An internationally recognized Thought Leader on Unconscious Bias, global inclusion and diversity.

Dr. Helen Turnbull
Dr. Turnbull is the CEO of Human Facets and has a 25+ year’s successful track record in the field of Global Inclusion. She has a deep knowledge on what it takes to embed inclusion in an organization. On May 3rd 2013 she spoke at TEDx Delray Beach, Florida on “The Illusion of Inclusion”. As a keynote speaker she engages her audience on the subject of “Adjusting your Mirrors – how to address unconscious bias and blind spots in the workplace”. During her speeches she shares her extensive research on the impact of Unconscious bias to reinforce the need for more inclusive leadership. Dr. Turnbull has developed two online Assessment tools, namely, “Cognizant” – an Unconscious Bias assessment tool and the “ISM Profile” measuring Inclusion skills gaps. Human Facets extensive international experience includes having 4 clients who have won 5 high profile Awards, including Texas Instrument (Catalyst), JP Morgan Chase (Opportunity Now and Business in the Community UK), Citigroup (Opportunity Now) and Commonwealth Bank of Australia who won the 2012 Catalyst Award and attribute that win to the leverage gained by utilizing “Cognizant” for their top 350+ leaders. She is originally from Scotland but today is based in Florida and is an avid golfer.

“As a business partner, Helen is an exceedingly reliable and diligent colleague, working seamlessly to ensure that goals are delivered and targets are met. You feel reassured when working with Helen that everything is possible and will be done to the highest standard. I recommend her to you most highly” - Alison Pullman, JP Morgan

Keynote Topics  The Illusion of Inclusion (impact of Unconscious Bias)  Adjusting Your Mirrors and Managing Your Blind spots  Global Inclusion & Diversity  Cross Cultural Competence | | | 954 370 6343

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