This wiki provides a demonstration of the configuration of document splitting rule for the Residual Posting in Invoice Currency.

You have activated the functionalities for Residual Item Posting in Invoice Currency via SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG -> Financial Accounting (New) -> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -> Business Transactions -> Open Item Clearing -> Clearing Differences -> Residual Item Posting in Invoice Currency. You need to know the customizing of the Split Processor for splitting to work correctly.

Step 1 - Assign Document Type and Company Code to Residual Item Posting in Invoice currency.
In this example I reference document types, these are only used to show example. The document type(s) which you use will depend on your own business example. Also it is important that you consider what the business transaction/transaction variants you are using when making a residual posting and the transaction you are using for same, this will help you determine the relevant business transaction/transaction variant to customize. In this example I use business transaction/transaction variant 1010/0001


Create Customer Invoice Create customer invoice using transaction FB70 .Step 2 .


Display Invoice created via FB03 .


Activate splitting indicator For Each Logical Transaction In transaction GSP_RD. activate the splitting indicator "For Each Logical Transaction" in the section "Further subdivide document" for the business transaction/transaction variant 1010/0001 that is assigned to the document types used in transaction GSP_VZ3 . Step 4 .Assign document types to Business Transaction/Transaction Variant In transaction GSP_VZ3 I assigned document types AB and DZ to business transaction/transaction variant 1010 0001 .Step 3 .

Step 5 .Assign item category 02000 to be split based on 02000 In GSP_RD buiness transaction/transaction variant 1010/0001 the item category 02000 is split based on 02000 (auto-split flag on) is necessary. .

Step 6 . .Create Residual Payment Document FB05 In transaction FB05 enter document type AB in header. proceed with residual payment.


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