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1.1.2 firmware Hack.




1.1.2 firmware Hack. (windows xp/vista)

The iPhone and iTouch Firmware Unlock provides you with:1.1.2
firmware Hack. (windows xp/vista)

Step 1: Updating, downgrading, unlocking. What I used: unlocked
(anySIM 1.1) iPhone with 1.1.1 firmware and 04.01.13_G modem,
bootloader 3.9_M3S2, and iTunes What will also work: If you
are on 1.0.2 firmware, and used anySIM prior to version 1.1, then
repair your baseband and upgrade directly to 1.1.2 .There are also
scripts on the Installer repository that automate this process. I may at
some point create a simpler guide for this process. If you are on 1.0.2
firmware and used anySIM 1.1, and then update to 1.1.2 What will
NOT work: ANY newly purchased iPhone with 1.1.2 firmware on it,
because it will have the new 4.06 bootloader. Thanks to the iPhone
Dev Team (drudge, dinopio, roxfan) , the iPhone Touch Dev Team and
Mark, the entire iPhone community can now benefit from the latest
jailbreak process to install 1.1.2 firmware. Every Donation from this
site will be given to them at this point.(Windows XP / Vista)
1. For those of you who have owned an iPhone prior to November
9th, then you can skip this step. If you don't otherwise know any
better, you might want to verify what bootloader you have on
your iPhone right now. First you will need to have bbupdater
installed in your /usr/bin folder. I will not provide this file. Google
for it, or check the usual forums. Download PuTTY here. This is a
command line program for talking to the iPhone via SSH. Get
your iPhone's IP address. Press Home, Settings, Wi-Fi, select
your network name and press the blue arrow to the right of it. It
will take you to a screen with your network addresses in it. In
my case mine is Launch PuTTY. Enter your IP address
in the Host Name (or IP address) field. Click Open.
2. Another window will open. You'll be asked to login as. Enter root.
You'll then be prompted for your password. Enter dottie. If that
doesn't work then try alpine. Next enter: launchctl remove Enter: bbupdater -v **** If your results
3. When you have finished checking, restart the iPhone.
4. Launch iTunes. You should receive a pop up prompting you to
update to 1.1.2. Click Download and Install.
5. If you don't receive this prompt, just click the Update button in
6. Various status messages will appear
7. When it's finished, iTunes will display the Let's get started screen
8. The iPhone will now display the new emergency slider graphic
and the connect to iTunes image.
9. Download the 1.1.1 iPhone firmware restore file here. Do not
decompress this file or allow your browser to decompress this
file. Save it anywhere you'd like on your computer.
10.With iTunes still open and the iPhone still connected, press and
hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button until the
screen turns black. Once it does, let go of the Sleep/Wake
button. Continue to hold the Home button until iTunes displays a
pop up about the iPhone being in recovery mode. Click OK
11.In iTunes press Shift and click Restore.
12.Navigate to where you downloaded your 1.1.1 firmware restore
file to. Select it, and click Open.
13.Various messages will appear.
14.When it has finished, a pop up indicating Error 1015 will appear.
Click OK.
15.Another message will appear. Click OK.
16.Eject the iPhone from iTunes, and close iTunes.
17.The iPhone now displays a connect to iTunes graphic.
18.Press CTRL ALT DEL. Click the Processes tab. Select
iTunesHelper.exe. Click the End Process button and agree to the
pop up screen that will appear.
19. Download iBrickr v0.91. Launch iBrickr. You should be at the
Recovery mode detected screen. Click the link that says Boot the
20.Your iPhone's screen should turn red. That's a good sign.
21.In a bit the iPhone should switch back to the activate screen.
When it does, close iBrickr.
22.Turn the iPhone off by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake
button until the red slider appears. Slide to turn it off. Then
press the Sleep/Wake button to turn it back on.
23.Now it is time to jailbreak the 1.1.1 firmware. You should be at
the activate iPhone screen. Slide the emergency slider. Enter the
following into the keypad: *#307# then press Call.
24.The iPhone will ring, press the X button at the top to delete all
the characters you just entered. Now enter: 0 then press Call
again while it is still ringing. Now press Answer.
25.Press hold. Press Decline.
26.You will now be at the iPhone's main keypad.
27.Press the Contacts button below.
28.You are now at the contacts screen. Press the + in the upper
right corner to make a new contact. Press the First Last button.
29.Enter A for the first name then press Save in the upper right
corner. Now press the Add new URL button.
30.Enter: prefs:// then press Save in the upper right corner. It will
take you back a screen.
31.Press the Add new URL button. Enter
Then press Save.
32.Press the Save button.
33.Press the home page prefs:// button. You will now be at the
Settings screen. Press General.
34.Press the Auto-Lock button. Now press Never.
35.Then go back to the Settings screen. Press the Wi-Fi button.
Select your network from the list.
36.Enter your password and press Join. You should now be
connected to your Wi-Fi network.
37.Press the Home button and you will be taken back to the
activate iPhone screen. Slide the emergency slider again. Enter:
0 then press Call.
38.Now press Answer. Press hold.
39.Press Decline. You will now be at the contacts screen again.
Press the A button.
40.Press the home button.
41.Scroll down the screen. Press the Install AppSnapp button.
Safari should crash after a few seconds.
42.Once Safari crashes it will send you back to the activate iPhone
screen. Wait about 20 seconds and the slide to unlock animation
should freeze, then the iPhone will reboot. You'll see the Apple
logo, then you will be at the screen with the slide to unlock slider
again. Slide it and you will be at the SpringBoard.
43.You will now have access to the SpringBoard.
44.Press Settings, General, Auto-Lock and select Never. Then press
the Home button.
45.Launch the Installer and press the Install icon. Scroll down to
the System folder and press it.
46.Press BSD Subsystem and install it. This will take up to 5
minutes. When it has finished go back to the System folder.
Install OpenSSH. Press the Home button when it is done to
relaunch the SpringBoard.
47. Download anySIM 1.2.1u here. Decompress the file and you will
have this folder on your dekstop. Rename this folder to
48. Download WinSCP here. This is an SSH client. It is used to talk
to the iPhone and transfer files and programs to and from.
Launch WinSCP. Enter your iPhone's IP address in the Host name
box. Click Login. It could take up to a full minute to login so just
wait. If you get a warning message pop up about the host's key,
just click Yes. Enter the password when prompted, try dottie or
49.This is the main screen for WinSCP. Your computer is
represented on the left side, your iPhone on the right. Go to the
left side window and double click the yellow folder at the top
with two dots (..) next to it.
50.Double click the folder called Desktop and you should see your folder.
51.Go to the right side window, double click the folder at the top
with two dots (..) next to it. Do this three times. You should see
this now.
52.Double click the Applications folder. Go to the left side window
and drag the folder into the Applications folder. You
may find it easier to scroll to the bottom of the right side window
first so that you don't mistakenly place the folder
into an existing application's folder. Click Copy at the pop up
53.You should now see it in the right side window. Double click the folder.
54.You will now see the files inside the folder.
55.Right click the anySIM file. Select properties.
56.In the pop up window check the boxes next to the Xs. Click OK
and then close WinSCP.
57.Turn the iPhone off by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake
button until the red slider appears. Slide to turn it off. Then
press the Sleep/Wake button to turn it back on.
58.Launch anySIM. Press OK. Slide to unlock.
59.Read this screen or not. Scroll down to the bottom and press the
big red button.
60.Various messages will go by. This process should take 5 minutes
to complete. If the stars are aligned correctly you will get the
success message.
61.Launch the Installer and press the Install icon. Scroll down the
list of folders to Tweaks (1.1.1). Press it.
62.Install OktoPrep. When it's done installing, you will receive this
message. Press OK then press the Home button to relaunch the
63.Launch iTunes. Set up your iPhone.
64.iTunes should recognize your iPhone. Click Update.
65.Various messages will appear.
66.When it finishes updating, the iPhone will restart and iTunes will
be back at the let's get started screen. The new emergency
slider and connect to iTunes graphic will be on the iPhone. Eject
the iPhone from iTunes and close iTunes.
67. Download the 1.1.2 jailbreak program here. Decompress the file
and open the folder. Double click the windows.bat file.
68. If nothing happens when you click this file, then you do not have
a Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer. No
problem, go here to download Java for free.
69.If you do have Java installed you'll see this screen and a DOS
window which I won't display but will give you status for this
upcoming final step. This is the 1.1.2 jailbreak program. Make
sure you check the box for installing SSH (if you want SSH
installed on your iPhone). You could add this later with the
Installer. Note: If installing SSH this is the best time to set your
root password on the iPhone. The program is showing alpine (by
default), you can set this to your own password now. When you
are ready, click the Jailbreak! button.
70.A few status messages will appear.
71.The iPhone will then reboot a couple of times and this message
will appear. When you have access to the SpringBoard click OK
on the pop up.
72.Check your SIMs for calling out and receiving and test YouTube
and iTunes Music Store, et cetera.
Attention - iPhone owners in "non-supported" countriesIf you use
an iPhone in a country where the iPhone is not for sale, you will
have a problem with the phone ( and with SMS
( crashing when you try to call/send to someone.
This is specific to 1.1.2 firmware. I live in America, so I don't
have this problem. More importantly, I can't test the solution I
am about to present to you. This is a challenge that you, the
reader, must take on. Launch the Installer program. Press the
Install icon at the bottom. Scroll down the list of folders to
Tweaks (1.1.2) and press it. Next install iWorld.
73. Now select your country from the list and hope for the best. If
you still have issues, I recommend the usual modding forums