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E-tivity Design Template

Overview (name of E-tivity, number of students & activity duration): Our next vacation Number of sts: 20 Total student time required: 2 hours 30 min Purpose: What is the activity called, how many sts are expected to participate, and how long should the activity take in total?

To study and to practice the E-tivity objective / use of will and going to. expected learning outcome(s)? Onsite: Blackboard forum. 3PDF documents. Offsite: Sts use chosen interaction method (chat, google docs,email,skype,facebook). Word document? Flash activity? Wiki?

Tools / Materials (on-site and off-site):

Structure and timing (online Step 1: (spark).Sts read Spark, description of instructions PDF document and offline): steps, types of (5 min). interaction (individually or in Step 2: Sts get together as a teams), and amount team (4 or 5 sts) and select a of time sts should city that they want to travel to spend (online and (15min). offiline). Step 3: Sts individually come up with three places to visit in the city, which They have already chosen (20 min). Then, each member shares those places with the team, (of 4 or 5 sts) creating sentences with will or going to. For example: We are going to visit the louvre museum in Paris. Afterwards, the team include altogether 12 places to visit in the city that they chose (40 min). And the team selects a representative to post to the forum. Total time required in

step 3 (1 hour= 20 min of individual work plus 40 min team work)). Step 4: Sts read the other teams chosen cities to travel to. And, as a group ( 4 or 5 sts) select the most appealing city proposed by those teams and comment on the places and city that team wants to visit. And if possible suggests a place to visit in that city. Each team select a different representative to post this to the forum (30 min) Other Participant Actions and Timing: Before: Sts read week 3 introduction and reading and arrange to get together to work on the team activity (30min). After: Sts read tutors forum summary and make notes in their journal (10 min). E-tutor actions and timing (on- and off-line): What should the etutor do before, during and after the e-tivity, and how much time should During: Tutor checks forum s/he dedicate to each frequently to make sure posts are on track, responds to sts action? Before: tutor reads week 3 introduction, reading, and forum 1 instructions. (30 min). questions and takes notes for forum summary (timing will depend on the number of responses required, but average is (1 hour, 10 min). After: Tutor posts a message indicating that the forum is closed (5min), prepares and posts forum summary (2 hours 15 min); updates quantitative participation chart (10 min) updates weekly participant report (10 min). Total tutor time required (4 hours 20 min). What should the sts do before and after the e-tivity, and how much time shouid they spend on each?