How to Cast Out Demons (3


This Kind of Demon Can Only Come Out By Nothing But Prayer And Fasting ** Opening Words * Prelude 1: The Lord said, "unless he first ties up the strong man, then he can rob his house"<Mt 12:29>, In our days on earth, if we first tie up the strong man to live, our living will be easier, lighter, and have more power and effect = if I first confirm in my heart [eternal perfect things that already started on myself] to face the 20 years ahead now, then my days will be easy, have more power... / Every morning as the day starts, after first proclaiming [the Lord has prepared great and unsearchable things and unlimited grace for me today] to face the entire day, the contents of the living in that one day will all become grace / When I encounter problems, after first proclaiming [in this problem, I must rely on the Lord to have victory, increasingly must acquire learning, grace, testimonies], those problems that I face will no longer be problems... = towards such blessed people, Satan cannot accomplish any works... * Prelude 2: We must [meet Satan] [face-to-face] and [person to person]. The Lord Jesus often faced Satan's [personality] to rebuke him, command him and drive him, and told the disciples to do likewise <Mt 10:1, James 4:7>. If we are able to acquire the perspective of facing Satan's [personality], then we can receive greater authoritative powers and effects on matters of driving demons, healing myself, helping people. Last week, we shared: we can distinguish the works and schemes of the devil. Those who can distinguish the works of Satan can face the devil's [personality] to rebuke, command, drive him out. If we correctly face our opponent, we can then correctly strike down that opponent. In an individual's spiritual battle, he must correctly face Satan, extinguish his fiery arrows and take stand against his schemes. After experiencing more, we can also see the works of the devil on others, then we can help people more powerfully and effectively. Demons can also know us, fear us, just like <Ac 19:15> [evil spirits answered them, “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?”] * Prelude 3: In every battle, we must first know [the devil is already totally defeated]. Jesus Christ has already eternally crushed Satan's head! To saints belonging to Christ, Satan’s existence is only like [upon lighting up the lamp, darkness is removed; once exposed, the deceiver loses power]! If saints grasp correct answers, fight according to the spiritual rules, Satan will flee = when under attacks, at the same time when I want to look up to God and when I see the transformation (peace, anticipation, joy) in my spirit, I will know that Satan has already fled / In the family problems that always do not leave, when I resolve to receive seven times grace because of those problems, I will discover that the problems are no longer disturbances, but motivations to cause me to preserve blessed living / No matter what problems are encountered, only proclaim in my heart at the same time that [there are definitely answers in Christ], and answers will be revealed to me, I will see that Satan has already been defeated totally -- although Satan's attacks, disturbances are greatly stubborn, and would not stop in my days on earth, when we want to resist him, very quickly we will discover that he is totally powerless towards us, and we will receive greater crown as a result => Saints' powerlessness and failure, all come from [muddle-headedness, laziness]. Our Lord Christ has already given us the most perfect answers, but some saints always lazily [organize, systemize, confirm, preserve], therefore there is no way to drive out Satan's hoodwinking, deceptions, accusations, and thus they are tormented and suffer without cause, wasting the precious time of [daily acquiring eternal inheritance] on this earth. ** Scripture Reading: Mk 9:14-29, ① Truthfully, the harassed state and helplessness of most of the people in the world is like the demon-possessed young man; ② Jesus Christ's name can drive out all demons (any demons, any problems); ③ the prayer with faith can drive out all the works of demons and problems; ④ Through the problem of the youth (son), the father also was blessed, the brethren and disciples belonging to Christ were all blessed together; Lk 22:31-34, ① The growth and sanctification of the great apostle Peter's life still required timetable; ② And after going through problems, ironies, he could then grow step by step; ③ Each and every phase of the growth process that he passed through, will become answers to strengthen brethren; Mt 18:15-20, - Only in brethren living can one receive speedy healing, and problems be resolved faster...


1、Getting freed from the [demon-possessed state] 、 1) By Jesus Christ's name, [those who are demon-possessed and have flared up] receive deliverance This is not completion but the beginning of blessedness # The one possessed by [Legion] among the tombs in Gerasenes <Mk 5:1-20>, Mary Magdalene who was possessed by seven demons <Lk 8:2>, from young <Mk 9:14-29>... ** We must first understand a few truths ① Rarely seen phenomena -- Because, the devil does not want to show his true appearance and schemes as far as possible; his names (the one who bewitches the entire world, father of lies, masquerader of angel of light, the one who worm his way into) are proofs to this ② To be demon-possessed and flared up is not something brought about in one or two days, it must be related to many generations of spiritual background (ancestors involving in sorceries, being shamans, conversing with demons) ③ All who are demon-possessed and have come before Jesus Christ are all God's chosen children, the Lord has important plans for them and their households ④ All who are demon-possessed and have come before Jesus Christ will be delivered (100%) ⑤ All saints who are blessedly born again and received the Holy Spirit, can drive out all demons, no matter how long he has been born again. This power does not come from man, but is from the Christ who lives in the lives of saints ⑥ However, for the saints who have often experienced many spiritual battles and have gained victory, they will then have more courage and wisdom in driving out demons ⑦ In blessed fellowships, through working in full cooperation and through unity of purpose in prayer, it is easier and faster to drive out evil demons 2) The method to drive legions: ① Preparation work: Inform about the ministry of driving demons, gather brethren who are willing to pray together; for all those saints who want to participate, they must use prayer to cleanse themselves, prepare the heart / after that to also inform the demon-possessed person and his relatives (household), and evangelize to the relatives, teaching them spiritual mysteries and the method of driving demons / divide into groups (three or four groups to take turns -sometimes a few days are needed), divide the work (group leader, those to hold the demon-possessed, prayers, singing hymns, etc) ② The work of driving demons: Share God's word (especially the scriptures on authority and driving demons), sing hymns, with one heart and voice pray = many times, demons hide and do not show themselves; when pray, sing hymns, proclaim God or evangelize the cross message together to the demon-possessed, gradually will see the transformation or flaring up of the demon-possessed person / rebuke, command = [In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you to come out from him] <Ac 16:18>, in the Name of Jesus Christ, can also ask for the name of the demon inside the person, then command that name (+demon) to come out from the person's body / the demon will give all kinds of excuses not to come out, but do not listen to him no matter what, instead command him [not to make any sound (shut up) <Mk 1:25>], command him [come out immediately] ③ Definitely come out: Sometimes, a few days and small demons-driving teams taking turns to continue to pester and battle the demons are needed, but the demons will surely come out ④ Follow-up work: After the demon-possessed person is delivered, it is essential to prepare a period of follow-up work on him and his relatives (let them understand: the works of demons, how God seeks for them, how to converse and walk with God, live with brethren, how to testify for the Lord) 3) Actually, the typical person may not have many experiences of [being possessed by legions and flaring up], maybe not even once in the lifetime; therefore, our main focus of messages must be placed ever more on the matters already experienced by [all who are blessedly born again] => the common experiences that all blessed saints have = because of having believed in Jesus Christ's Name, he has turned from Satan's power towards God => the state of the person before being born again is entirely the state of being demon-possessed <Eph 2:2>, therefore the Lord says, [turn from Satan's power to God] <Ac 26:18>. The state of totally being bounded and thus tortured, blinded and thus ignorant, deceived and thus lost/ totally do not know God, do not know self, do not know demons, do not know the world, do not know eternity, only live for [cravings of flesh, lust of eyes, boasting of the present life] <1Jn 2:16> / demons-worship, ancestral-worship (Actually, it is not that the spirit of the ancestor has come back, but it is the spirit which has bounded the ancestor for life that has come back), bounded by matters of fate, fengshui, abstinence, sorcery, conversing with demons 2

4) The things that happen at the moment when we hear the gospel of Christ, receive the illumination of the Holy Spirit, accept and believe Jesus Christ's Name, equal to [the things that happen on the demonpossessed person]: The works of the heavenly angels and hosts, turning from darkness to light, turning from Satan to God, Christ's throne dwells in my spirit / <Eph 1:4-14> The completion of Trinity God's salvation work, <Eph 1:15-23> The restoration of the great and mighty hope, inheritance, power => the saints who understand this mystery very quickly at the very moment when they are born again, will very quickly have transformations in their life, living and sanctification...

2、Pulling out [vicious roots in the spirit] and thus receive freedom 、 1) At the same time a blessed saint is born again, demons already eternally came out from his life, although Satan can never totally bind that saint's life, Satan can still tempt, disturb, accuse, deceive him; although the saint has been born again, there remains some [strongholds] in his life that must be removed, Satan will attack the saint through the strongholds; for the sanctification, testimony and crown of every saint, God also permits these temptations and battles - The process of sanctification of Abraham, Jacob, Peter -<2Co 10:4-5> says, [The weapons we fight are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ...] 2) The attacks of demons on saints can generally be classified into four degrees ① The attacks that all saints receive = temptations, fear, no peace, hatred, greed, rage, accusations... - The Lord being tempted in the wilderness <Mt 4:1-11>, the weakness of Peter at Antioch <Gal 2:11-19>, the spiritual battle as spoken by Paul <Eph 6:10-18> => When a saint relies fully on the full armor of God, relies on the Holy Spirit, he will be delivered very quickly ② Saints have perspectives and thoughts which are difficult to alter - <Mt 16:23> The Lord rebuked the demon occupying the perspective and thought of disciple Simon, saying, [Satan, get behind me] / <Jn 13:2> [the devil has already prompted Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus] / <Ge 37:11, 18, 28, 31-32> Elder brothers of Joseph hated Joseph, thought of killing Joseph, sold Joseph, and also deceived their father = misunderstood concepts of saints, prejudiced perspectives towards people or things => When receive the illumination of truth, make concentrate prayers, and make resolutions, there can be deliverance ③ On some particular matters, due to oppression by demons, he himself cannot control himself - <1Sa 16:14> [Now the Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him] / <Jn 13:27> [As soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him] - From thence, one can see [some abnormality] (various kinds of mental illnesses: depression, phobias 、 hatred 、 insomnia, addictions, gambling, theft, evil habits, sexual immorality, etc) => Purify the living space and sight, hearing surroundings (blessed drawing, hymns, verses), the blessedness of family, relatives and friends who are often with him is very crucial, must concentrate on receiving the gospel message, must live a brethren-centered life... ④ The most serious condition = most of the time, cannot control himself in all things; however, saints have no way to be totally demon-possessed and flare up - Continue to have suicidal thoughts / totally fallen / want to harm others => Need to stay at mental hospital or convalescent hospice, require concentrated counsel and help 3) There is no way to pull out [strongholds] and disturbances of the devil except by prayer ① Do not place perspective on self's weaknesses, but must place on [intimacy with the Lord, receive illumination from God's word and the Holy Spirit] ② The messages especially required to be received, should concentrate on [the works of the devil / Jesus Christ / God's perfect will / Holy Spirit / how to pray] ③ In brethren living, confess illnesses honestly to one another, receive healing through confession of sins, interceding, testifying, serving


4) Normally, after saints passed through difficulties (discipline), they can then restore the heart of [mourning, hungering for righteousness], step-by-step break away... => Therefore, from the beginning of believing in the Lord, it is of utmost importance to establish as quickly as possible [life ideology and living operating system], the experiences of conversing and walking with God, and the living operations of brethren-centered living...

3、How to help the family members (close ones) [tormented by demons] 、 1) In today's scriptures <Mk 9:14-29>, the problems of the youth brought about the blessedness of the father, disciples of Christ, and many people - In the blessed family, when there is a sudden appearance of problems, do not be anxious, but must absolutely acknowledge that it is [the start of another blessed timetable] * We must understand: The circumstances of those family members who have not been born again and have not yet hunger for righteousness, far and cannot be compared with [people having problems in Christ] 2) The father brought the son before the Lord Jesus Christ = [the people in the forefront] in the family are [God's most concerned] - From the beginning to the end, the perspective must always be placed on [my blessedness before God], preserving [if I one person is blessed, God will surely bless those whom I love] - Therefore, it is exceptionally crucial that [those who are first blessed] establish the Emmanuel system, receive absolute perspectives (there are absolute answers and perspectives in Christ), equip with and thus grasp the mysteries of [rely on Holy Spirit, drive out demons, restore heavenly kingdom] # Many testimonies: when one person in the family is blessed and thus always enjoy Emmanuel, all other family members are amazed, they will be blessed even faster 3) Place greater concern on holy living, sight and aural environment [Spiritual atmosphere (Mood)] - Do not keep looking at the weak state of the [problematic person], but place concern on the spiritual atmosphere of the family; [the one who first receives grace in family] should, in Jesus Christ’s name, rely on Spirit, cast out demons, restore Kingdom environment <Mat 12:28-29>, and praise, give thanks and testify more about the works of the Emmanuel God 4) Only Jesus Christ’s name can cast out demons = In the name of Jesus, surely can cast out demons (100%) - Try to stay away from the topic with regard to the [problem faced by the problematic person], share more about the word of God, gospel of Christ, mystery of Emmanuel, and also pray earnestly together with the [problematic person] - Try especially to let the problematic person understand the mystery of born again (Before and after born again, assurance of born again), 3 main spiritual messages (root problem, Jesus Christ’s gospel, how to converse and walk with God), to continually repeat (through different scriptures, people, ways of testifying), and also practically confirm - If the whole family is willing, [do family service (everyday or at least once a week)] with the whole family, with that will receive more and faster results of healing 5) Live together with blessed brethrens, pray together and proceed with healing ministry

** Closing Words Prayer topics for this week: 1) The Lord Jesus often faced Satan's [personality] to rebuke him, command him and drive him, and told the disciples to do likewise <Mt 10:1, James 4:7>: Have I also often faced Satan's [personality] to rebuke him, command him and drive him? What different effects do I see when I face [personality of demons] to rebuke and when I did not face the [personality of demons] to rebuke? When I see the weaknesses of man, how do I face man, at the same time how do I face the devil who is attacking that man? The devil said to the sons of Sceva who were driving out demons [“Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?”] <Ac 19:15> In my opinion, what does the devil know me as?


2) The truths that [By Jesus Christ's name, those who are demon-possessed and have flared up receive deliverance], and [I who used to live in complete submission to the leadership of evil demons, now turn from Satan’s power to God because of the name of Jesus Christ] are both similar matters: How do I understand these words? Before and after being born again, does my spirit have such a great transformation? Can I explain the difference between [light and darkness, bondage and freedom, chaos and order]? 3) From being born again till [the vicious roots in the spirit are completely pulled out], a period of time is still required (Abraham, Jacob, Peter): Can I identify what my [vicious roots in the spirit] are? From being born again till now, how many times have I experienced [critical transformations]? In each transformation, what kind of discipline did the Lord prepare for me, to make my spirit mourn, hunger and thirst for righteousness, so that I can come before the throne of grace? 4) The father in the scriptures read today <Mk 9:14-29>, received grace due to the problem of his son; through the [tormenting of our loved ones and brethren by demons], God wants to further heal, strengthen, and bestow blessings upon us: Because of the problems of my spouse and children, what double grace did I receive? In the matter of healing them, the one whom God regards most highly is me; what methods should I use to help them be blessed and healed faster?


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