Why Do I Need To Turn The Wi-Fi Modem Off When Not In Use

TESTIMONIAL I Am Very Happy With My Geocleanse I feel better and I sleep better!!! I thank you very much for these amazing products. With my Geocleanse, Orgone Energy Pendant and Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generator I feel always protected and my aura feels stronger. Written by Elisabeth Fermaud on Mon 27 May 2013 11:27:20 PM GMT Even though you have a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in an operating in your home, which will totally protect you and your family from the radiation that your wireless internet modem (Wi-Fi) puts out, there are several reasons you need to keep it switched off when you are not using it Your Wi-Fi modem continually send signals back and forth to the closest mobile phone tower, therefore this radiation is travelling through the air affecting everyone in between, This reduces the Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz in the air, particularly in cities where is this already very low to non-existent. If your neighbours do not have a Geoclense Orgone Generator or any Orgone Generators for protection, then leaving your Wi-Fi modem on will adversely affect their health and wellness, especially at night as this may seriously affect their ability to sleep. Wireless radiation reduces the Melatonin levels in your brain, eventually leading to Cancer. As there are now many people who are extremely EMF sensitive, this would continue to make them unwell. Leaving your Wi-Fi modem on uses up electricity unnecessarily. If you are not connected to 100% Green (wind or solar electricity sources), then you are burning up unnecessary coal, especially if you are in a state of Australia that uses this very dirty form of electricity. Not to mention, switching your Wi-Fi off when you are not using it will most likely save you hundred dollars off your electricity bill each time you received it. If you were able to hear the sound that this makes and see the Wi-Fi waves in the air, you most certainly would not leave your Wi-Fi modem on unnecessarily! We have included information below from Swisscom, a Wi-Fi company in Switzerland about the harm that wireless modems actuall do. Please read the further dangers of wireless modems below. Check out this experiment done by a school in Denmark. All the more reason to switch your Wi-Fi off when not in use as these Cress Seeds did not grow nor sprout when grown next to a wireless modem...

For further details of the original experiment, please see: http://mastsanity.org/health-52/research/324-experimentswith-cress-in-9th-grade-attracts-international-attention-denmark16th-may-2013.html

However, the control Cress seeds, grown away from the wireless internet modem grew. For further details see: http://www.c4st.org/news/item/what-s-happening-around-theworld/danish-students-attract-international-attention-with-cress-andwifi-experiment.html Swisscom reveals the true DANGER of Wi-Fi in a patent application. Swisscom is the leading telecom provider in Switzerland and it devised a way to reduce the microwave radiation from Wi-Fi (also known as WLAN or wireless local area network). In its patent application, Swisscom clearly states the elevated risk of cancer and genetic damage from the constant low-level microwave and radio frequency exposure from Wi-Fi. Below are excerpts from page one and page two. The full application is available at the link below.

**The influence of electro smog on the human body is a known problem. The health risk from mobile radio transmitters (Wi-Fi (Wi base stations) handys and DECT telephones has been an explosive subject among the general public. To meet the concerns of scienc science e from the legislative side, the permissible limit values have thus been lowered several times (in Switzerland) and technology has been increasingly focused on this problem. The risk of damage to health through electro smog has also become better understood od as a result of more recent and improved studies. When, for example, human blood cells are irradiated with electromagnetic fields, clear damage to hereditary material has been demonstrated and there have been indications of an increased cancer risk (Mashevich evich M., Folkman D. , Kesar A., Barbul A. , Korenstein R. , Jerby E. , Avivi L., Department of Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Tel Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Aviv, Israel, **Exposure of human peripheral blood lymphocytes to electromagnetic fields associated ted with cellular phones leads to chromosomal instability,** Bioelectromagnetics, 2003 Feb. , 24 (2): 82 82-90). The entire Swisscom international patent application can be viewed click here: http://www.safeschool.ca/uploads/WiFi_Swisscom_Patent.pdf

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