Songs from the heart of a


For all those times I spent with you, For all those moments I never knew, In days of sorrow and nights of pain, You carried me through the blinding rain. You are the one who will never stop believing, You are the one who will never stop me from dreaming. You walked with me in the darkest hour, You trudged with me on the longest road, The bridge is never too wide to cross over, Being with you is smooth sailing on a river boat. You are the one who will never stop believing, You are the one who will never stop me from dancing. You held my hand in troubled times to keep me from falling back in step. You gave me more reasons in my rhymes Your love keeps me coming back. You are the one who will never stop believing, You are the one who will never stop me from loving.



When the dreamers have forgotten, what their dream was all about. And the liars come out to frighten all the other searching crowd. For they can see there is no other than a worldly run for life, reaching for that slipping hour, to a certain awkward dive. By the time we get much older, we are already bound by greed. Our hearts are now much colder from the vice we love to feed. Children are made of dreams, but we harden them to signs of gods and cents and sins that has always kept us blind. Now we lead them to the blind alley, rushing them through their lives. When they lose their own fidelity we just blame them with our cries. We drive them crazy with our sham and lull them back when they’re awake. In fear they walk on air and land, with each aimless step they take. What on earth have we done to them? - to the children of our mistake.

Blind Alley

You Are Here
I can still feel your passion next to me, that night, that night when we were together. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be making love to a man in the arms of forever. I’ve slept alone I’ve slept without light, I was dreaming in my sleep, I'm no more alone you are here by my side you are here within reach So many men who have come and gone who touched me with their sensuous song but no one has ever filled me up, like how you manage to seize my heart.



I’ve been on my own I’ve gone far and wide, I was wandering on my feet, With you I’m home With you I’m right With you my love’s for keeps. Your kiss is flammable, you fire up my desires you make me whole inside out. Your body is delectable you cause me a riot we’ve got love and devotion tonight. I’ve slept alone I’ve slept without light, I was dreaming in my sleep, I’m no more alone you have come to my side you are the one I need

Hard Man
If you're man enough to leave, don’t tell me all about it. But if you think it's warm enough to give, then show me what it is. You're a hard man, too hard to let go, Hard, hard man, you're a hard man to know. If you're man enough to understand, why do you throw away all you can? If loving means nothing but pain why are we doing back together again? You're a hard man, you’re hard at your worst, Hard, hard man, you're a hard man to love.



You blame me for your delusions, You come down on me with indignation. What am I to do with this rage of yours? What do I do if all is not lost? You're a hard man, too hard to let go, Hard, hard man, you're a hard man to know. I'll be man enough to let you be, Cos' I'm not all the woman you cut me out to be. You can go and turn your back on me baby, and I'll walk away a little farther to set you free. You're a hard man to spurn for what it's worth. I too can be a hard woman when I run out of love.

Common Problems
We are nothing but common problems You seem so caught up in your pride I seem to take on with our fights, and yet we stay on with tearful delight. You could never say I Love You, though you know that was what I’ve always wanted to hear. I could never be the first to let you know how I feel and how much more I care. You could have asked me first, but you didn’t. I could have loved you then, but I couldn’t. We both know how much we loved each other, But we never said a word. I don’t know why we’re such common problems to gather all these hurts.



You would hold me and tell me things, words of confusion as we sing. Sometimes I know, that it is love for sure. Sometimes my world would fade out in a blur. Another night passes, another day dies. Still we are nowhere living like dirty lies. We don’t look like lovers, it’s a matter of choice, We don’t talk like friends, we only raise our voice. Maybe it’s about time That time when things gotta change. Somebody’s gotta say goodbye, So no one takes the blame.

I lie down on my bed and write in my diary, of the things you’ve said that has made me feel so free. Cos’ I heard from a friend that you find me quite a catch, so every now and then I’m gonna trail you from the back. So you better jump to it, when I jump for you. You’re going to spin all about when my love get a hold on you. You’ve stirred something wild inside this restless body. So get ready for love cos’ you make my diary. Now I’m up on the ceiling I’m going to bring it all down. You give me this crazy feeling which is going all over town. One more page in my diary and I’m going to make it come true. In my heart I’ll always carry, my dreams of me and you.


Don’t Break My Heart
I can sail through a thunder storm, get blown off by a hurricane, I can manage an earthquake, but I can't stand a heartbreak. You can lead me into darkness, push me off the overhanging cliff. Tell me tales of madness and horror, Keep me underwater. But don't let my heart take the heat, don't ever let it skip a beat. I can walk on fire, skin myself with a plier. Stab myself blindly But please, let me down easy. Starve me from my meals, not let me drink at all. But please never let me feel how a broken heart gets mauled. Deep in the deepest ocean. Buried in swampy regions. Shut me away from all the seasons,


but don’t break my heart, not for any reason.

Doors, there are doors. All I see is your shadow, the apparition of your love. As I watch and see the door. Standing in front of me, a partition to another world. And it takes only one step. One step in, or one step out through that tempting open door. My doors are never closed, and yet they have no reason to open. But you have the key, so don’t let them rust or you may soon find only broken doors. A dismal rhythm drifts through that devastated door, crumbled to the floor. A silent whistle coming through, while the hinges creak, the knob is loose. And here is the key that had rusted when you left the door ajar...



Though you are not a stranger, you are in many ways.



Though you are not my lover, you make me think again. Though you are free to choose, you chose me as a friend. Though we may not be together, you make me feel love now and then. You have grown among my songs, all wrapped up in sheer bliss. Waiting for someone just like you, to step out of a kiss. Emotions, they are making me, more than I ever was. Emotions that you bring from the warm embrace of yours. Emotions you did borrow, from my sentimental touch. And both of us are feeling, what emotions do to hearts. Come again O’ winds of sentiments calming to our souls. Let them ring out in wonderments, and let it all unfold. Listen to our beating hearts and the echoes of our love.

For the Love
Take your time take it all in take it all away take it with you everywhere you go you know how it is you know how it’s like you know you can touch it you know you can find it wherever you go close your eyes and imagine the comfort imagine the coolness imagine the warmth it washes you like rain it bathes you like tears



you won’t lose it you never will now, that’s eternity that’s the truth these are the times for you to look into yourself and ask all the questions you have and the answers are all there just let it go let yourself feel the flow of destiny the flow of the one and only everyone needs everyone wants something that is real something that is there for us to take it freely to take it without fear let love go let love flow

His eyes say love but he doesn’t show it. His body speaks of affection but he feigns a laughter. His gesticulations are sweet but he’s mindful in character. Should I ask him for want of his company? I am no more the school girl I am no more dizzy, dreamy and helpless. The time for a woman is short, when she knows she is in love again. Gone are the days of love letters and serenades. Secret rendezvous and private escapades. I am his breakfast friend and his conversational companion. Someone to share thoughts and joys of reunion. But a woman’s heart is wary and light in fairy tales she is all feminine when it comes to love and thrills. He sits with me with his desires glowing. He walks closely but not quite touching. He smiles a smile that’s always been inviting. For a woman to be in love she has to do a lot of thinking.

His Ways


I may walk into a mansion with chambers full of wonders. I may own a lovely castle and fill them up with lovers.

Home Again


Though Kings and Queens may play their games, but with you, I feel home again. You can give me a house full of things - wall to wall pictures and furnishings. A flight of stairs that lead to heaven or a house full of rooms for everything, A hallway dressed up to the vain, but with you, I feel home again. You can give me pleasures of this world I can have all my heart’s desires. And lay them out in front of me to feel the flame of each fire. I can wear the pride that has my name, but with you, I feel home again. I could walk alone all by myself and freeze out in the cold hard world. I could lose my way rushing through life just to find another baffled soul. I could get caught up in the twilight of my fame but with you, I feel home again.

I want this love from you, I want you to tell me so. Don’t wait until one morning, when it’s too late for loving anymore. As the night creeps up on me, my heart loses some of it’s pieces. My soul drifts out the open sea of lost and worn out wishes. I want this love from you, I want you to shout it out loud. My heart is in constant hunger waiting for this desire. Where do I go from here? Where do I start? I’ve learnt too much to forget of your warm and loving touch.

I Want This Love



I want this love from you, I want you to tell me now. In a moment I may be gone, walking through the door. Make me feel this wonder - unless it’s not mine anymore. What joy do I have to lose? What pain do I have to find? Do I have the right to these wayward blues? Or in fact they were never mine? Tell me if you want my love ... let me know, or leave me here. Cos’ if I can’t feel this love again, I don’t ever want to hope in vain.

The city lights begin to blink, staggering, shimmering and in between. You see them fly, gold and glitter lines. Fire up the skies making zodiac signs.

Into the Night

That’s how I feel, when I’m with you, that’s how it is, from a lover’s view. I go dancing on the clouds and moon, O’ that’s how I am, I just go boom! The night goes round in orbit, grows dim with all of us in it. Like a hundred gods taking flight, I just get right into the night. Caressing face to face, touching eye to eye. Keeping you in my place, loving you in a daze. Making body moves, the heat is ripe. Shaking out to lose my only delight. That’s when you get under my skin, O how you make me crawl within. That’s how I am when it’s right, I am the darkness, I am the night.



It was when I looked into your eyes that made me feel so warm inside. It was when you touched my hand that calm my trembles from the fright. It was when you held me close that all at once, life seems so right.

You Make Me

I never want to take that train of thoughts again, going through the darkside of the tracks I’m coming out to make myself everything that I am Thank you for being there, thank you for being that man. Who made me think I can Now I am every woman I know I am. I cannot hide what’s good inside anymore, you thrilled me with desires with a sure shot plan. I’m breaking out of my locks and chains because you gave me the freedom to be who I am. And now I’m not afraid anymore I shall live my dreams that once I dreamt.

Of Wake & Sleep
Why do I get up so empty in the mornings? Like I have not existed, like I have become routine. A whole lot of life just wasted... Where have I been in the dark? In the darkness of my being... Do I walk about in another reality? Do I lie there like a dream... An empty shell on a white washed beach, a hologram in a mind’s design, I get on up to see me not and lay down again when I resign... Why do I tire when I awake? Just as I tire when I return to sleep. What the barren, vacant space... what the mystery, this soul succeeds.



One Good Man
Cos he’s fallen in love with me and I don’t know what to do. Cos he’s the kind of man that I could really really love Cos’ he’s truly one good man who’s not the kind I’d ever hurt. He’s been so good to me so what do I do? I’m always the one who can’t find my way But I still gotta run to know my night from day. He reached out a hand to me and he took me in his heart. He could walk in the rain and smile take away my pains and bring me out, but there’s only one thing he doesn’t know ... even when I try, I don’t love him anymore

You were all I could think about today, Every thought came with flashes of you. In the highlands that I’ve been to the beaches that I swim, there’s just no perfect view except the one I have of you. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see the lovers I have had. I see such a beautiful woman when I see the one I love residing in my head. I wake up with you in mind I sleep in your dreams when I close my eyes. When a love song plays on the radio there’s only you that appears in my perfect view. Each day we are together each time we’re far apart, you keep me in good company every time I feel your heart.

Perfect View


back to where i belong go on play that song of unrhythmic off beat tune i have no more senses for perfection for i am blind for i am deaf for i don’t smell for i don’t taste and i can’t touch with skin anymore i only wait for what moves me from within and they are songs that make the heart sing of joy and if you can play it for me so that i may live a full life that more than exist. let me hear the trickle of the sound that is made from heavenly voices or instruments made of love with orchestral choirs otherwise let me hear nothing

P lay Me Nothing

The woman has got cancer, and took the wrong bus home. The old man died of old age, and they just left him all alone. The kid behind the corner, kept running in his dreams. And the dog has got no license, scaling through the city lanes. The homosexual died of Aids, and scattered all to hide. The hooker has just been paid, for losing all her pride. A spouse has gone to bed, with someone else’s game. And the dog has got no license, scaling through the city lanes. The girl was raped a night ago, and barely made it through. The murderer got the hangman’s noose, he died without much ado. The politician made a big mistake, and all his nations died. And the dog has got no license, scaling through the city lanes.



The addict crawled inside his lair, to hide the scars of life. The media started a vicious lie, and destroyed another soul. The down and trodden man, shot himself in vain. The dog has got no license, scaling through the city lanes. The man, the woman, and the child, huddled close together. They looked up to the skies, in waiting for an answer. The man, the woman, and the child, get caught up in a blame. And the dog has got no license, scaling through the city lanes. They could run so wild, so freely, collecting all the earthly dust. They knew they just couldn’t get away, from the turmoil that’s inside. They knew not where to go, jumping off the edge. The dog has got no license, perhaps we need them more instead.

Love is a T V Show
I distance myself from the things I know, I hide away from where the river flows. I sail across open seas and oceans, to runaway from life’s painful lessons. I try to make dreams of my nightmares. I hope to make love to the right answers. My prayers go unheard as it spirals down, my life is a sad it’s like a forgotten frown. Love, get to know me, love, don’t let me go. I wait for love to see, Love, is nothing but a TV show. I trudge along the withering flowers, I sweep the cloudy sky with my fingertips, I waste away the days and hours, wishing for love and a goodnight kiss. Love, get to know me, love, don’t let me go. I wait for love to see, Love, is nothing but a TV show.



We are Trees
The light from the sky grows dim and I sit on the hard wooden chair to sing. I lose my heart in the storm at night and here I am almost gone without sight. My body aches with fear and fright of the dark and jarring sounds. I cannot seem to lift a hand I cannot get out of a frown. I dream in mis-match colors, and shapeless formless ideas. The street lights are so dreary when I see myself in tears. The weather is hot and dry the seasons are all changing. If I could water down the madness get rid of the lighthearted screaming. And in the silence of my heart I hear my soul breaking free. For all the world’s a ball of scam and we are just the chopped down trees.

Without You
The fan was slowly turning, the air was stale - unmoving the tune went out of the song, knowing that you’re finally gone. You make things possible with your smile, Bring the light in when it’s cold and bare. Won’t you stay here for just a while, Even the house sighs when you’re not there. The chairs are creaking and uneasy, the kitchen feels pretty vacant and empty. The bed is lonely and it’s blue, it’s as if everything waits for you. My clothes are wrinkled and damp, the silence gets choked up in the vent. Night creeps in when I come undone, I may never rise again with the sun. I thought there would always be a home, a place of rest, a roof over my head. You were someone I could never own, without you time is neither alive nor dead.


If this is the way you’re gonna treat me baby! You better just walk on out! I don’t care if you’re the King of the Hill, Cos’ I know what your kind is all about. You come on down and take me for a clown. Pull me out of my dream and push me around! You better think twice, you better be nice, or you better get ready to pay the price. I couldn’t say I was really happy, when you took me in - into your life. I had some fun, so yes I did, but you’re got no right to do me like this! O’ you better give it all up! Or take another serious chance. You better not depend on luck if you still want this dance. I’m no fool to take it so cool, I’m a hot headed woman who wants to live! Live out all my passions with no fast rule, save it for a lover who knows what to give! If you can’t take this much of a woman, or treat me right even for a moment. I’d suggest you stick to what you can - leave this woman for the right man!

You Better

You, You know who you are, and you should know how I feel. My eyes can make you tell, my presence can make it real. Like we have known each other, since the beginning of you. You, You love me to a chill, but sometimes you cut away avoid me, do what you will but you will come on back to stay. You, You are the one - the anyone for I know your name by heart, you may want me close to you, but sometimes it’s not enough. You, You are a laughter in a word, yet tears and heartaches too. And the life I spend on dreaming of you is all I do. You, You are bewitching as a lie, as lovely as a song. The hunger of a sigh just to think of you and I.




Forked tongue and iron fisted gritted teeth and hard headed, cocked eye and upturned nose, buttered fingers and twinkled toes. What do they want? What do they want? I cry with tears of fear I cry for fear with tears


Election and misconception, misinterpretation and sedition, imprisonment and incarceration, disillusionment and corruption. What do they want? What do they want? I cry with tears of fear I cry for fear with tears War crimes and untried criminals, planned genocides and plotted massacres, unfortunate civilians and conditioned soldiers, blinded society and indoctrinated followers. What do they want? What do they want? I cry with tears of fear I cry for fear with tears But I want no more tears. But I want no more fears. I cry with the voice of reason I cry for the new dawn of freedom.

You you You you march on solid ground terrorize the town. carry your weapons bury the dead ones. Sons and daughters of tomorrow’s scorn, Dare you brothers and sisters? To join in the mourn. You sing their anthem you shout out their name, you get a gold medal for getting maimed. You you you you stand up tall wreck some skulls, puke out your gall cry out your bile.

Baby, Join the Army

The honor is great, the joy is greater, to be patriotic to be egocentric. Let’s go to war and fight all evil, slay down the boars, kill all the people. You’re in the army baby, you’re serving the nation, you’re a baby in arms, until you’re wiped out of existence.



What’s become of this sad sad world? Everyone wants to be right. Every religion wants to claim victory of things in heaven and things on earth. Every country wants to be rich and rule all men from birth.

What’s become of this cruel cruel world? no one can live a simple life

Death of a World in the Hands of Man

No one can be safe in their own backyard, when everyone chooses to live in the dark. No one wants to know no one wants to give. Because everyone is too busy learning not to forgive. Everyone wants to see some bloodshed before they can wake up to the sound of peace. Everyone waits to waste away in a sorry state before they finally realize there’s more to life than just this. What’s going to become of this remarkable world? When it is built upon twisted lies, What’s going to become of everyone When it winds down slowly as it dies? In the wake of a sad story, in the dream of someone’s reality. The shame I feel for being human what does it take for one to be so so inhuman?

And We Could All See It
I met someone who was angry with everything but he was just angry with himself yet he didn’t know it but we could all see it. He spoke in displeasing sounds while he put people down, whom he claims are blinded and nothing but shortsighted. He used words like ‘idiots’ and ‘shit’ to describe an object or a person and stopped everyone from speaking because he didn’t want to hear it. His micro expressions were bitter his body language exhibited dissatisfaction with everything that he was nothing was left unshredded. I could hear him screaming for help but he tried to hide the fact that he was not doing so great that he was a man out of control. He regurgitated sorrow and pain but thought he was speaking with assertiveness but he was falling apart, into pieces and we could all see it.


If you’re looked down upon because of your gender rise above everything else. If you are discriminated because of your sexuality rise above everything else. If you are segregated because of the color of your skin rise above everything else. If you are sidelined because you are disabled rise above everything else. If you have no rights to say because you are young and vulnerable rise above everything else. If you are neglected because you are a senior citizen rise above everything else. If you are troubled for not being one of them rise above everything else. Even when they are many, and we are a few we can still rise above everyone else because we know better.


Empty Old People
Our country is run by empty old people who tell us empty old lies who seek out empty bins for instant gains and empty cries. How long more are we going to tolerate this emptiness that is spreading? How long more will we sit back and listen to their empty old rantings? Our planet is swarmed with empty old people who can’t let go of the things that don’t belong to them. Who can’t share the kindness and hope, who would rather see everything go up in smoke. Why do we let them run this town? Why do we let them run around? Like headless chickens and mindless fruticakes, with hollow promises on empty plates. The world is full of empty old people who have lost their love and compassion. Just because they are old and answerable, Have they the right to do that to the children?


He talks like a big man but he’s just a little fry. And everyone knows it but he doesn’t want to believe it. She throws herself around like a diva but she’s just a little flicka And everyone knows it but she refuses to acknowledge it. He lashes out his sermon like the right hand of god but he’s just a man in a garb And everyone knows it but he is blinded by his egoistical flub. She struts about with her gold and gain but she’s just a photo in a frame And everyone knows it but she’s too vain to admit it. He loves to flaunt his authority but he’s just really a nobody And everyone knows it but he tends to forget how his heart beats. And when no one can stand it anymore they fall apart, they disintegrate And everyone knows it but few want to do anything about it.


I say, Let’s prostitute ourselves and stop with the whimpering and complaining about everything and nothing. Let’s prostitute ourselves when we go for an interview to sell the long and short of us, to convince and command the bosses. Let’s prostitute ourselves when we want to be famous and flaunt our every whim and fancy we believe to be life’s vitality. Let’s prostitute ourselves when we want wealth and everything we can grab in hope that we’ll always be fab. Let’s prostitute ourselves and do what we want when we feel like it cos’ who the hell gives a shit! Aren’t we already prostitutes to our desires? Aren’t we already prostitutes to our needs? Why look at a fanciful woman and judge her when we’re already selling ourselves to the highest bidder?

Let’s Prostitute Ourselves


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