Worcester Historical Museum: Temporary Home and Day Nursery Collection 2004.

04 Your Name Nicole Simonelli Your Email Address nsimonelli@worcester.edu


Family Name Duggan

Envelope # (2004.04-Box Number-Envelope #) 2004.04-7.40

Text on Envelope’s Outside 1927 Duggan October 24th Charles George Mary Part Pay- $2.00 per week for each child Home

# of cards in the envelope 2

Other contents, if any 6 Cards- The Social Service Exchange of The Associated Charities

Main card: FRONT Children Names

Date of Birth

Place of Birth


Admission Date

Date of Leaving Nov. 12, 1927 Oct. 31, 1927 Nov 12, 1927

George Charles Mary

May 8, 1924 June 22, 1922 Oct. 5, 1925



Oct. 24, 1927

Parents Father Richard Burton Court Irish Name Residence Nationality Mother Stella Burton Court French 1

Father Aug. 7, 1892- Worcester Sept. 11, 1916- Worcester South Works Factory: American Steel and Wire

Place & Date of Birth Place & Date of Marriage Occupation Earnings Characteristics

Mother May, 1894- Worcester Sept. 11, 1916- Worcester Housewife


Married-Divorced Deserted-Separated


Other children in family Lauretta & Thomas- At house with father Lauretta- Aug., 1918 Thomas-1920- Age: 3 months Stella- In city Hospital with Mother

Main card: REVERSE Reasons for Admission Introduction Paragraph The Duggan family resided in Worcester and required assistance due to Mrs. Stella Duggan, a mother of six, needing an immediate hip replacement operation at City Hospital. Stella has suffered from a dislocated hip since childhood and hopes that this operation will allow her to walk more efficiently. Of her six children, only three whose names are George, Charles and Mary took residency at the Temporary Home and Day Nursery. The two eldest children, Thomas and Lauretta will be staying at home with their father, Mr. Richard Duggan, since they are attending school. The youngest child, also named Stella, is three months old and will be staying at City Hospital with her mother. Although Stella was admitted to the hospital for the operation, it was never completed as doctors informed her that there was only a small chance the surgery would be successful. Doctors also informed Stella that the surgery would deem her incapable of taking care of the children for approximately five years. Therefore, instead of undergoing the operation, the doctors formed a special shoe for Stella that would allow her to walk with less pain. Although the children spent a short time at the home, it is important to recognize their story and the agony that Stella endured during the early 1900’s due to a lack of medical knowledge during this time period.


Who Brought?


Who recommended? Miss. SmithNurse at South Works

Agrees to Pay $2.00 per week for each child

Relatives? Reach Father by phone at American Steel & Wire



How Many: 6

Referring Agencies 1. Worcester Children’s Friend Society: January 27, 1933 2. Associated Charities: January 14, 1931 3. Child Guidance Clinic: May 6, 1932 4. Fresh Air Fund: August 4, 1932 5. Fresh Air Fund: July 1, 1931 6. Woman Probation Officer: December 16, 1932


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