ONE INTEGRAL LANGUAGE NETWORK August 11th, 2013 EduCube Canada Graeme Kilshaw, team leader of the Friendship

Cube Group and CEO of EduCube Canada, today announced the release of a brand new educational program targeted for young people in the 21st century who want the best from life. Kilshaw states, “Too often, popular media misleads and disempowers. But with your authentic values and commitment, we can deliver leading and empowering, authentic content; content for a public media bank system that teaches people based on their ability and the direction they want to take in their lives. The educational content systems we are developing and standardizing are personalized and interactive, based upon the growing phenomenon of E-learning. Our content put the reigns of power squarely back in the hands of the end users… the students. It gives students the option for truly beneficial social interactions online and offline with the friendship cube code. Our mainline friendship cube education program teaches visual tracking, hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, memory, strategy, communication, navigation, teamwork, literacy, numeracy, and moral lessons through story telling. Parents buy into our program knowing that it is safe, educational, trustworthy, and fun. In our new program, young people create lifelong friendships, learn essential and valuable life-skills, and open up to an enriched, empowering, and interactive cultural and linguistic media experience that they never forget. We help students discover a language and culture that unites people. We call it the one integral language… the language of visual binary… our friendship cube code.” In the new EduCube Canada program, students and participants are empowered with the opportunity to think, communicate, and interact in new ways… and to unite around the world, sharing core values like friendship… values that are propelling humanity forward. The Friendship Cube Group invites people to participate in an emergent

digital, global collective… and to join the one, universal visual binary conversation. Kilshaw resumes, “We are related biologically, chemically, and atomically to each-other, our planet, and our universe… and there is something deep inside us that is uniting our languages and cultures… tending towards unity with integral, evolutionary consciousness. We are related in this consciousness through bits of information… photons… light. The one consciousness and light unites in visual binary code, and results in an epigenetic, transcendent evolution. Our new EduCube Canada program is opening up the portal for students to become part of the one integral language network. Our students and colleagues are able to participate in the one visual binary intelligence… the one light… the one integral language. We are using our new program to pass the torch of light and power to the next generation. We are choosing to be part of the evolution into integral consciousness. Our alliance enterprise begins with mastery of mind; mastery of the light. This light is the knowledge of our friendship cube… the physical building block for visual binary intelligence. Interest in our friendship cube and code is growing and it is based upon the spreading of the one integral language. Our friends are realizing the great treasure and potential of our one, united visual binary intelligence… the one light we share. Over generations… we are tending in one direction. A progressive civilization must learn to dissolve the barriers that separate us from one united consciousness. We must create peace worldwide that starts from inside. This is occurring through new media empowered by our friendship cube technologies. We are starting to inwardly realize that we that we are one and a part of something bigger. There is friendship here. Our Friendship Cube Group is increasingly emerging as a genuine, values-based collective… a collective with an optimistic, multi-generational vision… a vision full of deep meaning and purpose. With EduCube Canada, we are seeing this vision come into fruition through educating and engaging young people with our programs.” Kilshaw says that interest is a thing of mind, and that the new program is drawing in huge amounts of serious interest. He explains

that the Friendship Cube Group has special partners and sponsors engaged in creating an alliance enterprise for the future of humanity. Many have come from far away places to build upon this one creative union. It is global. Kilshaw is speaking up to empower young Canadians to gain confidence, knowledge, and effective tools like the friendship cube… to carry out roles as environmental stewards and change agents. Many students have come to Kilshaw with dreams of saving the world, or thinking globally and acting locally for the betterment of their local community. Kilshaw believes that the work of the Friendship Cube Group is about evolving the consciousness of humanity on a global scale. On a national scale, Kilshaw is preparing a standard set of friendship cube lessons that can be repeated elsewhere and taught in other languages. The main idea is that cultures and languages gradually merge into the one integral language network. “Our new EduCube Canada program teaches young people to think, speak, and act responsibly for our collective. Young people are being given this opportunity to learn and do more with the help of our new friendship cube program. We are accomplishing something tangible by sharing our friendship cubes in new ways. It is great for all involved in our growing Friendship Cube Group.” As a team leader, Graeme Kilshaw regularly engages people and business organizations with new friendship cube technologies. Phone: +1 250 220-0947 Web: One Integral Language Network: Friendship Cube Group: EduCube Canada:

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