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August , 201 3, Issue 1


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Anubhuti of InnerSelf - The Team Kapil, The Spiritualist

He is the force and founder of Anubhuti of InnerSelf. He is on a spiritual journey with Masters since more than a decade. Blessed by Adi Gurus, spiritual guides and Masters, Kapil has a deep understanding of human psyche and has divine clarity on both esoteric and non esoteric issues. Having received divine guidance, his knowledge and understanding of spiritual matters goes beyond books and comes from Anubhuti experience. He guides & helps people identify, address and articulate emotional pains, affliction & spiritual maladies so that they are able to access their inner wisdom


Welcome wonderful members to the first edition of the enewsletter of Anubhuti of InnerSelf. Time flies fast and its been six months since Anubhuti was founded by the vision of Kapilji to spread the knowledge of spirituality to all seekers through a simple approach. Anubhuti is making slow but steady progress in bringing to you various programmes and information on all aspects of spirituality. We have created our Face book page and in a short span we have more than 500 followers. The page is full of inspiring quotes and small capsules on well being, nutrition, alternative therapies and various aspects of spirituality. Though we connect to you through occasional mails, this enewsletter is yet another initiative to reach out to our members and give the updates of activities carried out by Anubhuti and our future programmes. This newsletter will also carry the interesting posts and quotes which we post on our Face book page for those who are not on the social networking site. So we hope that all our members would like our new initiative and enjoy reading our newsletter. We would also welcome suggestions, feedback and participation from our members to make our spiritual journey a more enriching experience. Happy Reading!!!! Nilanjana

Urvasi ,The Educationist & Healer

Urvasi is clairvoyant, clairaudient& clairscentist, who has been in the field of alternative therapies for more than a decade. Blessed with a soft and empathetic nature, she has helped many people across the world with healing and counseling sessions. She has held several workshops, radio talk shows and interactive sessions in and out of the country.

Nilanjana, The Environmental Scientist & Healer

Nilanjana is an environmental Scientist by profession. She has presented many papers in several international conferences the world over. She actively works for promotion of women in science & engineering. Her passion for social work makes her take active interest in welfare activities connected to poor children and old destitutes. Apart from that, she is a Reiki healer & Angel therapist. Her soft, compassionate and empathetic nature complements the nature of her work in an excellent manner.

August , 201 3, Issue 1


Kapil and Urvasi conducting a session of Meditation with the Master (365 days)

Yog Shivir organized by Anubhuti of InnerSelf at Jaipur

Urvasi with Princess Diya Kumari and Zarine Khan

Urvasi at the coronation ceremony of Maharaja of Sirmaur, His Highness Lakshraj Prakash Singh

Nilanjana at an international Conference at Argentina

August , 201 3, Issue 1

Anubhuti of InnerSelf Celebrates Benevolence Day
We at Anubhuti of InnerSelf, believe that a little charity goes a long way in making a difference to the world of the less fortunate. A simple gesture of kindness will not only resolve your karmic issues but also help in opening your heart chakra, which is essential for your spiritual growth. In a new initiative, Anubhuti of InnerSelf has decided to dedicate one day in a month as a day of benevolence, where we encourage all our members, wherever they are, to donate in whatever form, to help the poor and destitute. We celebrated our first Benevolence Day on 17th July, 2013 where many of our members participated in noble acts of kindness in whichever part of the world they are living. We look forward to a larger participation in our subsequent events.

Special Sawan Month Meditation and Chanting Session

Anubhuti of InnerSelf has started a special month long meditation and chanting session for the holy month of Sawan. Sawan is a holy month dedicated to Lord Shiva. The meditation is being conducted by Kapil and people are participating from the comforts of their homes. We have received encouraging participation from large number of people all over the country. Participants in our Meditation with the Master (365 days) are experiencing many beneficial effects including inner peace of mind.

Meditation with the Master (365 Days)

Registrations Open
Quote of the Month

Free Distance Healing Week (29th August 4th August, 2013)

Anubhuti of InnerSelf provided one week of free distance healing to people suffering from any kind of depression or emotional trauma. Kapil gave free distance healing through telephonic and online sessions / group healing session.

Spirituality need not be attained by following the difficult path It can be attained by being your truest and purest and divine self Always!!! ---Kapil

August , 201 3, Issue1


ACHIEVEMENTS Urvasi in Print Media
Urvasi is an educationist and her views on various facets of education are published in newspapers and magazines regularly. The latest one is her views on the present day education system which was recently published in the magazine The Coffee Times, Jaipur edition. Her interview is produced below.

August , 201 3, Issue1


Anubhuti of InnerSelf strives to give you information and knowledge of personal well being, self growth and spiritual development. The first of our series is the capsule on Mudras which are simple yet effective tools for health and personal well being.

Prithvi Mudra
Regular practice of this mudra balances the elements of the earth Strengthens the body organs and tissues and increases vitality and endurance Beneficial for fatigue, osteoporosis, fracture, weak muscles, inflammatory diseases, fever, jaundice, ulcers in mouth, stomach and intestines Makes the skin healthier and glowing and helpful in hair fall and premature graying of hair Frees the mind from irrational beliefs and prejudices and increases self confidence and self esteem

Gyana Mudra
Increases the memory , therefore its regular use increases intelligence in kids Soothing of brain nerves Removal of headaches, insomnia and stress Destroys Anger and reduces Anxiety Improvement of concentration and reduced negative thoughts Helps to develop the stages of dhyana and meditation

August , 201 3, Issue1

Vayu Mudra
Eliminates all vayu related problems like gout, arthritis, joint pains, paralysis, Parkinsons disease, sciatica, knee pain Helps in relieving flatulence and indigestion Relieves stiffness in neck pain and strengthens the spine Useful in cervical spondilytis Effective in disorders related to blood circulation

Surya Mudra
Regular Practice of this mudra increases the agni component in the body and maintains the body metabolism Helps in reducing weight Reduces fatigue, tiredness and produces energy in the body Reduces stress Strengthens weak eyes and improves vision Helps in treating diabetes, reducing of cholesterol, liver problems, headaches and thyroid related problems

Note: All mudras should be done for 1 hr and practiced with both hands

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