do we want to impress? Who cares? And for what? STANDARDS. are still blinding us. But this is. go against the current and establish our own truth so as to satisfy ourselves. and the truth is that we’re all the same.Life is full of fake people and everyone is not being real I am actually persuaded by the testimonial. We are the outcome of their sweats. We are the result of the collective endeavor which our ancestors had grown sharpening from over the years. I once written on my blog about what I think life is. and I said that we’re actually born with all these things already here and was polished by the people who have lived before us. a blemish that a lot of people consider as ugly and horrible to look at. how can we be possibly become exceptionally outstanding from everything else though? Please correct my statement!). We use make-ups. We live in a world where CONCEALERS are a necessity. We’re not exactly unique. Shameful. that nothing of this world is original.

TRYING TO FIT IN. This topic is actually relevant for I am in fact in the middle of an “investigation. without being mean or at least accepting the truth that it’s part of human behavior. for I cannot stand the fact that one can actually like everyone.” trying to figure out how am I going to tell a friend to get real and stop pretending. We just have to DEAL WITH IT. And then when the right timing has come. We have spent our lives looking for perfection. but this is not say I am being hateful. when I’m ready. It’s just that for me. what makes one a faker? I cannot deny fact that most of the time. because for one to actually deal with things. But what is shame anyway? What is ugly? What is embarrassing? Life is full of fake people and everyone is not being real. and then someone tries to ruin it. A tunnel that would secretly lead me to understanding what I cannot. And I am not perfect. while I’m still on the process of adapting to the environment. but to understand that people have different and unwanted attitude to deal with. You make yourself happy. Why should we tell the truth when it’s easier to lie anyway? Why is it so hard to depict ourselves but easier to be someone else? I am confused about living a good life. for little by little it has melted our trust onto her as a friend. we tell them. We cannot experience life without being liked or being disliked. for they’re lost. A defense mechanism. People ask you to get real then they judge you. I guess we have to realize that other people don’t tell us who we are. I let it out. But here I am. People will always ask us to be ourselves but get annoyed for who we are. I am not me. being a good person doesn’t really mean you have to be nice to all. I am not friendly. one needs to understand. because again. through what we say and do can we influence people. However. But really. We must remember that we are responsible for making the right decision. We are liable for constructing our world and for the manner we live. . dealing with it doesn’t mean never asking.hope of becoming the greatest. but it has delivered us to humiliation instead. I introduced myself. nor do I look for brilliance. An escape. trying to persuade my reader to understand a faker. It’s actually my way of protecting myself. They’re wandering around trying to understand their surrounding.

nobody cares. But while we’re still on the process of comprehending. and I got a skeleton in me. I cannot be separated from the physical atmosphere where in worldly possessions are around and are ready to tempt us in every way that it can. because honestly. Have you ever looked into the mirror and get mad at what you see? In some point of our lives. be part of the history book they’ll all learn from. greater than any other. which in some ways have made me satisfied. But has it made us happy? I always tell myself that even though I cannot have all the material things in the world. doesn’t really make us any superior than anybody else. Trying to tell the world that we’re someone higher. life isn’t all about delight. what is really important is our own fulfillment. we have lived trying to impress people. Our fears of becoming discarded brought us to the decision of choosing what will make them claim us instead of finding what will make us fulfilled. We can always live for other people in a way that we should become someone be worthy of admiration. But you see. So is reality. we live according to what the magazines have told us about good living. We define victory as being the most powerful. Through these stuffs. We may please everyone. I should always be happy that I was able to live a life that is guided by my strong moral convictions. But then again. But the bad news is that. It’s also about learning. it won’t be possible. contented and happy. We convinced ourselves that success can only be achieved through being extraordinarily wonderful. but we should learn to do things the way we want it for ourselves. which in the end has divided us. We are in a big jail. we enjoy the pleasures of being alive. Convincing other people that we own a lot of riches. It keeps us from doing things because we knew that in real life. Isn’t it painful to know that nobody likes you? Isn’t it very disappointing to know that no one appreciates your effort? So how should we cope with it? For over the years. and learning is sometimes agonizing. like a sparkling diamond. We always thought that fitting in the society would make it accept us. ESCAPE.REJECTION. In the end. a real heart. I’m only human. imprisoned by our different perspective about our purpose of existence. Humanity has . What we can only offer the world is a pure heart. we will realize that whatever we have right now is temporary. we improve ourselves. whether they accept us or not is insignificant.

At the end the movie. for knowing more of who we are and who we wanted to be will make it easier for us to understand our surrounding. who was encouraged by her true friends to be friends with the Queen B( portrayed by Rachel McAdams) to discover how to put her down on the throne. it can never be intact. its imperfections. Cady realizes that she’s wrong for choosing the company of the Queen B over her true friends. making everyone follow her whether they liked it or not. making her get back to what she used to be while the Queen B who thinks she has control of everybody. And therefore. We should be guided by the idea that accepting that person we see in the mirror everyday. without realizing that we’re actually the captain who navigates and controls our own fate.” said: “Calling somebody fat won’t make us any skinnier. because our behavior towards things affects our action that can change the course of our story. was awakened by the truth that making herself look so admirable in the outside would only make her feel alone in the inside. . that without us. from the movie “Mean Girls. we are in power to manipulate our lives. calling somebody ugly wont makes us any prettier. We craft another identity that is parallel to what we think the world would loved. SUPERIORITY. was also blinded and had changed to become one of Queen B’s devotees. so as to avoid disappointments.taught us different ways of getting away with all of it.” Mean Girls is actually a great example of a place full of fake people. We create walls that would detach us from the cruel world. frustrations and regrets. What we barely understood is that we’re piece of the puzzle which completes the planet. despite its flaws. portrayed by Lindsay Lohan. where everybody’s faking it to be able to fit in. which she still hasn’t admitted to herself yet. and its weaknesses will what makes us free and more confident in facing the world without needing to be somebody that we’re not. We are an element which makes it a whole. Cady Heron. where anyone who act so different are being bullied or embarrassed. and that we’re in fact an important ingredient to a formula to improve the human race. where being true-toourselves is a vital aspect to be able to be more open-minded. Cady.

then our loss will be very huge for we did not just fooled ourselves but the people around who have trusted in us. we have a tendency to pretend to be someone that is apart from whom we really are because we wanted attention. Respect can only be gained by those who deserve it through being real and being brave enough to know that there’s nothing wrong in making mistakes.Sometimes. It put us into disgrace instead. how they picture us from their perspective. We can’t deny the fact that it’s not easy to convince ourselves that what people say about us does not matter. because in the end. . we must let ourselves be judge. Every now and then. because people don’t trust us anymore. and that whatever the world has thrown at us. However. it is also important to know that in order for us to protect the people we love and share with them the happiness of life. we must be satisfied with ours. we should always have time to check ourselves to identify what we think were missing in our lives so we can work for it. it does. and become our mark in the eyes of the people we knew. We can only be proud of who we really are if we already feel that there’s nothing that we lack of. and that in order for us to realize our limitations. we will know where we stand. the most significant things are the love. we must trust and allow ourselves to be trusted. despite our good intentions. for while we fail better. Only after we are assured of the things which build our character can we be confident of being the real person. And that experiencing things will make us a better person. for with it. and acknowledgement. What makes it difficult for us to live a great life is that we always think of how people project us. the more we learn. negative outcomes occur because we do it the wrong way. that scars doesn’t make us ugly for in fact it has been a remembrance of how hard we fought and survived the struggles. recognition. We have feelings and we have emotions that are so powerful it can make or break us. However. And when these doubts have continue to grow. trust and respect given by the people who have believed in us even in our worst attitude. that in order for us to secure other people of a friendship that is out of trust.

will still be there for us no matter what. which they cannot attain by being themselves. and not even the numbers of medals we have. some people always have to say about something.” Whatever his reasons are for saying this. despite our imperfections. Nonetheless. After all. . We became greedy not because of self-interest but because we wanted to give the people around us a comfortable life. We must do our duties in the best-est and right-est way we could to make our life an inspiration. nor the size of our houses. I understand that pretending is not an easy thing to do. and those who have used us for their advantages will also be there to continue challenging us. we should also realize that the satisfaction we may get from it is temporary. than to be loved for who I am not.I believed that we’re not selfish human beings. by imparting them what we have learned. for the best achievements in life aren’t defined by the amount of money we have in banks. Kurt Cobain once said. We always have a choice. life isn’t free of everyone’s opinion. whether they liked it or not. we cannot blame them. We always have the right to choose the path we’re walking in. but because of the sad truth that some looked for acceptance from pretending to be someone else. And for many reasons. not only for the purpose of bragging. Some people have been forced to do it. “I’d rather be hated for who I am. Let us be wise on selecting people who’ll be with us in our lives for they’re the once who’ll help us mold and sharpen ourselves to become a better citizen of the world. one thing is for sure: those who loved us. but of how we used the wisdom and knowledge we have acquired through years of understanding the world to help other people.

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