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FK01 FK02 FK03 FK04 FK05 FK06 FV60 FV65 FB60 FBV0 FBV2 FBV3 FBV4 FBV5 F-47

F-48 F-51 F-54 F-55 F-56 F-63 F-66 F-44 FB02 FB03 FB04 FB08 FBRA FCHN FINTAP F.80 FAGLB03 FAGLL03 FBL1N FBL3N FK10N FS10N LSMW MB03 MB5S ME23N ME2K ME2N MIGO MIR4 MIR5

Create Vendor (Accounting) Change Vendor (Accounting) Display Vendor Display Changes Block Vendor (Accounting) Set Deletion Indicator Park Incoming Invoices Park Incoming Invoices Enter Incoming Invoices Post Parked Document Change Parked Document Display Change Header Display changes Down Payment Request Post Vendor Down Payment Post with Clearing Clear Vendor Down Payment Enter Statistical Posting Reverse Statistical Posting Invoice Parking-General Credit Memo Parking General Clear Vendor Change Document Display Document Display changes Reverse Document Reset Cleared Items Check Register Vendors: calc.of interest on arrears Mass Reversal GL Account Balance Display GL Account Line item Display Vendor Line Items G/L Account Line Items Display Vendor Balances Balance Display Upload Display Material Document Display List of GR/IR Balances Display Purchase Order Purch. Orders by Account Assignment Purchase Orders by PO Number Goods Movement Display Invoice Document Display List of Invoice Documents

MIR7 Park Invoice MIRO Enter Incoming Invoice MR8M Cancel Invoice Document MRBR Release Blocked Invoices S_ALR_87012082 Vendor Balances in Local Currency S_ALR_87012086 Vendor List S_ALR_87012087 Address List S_ALR_87012103 List of Vendor Line Items S_ALR_87012078 Due Date Analysis for Open Items S_ALR_87012079 Transaction Figures: Account Balance S_ALR_87012083 List of Vendor Open Items for Printing S_ALR_87012084 Open Items: Vendor Due Date Forecast S_ALR_87012085 Vendor Payment History S_ALR_87012089 Display Changes to Vendors SE38 ABAP Editor SM35 Batch input session SM36 Schedule Background Job SM37 Overview of job selection SP01 Output Controller SP02 Output Controller FD01 Create Customer (Accounting) FD02 Change Customer (Accounting) FD03 Display Customer (Accounting) FD05 Block Customer (Accounting) FD06 Set Deletion Indicator FD02 Change Customer (Accounting) FD03 Customer Master Record Display FD04 Display Changes FB70 Enter Outgoing Invoices FB75 Enter Outgoing Credit Memos FV70 Park Invoice FV75 Park/Edit Credit Memo FBV2 Change Parked Invoice FBV3 Display FBV4 Change Header FBV5 Display Changes F-38 Enter Statistical Posting F-64 Invoice Parking General F-67 Credit Memo Parking General F-38 Enter Statistical Posting F-64 Invoice Parking General F-67 Credit Memo Parking General F.80 Mass Reversal of Documents F-30 Post with Clearing F-32 Clear Customer F-19 Reverse Statistical Posting F-22 Enter Customer Invoice

F-28 Post Incoming Payments F-29 Post Customer Down Payment FB08 Reverse Document FBRA Reset Cleared Items FBVO Post/Delete Parked Invoice FINT Item Interest Calculation FB03 Document Display FD10N Customer Balance Display FAGLB03 GL Account Balance Display FAGLL03 GL Account Line item Display FBL3N G/L Account Line Items FBL5N Customer Line Items S_ALR_87012104 List Of Cleared Vendor Items S_ALR_87012167 Accounts Rec. Information System S_ALR_87012168 Due Date Analysis for Open Items S_ALR_87012169 Transaction Figures: Account Balance S_ALR_87012171 Transaction Figures: Sales S_ALR_87012172 Customer Balances in Local Currency S_ALR_87012173 List of Customer Open Items for Printing S_ALR_87012174 List of Customer Open Items S_ALR_87012175 Open Items: Customer Due Date Forec. S_ALR_87012176 Customer Eval. with OI Sorted List S_ALR_87012177 Customer Payment History S_ALR_87012178 Customer Open Item Analysis(Overdue) S_ALR_87012186 Customer Sales S_ALR_87012197 List of Customer Line Items S_ALR_87012198 List of Customer Line Items S_ALR_87012199 Open Down Payments SM36 Schedule Background Job SM37 Overview of job selection SP01 Output Controller SP02 Output Controller LSMW Upload S_ALR_87002678 Enter Reference Interest Values S_ALR_87012179 Customer List S_ALR_87012180 Address List S_ALR_87012182 Display Changes to Customers SE38 ABAP Editor SM35 Batch input session FB03 Document Display FBV2 Change Parked Document FBV3 Display Parked Document FBV4 Change Parked Document (Header) FBV5 Display Changes FB02 Change Document FB03 Display Document FB04 Display Changes

F.54 G/L: Structured Account Balances F.08 G/L: Account Balances FBL1N Vendor Line Items FBL3N G/L Account Line Items FBL5N Customer Line Items FS10N Balance Display FV50 GL Document Parking F.01 Financial Statements F.13 Automatic Clearing F.10 G/L: Chart of Accounts F.80 Mass Reversal F-03 Clear G/L Account F-04 GL Post with Clearing FB08 Reverse Document FBD1 Enter Recurring Entry FBRA Reset Cleared Items FBV0 Post Parked Document FS00 Create GL Account FS01 Edit GL Account S_ALR_87012308 Display Changes to G/L Accounts S_ALR_87012328 G/L Account List S_ALR_87012277 G/L Account Balances S_ALR_87012282 General Ledger Line Items S_ALR_87012282 G/L Line Items, List for Printing S_ALR_87012284 Financial Statement S_ALR_87012332 G/L Account Statements S_PL0_86000028 Financial Statement: Actual/Actual Comparison S_PL0_86000030 G/L Account Balances (New) S_PL0_86000031 Transaction Figures: Account Balance S_PL0_86000032 Structured Account Balances SP01 Output Controller SP02 Output Controller S_ALR_87012291 Line Item Journal S_ALR_87012293 Display of Changed Documents S_ALR_87012333 G/L Accounts List F-06 Post Incoming Payments - GL F-07 Post Outgoing Payments - GL F-18 Payment with Printout - Customer F-28 Post Incoming Payments - Customer F-31 Post Outgoing Payments - Customer F-52 Post Incoming Payments - Vendor F-53 Post Outgoing Payments - Vendor F-58 Payment with Printout - Vendor FB03 Display Document FBCJ Cash Journal FBL1N Vendor Line Items FBL3N G/L Account Line Items

FBL5N Customer Line Items FBZ5 Print Check for Payment Document FCH1 Display Check Information FCH2 Display Payment Document Checks FCH5 Create Check Information FCH6 Change Check Information/Cash Check FCHN Check Register FCHU Create Reference for Check FF67 Manual Account Statement FI03 Display Bank FCH3 Void Checks FCH4 Renumber Checks FCH7 Reprint Check FCH8 Reverse Check Payment FCH9 Void Issued Check FCHI Check Lots S_ALR_87012309 Cash Journal AFAB Post depreciation AW01N Asset Explorer CJ88 Settle Projects and Networks S_ALR_87011990 Asset History Sheet S_ALR_87012004 Depreciation S_ALR_87012052 Asset Retirements S_ALR_87012026 Depreciation S_ALR_87011994 Asset Balances S_ALR_87011963 Asset Balances S_ALR_87011964 Asset Balances S_ALR_87011965 Asset Balances S_ALR_87011966 Asset Balances S_ALR_87011967 Asset Balances S_ALR_87011968 Asset Balances S_ALR_87011979 by Cost Center S_ALR_87011980 by Location S_ALR_87011981 by Asset Class S_ALR_87011982 by Plant S_ALR_87012050 Asset Acquisitions KO01 Create Internal Order KO02 Change Order KO03 Display Internal Order AS01 Create Asset Master Record AS02 Change Asset Master Record AS03 Display Asset Master Record AS05 Block Asset Master Record AS06 Delete Asset Record/Mark for Delet. AS11 Create Asset Subnumber FS00 G/L acct master record maintenance FI01 Create Bank

FI02 Change Bank FI03 Display Bank AJRW Fiscal Year Change AJAB Year-End Closing FAGLGVTR G/L: Balance Carried Forward F.07 Balance Carry Forward OKP1 Period Lock Change OKP2 Period Lock Display KA01 Create Cost Element KA02 Change Cost Element KA03 Display Cost Element KA04 Delete Cost Element KA05 Display Change in Cost Element KA06 Create Secondary Cost Element KA23 Collective Display of Cost Element KA24 Collective Change of Cost Element KAH1 Cost Element Group Create KAH2 Cost Element Group Change KAH3 Cost Element Group Display OKEON Standard Hierarchy Change - Cost Center OKENN Standard Hierarchy Display - Cost Center KS01 Create Cost Center KS02 Change Cost Center KS03 Display Cost Center KS04 Delete Cost Center KS05 Display Cost Center Change KS12 Change Cost Center Collective KS13 Display Cost Center Collective KS14 Delete Cost Center Collective KSH1 Create Cost Center Group KSH2 Change Cost Center Group KSH3 Display Cost Center Group S_ALR_87005830 Maintain Version S_ALR_87013614 Cost Center : Current Period /Cumulative S_ALR_87013623 Cost Center : Quarterly Comparison S_ALR_87013624 Cost Center : Fiscal Year Comparision KSB1 Cost Center : Actual Line Item KS13 Cost Center : Master Data Report KO01 Create Internal Order KO02 Change Internal Order KO03 Display Internal Order KO88 Individual Settlement - Internal Order S_ALR_87012993 Internal Order : Actual /Plan/Variance S_ALR_87012994 Internal Order : Current Period /Cummulative S_ALR_87012995 Internal Order : Lists S_ALR_87012996 Internal Order : Lists by Cost Element S_ALR_87013001 Internal Order : Actual Yearly Comparison

S_ALR_87013002 Internal Order : Actual Quarterly Comparison S_ALR_87013003 Internal Order : Period Comparison KOB1 Internal Order : Actual Line item KOBP Internal Order : Plan Line item KE51 Create Profit Center KE52 Change Profit Center KE53 Display Profit Center KE54 Delete Profit Center 6KEA Display Changes in Profit Center master KCHN Create Profit Center group KCH5N Change Standard hierarchy - Profit center KCH6N Display Standard hierarchy - Profit Center KCH2 Change Profit center group KCH3 Display profit center group S_ALR_87013019 Budget/Actual/Commitment Report FMCIA Create Commitment Item FMCIC Display Commitment Item FMSA Create Fund Center FMSB Display Fund Center FMSC Change Fund Center FMBBC Create Budget Document FMAVCR01 Display Annual Values of Control Objects