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# UTF-8 coded message file for converting error codes to English text.

[eng] REC_OK = "Successful operation, no error." FILE_ERR = "File operation internal error." FILE_SYNTAX_ERR = "File handling syntax error." FILE_OPEN_ERR = "File open error." FILE_NOTFOUND_ERR = "File not found." FILE_READ_ERR = "File read error." FILE_WRITE_ERR = "File write error." FILE_ACCESS_ERR = "File access denied." FILE_REMOVE_ERR = "File removal error." FILE_CREATE_ERR = "File creation error." FILE_SEEK_ERR = "File seek error." FILE_MEM_ERR = "Out of memory during file I/O." FILE_DISKFULL_ERR = "Disk full." FILE_IO_ERR = "File I/O error." FILE_SHARE_ERR = "Sharing violation." FILE_ALREADYEXIST_ERR = "File already exists" FILE_INVALIDFLAG_ERR = "Invalid flag specified in a function call" FILE_INVALIDPARAMETER_ERR = "Invalid parameter specified in a function call" FILE_LOCKVIOLATION_ERR = "File locking error" FILE_DIRNOTEMPTY_ERR = "Directory is not empty" FILE_INVALIDHANDLE_ERR = "Invalid handle specified in a function call" FILE_TOOLARGE_ERR = "File size limit error." FILE_MUTEX_NOTAVAILABLE_ERR = "Mutex is not available" FILE_CANTCREATE_MUTEX_ERR = "Mutex cannot be created" FILE_CANTRELEASE_MUTEX_ERR = "Mutex cannot be released" FILE_INIT_ERR = "File system initialization error." FILE_QUIT_ERR = "File Manager's module quit error" FILE_NOT_IMPLEMENTED_ERR = "Function call not implemented yet" FILE_INVALIDPOINTER_ERR = "Invalid pointer specified in a function call" FILE_INVALIDFUNCTION_ERR = "The specified flag combination is not supported" FILE_NOMORE_WARN = "Internal use only" MEM_NOTENOUGH_ERR = "Not enough memory for this memory operation." MEM_INVALIDPOINTER_ERR = "Invalid pointer to a memory object." CHR_ILLEGALCODE_ERR = "Illegal internal code as a parameter." CHR_ILLEGALSETTING_ERR = "Set parameter is not acceptable (e.g. size mismatch.)" CHR_NOMORE_WARN = "End of list of available Code Pages." CHR_SETFILE_ERR = "Error while loading the Code Page Definition file (RECOGN.SET )." CHR_CODELENGTH_ERR = "Length of exported code exceeds buffer size." CHR_MISSINGEXPORT_ERR = "Character conversion is not available for the given cha racter." CHR_LANGSET_CODEPAGE_ERR = "Conflict: The selected Code Page does not support so me characters in the selected languages: there is no exact code in the Code Page for them." CHR_INIT_ERR = "Character Set and Code Pages module initialization error." CHR_MULTIPLELANG_FOUND_WARN = "There are more than one matching languages." CHR_LANG_NOTFOUND_ERR = "There are no matching languages." API_INCORRECTMODULEVERSION_ERR = "Inconsistent Engine configuration." API_INIT_ERR = "Engine initialization error, or no appropriate license." API_QUIT_ERR = "Engine termination error." API_INIT_WARN = "Module initialization warning." API_PROCESS_ABORTED_ERR = "Application has aborted the current process." API_PROCESS_FINISH = "Application has terminated the current recognition process . Recognized text is kept." API_MODULEMISSING_ERR = "Module not present." API_MODULELOAD_ERR = "OS could not load a module." API_MODULEENTRY_ERR = "Missing entry in a module."

" RSD_NOCARD = "Scanner interface card not found." RSD_BADSTARTMODE = "Invalid scan start mode setting." RSD_NOMSGFILE = "Message text file not found." RSD_DLL_FORMAT = "Invalid DLL format." RSD_CLOSEFAIL = "File close error." RSD_DLL_UNKNOWN = "Cannot load DLL." RSD_CORRUPTED = "Internal data structures corrupted." API_PLATFORM_ERR = "Unsupported operating system." API_STS_ERR = "Invalid setting.NET 3." RSD_PARAMID = "Invalid parameter ID specified." RSD_DLL_WINVER = "DLL requires new version of Windows." RSD_NOADAPTERMEMORY = "No adapter memory available." API_ERROR_ERR = "General error in the Engine." RSD_PARAMVALUE = "Invalid parameter value specified." RSD_BADVERSION = "Invalid scanner driver version. " API_LICENSE_ERR = "Invalid license or Engine Licence file not found." API_EVALDATE_EXPIRED_ERR = "Evaluation date of the Engine has expired." RSD_NOMESSAGE = "Message not found." RSD_NA = "Feature not available." RSD_DRIVERFAIL = "Scanner driver error." RSD_NOFILE = "File not found." RSD_NOMEMORY = "No memory available." RSD_FILECORRUPTED = "File structure corrupted." API_FILEFORMAT_ERR = "Format error in the actual file. or there is no a ppropriate license." API_STS_SYNTAX_ERR = "Syntax error in the specified Engine Settings file." API_PARAMETER_ERR = "Invalid parameters." RSD_ACCESS = "Access violation." RSD_FAIL = "General RSD failure." RSD_READONLY = "Read-only file attribute." NOT_IMPL_ERR = "Non-implemented feature." RSD_WARN = "General RSD warning." RSD_OPENFAIL = "File open error." RSD_NOTOPENED = "Scanner driver not opened." API_NOT_AVAILABLE_ERR = "The requested function is unavailable." .API_MODULEINVALID_ERR = "Invalid module." RSD_DLL_NOTLOADED = "DLL not loaded previously." RSD_NOTLOADED = "Scanner driver not loaded." RSD_NOMULTITASK = "Cannot be called from multiple applications." API_BUSY_ERR = "Engine is busy." RSD_READFAIL = "File read error." RSD_MEMORYFAIL = "Failed to lock or free memory." API_TIMEOUT_ERR = "Recognition process soft TimeOut." RSD_DLL_NOMEMORY = "Insufficient memory loading DLL." RSD_NODRIVER = "Scanner driver not found." RSD_BADHANDLE = "Invalid spec ID." RSD_DLL_NOFILE = "DLL not found." API_INVALIDSESSION_ERR = "Current session is invalid." RSD_INTERNAL = "Internal error." API_GPFAULT_ERR = "General Protection Fault in the Engine." API_HARDTIMEOUT_ERR = "Recognition process hard TimeOut." API_CRYPT_MISS_WARN = "Crypt module missing." RSD_DLL_GETPROC = "Cannot find function in DLL." RSD_WRITEFAIL = "File write error." RSD_BADADFCOMMAND = "Invalid ADF command." RSD_CREATEFAIL = "File creation error.0 or later." API_MODULEINIT_ERR = "Module initialization error." API_DOTNET30_OR_LATER_MISSING_ERR = "Missing ." API_HARDLOCK_ERR = "Hardlock not found or hardlock service has not been started.

" RSD_NOTREADY = "Scanner not ready." RSD_BADIMAGEWIDTH = "Image width too small or too large." RSD_BADORIENTATION = "Invalid scan orientation setting." IMF_CLOSE_ERR = "Image file close error." RSD_BADCONTRAST = "Invalid scan contrast setting." RSD_DOUBLEFEED = "Scanner ADF double feed." IMF_CREATE_ERR = "Image file create error." RSD_SCANNERSTOP = "Stop button pushed on scanner." RSD_USER_CANCELLED = "User cancelled operation." RSD_BADDUPLEX = "Invalid duplex scan setting." RSD_BADPARAMCOMBO = "Invalid parameter combination." RSD_LINE_TOO_WIDE = "Line too wide to handle." RSD_DUPLEX_NOBACK = "Cannot scan front-only in duplex mode." IMF_FILENOTEMPTY_ERR = "Writing into a non-empty file without IMF append mode sp ecified." RSD_NOIMAGE = "Image does not exist." RSD_BADCOLORINTERP = "Invalid color interpretation setting." RSD_BADINDICATION = "Invalid scan indication setting." RSD_BADMARGIN = "Invalid scan margin setting." IMF_COMP_ERR = "Error in image compression." RSD_TRUNCATED = "User buffer too small." RSD_SCANNERFAIL = "Unspecified scanner error.RSD_BADPAPERSOURCE = "Invalid scan paper source setting." RSD_NOPAPER = "Scanner ADF empty." RSD_BADBRIGHTNESS = "Invalid scan brightness setting." IMF_WRITE_ERR = "Image file write error." IMF_PASSWORD_WARN = "Password protected file." IMF_TMPFILE_ERR = "Temporary file handling error." IMF_FAXVIEWMISS_ERR = "Microsoft Fax viewer missing or not installed." IMF_MEMORY_ERR = "Out of memory during image file I/O." RSD_NOSLAVE = "Attempt to scan duplex without slave." RSD_RESERVED = "Scanner already reserved." IMF_PAGENUM_ERR = "Non-existent page number." RSD_BADHALFTONE = "Invalid halftone setting." RSD_BADLAMPCOLOR = "Invalid scan lamp color setting." RSD_SCSIID = "Invalid SCSI ID setting." RSD_NOTRESERVED = "Scanner not reserved." RSD_BADPAPERSIZE = "Invalid scan paper size setting." IMF_IMGFORM_ERR = "Unknown image format." IMF_READ_ERR = "Image file read error." RSD_BADIMAGEINTERP = "Invalid image interpretation setting." IMF_FILEFORMAT_ERR = "File format error." IMF_APPEND_ERR = "Appending not allowed." IMF_COLOR_ERR = "Color PCX file is not supported." RSD_PAPERJAM = "Scanner ADF paper jam." IMF_TAGMISSING_ERR = "Required TIFF basic tag is missing." IMF_NOTSUP_ERR = "Not supported image file format or image file type." RSD_SCANNERBUSY = "Scanner busy." RSD_COVEROPEN = "Scanner ADF cover open." RSD_BADCOMPRESSION = "Invalid compression setting." ." RSD_BADRESOLUTION = "Invalid scan resolution setting." RSD_CONFIGURATIONID = "Invalid configuration ID setting." RSD_BADFILETYPE = "Invalid image file type setting." RSD_ABORTED = "Operation/action aborted." RSD_NOTCAPABLE = "Scanner does not support this feature." RSD_BADIMAGELENGTH = "Image length too small or too large." IMF_INIT_ERR = "Image file I/O module initialization error" IMF_OPEN_ERR = "Image file open error." RSD_TIMEOUT = "Timeout (RSD module or the scanner)." RSD_NOTCONNECTED = "Scanner not connected.

" IMG_SETTING_ERR = "Internal use only" IMG_NOTENOUGHMEMORY_ERR = "Not enough memory during image processing." MOR_BCTNOTFOUND_ERR = "Knowledge base file for MOR recognition module not found (RECOGN." MOR_DOS_ERR = "DOS error during recognition." IMF_COMP_WARN = "Problem in image compression." ZONE_SIZE_WARN = "Invalid zone coordinates." DOT_ERR = "Dot-matrix recognition error." IMG_ANCHORNOTFOUND_ERR = "Neither of the anchor zones were found." IMG_ANCHOR_WARN = "One or more anchor zones were not found." IMG_NOMORE_WARN = "No more lines in defined image area.BCT)." EXTRACTED_TXT_WARN = "Limited information extacted from input document" MOR_INIT_ERR = "MOR recognition module initialization error." PAGE_NOTFOUND_ERR = "Page not found." IMG_NOTFOUND_ERR = "Image not found." ZONE_NOTFOUND_ERR = "No zone in the zone list." NO_TXT_WARN = "No recognized text available: either because the zone is empty or the required recognition module has not been initialized properly." IMG_BUFFEROVERFLOW_ERR = "Buffer overflow during processing the image." MOR_FILECORRUPTED_ERR = "File corrupted." IMG_BITSPERPIXEL_ERR = "Unsupported BitsPerPixel value." MOR_BCTVERSION_ERR = "Incorrect knowledge base file version (RECOGN." BAR_NOT_DEFINIT_ERR = "Inconsistent type setting." IMG_RECT_ERR = "Invalid rectangle dimensions." IMG_ACCESS_ERR = "Image operation denied.BCT)." MOR_INTERNAL_ERR = "Internal error in the MOR recognition module." OCR_NO_MODULE_WARN = "No selected recognition module." BAR_NO_CODE_ERR = "No barcode found in the zone." IMG_ZONE_ERR = "Invalid zone operation (e." ." PAGE_HANDLE_ERR = "Page handle not found.BCT)." IMG_DPI_WARN = "Non-supported resolution." ZONE_IMAGE_DOWNSAMPLED_WARN = "Color image was downsampled." ZONE_SHAPE_ERR = "Invalid zone shape (not rectangular).g." IMG_SIZE_ERR = "Non-supported image size." IMG_BITMAPADDRESS_ERR = "Invalid bitmap address." BAR_INVALID_CODE_ERR = "Non-supported barcode type found." IMG_DPI_ERR = "Non-supported resolution. existing user zone at LZ_FORM)." MOR_TOOLARGE_ERR = "Image size too large." BAR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY_ERR = "Not enough memory for barcode recognition." MOR_BCTCORRUPTED_ERR = "Knowledge base file for MOR recognition module corrupted (RECOGN." MGR_ERR = "Engine manager module error." MOR_GPFAULT_ERR = "General Protection Fault in the MOR recognition module." BAR_ERR = "Barcode module error." IMG_INVALIDOP_ERR = "Operation not supported on this image." IMG_NOTATTACHED_ERR = "Internal use only" IMG_HANDLE_ERR = "Invalid image handle." ZONE_NOTFOUND_WARN = "No zones found." IMF_READ_WARN = "Image file read problem." ZONE_POSITION_ERR = "Invalid zone index." ZONE_NO_FIELDNAME_WARN = "Zone can not have a field name defined.IMF_EMPTYHANDLE_WARN = "The file belonging to this handle does not exist any lon ger." IMF_PASSWORD_SYNTAX_WARN = "Illegal password." ZONE_EXISTING_SEQ_ERR = "Internal use only" ZONE_FILE_ERR = "Internal use only" ZONE_SIZE_ERR = "Invalid zone coordinates." IMF_PASSWORD_ERR = "Wrong password." IMG_COMPRESSED_ERR = "Cannot process compressed image." IMF_PDFAPPENDONLY_ERR = "In case of PDF saving the append flag must be true.

" SPL_INTERNAL_ERR = "Internal checking error." SPL_BADWORD_ERR = "Item is incorrect (NULL pointer." SPL_FWRITE_ERR = "User dictionary write error." L_ERROR_BADVERSION = "Wrong Layout Analyser version." SPL_REGEXP_SYNTAX_ERR = "Regular expression syntax error." L_ERROR_OBJTYPE = "Wrong object type." L_ERROR_FILE = "Gerneral file operation error." SPL_NOINIT_ERR = "Uninitialized spell object." L_ERROR_APPSET = "Invalid appset." SPL_NOTFOUND_ERR = "Item does not exist in the User dictionary." L_ERROR_DTK = "DTK function error." L_ERROR_FILE_OPEN = "File cannot be opened." SPL_MEMORY_ERR = "Not enough memory for the SPL module." SPL_BADFILEFORMAT_ERR = "Invalid file format (TEV. or illegal regul ar expression pattern)." ." RER_NOKNOWLEDGEFILE_ERR = "Knowledge base file for RER module not found (*." L_ERROR_IMAGE = "Image operation error." SPL_EXISTSECT_WARN = "Section already exists in User dictionary." HNR_TBSCORRUPTED_ERR = "Knowledge base file for HNR module corrupted." SPL_DUPWORD_ERR = "Item already exists in the User dictionary." L_ERROR_CONVERTER = "Conversion error." L_WARNING_SUBSTITUTED = "Data substitution." L_ERROR_FILE_WRITE = "File writing error." L_ERROR_RANGE = "Invalid internal range." L_ERROR_FILE_CLOSE = "File cannot be closed." L_ERROR_FILE_SEEK = "File seeking error" L_ERROR_FILE_READ = "File reading error." SPL_FOPEN_ERR = "Spell file open error." HNR_SYNTAX_WARN = "Parameter is out of valid range." RER_SPECFILE_NOTFOUND_ERR = "RER specfile not found." L_WARNINGS = "General OmniPage Document (OPD) Warning." SPL_INIT_ERR = "Module initialization error." L_WARNING_NOTFOUND = "Layout Analyser Object not found." APIP_INIT_ERR = "APIPlus initialization error." L_ERROR_CALL = "Invalid function call." SPL_FREAD_ERR = "Spell file read error.OMR_ERR = "Checkmark recognition error." RER_INTERNAL_ERR = "RER module internal error." L_ERROR_PARAMETER = "Invalid internal parameter." L_ERROR_FILE_FORMAT = "Wrong file format." L_WARNING_NOTOPENED = "Layout Analyser Object not opened." SPL_UDSECT_ERR = "Section does not exist in the User dictionary." L_ERROR_PRERENDERING = "Prerendering error." L_ERRORS = "General OmniPage Document (OPD) Error." APIP_PARAM_ERR = "Parameter error." SPL_NOMORE_WARN = "No more suggestions/items available." L_ERROR_OBJID = "Wrong Object ID. empty word.REC)." SPL_CLOSE_ERR = "User dictionary close error." L_ERROR_NOID = "No such Object ID. " RER_NOCHARSET_SET_ERR = "Character Set is empty for the RER module." APIP_INTERNAL_ERR = "Internal error in RecAPIPlus." SPL_LANG_ERR = "Illegal language setting.SZO)." RER_NOTSUPPORTED_CHARSET_ERR = "The specified Character Set not fully supported by the RER recognition module." L_WARNING_MISSING = "Missing data." L_ERROR_OUTPUT_MODE = "Invalid output mode." L_ERROR_READONLY = "Layour Analyser opened as read only." APIP_NOMORE_WARN = "No more items available." SPL_HANDLE_ERR = "Internal spell function call with a wrong handle.

" STSMN_NOTFOUND_ERR = "Node not found." IPRO_E_DOCUMENTSINITFAILED = "Documents collection cannot be created." MAT_INIT_ERR = "Matrix matching recognition module initialization error." L_FERROR_PERMISSION = "PDF modification restricted." L_ERROR_MASTERSOFT = "Text converter filter error." ." BRA_INIT_ERR = "Module is no longer supported." L_FERROR_MISSING = "Missing file (usually a DLL). " STSMN_BADORMISSINGREF_ERR = "The reference of a symbolic link subtree is invalid or the referenced setting does not exist yet." STSMN_NOSETTING_ERR = "No settings in node." L_ERROR_NOTIMPLEMENTED = "Feature not implemented." STSMN_BADTYPE_ERR = "Improper setting type." STSMN_HANDLE_ERR = "StsMan invalid node handle error." IPRO_E_OBJECTISINVALID = "Invalid object: cannot be used." BAR_AMP_INIT_ERR = "AmpLib barcode recognition module initialization error." L_FERROR_NOSET = "Some attribute was not set." L_ERROR_DOCFORMATTER = "Internal use only" L_ERROR_STOP = "Internal use only" L_FATALERRORS = "General OmniPage Document (OPD) Fatal error." STSMN_OPNOTALLOWED_ERR = "Operation not allowed for setting or node." L_FERROR_INTERNAL = "Internal OmniPage Document (OPD) error." IPRO_W_ZONEINVALID = "Some zones have incorrect attributes." IPRO_E_CONVERTERNOTFOUND = "Converter not found." MTX_INIT_ERR = "MTX recognition module initialization error." IPRO_E_SCANNERSINITFAILED = "Scanners collection cannot be created." IPRO_E_SETTINGMANAGERINITFAILED = "SettingManager object cannot be created." IPRO_E_NOTALLOWED = "Operation not allowed." IPRO_E_BARCODETYPESINITFAILED = "BarcodeTypes collection cannot be created." STSMN_NOSESSION_ERR = "Storage of settings collections does not exist or too man y settings collections are created." IPRO_E_CONVERTERMANAGERUNKNOWN = "ConverterManager not found." IPRO_E_ENGINEINITFAILED = "Engine not initialized." STSMN_INVALIDFILE_ERR = "Settings file content invalid." ASN_INIT_ERR = "Asian recognition module initialization error." STSMN_PARAMETER_ERR = "Invalid parameter." L_ERROR_CONV_NODOCUMENT = "No document in Layout Analyser Storage." L_FERROR_FILEFORMAT = "Wrong file format or wrong reading or writing methods." L_ERROR_CONV_LECSO = "Layout Analyser command error." IPRO_E_TOOMANYENGINE = "Only one Engine object can be created." IPRO_E_MEMORYBITMAPSINITFAILED = "MemoryBitmaps collection cannot be created." MNG_INIT_ERR = "MNG recognition module initialization error." L_FERROR_RECAPI = "Error in RecApi." IPRO_E_UDMANAGERINITFAILED = "UDManager object cannot be created." STSMN_EMPTYPENDVAL_WARN = "The pending setting has an empty pending value (as if it would have its default)." FRX_INIT_ERR = "FRX recognition module initialization error." L_FERROR_INDEX = "Wrong index stream." L_ERROR_ABORTED = "The function was aborted." IPRO_E_IMAGEFILESINITFAILED = "ImageFiles collection cannot be created." STSMN_FULLSAVEDTREE_WARN = "The loaded settings file may contain default values.L_ERROR_NOACCESS = "Access error." IPRO_E_MODULEINFOSINITFAILED = "ModuleInfos collection cannot be created." L_FERROR_MEMORY = "OmniPage Document (OPD) memory problem." IPRO_E_INVALID_WFD = "The workflow definition is invalid or doesn't exist." IPRO_E_CONVERTERSINITFAILED = "Converters collection cannot be created." IPRO_E_SPELLLANGUAGESINITFAILED = "SpellLanguages collection cannot be created." IPRO_E_UILANGUAGESINITFAILED = "UILanguages collection cannot be created." L_ERROR_TOO_MANY_SHEETS = "Too many Excel sheets." IPRO_E_SCANNERINITFAILED = "Scanner not initialized.

" DOCUMENT_ZOP_BADSHAPE_ERR = "Zone has invalid shape." IPRO_E_WF_START_ERROR = "The workflow was inadequate for processing." DOCUMENT_SHAREVIOLATION_ERR = "Sharing violation." IPRO_E_WF_START_FAILURE = "The starting of the active workflow has failed." IPRO_E_INVALID_WFHANDLER = "The WF Handler is uninitialized or it is in wrong st ate." IPRO_E_WF_OUTPUT_FILE_IGNORED = "The workflow doesn't need any output file." ." IPRO_E_WF_CREATION = "Workflow creation error." DOCUMENTMGR_NOTINIT_ERR = "Document Manager is not initialized." IPRO_E_WF_ALREADY_PROCESSED = "The workflow is already processed." DOCUMENT_VERSION_ERR = "Document version error." DOCUMENT_CANCEL = "Document operation cancelled." DOCUMENT_ZOP_ERR = "Zone operation error." DOCUMENT_INVALID_ERR = "Corrupt document." DOCUMENT_ZOP_NEEDOCR_ERR = "OCR needed.IPRO_E_INVALID_WFP = "The workflow processor is invalid or doesn't exist." DOCUMENT_ACCESS_ERR = "Document access error. " IPRO_E_WFS_NOT_INTERACTIVE = "The workflow step is not in interactive mode." DOCUMENT_CONVERT_ERR = "Document conversion error." DOCUMENT_NOTEXIST_ERR = "Document does not exist." IPRO_E_PARAM_NOT_FOUND = "The specified parameter doesn't exist." IPRO_E_INACTIVE_WF = "The workflow is inactive but the method needs an active on e." DOCUMENT_ZOP_NOTFOUND_ERR = "Zone not found." IPRO_E_ACTIVE_WF = "The workflow is active but the method needs an inactive one." DOCUMENT_RDONLY_SAVE_ERR = "Document is read-only." IPRO_E_WF_ALREADY_EXISTS = "There is an already active workflow in the WFHandler ." IPRO_E_WF_INPUT_FILE_IGNORED = "The workflow doesn't need any input file.