MEMORANDUM TO: DEPARTMENT OF WATER RESOI - RCES Raymond Betndly, Program Manager III Najam Tarig, Principal Geologist/Branch Director Technical, Construction, and Operations Brandt Laurita Betray, Compliance Officer Water Code Section Margie Natonabah, Senior Office Specialist Water Code Section Delores Martinez, Accounts Maintenance Specialist Water Code Section Monte Chcc, Compliance Officer Water Code Section Melvin Badonie, Compliance Officer Water Code Section Jack Litter, Principal Hydrologist Water Code Sc FROM: or Division of Natural Resources


Transfer of Administrative Management of the Water Code Section Program from the Department of Water Resources to the Division of Natural Resources August 12, 2013


Pursuant to Sections IV (A)-(G), and (F)-(G), Exhibit "A," "MASTER PLAN OF OPERATION OF THE DIVISION OF NATURAL RESOURCES," Resolution No. GSOY-1891, I hereby rescind all prior memoranda delegating Water Code epforcement authority to the Program Manager III, Water Resources Department, until further notice. The supervision of the Water Code Section is herewith temporarily transferred to my management supervision, and to that

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