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Temple of Nun The truth about polygyny is that, polygyny is a good spiritually and financially viable lifestyle if put

into practice the right way and with the right people involved. Single mothers with children and no husband or financial support from the "baby daddy" can definitely benefit from such a union. Single women can also take advantage of this situati...on especially if they are in school or want to continue to become more productive in the work place by being more career focused and moving up the corporate ladder. Women who are tired of test riding relationships with men who are not worthy nor interested in settling down can also consider this as a viable and productive alternative...But only if the man and women involved have their collective mind right!! Black people in Amerikkka already have some serious issues when it comes to monogamous relationships and family, so when you throw in multiples, it can make things a hell-ova lot more intense and complicated. I know because I'm speaking from experience. I was involved in two plural marriages and let me tell you, the first one involved three wives and I was very, very, inexperienced at the time, so I spent many sleepless nights putting out fires in the took over a year to get everyone on the same page and hitting on all eight cylinders. I made plenty mistakes and bad judgments. One of the biggest mistakes you can make that is not really discussed, is allowing a bi-sexual woman to join your family of heterosexual women! Oh, yeah, you would be surprised how many "conscious" women are into this lifestyle. A bi-sexual women will come into the relationship and destroy it if she is allowed. Their will be jealousy, envy, and suspicion on crack, because the bi-sexual women will try to "convert" the other women and get the to become beholden to sound good, but believe me, it isn't! When you do a threesome, one of the women will always feel that the other one got more time with you. Even though there is more than one women involved you must keep in mind that you must get to know each one of them separately because they are all different and have different needs and expectations of you and your time. Never, ever, ever, ever, take on more than one women at a time!! Even if two or more approach you to be their man, never take them on in a relationship all at once!!! This is a recipe for disaster!! It's way too demanding and I know fellas, It does seem like a good ego trip, but believe me, in the end, your ego will be crushed like a fly on the wall!! You should take one wife first and allow yourself to get to know her and she you. This may take some time because women and men in this country have mastered the art of deception when it comes to relationships, so time is the best remedy when it comes to truly getting to know a person. Its also more ideal to start with one first, because once she gets to know you, she will be able to "weed" through other potential wives because she knows you and being a woman she can see through other women....Everyone involved should know what they are getting into and the expectations! It makes no sense to make everything up as you go along. Responsibilities should be delegated according to the strengths of each individual. All parties should be expected to work and come to the table with something, unless pregnancy or children do not permit. That means, ladies, you are expected to work and contribute also, and not solely depend on your man to do all of the heavy lifting!! This

is the economy we live in under Obama-nomics, and trust me, the more the merrier when it comes down to finance. Another thing, make sure that everyone knows this is a permanent family, not a fly by night hook up until times get better or one of the wives find a man that just wants her. That happens too.On another note, DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT allow your wives to all live in their own houses!!!! I made this mistake the second time around and it was a financial and emotional disaster!!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH MONEY THIS COSTS? The only thing this managed to do is stroke the women's ego and spread me thin like butter on hot toast. I stayed broke and eventually it wreaked our marriage. I never got a chance to spend a lot of time with their children because I was always on the go!!! When I met them, they were living in their own place and they insisted on maintaining the status. We all had separate places and I still had to be responsible for the maintenance of all three residents. Can you imagine was a restaurant manager then making good money, but not that damn is not ideal and it is not financially viable. Ever since then, I have been single because that last situation ruined me financially and drained me emotionally, not to mention, I lost a wife in a car accident, but that's another storyYou have to be mentally, physically, and financially prepared for this to work......Oh my, but if you get it right....OMG, you can get a hell-ova lot accomplished in less than half of the time that a so-called traditional marriage can. Y'all will be living high on the hog while everyone else is struggling. I can talk and write all day about my experiences, and for the most part, it was all good and very rewarding and enriching. Next time for me, it will be better because I have learned the do's and the don' I encourage you all to keep learning and talking to people who are or were involved because they can keep you from making costly mistakes...Polygyny is a god send for black people in this country for a lot of reason and I encourage everyone to take a unbiased look at the benefits of the lifestyle. Peace and hope this helps. Polygyny from neo-Greek: ???? poly - "many", and ???? gyny - "woman or wife") is a form of marriage in which a man has two or more wives at the same time. In countries where the practice is illegal, the man is referred to as a bigamist or a polygamist. It is distinguished from relationships where a man has a sexual partner outside marriage, such as a concubine, casual sexual partner, paramour, cohabitates with a married woman or other culturally but not legally recognized secondary partner. Polygyny is the most common form of polygamy; the much rarer practice of polyandry is the form of marriage in which one woman has two or more husbands at the same time. History Polygyny has been practiced in some cultures throughout history. It was partially accepted in ancient Hebrew society, in classical China, and in sporadic traditional Native American, African and Polynesian cultures. In India it was known to have been practiced during ancient times. It was accepted in ancient Greece, until the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church when having one wife, but multiple lovers became the norm. It was accepted in Sub-Saharan Africa for most of the past two millennia.

In the Hebrew Bible, polygyny was a permitted practice (and required in the case of a levirate marriage) whilst polyandry (a woman having more than one husband) was seen as adultery. In the United States, polygyny or "plural marriage" was allowed in the early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).[4] It ended in 1890 under the president of the LDS Church at the time, Wilford Woodruff. Officially since 1899, members of the LDS Church faced excommunication for being polygynous. There are several sects who separated themselves from LDS Church, and who have no ties nor relationship to the LDS Church that continue to practice polygyny despite polygynous marriage being illegal in the United States. In historical China a child was considered to have more than one mother. For example, a child might have up to four mothers, the first wife being the "official mother" (?? dm?) in spoken language called "big mother" (?? dm?) the others being regarded as unofficial mothers (?? shm?), in spoken language called "little mother" (?? xi?om?) or "aunt" (?? ?y, ?? yning). However, this custom was primarily a result of the concubinage system, where only the first wife by marriage was considered the wife and the mistress of the household. A concubine did not marry her owner. Her main duty was to provide a son to her owner, and any children from the liaison were not regarded as officially hers. But she was also brought into the household to provide sexual pleasure to the man and servitude to his wife. In polygynous marriages generally, usually one wife is the queen wife who is accorded a higher status than the other wives and has some authority over the other wives.[6] Motivations There is also some research that show that males living in polygynous marriages live longer; 12 percent longer on average. Women have been more likely than men to be left unmarried or widowed. One current viable reason is that throughout human history males have always had a higher mortality rate. Polygyny ensured that such women were cared for and also helped ensure the births of the large numbers of children required for the survival of pre-mechanized, largely agrarian cultures in which early mortality rates were high. The required inheritance of widows requires men in some societies to marry the widow of a deceased brother. This levirate marriage helps provide support for her and increases his number of wives. In some societies only well-to-do men could afford to have more than one wife, particularly if each wife required maintenance of a separate household. The current traditional form of Islam permits as many as four wives, but depending on the man's financial circumstances, fewer wives are more common; indeed, the vast majority of Muslim men are monogamous. While few present-day states permit polygamous marriages, polygynous male behavior may be observed in the establishment of mistresses, who are openly or secretly supported. In this way, men may be technically monogamous but de facto polygynous. Thus we see how Christianity was corrupted with the Greco-Roman philosophy and values to the point of being almost totally heathen, bowing down to saints and angels, paying for salvation with money and penance. Despite reformations and revivals in the 15th century that

challenged and overthrew the ritualistic corruption, Greco-Roman values and... interpretation of the Bible are still very much in the Christian lifestyle. This includes enforced monogamy, the Roman form of idolizing woman and the goddesses. Christianity today is still very much Romanized where monogamy is Law rather than being Hebraic in nature where polygamy was well accepted in the sight of God and man. By renouncing the Jews, the ways of the patriarchal fathers and their ways were also renounced, thus so was Biblical polygamy. This is a big mistake of the early Church. And because the reformed Church did not thoroughly cleanse herself from Romanism, Biblical patriarchy was only partially restored and polygamy is still considered an abomination. The Universal Church is still arrogant and piteously far from returning to her Hebraic Roots. She will, but only through much trials and tribulations before she is willing to let go of her sacred should-be monogamy calf For political purposes, young Prince Philip of Hesse was arranged to marry the daughter of Duke George. This unhappy union led him to several affairs at later time, for which he felt so condemned that he refrained from the Lords supper. He could have easily annulled his marriage through the Roman Catholic Church, which was a common procedure that would not have caused the slightest comment. But being an avowed Lutheran, he refused to consider this way out but instead considered to keep his first wife and marry another woman, a charming 17 years old Margaret von der Saale. After winning the girls approval, he approached her mother who said, "We must not break Gods laws!" Martin Luther and Melanchthon, a fellow reformer were consulted. After much consideration, with 7 other prominent men, a letter was jointly signed with the approval given, but he was told to keep it a secret. Philip lived with his 2 wives and had children through them. Soon the secret leaked out and the Reformation was placed in severe jeopardy. Because the penalty for bigamy in the Holy Roman Empire was death, Prince Philip was forced to prostrate himself before Emperor Charles V and beg for his forgiveness. The scandal spread, and this added to Luthers depression. Melanchthon was so distraught that he could not eat or drink and later lost his memory. The irony of it all was that the emperor himself had illegitimate children all over Europe and the pope had legitimatized each one in order that they all might inherit titles and attain high office. The Reformation is certainly not yet completed. There is much much more that needs to be done! Christianity was propagated from the Roman Empire into the West and from the West into the rest of the modern world. And wherever the gospel is preached, Roman monogamy was portrayed as Gods only divine standard. Luther could not change it. There were too much to undo. But because the major part of the world is still unchristianized, there are actually much more societies of the world that are polygamous than monogamous. The wolf spirit behind the corrupt Romans still continues, out living the Roman Empire, and is manifesting itself, not just in the religious system of Roman Catholicism in Rome, and in the religious systems of Protestant Christianity, but also in the supremacy of Western culture, economy and technology. Thus the ambition of this spirit to conquer the world did not die with the Roman Empire, but continues into the supremacy of the Western world as she becomes the whore, whose wine the kings and the nations of the world are drunk with. She is the Jezebel of Revelation, the spirit of Babylon that lived through the ages. It is now in the

Greco-Roman Worldview that is fast taking over the world. It is so transparently clear that there is no true gospel except in the Jesus that came through the Hebraic race, not just in race, but also in culture and interpretation. "Should-be" monogamy never gained worldwide attention until the last few centuries. The should-be monogamy idea was not popular in previous generations, not until its strong uprising in the last 150 years or so. In fact, polygamy was still openly practiced in the last generation in non-western countries, and is today still practiced in modern societies, even though not so openly because of the outcry of the Western Feminism movement. How quickly the should-be monogamy concept has taken over, such that it makes polygamy appear sinful and wrong ever since the beginning. A worldwide ethnographic survey of 849 human societies show 708 whose customs are polygynous (more than 1 wife), 4 polyandrous (more than 1 husband) and 137 monogamous. Other than the religious and supremacy factors, there can be a few other reasons for this. The next reason is that during the last war torn period and after, polygamy was badly abused by irresponsible men who had made it appear evil. The restoration of womens dignity and respect, giving them their "rightful liberation" and equality had automatically promoted monogamy to be the only right form of marriage, and polygamy since then was declared abusive and unworthy of a good respectable marriage. Supported by the deceived Church as good teaching and declared as the only right way of marriage instituted by the Holy God, this "truth" becomes law, not just among Catholics and Protestants, but also in modern societies. Alas, feminism has in recent years changed partner, now courting what I call Homogamy, which is homosexuality and lesbianism, relentlessly fighting for its legalization. Monogamy is fast becoming out of date. The passing fad seems quick to come and fast to go, and the poor church is presently being dragged into Homogamy. She had compromised once, why not twice? Thus the Church did not just commit spiritual adultery, but also spiritual lesbianism with Jezebel. Thus we see another logical trend. The more feminism is in power in a land, the more monogamous it is and the more it is swept over by homosexuality and lesbianism. The more patriarchal and polygamous the land, the least likely it is to be taken over by homosexuality and lesbianism Another reason for the quick popularity of monogamy lies in the exclusive nature of the should-be monogamy form that is extremely appealing. But what exactly is the exclusive nature of this modern monogamy form? Dr Nathaniel Branden, an advocate and authority on the subject of romantic love, has well defined it in his book, Taking Responsibility, "Romantic love means finding a soul mate someone whose values and sense of life mirror our own. We feel a drive to organize our life around this person and no one else. If someone says, I love you in a romantic context, this what they are understood to be saying." This seems a good modern notion of romantic monogamy that we would all readily accept. The author has the good intention of bringing responsibility back into the decaying society. I respect him for that. But his writing has also given us some other unintended insights. In real modern day practice, monogamy is but the exaltation of free love and the justification of self-love. Possessiveness is not only condoned, but glorified. Thats why it is so appealing. It readily satisfies the inner desire of a woman to possess her man exclusively, and the inner need of a man to please and idolize his woman completely above all other things, to be completely engrossed

in her only. A candlelight dinner never fails to portray a very romantic moment. We say, "Oh! How romantic!". But how awfully unromantic it will be if another party is involved. For should-be monogamy to work, the elements of romantic exclusiveness must be involved. I am not saying that candlelight dinners and privacy are bad. But essentially, this reveal that the elements of the Roman spirit are nothing but exclusivity, possessiveness and idolatry. And such elements are perpetuated as dominant factors into all aspects of modern life of the should-be monogamy culture and this is where the failings begin. God and others are eventually out of place, the 2 persons involved finally imprison one another, thus marriages of such kind are open to destruction. Lets probe further. We know by now that for sure, the origin of the should-be monogamy was not Biblical as assumed by many. Its definitely not from the biblical patriarchal fathers, as many of them were polygamous. It really was from Rome, where the whore of Babylon still rules to this day. This same book confirms this vital fact. It says, "Although in Western Europe, the idea of romantic love (in some sense) has had a long history, its acceptance as the proper basis of marriage has never been as widespread as it has been in America culture." He continues, " Why the United States? The answer, at least in part, is philosophical. What was distinctive about the American outlook and represented a radical break with its European past were its unprecedented commitment to political freedom, its individualism, its doctrine of individual rights, and, more specifically, its belief in a persons right to happiness here on earth. Both the individualism and the secularism of this country were essential for the idea of romantic love to take wide cultural root." Its now crystal clear where should-be monogamy originated and why it is so appealing to the human self. Historically, the Romans were known to be highly monogamous but kept mistresses and abused their maids and slaves, and were also known to be very sadistic in sports and love making. And we know in part, this characteristic has found its place in modern society. This historical observation and social deduction are not wrong, for we can also see throughout the world that the more affluent, selfsufficient, self-centered, secular and individualistic the people are, the more romantically inclined and monogamous the society is. Should-be monogamy as righteousness is hollow, a placebo, a false consolation and a false truth for the self-seekers and the uninformed. Even the word, Roman-tic tells us where should-be monogamy is from, the Roman culture and the Roman Empire which is Western Europe, where values contradict biblical standards. And we can be so blind as not to see it before our eyes when we read the word Roman-tic, and yet we expound and exalt it at every wedding and declared it as holiness at every pulpit! To be very romantic is to be very Roman. To be very Roman is to be very anti-patriarchy and very anti-God. As a minister myself, I woke up one day to this very rude shock. We are still under the power of the Roman Kingdom (which was the last kingdom of the statue as seen by Nebuchadnezzar), even thought it had collapsed. But the church is still under that power and is still not yet into the Kingdom of the Rock that was not made with hands! Looking at the name, practices and ordinances of the Roman Catholic Church, where polygamy is never to be tolerated, it would be blind not to see that the culture of Rome had become the culture of the Roman Catholic Church. It is also clear that the medieval society and the modern world

are the children of the Roman Empire. The medieval society was a hodgepodge of customs, language, laws and attitudes taken from the late great Roman Empire, with some Germanic admixture and has now shaped our modern world. Both the medieval world and our own world are very much descended from Rome. By the 14th century, much of the Roman influence was no longer obvious, the culture of Rome had become the culture of the Roman Catholic Church. Some educated commoners who look beneath the surface could find the Roman roots of the many institutions of medieval culture. But the Romans are now ancient history and what they had left behind had been well tended to by the Christian clerics. And today we still live in the shadows of a culture the Romans began creating 2800 years ago. What about the Protestant world? With America drinking it all in and taking the lead, "civilized" nations swallowed the Romans doctrine of love, digested it into her religious system, namely Christianity, and exported it with the Gospel as a total package for living. Alas, wherever the Gospel went, the whole package was received and swallowed without question as total Gospel truth. Thus the true Biblical Gospel which God has ordained to be rooted in the Middle Eastern patriarchal culture is deceptively suppressed and replaced with one that is adulterated by a heathen Roman culture. There will always be some tolerable societal differences in all parts of the world, but the ways of God were defined and taught in the Biblical patriarchal setting of our forefathers where polygamy was not just tolerated, but accepted. But the western Gospel is romantically and not patriarchally inclined, thus it is actually not just anti-polygamy but also in truth, anti-patriarchy. This is why the Old Testament seems to contain many passages of polygamy and patriarchy that cannot be expounded by western Protestant Christianity and this is where her blindness and powerlessness lie. History brings forth a conclusive evidence. The enforced should-be monogamy, no matter how much it is sanctioned legally or socially, or how righteous it is portrayed religiously, it was never originated from the Scriptures, and has never been set as the only standard for marriage by God. It originated from the pagan Romans that had and are still overtaking the world under the modern title, Greco Roman Worldview. Like I mentioned earlier, the Reformation is certainly not yet completed. There is much much more to be done. In fact the worst is yet to be undone Monogamy is as old as Adam. But thats not the real issue. From the beginning, through the generations, even to this day, monogamy, polygamy and celibacy are known forms of marital status, and of course rising up strong is "homogamy", the old time abhorred practice of homosexuality which is once again fighting for recognition and acceptance. What is in question here is how and when monogamy began to be imposed as the only right form of marriage acceptable to God and man. MONOGAMY AND SHOULD-BE MONOGAMY The practice of faithful monogamy stipulates that a man can marry only one wife at any one time in his life. Even though the various forms of marriages have been practiced through the generations, monogamy has emerged to become law in some countries today, such that the legal registration of more than one wife become a violation. This is termed "Should-be" or "must-be" monogamy. The first instances of such widespread enforcement were in Western Europe and it eventually gained worldwide acceptance in the modern world, especially in the Western Hemisphere. How did it happen? More so, how did it become known as the only acceptable standard to the God of the Bible

when so many of the Bibles founding patriarchs were openly polygamous? The answer of course would be one of greatest concern to Christians. And it will be an interesting but a very tragic one. SOME HISTORICAL BACKGROUND We have to look at some other related history first. The Roman system was an empire built on conquest with incorporation. The secret of Rome's strength lie in her ability to incorporate vanquished nations into her own political body. Never before had so many people been brought under one government without making slaves of most of them. The Romans were basically barbaric and lawless in characteristics, but were experts in adaptability, absorbing nations, cultures and religions and cross breeding them into one another, by force if necessary. Through this, the rulers sought to keep the entire empire under control. Gradually the Roman Empire became permeated with the philosophy of the Greeks and the religions of the Jews and Christians. The natural part of human life was raised to a higher plane. Combined with the Greek influence, Roman law and political ideas have had a strong influence on the West. Thus the Greek notion of democracy, the religions of the Jews and Christian, the law and political influence of the Romans, all these mixed together made the civilization of the later Western world. Clearly, history tells us that the Roman civilization is the direct ancestor of the modern West. THE ROMAN EMPIRE AND THE ROMAN CHURCH Christianity became known as the official western religion, and the native religions of the western world became known as heathen - uncivilized and unenlightened. However it was not so in the beginning. It may be a surprise for many to know that during the first 3 centuries, the Christians suffered tremendously under the Roman government which tried to destroy them. However, Christianity was spreading too vigorously to be kept under control. The strategy of elimination through persecution eventually changed to one of embracing it and controlling its destiny to fulfill the purpose of their rulers. The church on the other hand made a compromise to accept Rome and became the destroyer of her mother (Israel) who bore her. In the process, truth suffered. Biblical commandments that the Apostles taught were subordinated to pagan convenience. The church entered into apostasy. This was fully realized in the 4th century when Emperor Constantine the Great declared himself a Christian, the first pope and the ruler of the church, which he called, the Roman Catholic Church that existed to these days. By his own authority he set up church councils, installed and deposed bishops, imprisoning and banishing them, imposed religious edicts under penalty of Roman Law. He set up the Council of Rome and Nicene, and bridged the Empire of Rome to the Church of Rome. One after another, the unscrupulous and cruel wolves as prophesied in the scriptures, entered the Church to take control, ravish and strip the Church to total spiritual nakedness and bankruptcy, and then clothed her in mockery and strange garments. Greco-Roman ideologies, values and pagan practices and rituals were adopted as standards and holiness in the Church. The Christian Jews who had understanding of Gods truths refused to toe the line. As a result, they were denounced as traitors, betrayers and murderers of the Lord, and were replaced by the Gentile "spiritual Jews", where the old, including the Hebraic understanding of the scriptures were forcibly put away and replaced by the Greco-Roman way of interpreting the scriptures. The wolves now had a totally free hand, this time in the Name of God. Sounds like a fairy tale, but painfully true.

This is the background and setting for the origin and history of the "must-be" monogamy theology. Due to the widespread illiteracy of the scriptures, especially that of the Gentile believers who were totally ignorant of the Torah, whatever the Catholic priests said were considered as Gods Law and divine truths. One area of total distortion was that of marital relationship. Surprising to almost all of us, it was common for Catholic priests to have multiple wives and mistresses. In 726AD, it was acceptable for a man with a sick wife to take a second wife so long as he looked after the first one. With concerns for protecting Church property from inheritance however, offspring could not inherit church property and it was later declared that all sons of priests were illegitimate. In 1022, Pope Benedict VIII banned marriages for priests (monogamous or polygamous). Finally in 1139, Pope Innocent II voided all marriages of priests and all new priests had to divorce their wives. All these were done to possess and protect money and church property. Making polygamy a sin and marriage unacceptable for a priest was a slow and purposeful process. Backing up this hidden agenda, was an anti-human Greek doctrine concocted from the pit of hell by the hatred of Satan, manifested as holiness against all human nature and passions. It is called asceticism; the paganistic teaching that to be spiritual is to be poor, thus sex and all human passions would have to be denied for the highest fulfillment found only in monastic lifestyle. This distorted view of human passions and sexuality put a terrible burden on the shoulders of all who wanted to be spiritual. Worse still, it became the root and the source of much more other lies and deception regarding holiness and marriage forms in the whole Christian world. Celibacy was propagated as the new standard of high attainment in holiness. Sex was taken to be unclean and sinful. Marriages were painted, at best as being a necessary evil to guard against sexual sins such as fornication. Because of such a heathen belief, monks and nuns were considered holier and closer to God than anybody else, and priests would necessarily be celibates. Marriage was considered an activity of the flesh, if possible, to be avoided by those seeking spirituality. Thus monogamy would be tolerated as an acceptable norm among the "less spiritual" and polygamy would be condemned as an abomination. Clearly, Greek philosophy and Roman monogamy were in control of the entire Church. This prevailed in what is known as the Dark Ages of the Church. To Africans including Liberians, the institution of polygyny (polygamy) is nothing strange. Polygyny was the acceptable form of marriage in Africa prior to the arrival of the colonizers and Christianity. The same can be said about the Americo Liberian settlers. As a matter of fact, the Settlers got involved in this practice of having more than one wife. Therefore, I assume it is out of ignorance that President Taylor wants to legalize an institution which has been the practice of the African inhabitants for hundreds of years. Moreover, we need to correct a common mistake in referring to polygyny as polygamy. Polygamy is the practice of having more than one wife or husband at one time. Whereas polygyny is the practice of one man having more than one wife at one time. Polygyny is the form of marriage practiced in Africa not polygamy. Having made this correction, permit me to ask why most Westerners and their westernized African counterparts considered polygyny a bad

institution of marriage? Why do they condemned it? I can only conclude that they do so out of ignorance, especially, women. I believe it is done from the point of view of it being exploitative to women. Furthermore, most of those who do so, do it without making any effort to find out how the practice came about. They refused to see how "cultural relativity" is applicable to polygyny. I consider their refusal to do so as "academic hypocrisy." However, before we begin to probe into the origin of polygyny, we need to know the role culture plays in a given society. In order to do so, let's look at the explanation provided by Professor Ali A. Mazrui. According to Mazrui: Culture provides lenses of perception, the way of looking at reality, a world view; culture provides standards of evaluation; what is good and what is evil; what is legitimate and what is illegitimate are rooted in criteria provided by culture. Culture conditions motivations; what motivates individuals to act or refrain from acting, what inspires individuals to perform well or to really exert themselves, is partly inspired by cultural factors. Culture is the medium of communication; the communicative aspects of culture range from language in the literal sense to physical gestures and modes of dress. Culture provides a basis of stratification, a pecking order in society. Status, rank and class are partly the outcome of a cultural order. According to the explanation given above, we can then see the cardinal responsibilities placed upon culture in creating institutions to address certain needs in society. However, due to ignorance, most individuals have the tendency to pass judgment on polygyny without thoroughly understanding it. From on our understanding of culture, it is safe to say that one of the key responsibilities of culture is the establishment of social institutions which will maintain the orderly existence of a society. Secondly, these institutions serve to promote "a system of values, and these values are a set of ideas, concepts, and practices to which strong sentiments are attached." In view of the above, one can easily understand how polygyny became the ideal institution of marriage in Africa. However, the rationale given for the practice of polygyny in Africa is provided by two schools of thought - the Social and Economic. Proponents of the Social School explained that at the time polygyny was established as the legal form of marriage, the ratio of women to men in Africa was about 10 to 1. As the result, those who were responsible for establishing social institutions - the elders, including women, decided to come up with a marriage system that would address this problem. Their aim at the time was to provide a balance and equal distribution of social, material, security and economic benefits to both women and men. Furthermore, these social architects or elders felt that if the problem regarding the needs of unmarried women were not addressed, what would eventually happen was the snatching away of other women's husbands, or the unmarried women would, for example, engage in prostitution since as human beings, their sexual, social, psychological and economic needs had to be taken care of. On the other hand, the proponents of the Economic School reasoned that polygyny was established to address the prevailing economic issues of the period. They explained that during the Pre-colonial era in Africa, the economic activities were centered around subsistence agriculture. This

type of farming requires lots of manpower. In order to establish the mode of production that was going to be beneficial to the entire society, the polygynous form was preferred. Since this form of marriage emphasized collective responsibilities, communal ownership of farms, wealth and the economic benefit of the extended family. The major concept of both the Social and the Economic Schools was centered around the male marrying more than one wife depending on the amount of dowry (bridal price) he or his family could afford. In the traditional African society where this arrangement was prevalent, a man who had four wives, was obligated to provide farm for each of his wives. The children and the relatives of each wife were required to work and attend to the operation and maintenance of the farm. The husband on the other hand, was responsible in providing periodic assistance as well as supervision to each farm. The resources derived from these farms were pooled together to provide material and economic benefits for the entire extended family. With this type of arrangement, all members of the extended family were better cared for. I will be the first to admit that polygyny has its negative and positive aspects; so do monogamy. But the major problem one finds with polygyny in Liberia started with the Americo Liberian settlers. Prior to their arrival in what is known today as Liberia, polygyny was the acceptable form of marriage practiced by the indigenous inhabitants. The establishment of Liberia as a Christian state gave rise to the conflict between polygyny and monogamy. In other words, since Americo-Liberian settlers condemned the practice of polygyny, monogamy was emphasized like other Western cultural hegemony in the Liberian society. However, the natives (as African Liberians were referred to) were allowed to continue the practice of polygyny. But the Americo-Liberians who condemned the practice of polygyny found themselves practicing a brand of polygyny called "Chrismonopoly." (Christians' monopoly of marriage). Chrismonopoly became the form of marriage practiced by the settlers. It is an arrangement in which a male settler is married to his monogamous or Christian wife and at the same time is engaged in polygynous relationship with "native African Liberian women." The origin of the relationship between the African-Liberian women and the Americo-Liberian men can be traced back to the plantations in North America where the Americo Liberians were once slaves. On these plantations, the white slave masters were engaged in monogamous marriage and at the same time were allowed to have at will the slave women. The children produced out of this relationship were never considered part of the slave masters' family but rather their properties. Whenever they saw it fit, they would sell these women and their offspring for economic gain. Similar practice was established in Liberia by the Americo Liberian settlers. The Liberian experience was such that the offspring that were produced out of the relationship between the Americo Liberian men and the African Liberian women were not considered legitimate children. Instead, they were referred to as "out side children." On the other hand, the mothers of these children in most cases were referred to as their "country women" whereas the children of the monogamous marriage were viewed as "legitimate" or "inside" children. Of course, there were some exceptions but in most cases, this was the accepted norm.

In some cases, the "country women" live on the farms of the Americo Liberians. Social and economic opportunities as well as certain privileges were reserved for the so-called legal wives and their children, while the country women and their children could barely make ends meet. Serious social problem emanated from the practice of Chrismonopoly. Some of the problems (bastard and illegitimate children) that polygyny was established to solved. For example, in a Chrismonopoly relationship, a distinction was made as to who were "inside or outside children." This was never the case in a polygynous relationship. As a matter of fact, the entire village was responsible in raising the children. In conclusion, it is safe to say that President Taylor's called for marriage between Mandingoes, Krahns, Gios and Lormas is only a clich to legitimized his relationship with his reported slew of women and encourage their social exploitation as well. This is the type of usury and exploitative practice that most female critics assigned to the practice of polygyny. This only suggest that in a given society where either monogamy or polygyny is the preferred institution of marriage, individual like President Taylor will use the institution to satisfy his selfish motives or misinterpret the practice to his advantage. Therefore, I would advise critics of polygyny (polygamy) to first attempt to understand the institution before condemning it. In this case, they should be willing to listen to the pro and con regarding the institution. See More "we always complain about the white man yet we want the white man's lifestyle..." in an idea world, there would be rich black men that would treat you kindly and fair the people successful with materialism are usually the worse people and the most Spiritual and solid people TEND to be the brokest you don't have to hold a man with two women to that standard, a man with ONE woman should be able to support her, too (and, most can't) - just as our natural way of mating and nation-building has been taken from us - so has our ability to provide for our families we used to leave in the morning with all the men and hunt, gather and build all day - we can't do that now- we can't hunt and fish for dinner or cut down trees to provide housing THE WAY WE WERE MADE TO no, now, we gotta beg some white person to GIVE us a job and ALLOW us to feed our families - and, they don't hire our men, they hire our women on purpose the deepest and most sincere men you will ever meet will be without material wealth - because they didn't sell themselves or their people to 'make it' - every chance i have ever had to really make money was something i didn't agree with selling or promoting or paying into with MY multimedia skills, i am always approached by the porn industry for websites, art, animation, 3D, ect. - PARTICULARLY, the gay porn industry - man, there is so much money in gay porn and they'll pay my rate (100/hr.) - all i gotta do is make images of men fucking and sucking i don't get a medal for self-sacrifice for my race, i'm told how broke i am by the very people i work to raise up so, anyway, i'm only as good as my next freelance gig... and, women have a point, we need a man with means - but, those means are kept from any REAL black men and given to the weak ones that are lap dogs

for the system - they can see WHO is buying this Matrix and WHO isn't fooled - they have no use for us if we don't appear like we'd sell out our people first chance "of course but u must pay the bills Jackson" yes and no yes, if you want to continue to pay into this society that doesn't work, is bankrupt and toxic in every way no, if you want to leave all the materialism and go elsewhere and live more simply but, capitalism does not work and it's unnatural and we should want less - but, how can you while living in a capitalistic society? God/Nature made us to be hunters/gatherers/fishermen and farmers - so, if we fail at being anything else, well, we were never supposed to be doing that other stuff anyway i just run into women that talk a good game but, are really single, lonely and liking me and will say anything to get in the door - it may take years to find out she was never all there - that's the problem i have with women - i don't attract alot of dysfunctional women, most are well-rounded, decent, educated women but, they can't think outside the box and they are only concerned with themselves and, well, i've never HAD a box - when i first heard the term 'think outside the box', i was like, "they gave us boxes?!?" "i didn't get one where was i at when they were handing out boxes?!?" i exist so completely outside of any box, i can't find women that can walk that road with me for too long - life with ME is nothing like what they grew up watching on tv - in fact, it's the very opposite i'm totally not attracting that type of woman - you would think i would, given the nature of my posts - but, they still just come at me for the hair - they don't have a clue about my agenda and ain't interested in giving up their deathstyle and toys and flashy items there are very materialistic women that buy into this society and wonder what is my problem? why am i angry? why ain't i rich? when am i gonna cut my dreds and get a job with the man so i can buy them things? THEN, they come on facebook and complain about the string of men they've been thru at the office - nice jobs and cars, etc. but, they were assholes or little boys or sellouts or all three a man becomes what he thinks about all day - men that dwell on the sacredness & majesty of women will talk & act this way - a man that thinks about money and material success all day does not think of the high importance of women, they are just another bill he pays for this country rewards weak men that stand for nothing, men that will take up their master's cause and work it all their lives as if it were their own - only to leave master's son a nice business and leave nothing for his own son, men that will sell out their people for the company, men that will violate Nature to make a $$$, men that will be dishonest for the sake of a dollar and so on invariably, the men with the money are the least amongst us and the farthest away from Spirit - with few exceptions the true bruthas want money, too - but, as soon as they attempt to make it, something comes along to compromise them, a boss wants to test you so they yell at you to see if you left your manhood home like you're supposed to (most bruthas don't pass this test) or they have you get them coffee, like you're their bitch (you won't be there long if you refuse)

or, they'll have you be the face that shows they love blacks when you know they don't and they're just using you to get black dollars i turned down a videogame producer role for a french company that wanted to fly me out to Paris to be the cultural consultant on a 'Grand Theft Auto' type of violent videogame that featured blacks and latinos gangbanging and slapping their hoes and everything else abhorrent i was broke as a joke at the time AND sleeping on a friend's couch - but, i still couldn't do it - let these euro-fucks lead me around europe, getting cool points for having a black american friend, teaching them ebonics and ghetto behavior, they get extra cool points because i'm a rasta and euros think we're Gods or something, they would probably get around to calling me their nigga at one point, just to see if they have a ghetto pass and other shit i didn't feel like being their pet rasta/nigga and i wasn't going to let them make any kind of game about us - if i couldn't be lead producer and supervise the final product, i wasn't gonna let them pick my brain and put the worst of us out their AND push the notion that blacks and latinos got beef i've worked for FOX, NBC, Disney and others and my last corporate JOB was offered by Pixar - but, by then, i knew i had to get out of the Matrix and away from the entertainment industry - for alot of reasons - it's the single worst thing in america, it creates reality and gives people their values and desires - if i believed in Satan, i'd say he built entertainment, politics and religion bruthas that don't compromise their Souls get high praise here on facebook but, in the real world, they'll have black women telling them they're too broke to get with then, those same black women will be here on facebook praising the true down bruthas and showering them with 'likes' THIS is why nearly ALL conscious sistas are single as HELL - they want a conscious brutha that is also materially successful and the two things seldom occur in the same place you're either gonna get a good strong conscious powerful BLACK man to BUILD with or you're gonna get someone to pay your bills that isn't even a full man, just a male - because they don't hire BLACK MEN ?"we always complain about the white man yet we want the white man's lifestyle..." thank you. but they want him to be a down black man in a white man's lifestyle or a white man that happens to be black or something impossible NO DEEP BRUTHAS HAVE MONEY IN THIS SYSTEM - they can't afford to let us get real money, we'd change everything - they give money to bruthas that are guaranteed not to change a damn thing - like actors, rappers and athletes so, truly conscious bruthas are made almost invisible and inviable - but, the greatest thing we have to offer is our minds and souls and leadership try telling that to women that think the greatest thing we have to offer is our ability to get to white masters to pay us i wrote all this to speak to the 'conscious' sistas that think they're here looking for a solid, conscious, intelligent, awakened Black King that is materially successful - yeah, right, and then you woke up from your dream - i laugh at you in advance and to not work with a GOOD MAN over MONEY is the most ignorant thing you could do

but, i just had a woman tell me two nights ago if she were to enter a relationship right now, it would with someone that could pay her bills because she's tired of struggling and needing things and being less than comfortable - i told her to call me when that doesn't work out... except, she'll just be even crazier then than weak males have already made her and a liability to someone like me with a mission she can't even see clearly because of her bills - she'll turn on me as soon as things get tight. you invest in Tomy Hilger, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, et al so, they can take care of their families - will you invest in your man so, he can take care of HIS family? are you THINKING or are you just thinking you're thinking? Men, you may think you have a command of the English language, but when it comes to communicating with women, you may be surprised. Here is our dictionary of Womanese. Master these terms and you'll find your relationship with women greatly improved. The Real Definition of Words When Used By Women Men vs Women Jokes 1. Fine - I am right. This argument is over. You need to shut up. 2. That's Okay - One of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. "That's okay" means she wants to think hard and long before deciding when and how you'll pay for your mistake. 3. Nothing - The calm before the storm. This means "Something" and you better be on your toes. Note: Arguments that start with "Nothing" usually end with "Fine" (See #1). 4. Five Minutes - If getting dressed, this means half an hour. (Don't be mad about this. It's the same definition for you when it's your turn to do some chores around the house.) 5. Thanks - A woman is thanking you. Do not question this or faint. Just say, "You're welcome," and let it go. 6. Loud Sigh - Not actually a word but rather a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. It means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is standing here wasting her time arguing with you about "Nothing." (See #3) 7. Go Ahead - This is a dare, not permission. (Don't Do It!) 8. Don't worry about it, I got it - The second most dangerous statement a woman can make. It means that a woman has asked a man several times to do something and is now doing it herself. (This will result in you asking at a later date, "What's wrong?" For the woman's response, see #3.) years ago, my Queen at the time used to ALWAYS have static with the female help wherever we went. i DON'T have issues with the help ever so, it used to really turn me off to see her get into with clerks and waiters, etc. she used to tell me the women dissed her - little petty shit - holding the door for ME and letting it go on HER or bringing ME everything i asked for and extra and bringing her something she can't eat or bringing it cold it took me a decade and another relationship before i could honestly isolate and identify this phenomena but, women have civil war ongoing if you show up somewhere with a handsome man (cough), there's gonna be SOME hating female there to spit in your food - i had NO IDEA women were THAT vindictive to each other

the subtle and overt shit women pull on each other is incredible and i hope to get some true stories from my readers here (i'ma feature this in my comic strip) i mean, i KNEW about 'cattiness' - but, no this is straight warfare and it goes on everyday under our noses and i've NEVER heard anyone bring it up before (well, except, me) posted this in a thread and i decided to give it it's own thread: ... you want to be EQUAL to MEN? then take off that fake hair - we can't wear fake hair take of that control-top pantyhose - we don't get to wear girdles wipe that shit off your face, you don't really look like that - we don't get to enhance our features take off that bra that's either pushing them UP or keeping them from falling DOWN - we don't get to wear prostetics stop impersonating a prettier women - we don't get to put on disguise to look like a better man - you are all FAKE and you believe the lie first you think you look like that but, WE get to wake up with the real you this is a BIG PART of why relationships don't work - women aren't as humble as they should be - you can have a level- 5 woman dress up to level 9 and SHE thinks she's all that - i just be wanting to pull that wig off and put her where she should be - in her place stop using creames to make your skin all one color - we can't do that stop wearing shoes that make you WAY taller than you are - we don't get to what if i wore that batman breastplate and a nice codpiece and went to the club in some tight clothes? i;'m catch some action and, when we got down to removing our clothes, i'd get laughed at but, we DON'T laugh at y'all when that bra comes off and there's no titties there or they hit your lap and we don't say nothing when those tight jeans come off and that ass drops and is full of cellulite - but, the pantyhose hid it but, we're used to it - we KNEW that ass was gonna drop but, if WE used all that fake shit - we'd get ridiculed and the woman definitly wouldn't stay with a man that had a big bulge in his drawals then removed it later he'd be the laughing stock but, you women IMPERSONATE a MUCH PRETTIER woman everyday - than, say you wanna be our equals - you'd have to stop lying to yourselves first and be able to accept what you REALLY look like - like men have to but, women are full of it - they DON'T want to be our equals - never listen to what they say - just worry about what you know they need - it's called 'husbandry' - it works with cattle, too but, the joke is on THEM - because you get these 4-level women that paint themselves up to be a 7 and then goes after an 8 male (yeah, women have no shame in this) so, he gives her rhythm, thinking she's a 7 and he's had a few drinks and she's giving up all the play of course, she'll f*ck on the first night - she's a 4 and he's and 8 this is the FINEST man she'll ever get - she betta drop it all NOW so, they do then, he wakes in the morning and sees she's a 4 - but, he's still that 8

so, he quietly slips the f*ck outta there and hopes no one sees him leaving (he should sue her for fraud - INTENTIONALLY pretending to be something she wasn't - a fine woman) and, she wakes up pregnant - with no man THE END now, the next time you see an UGLY chick with a gorgeous baby in the stroller - you know what's up - she impersonated a fione woman and paid the price tho these women are usually PROUD to have the pretty babies and be single mothers - go figure... apples and oranges when you women want to scream 'double-standard', there is no such thing we have privileges you don't have and you have privileges we don't have you can wear our clothes, cry when you're frightened and jump behind us when there's trouble we can't do any of that you get to wear EVERY kind of prostetic and disguise on your faces, bodies and hair we can't do that (but, that's another essay) and, so on See More HOW TO LOVE A BLACK MAN The first thing you must understand there is no easy way to love a Black man. You have got to figure him out. Learn what he is about and know he is someone you can not live without. Then kill him with kindness, shower him with sweetness but never let him mistake your kindness for weakness. It is hard for him to give himself to you so be appreciative of the little things he tries to do. Let him know he can confide in you and in return he will not have to hide things from you. So be supportive, be his friend not his foe. When he makes a mistake do not say I told you so. Be understanding - not demanding. Let him unwind, he faces a world of rain. So be his sunshine. Do not get to cozy in the comfort zone, you will take him for granted and end up alone. Keep love exciting and new, go the extra mile. Keep finding new ways to make him smile. Remember to be sexy because without a doubt, he wants to be proud when he takes you out. Do not let yourself go. Do not forget about you. Love yourself and he will love you too. Do not smother the man, let him breathe. The tighter you hold on the faster he will leave. And when you love him, love him all the way down. Do not be afraid to explore him pound for pound. If you do not give him what he needs to feel, I guarantee that someone else will. Be honest, be patient and demand respect. And a wonderful Black man is what you will get. Show him your pride, stand by his side. Let God be your guide and love will abide.

See More Loving a Black woman can be a wonderful thing...especially when you know how to love her right. Black women love to trust in a man and have faith that he truly loves her. She values the love of a man because more than likely she watched her mother struggle with having to be the provider as well as the nurturer. She wants more than material goods, she wants a sense of comfort, intimacy and security. She wants to be loved. This article will go through simple ways a man can learn to love and appreciate his Nubian queen, and began to fulfill her hopes and desires one step at a time. Have a realistic view of her: Don't expect more than you will get of your woman. You have to be prepared for the best and the worst from her. There may be times when she is literally the "perfect woman" in your eyes, but I guarantee there are going to be times when she is everything that you may not have expected. You should always simplify your expectations of your woman. If you are constantly falling in and out of relationships and nothing ever seems to work because your expectations are too high, then you might need to have a serious reality check. Know that she is human just like you are. You can't expect her to always be perfect so don't always expect her to be. Find what you love about your woman and hold on to it through the good times and the bad. Earning her trust: Many Black women don't just trust anybody that waltz into their life. They want a man who can prove that he is trustworthy, not a liar, cheater or manipulator. Know that she is silently observing you, making sure that you are who you say you are and she is focusing in on how you treat her. Without her trust she will not share her hopes, dreams, aspirations, feelings, or life with you. You have to earn these things. She is not being arrogant or trying to reject you, she just wants to make sure that her heart is secure and that it won't be stolen or broken. You can simply earn her trust by keeping your promises and not breaking them. You can also earn her trust by being honest and consistent with her. Do not get discouraged if it takes a little while to earn her trust, just know that eventually she will come around, God willing. "There is no medicine, or food, and no spiritual salvation that can prolong a man's life if he fails to understand or practice the har- mony of sexual energy." P'eng Tsu, physician to the Emperor For more than 8,000 years of Chinese history, the "Sexual Kung Fu Method" of retaining the seminal fluid during the act of love remained a deep secret.... At first it was practiced exclusively by the Emperor and his innermost circle, who learned it from the Taoist sages that advised the court. These wise men claimed in earlier times it was a natural gift of all mankind. The Emperor needed the method to prevent impotence and illness; improperly educated monarchs were exhausted at an early age by the sexual demands of their wives and concubines. In aristocratic families it passed from father to chosen son alone, excluding wives, daughters and other family members. Sexual Kung Fu is an internal practice that permits men to retain certain bodily secretions which are a source of incomparable energy when stored and recirculated to higher vital centers. One prevents loss of this biochemical energy by not ejaculating. Stopping ejaculation is not to be confused with stopping orgasm.

The Sexual Kung Fu Method provides an altogether unique and superior type of orgasm repeated over lengthy periods of love making. Its secret is simply, there is no loss of seminal fluid during orgasm. By practicing control of certain muscles, tendons, and fascia of the lower trunk and by allowing the genital pressure to spread over the entire body, the seminal fluid is withheld. At the same time one thrills to pleasures of infinite variety. Indeed, the joys of this kind of love must be considered quite different from ordinary physical pleasure; the intensity is so great that it often leads to a spiritual awakening. A man who masters this method will find his sexuality so enhanced that he will feel a revolution has occurred in his life. The pair of lovers becomes a dynamo, generating great quantities of electromagnetic energy. With this method one can make love more often than before, with tremendous benefits to one's health. Sexual Kung Fu stimulates production of precious hormonal secretions instead of depleting them, as is ordinarily the case with ejaculation. Every vital function is invigorated because one no longer discharges life energy through the genitals. Real sexual fulfillment lies not in feeling the life going out of you, but in increasing awareness of the vital current that flows through the loins. The body is further replenished by a method of "steaming" the vital energy up from the sexual centers to the brain and higher organs such as the heart and crown of head. The life enhancing energy process is completed by exchanging energy with one's lover during a relaxed meditation following the creation of this supercharged sexual energy. This powerful release and sharing of life's vital force is the fundamental bond in human love. To awaken this dynamic energy is also to experience the force behind man's biological and spiritual evolution, also known as the Rising Kundalini. Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom & Justice Loving Polygyny Family About:Polygyny (from neo-Greek: ???? poly - "many", and ???? gyny "woman or wife") is a form of marriage in which a man has two or more wives at the same time. Benefits:Automatic childcare..., Polygyny helps kids get the loving attention & care they need. +Polygamy removes the pressure... on a husband to commit adultery, and removes damaging deceit from a marriage. Polygamy provides a method where a woman can have a female friend for life as well as a husband. Polygamy therefore provides more people and a better chance of meeting diverse needs. How it Works:A man gets one wife then he gets another and another. Skills Required:Loving and caring. When it comes down to sexual experiences concerning polygyny, it can be frustration, tricky, and enlightening all at the same time. There is no particular "right way" to engage in sex with your partner/partners. Some people try to use a schedule and others just let everything happen naturally. I've tried both methods and both methods have their adv...antages, with the exception that trying to follow a rigid schedule is unrealistic and can become quite dull and redundant. It can also turn something that should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience into a "day on the job" or a chore and even something to be avoided..Lol...Yes, its real out here in the field. Now, to all the men that are seeking to experience polygyny, I recommend you dig deep within yourself and understand what you are about to get into is nothing to play with. As a

man who has been there and done that, I will share my experience with you all concerning the sexual aspects of my relationships. I'll deal with my first four wives in my first poly marriage; Margo, Antionette, Tee, & Khadijah. Now, when we were doing the schedule method of one day rotations, two of my wives. Khadija and Tee, didn't like it because they felt they were getting "cheated" and they wanted more of my time. Khadijah and Tee had a very high sex drive and wanted to engage in making love everyday!..Lol...Yes, this can happen to you. So what do you do? Well, I had to make adjustments and meet their needs. Margo was good for atleast three times a week and Antionette wanted her time twice or once a week, but the catch 22 with Antionette was that she was "long winded" and making love with her could easily go on for over 3 hours easy. Antionette wanted to be drained and fulfilled one her days, so I guess thats why she didn't require me in that area all the time. So you see, the schedule didn't work out, so I had to let things happen naturally, and thats why its very important to be in the same household as your wives. What I did was get proper rest everyday and take vitamins and did a lot of, my whole diet had to change. That is very importanat. MAking love everyday to Khadijah and Tee was ok because I also have a very high sex drive, so two or three times a day was a breeze for me. After about moth your body will make all of the adjustments and you will be surprised at what you can do. Very important to note, is that having sex everydy doesn't mean ejaculating everytime!!! Matter of fact, I wouldn't recomend you ejaculate everyday, it will drain you dry!!! Keeping your energy stored is the key!..........Now, when you are dealing with your wives you must take and make a sincere effort to get to know their bodies inside and out, so you can know what to do and not to do. If one of your wives have a better "temple entry" and you enjoy being with her more than the other wives, what do you do? Simple, you still must give equal time to all in and out of the bedroom. The wives will pick up on the fact that you are spending too much time in the bed with one of them, and it will cause serious, serious, serious problems. You must never, ever, under any cercumstances show sexual favoritism or they will destroy you!!!!!!!!!!! The key is finding what you enjoy doing with each wife seperatley and what they like and focus on that. Never, ever, discuss what goes on in the bedroom with one wife to the other to say you like what one does better than the other one!!!!!!!!!! This will destroy the marriage quicker than the white man has destroyed this economy. sometimes I had to take my lunch break to go and have intimate time with my wife at home, because she was a homemaker and she home schooled the kids and thats what she liked and wanted and I did that everyday. On the days I would spend with Antionette, I would spend the entire night with her for obviuos reasons, she wanted to go all night, and I still had to get up early and go to Khadijah and Tee, it didnt matter what time of the day or where, I never knew with those two because they were unpredictable like that, and they were aggressive and didn't wait for me to initiate anything.....In summary, we made it work and I allowed everyone to be themselves and I made the adjsutments to them, not the other way around. I still was able to get a day or two of rest sometimes and the me time I needed.....Hope this helps and good luck As I have been perusing the group discussions over the past few weeks, I have taken notice to (what seems to me) an almost incessant unrealistic romanticizing of polygyny by sisters. Ive read about desires and

daydreams of sisters wanting to hang out with their sister-wivesfrolic in the garden together smoke blunts togetherparticipating in "...threesomes", etc, etc. Polygyny, as it pertains to the Afrikan (especially here in America), is nothing to play with, take lightly, and should certainly not be injected and infected with the eurocentric created fantasy of romanticism. What I havent heard too much of from some of the *sisters* who post to this group is what they will do to CONTRIBUTE to what should be the one of the main intentions of entering into an Afrikan-centered polygynous lifestyle ECONOMIC GROWTH AND STABILITY. While each wife has their personal and intimate relationship with their husband, daily life should be about the business of running the family/household in a *productive* and conducive manner, and contributing to our community with the ultimate goal of collective nation-building. What MARKETABLE SKILLS are sisters coming to the table with, or are currently in the process of obtaining? The reality is, if the husband is not wealthy, he cannot and definitely should not be expected to be the sole provider or the only one who contributes a *steady and substantial income* to the family unit. Sisters, it is absurd and unrealistic to have a romanticized notion of "hanging" with your sister wives all day, while your husband is out working two or three jobs to providethis contradicts one of the most important reasons for polygyny, as it pertains to the Afrikan. Such a situation will also hinder the husband having time to build and maintain a close and solid relationship with his children. Sisterhood is the nucleus of an Afrikan-centered polygynous lifestyle, however, this should not encourage a eurocentric, sorority mindset from the sisters, as it does absolutely nothing for the advancement of our community and culture. It is common tradition in our culture that the wife maintains the home, therefore, it is very important that sisters have spent sufficient time honing their domestic skills in preparation for marriage. In a polygynous family, depending on the number of sisterwives, it is practical that at least ONE of the wives are designated to maintain the home, homeschool the children (if that is the agreed upon method), and prepare wholesome meals, while her husband and sister wives are at work. Sisters and *brothers*, the INTENTION for entering into a polygynous lifestyle should be made very clear PRIOR TO the commitment. Brothers, please do not fall into the trap that many sisters set by convincing their husband HE should be the sole provider and all of the wives are needed to stay home - this is not fair and is extremely counterproductive. There is no place in an Afrikan-centered marriage (polygynous or monogamous) for any eurocentric ideologies of any kind, including fantastical romanticism. The concept sounds very appealing but not many people would be on board for fear, trust and other things. I was choppin up game with some of my comrades about this a few months back about fulfilling Marcus Garvey's dream. Everyone was gung ho to bounce from this madness but there has to be a process to this. It wasn't clear cut about the migration ...but this is what our plan involved. In order to get this on and poppin, you need to get the support and it just is not enough people ready for that jump when it comes to the monetary involvement.

1. What I proposed was we put our monies together and buy a plot of land and build an actual community, neighborhood, village, etc. here in Amerikkka first. This would be the physical blueprint for what is to become but it is better to practice it first instead of trying to implement it when we all touch soil and people go ape shit. 2. Establish rules, regulations and a constitution to be clear that this will not be nobody's "hood" or ghetto environment. 3. We must build an actual village complete with stores, clinics, etc. Create a new black wall street but be vigilant in the protection. I know this may seem a little farfetched to some of you but I am a visionary brotha and my ideas keep adding so bare with me. 4. The community must have everything that is needed with very few wants to avoid wasting money for worthless material possessions. 5. The vigilance comes from "The Watchmen". All men and voluntary women will have training in combat and marksmenship as there will be patrols of the community to prevent another tragedy like Black Wall St. There will be people on the rooftops of the shops, stores or whatever ready to snipe the enemy if they come through thinking they are going to vandalize or commit some kind of crime in our community. There will not be any of that and no marching and shit(excuse my language) Whoever comes in to cause harm to anyone in the community will just be a missing person, unsolved mystery or a milk carton kid so yes we must also build our arsenal and keep track of all weapons. 6. The women will be protected extremely for they are the Goddesses and deserve respect at all times. Now don't think I'm talking about making women dress up head to toe like muslim women in the middle east, the women will just be protected doubly. Now after living in this community and everyone knows what it is and how it will be then the money that will be pooled for the exodus from this hell should be more smoother than if everyone just hopped up and migrated. Then we must find an actual person who is not going to dupe us into buying land from them that is not theirs to begin with. I know in the motherland right now it is hard to trust people with so much corruption brought by the enemy centuries ago. So in other words we must build the blueprint first, implement it second, then move to the permanent place that is to be home. These may not be in any particular order but it was a blueprint for the exodus. This little afrika in whatever state this is to be built will not bring attention as it will just look like a "normal" neighborhood but it will have a reputation as being a safe haven and definitely not a place to mess with if you thinking about going in to cause some trouble or cause harm. Treat the community like it is holy land, keep it clean, safe and the education impeccable to bring the genius out of children and whatever else that is desperately needed in our communities now. Once land has been bought and paid for, we build the village again in afrika and slowly but surely we sell the homes and stores of the blueprint village to other black people and that money is funneled into the new permanent community. But keep in mind as we do not want the blueprint to fall into the wrong hands and it turns into another bad neighborhood or high crime area, the training and such will be given to those who do not want to move yet but want to live in a safe environment. I know that may be a hard sell but like I said, I'm just a visionary.l Once attention is brought to the community then the government will send snitches(we will know who is the snitch very easily by the way) and I be

damned if they will pull a Dr. York on us and set someone up on some trumped up charges and destroy our movement, no need to make a spectacle, we will continue to dress how we dress, any gangs try to move in will get ran out because they will be outgunned and outnumbered, our community will be kept tight. The children will a have a playground to actually play in, minus the dirty heroin needles seen in the hood. Have peaceful celebrations in the field by the pond, lake or river(provided we can find some land tight like that) I can visualize all day but the only problem is the cooperation, money and support. This can't be shared with everyone because there are a lot of fake people claiming to be conscious and revolutionary and all they are doing is playing a role and faking the funk all the while snitching on any and everybody to prevent the rise of a new "black messiah" that j. edgar"sundress wearing bitchass" hoover spoke so adamant about. They took out MLK, Malcolm, Medgar, Dr. York and countless others, it is time to keep it on the low, organize, plan, plot and strategize. Which is why I said "They took out MLK, Malcolm, Medgar, Dr. York and countless others, it is time to keep it on the low, organize, plan, plot and strategize." We do not need any public charismatic figures to draw attention to our cause because that's when the drama starts, rumors spread, government snitches try to sneak in and attempt the discreditation. If we cannot make the move to the motherland atleast we can expand the blueprint village to damn near become a whole new city without really calling it such to avoid all of that attention. We can surely progress here in amerikkka if we begin the process of resegregation because no one has benefited from integration but other people with the stringy hair and the civil rights movement mostly benefited white women and other people of lower being. The "Blueprint Village" can surely be built through a solid plan. But like I said before this would need to be done on the low to not bring attention to what is going on because we all know what happens when the media gets a hold of something related to black people, it gets all twisted up, half truths are told and we get demonized for the effort we are trying to do for US. We must separate ourselves from the parasites because that is exactly what they are. They steal from us, our ideals, our religion and switch it up, they dictate our music and tell us what is good music, they hire our people for sports and turn a really big profit, they take over black stations and make them worst(BET). Anything created by us they take it and use it as a weapon against us and it is time for us to say enough dammit, it is time to figure your own ish out and keep us 9ether, melanated people out of your downfall. We need to buy some land, build a community, grow, sew and keep the dollars black for as long as we can before it goes outside of the community, get organized, build an arsenal, train our people in self-defense and marksmanship and be ready for the fight when it is brought to us because as we all know from the history of amerikkka when we prosper it becomes a big problem and the enemy uses an excuse to destroy what we built to keep us in the place of proverty and low-class. There is a way of not having to pay these crackas tax money when it is not even legal to pay taxes, I don't think there is even a law mentioning that we have to pay taxes. Well I for one want to buy some land and build our own community and get everyone collectively on the same page so when it is time to make that move and we have everything taken care of in Afrika then anyone who wants

to make the exodus can go and those who feel they will stay here and wake up more of our people then that is what they can do. It will be a process and cannot happen overnight at all. Before we can even make the move, we have to take into consideration what region, what is it like, the laws of the land, will the people just look at us as amerikkkans only regardless of our color, are they being oppressed in that region, because south afrika has turned the tide frrom what I've read about it so far. Black queen of beauty, thou hast given color to the world! Among other women thou art royal and the fairest! Like the brightest of jewels in the regal diadem, Shin'st thou, Goddess of Africa, Nature's purest emblem! Black men worship at thy virginal shrine of truest love, Because in thine eyes are virtue's steady and holy mark, As we see in no other, clothed in silk or fine linen, From ancient Venus, the Goddess, to mythical Helen. When Africa stood at the head of the elder nations, The Gods used to travel from foreign lands to look at thee: On couch of costly Eastern materials, all perfumed, Reclined thee, as in thy path flow'rs were strewnsweetest that bloomed. Thy transcendent marvelous beauty made the whole world mad, Bringing Solomon to tears as he viewed thy comeliness; Anthony and the elder Ceasars wept at thy royal feet, Preferring death than to leave thy presence, their foes to meet. You, in all ages, have attracted the adoring world, And caused many a bloody banner to be unfurled: You have sat upon exalted and lofty eminence, To see a world fight in your ancient African defense. Today you have been dethroned, through the weakness of your men, While, in frenzy, those who of yore craved your smiles and your handThose who were all monsters and could not with love approach youHave insulted your pride and now attack your good virtue. Because of disunion you became mother of the world, Giving tinge of robust color to five continents, Making a greater world of millions of colored races, Whose claim to beauty is reflected through our black faces. From the handsome Indian to European brunette, There is a claim for that credit of their sunny beauty That no one can e'er to take from thee, 0 Queen of allwomen Who have borne trials and troubles and racial burden. Once more we shall, in Africa, fight and conquer for you, Restoring the pearly crown that proud Queen Sheba did wear: Yea, it may mean blood, it may mean death; but still we shall fight, Bearing our banners to Vict'ry, men of Afric's might. Superior Angels look like you in Heaven above, For thou art fairest, queen of the seasons, queen of our love: No condition shall make us ever in life desert thee, Sweet Goddess of the ever green land and placid blue sea. El Djihuti