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Date: 14 Sept. 2012 To, Mrs. Bharti P. Bhambhani Hon. Secretary Plot No. 1012, Mulund Narang CHS Ltd. Sudhama Sadan Bldg, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road Mulund (W), Mumbai – 400 080. Sub : Offer for Project Management Consultancy for your Redevelopment Project at Mulund (W), Mumbai – 400 080.


Dear Madam, We are thankful to you for inviting us to quote for Project Management Consultancy (PMC) work. Please find herewith our offer for Project Management Consultancy (PMC) for the redevelopment of your above said society SCOPE OF WORK: • Listing of points and Amenities to be provided by the developer to the Society. • Preparation of Tender Documents for Redevelopment Project in consultation with Society, Architect and Legal Advisor. • Scrutiny of the Tenders received from various developers. • Site Visits along with Societies Technical Committee members to the Projects of the Developers who had submitted the offers • Helping Society to Finalize Developer for the Redevelopment of the Society. • Preparation of Bar Chart of the Project • Actual Supervision of the Project with Required technical Staff at site • Guiding Society on the Quality of the Works • Submitting Monthly Report of the work to society in terms of Speed and Quality of Work Co-operation from the Technical Committee of the Society We will intimate short coming of the work in terms of Quality work to the Technical committee. Committee has to take up the matter with the developer and resolve the same. We will present at the time of meeting also. OUR FEES FOR THE SERVICES: We are considering project duration of in Two Phases First Phase till appointment of Developer – 4 Months Second Phase Actual Construction Stage - 24 months If project runs beyond 4+24 = 28 Months then our fees will be renegotiated. Our fees for the above said project will be Rs. 2,00,000/- Plus applicable Service Tax for First Phase and Rs. 40 /- per Sqft Plus applicable Service Tax payable on Construction Built up area If Full time Supervision is avoided and periodical supervision is done then the Second Phase fees will be Rs. 30/- Sqft plus applicable Service tax payable on construction Built up area.

M. Yours faithfully. E-mail: We will take an advance of Rs. With Regards. MILL COMPOUND. NAV MAHARASHTRA NAGAR. MUMBAI – 400034. P.000/. TARDEO. SAI DARSHAN.Plus Applicable Service Tax along with Confirmed work order. 50. CELL: 9869333701. Further payments terms will be discussed at time of work order.SANJAY MESTRY & ASSOCIATES PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS For Sanjay Mestry & Associates (Sanjay Mestry) Place: Mumbai Date: 14-9-2012 Encl: Company Profile . We hope this will give you a fair idea of the services we are in a position to offer & we are sure that you will find this interesting & we can meet once as per your convenience to discuss this in detail.