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Date: 25-06-2013 To, M/s. Chandak Realtors Pvt. Ltd.


Kind Attn: Mr. Aditya Chandak, Sub: Quotation for Shell Structure works of PROPOSED RESIDENTIAL SPARKLING WINGS BUILDING NO. 3 (1 Basement (Pt) + Stilt + 2 Podium + 17 Upper floors) Sub Structure & Super Structure Works (RCC, Block work, Intl. Plaster & Extnl. Plaster, Water Proofing) at SUB PLOT 'B' ON PLOT BEARING C.T.S. NO.2872 / 6 OF VILLAGE DAHISAR AT DAHISAR (EAST), MUMBAI

Respected Sir, We thank you for inviting us to quote for work under subject matter above. We are pleased to submit herewith the quotation complete in all respect with. The rates have been quoted for in respect to the scope of works mentioned hereafter. The Construction of abovementioned building shall be carried out complete in all respect for the scope of work described hereunderRate excluding Piling  
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Approximate Built-up Area Rate per Sq. Ft. Built-up Area

: 1,65,406 Sq. Ft. (To be ascertained with final VFC Drawing) : Rs. 1201/-

(We use H 20 Beams Doka Style as used by L & T)
Note:- The Built up Area are subjected to change as per final drawings (Cement, Concrete and Steel shall be provided by the developer free of cost at site.)

Basic rate of Steel Basic rate of Cement Basic rate of Sand Basic rate of Aggregate Basic rate of Block

Rs. 45,000 / M.T. Rs. 260 / Bag of 50kg Rs. 6,000 / Brass Rs. 2,400 / Brass Rs. 4,000 / Cu. M.

The total final amount shall be evaluated on basis of actual total built-up area constructed on site on the basis of the mode measurement describe hereunder and duly certified by the Architect. The rates shall be calculated on basis of the mode of measurement defined hereunder to arrive at the total contract value.

Corporate Office: 5/6, Ground Floor, Embassy Apartments, 291, Bellasis Road, Opp. ST Depot, Mumbai Central, Mumbai – 400 008. Tel: +91 22 23012971. Email:
Rose Group Company

344. 291.) 1.72 7. Mumbai – 400 008.28 707.630. Opp. Embassy Apartments.80 71.28 682.344.Terrace (Pt.) 161.82 165.72 7.28 682.72 7.344.72 7.40 2.336.95 682.72 7.344.Refuge Area 8 th floor 9 th floor 10 th floor 11 th floor 12 th floor 13 th floor 13 th floor .Podium Parking 3 rd floor 4 th floor 5 th floor 6 th floor 7 th floor 7 th floor .344.28 682.344. BUILT – UP AREA STATEMENT FOR BUILDING (1 Basement (Pt) + Gr.72 7.72 7.71 2.90 7.FIRE PUMP ROOM AT BASEMENT LEVEL Basement 01 (Part) .344.047.36 989.The above area is approx.43 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 21.0 MTR Basement 01 (Part) -Flush tank Ground floor .344.344.72 7.46 71.72 7.365.344.739.20 764.Built-up AREA Calculation Built up area shall be calculated on following table & before start of work & accordingly payment schedule shall be decided.72 7. Corporate Office: 5/6.00 232.) Terrace Lift M/c Room & Stair Cabin Total: Area (Sq.58 10.22 7.344.00 Note: .95 10.64 15.78 765.72 7.28 682.66 10.04 Area (Sq.06 682.Stilt Level .28 708.72 7.344. Tel: +91 22 23012971.28 682.648.28 682.28 682. Mumbai Central.Stack Parking 1 st floor .10 682.28 65.64 933.28 682. Bellasis Road.72 7.344.116.28 682.Refuge Area 14 th floor 15 th floor 16 th floor 17 th floor 18 th floor 19 th floor 19 th floor .28 682.33 7.STP LOCATION CAPACITY 100 KLD AREA 115 SQM HEIGHT 5.19 196.635.Podium Parking 2 nd floor . Email: info@pheenixconstructions.28 Rose Group Company . No 1 2 Details Basement 01 (Part) .406.20 987.72 701.28 682. Actual area for payment shall be ascertained a per final VFC drawings. ST Depot. Ground Floor.615.58 217. Ft.344.344.72 7. Stilt + 2 Podium + 17 Upper floors) Sr. Mtrs.

Tel: +91 22 23012971. Sr. 9. Mumbai Central.5 Cu. Email: info@pheenixconstructions. the contractor’s representative shall be bound to be present whenever required by the Engineer In-Charge.6. 8. No 1 2 3 3 4 5 7 8 9 Description On Completion of Plinth. Ground Floor. 6. ST Depot. Payment Schedule: Consider following assumptions for: a. BUA b.Measurement of Construction Area shall be on the following basis: Sr. 5. Opp. No 1. UG Tank & STP On Completion of 1st slab On Completion of slabs Waterproofing On Completion of O.0 Kg / Sq. Ft. 7. BUA Running Account payments: All running account payments shall be regarded as payments by way of advance against the final payment only and not as payments for work actually done and completed. Floor (if above 3Mtrs.00M % for Measurement 100% 100% 50% 50% 125% 70% Nil Nil 150% Measurements: The site In-charge shall jointly measure all the works in progress with the contractors authorized agent.H Tanks. 4. Payment Schedule to the contractor: The contractor shall be paid as per the payment schedule. 291. For the purpose of taking joint measurement.2m up to 6. Lift Machine Room On Completion of Masonry On Completion of Internal Plaster (Gypsum) On Completion of External Plaster Hand over % for Measurement 15% 4% 51% 2% 2% 9% 8% 8% 1% Corporate Office: 5/6. Steel .)_ Flower Bed / Niche Area Overhead Tank Terrace at Roof level Basement Ht more than 3. 3. Bellasis Road. 10. Ft. Concrete . Ft / Sq. Such measurement shall be recorded in the measurement sheets by the contractor and shall be signed by representative of Site Rose Group Company .1. Mumbai – 400 008. Description Floor area & Staircase Lift Machine Room Part Terrace / Dry Yard Refuge Gr. Embassy Apartments.

Lintels. Copings. Bellasis Road. 291. Opp. Mumbai – 400 008. External masonry shall be of block 150mm thick constructed in C:M 1:5. Formwork for slabs shall be 12mm ply form. Staircase & other Walls in Site machine mixed concrete complete with the grade of concrete as per detailed specifications of R. 3. Rose Group Company . Plaster) Contract on Sq. CONCRETE Proving of Beams. 1. All masonry works will be carried out in proper line. Email: info@pheenixconstructions. 1:4 . ST Depot. R. Block work. 4. Tel: +91 22 23012971.M. reinforcement and inserts required to carry on the said works. & Extl. Plaster & Waterproofing) a) The specified work shall consist of Sub Structure & Super Structure Work (RCC. No plaster shall be rendered to the ceilings. b) The Developer shall provide drawings approved by Architect’s/ Structural consultants to the contractor to execute the work at Site.C. Lifts Machines Room.C. Ground Floor. ft. runners with required reinforcement shall be provided at mid-depth of the half brick walls.M.C. Mumbai Central. Internal partition wall and elevation masonry shall be constructed in half brick walls in C:M 1:5.C. Chajjas. Slabs.C. PLASTER All internal walls shall be applied with single coat 8-12mm thick in C. Block work. Columns. MASONRY All masonry woks shall be Block masonry as per Architectural drawings and specifications. Lift Well. R. BUA basis with Part Material (Only cement and Steel shall be supplied by the Developer and deducted from the contractor’s bill) in accordance with the drawings issued by the Developer to the Contractor with specifications and rates given in Bill of quantities appearing hereunder and as described more particularly herein.SCOPE OF WORK (RCC.WATER PROOFING All Toilet and terrace water proofing shall be of Brickbat / Chemical Water Proofing Corporate Office: 5/6. External plaster shall be finished with 5-10mm thick plaster in C. Consultant including all formworks. 1:4 with a thickness of 6-10mm over the backing coat. Intl. Embassy Apartments. UG & OH Water Storage Tanks.C. level & plumb.

Bills shall be paid within 7-10 days from the date of submission of the R. 2) Services tax and Vat applicable shall be paid by the owner. including the piping. General common area lighting arrangement to be in scope of main contractor. Opp. Payments against R. Bill. 291. Mumbai – 400 008. pumping and its distribution up to the place of works. Embassy Apartments. 10) Corporate Office: 5/6. equipment. 7) Cement and Steel shall be supplied by Developer at site. 4) Bills shall be made as per the mode of the payment attached herewith. c) Water supply shall be provided free of cost at point for the labour hutments and drinking purpose. loading VAT or any other taxes applicable. in way and manner as may be desired by the Developer. The Contractor shall make the arrangement for storage of the construction water and distribution. Bellasis Road.A. labour hutments and general illumination in and around the work place shall be arranged and borne by the Developer at one source only at free of cost at site. Tel: +91 22 23012971. The Site In Charge or his Senior officer appointed by the Developer shall look after Co-ordination of work and shall be authorized to inspect the work of Contractor.A. Subject to availability of VFC Drawing & Front. 5) Advance (5% of Contract Amount) against mobilization shall be paid to the Contractor and may be recovered from 2nd R. Also in case of unexpected delay the rates shall be liable for a escalation. shall be admitted by us for a period of 30 days in all. Bills and 50% shall be release on the general completion of works. b) Electricity: Electricity required for construction purpose.150/. Email: info@pheenixconstructions. Balance 50% shall release after the completion of defect liability period of 6 months or one monsoon whichever is early. machinery etc. 3) WATER AND ELECTRICITY (Free of Cost at Site) a) Construction Water: Water required for construction purpose shall be arranged at one source only by the Developer at free of cost at Site.000/week against idle labour. RMC shall be supplied by the Developer with Rs. A delay beyond shall be claimed as idle charges at the rate of Rs.pumping charges. ST Rose Group Company . 50. Water and Electricity as available for the work will be supplied at one point at free of cost at site. 9) Delay in execution of works due to a delay from our end either in terms of elements etc. 6) Retention @ 2% of the value of the works executed shall be deducted from R.A.A. Mumbai Central.Terms and Conditions 1) The basic rate shall include all transportation. Bill onwards @ 5% of the bill amount. Ground Floor. 8) The period of completion of the works shall be 18 months (plus 5 months Grace Period).

Ground Floor. Mumbai – 400 008. c) The Contractor further agrees and undertake as under:Corporate Office: 5/6.Technical. State. Mumbai Central. suits or proceedings in respect thereof. The Contractor shall take insurance policy for all the contractor’s employees engaged in the performance of this contract to cover all risks. claim arising in respect of any damage to property or in respect of personal injury or death of any person appointed by the contractor or any sub contractor engaged by the Contractor or for any loss caused on account of any act of Contractor to any other Person or Property. Any expenses incurred for the contributions making contributions or maintaining records shall be in the contractors account. Municipal or local authorities and also from all claims. b) Workman Compensation and employee’s Liability Insurance: . loss. Opp. 291. the relationship between Developer and Contractor is on principal to principal basis and Developer shall not be liable for acts of Contractor in any way whatsoever and Contractor is not agent of the Developer. Tel: +91 22 23012971. his employees or any other persons engaged or employed in course of work or in work related to Contract. Insurance by the Contractor: a) The contractor shall take the appropriate insurance policies to cover all risks involved in course of execution of work related to labour. Bellasis Road. The Contractor shall maintain all cards and records as required under the act in respect of employees and payments and the contractor shall secure the agreement of the sub-contract to maintain such records. such work shall be carried out in accordance to with the instructions of the Developer’s Site in charge and General Manager . b) Notwithstanding anything contained herein. Municipal and local laws. Machinery or otherwise. The contractor shall comply with conditions and observe all Rose Group Company . c) Minimum wages Act: . obligations and restrictions imposed under the labour laws or any other law in force.Wages shall be paid as per the prevailing Government Rules and records must be maintained as required. If any of the work is given on SubContract. ST Depot. personnel. 12) 13) Labour Laws:a) The contractor shall comply with all rules and regulations. which he may be required under any law from time to time or otherwise to secure himself against risk of accident etc. Email: info@pheenixconstructions. The contractor will also ensure compliance with all the regulations for all his subcontractor as regards to applicable Central. The Contractor further agrees to indemnify the Developer from any liability or penalty which may be imposed by the Central. the contractor shall require the sub-contractor to provide for compensation of workmen and also to provide Developer’s liability insurance for the latter’s employees if such employees are not covered under the contractors insurance. rules and Regulations including the following:a) Employees state Insurance Act.11) In case of work for which no such specification is supplied by the Developer.The Contractor alone shall be liable for compensation payable under workman compensation Act or any other law in force. The Developer may ask the Contractor to take any other specific policy provided always that Developer shall not be liable for any peril which can be insured or otherwise. State. Embassy Apartments. b) Contractor shall cover insurance. b) The contractor shall be liable for any liability. 1948: As applicable to himself.

All necessary equipment for quality checks of material such as stilt contained. but if they do not do so. PF. at the Contractor’s Own cost. retarders (construction chemicals). No person either labour or staff or visitor must be present at site without helmet. Opp. (iii) Wearing safety gadget/particularly glows. The contractor shall also be Liable for any pecuniary liability arising on account of any violation by him of the Act and indemnify Developer in respect thereof. the Site-in charge will levy fine/penalty as deemed fit by him regularly. (iv) The contractor shall comply with the provision of the Apprentices act. Mumbai – 400 008. Tel: +91 22 23012971. ST Depot. as required will be brought by the contractor. 14) Safety: The Contractor at his own cost shall take all safety measures to prevent accidents. Beam bottom. on site and otherwise in course of work. or transferring the materials for the purpose of construction wherever if required should be one by the Contractor. Supervisors and engineers etc. safety belt and safety shoes for the people (workers as well as managers). cube moulds. for lifting. spans and the required tools and tackles required for the same (1 New Set of slab shuttering & 2 sets of bottoms) shall be brought by contractor at site with additional half set of slab shuttering without additional cost. dust. Compulsory helmet. The Developer may frame its own rule to levy penalties. safety belts and all safety equipments as may be required and safety instructions shall be given by the contractor to his work force and staff wherever required. Any injured person has to be provided proper medical aid without any loss of time. flakiness. Bellasis Road. We assure of our best services in terms of quality and timely completion of the project. to maintain records for labours such as their payment. The Contractor will provide necessary safety training to all the persons employed on the premises and protect their health and personal safety at your own cost. and coming in future. metal. Blocks. harness safety helmet & safety shoes are compulsory for all the workers.r. We look forward to be associated with you for the said works. workmen compensation insurance. runners. Safety helmets.Daily cleaning the site and maintaining good housekeeping. shifting. Safety nets of Minimum of 10’00” wide inside the compound o r as per requirement on site to be provided by the contractor at the periphery of the building. Following all the laws w. etc. Ground Floor.t. porosity.(i) No labour below the age of eighteen years shall be employed at the site. (ii) Contractor shall arrange required medical facility for his workers. Also no family of labours will be allowed at site. mishaps etc. placing. sieve analysis. 291. Email: info@pheenixconstructions. and following all law and order as per prevailing. plasticizer. Rates are all inclusive and among other things include the following:All the cost of material such as river sand. All shuttering material such as 12 mm ply (no plates). Hope you find offer reasonable and competitive in accordance to your requirements. Mumbai Central. working hours as per BMC rules. steel props. Safety net and binding wire as required for quality construction with speed in mind. 1961 and the rules and orders issued there under from time to time. All machinery etc. For PHEENIX CONSTRUCTIONS Partner Corporate Office: 5/ Rose Group Company . Embassy Apartments.