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when your cables look like this, it’s

There’s no telling how many alternators or generators have been condemned to the scrap heap because of a bad connection. After all this time it happens: wires crack, connectors wear out, and connections are loose. Can you even tell, anymore, what cables you have or what vehicles they work on? You need a cable tune-up! Reduce warranty costs on rotating electrical. G Complete sets or individual cables let you update those that are cracked, worn, or broken.

Bosch Bosch/Valeo Chrysler Delco CS130D Ford Ford 1G, 2G, 3G GM Hitachi Hitachi for Chevy Diesel Hitachi for Isuzu Diesel Hitachi/Nippondenso Hitachi/Subaru Isuzu Lucas/Bosch Mercury Capri Mitsubishi Mitsubishi/Hitachi Mitsubishi/Nippondenso Nissan Diesel Nippondenso Paris Rome Toyota

Compatible with all versions of Mini-Tune 3000 Series Test Bench Analyzer. G Enhance your capabilities by adding the Update Set to cover more imports, plus GM, Ford 3G, and Mercury Capri.

Main wiring harness available separately.

No. 287-1( 01-32) Litho in U.S.A.

No. SA-4151 Deluxe Cable Set Part No.otctools. MN 55060-0095 No. SA-3115 No.) Nippondenso (ext. fan.) Nippondenso (int. CS-6150 Deluxe Flip Charts — Complete set of quick connection charts with cross reference to Lester numbers. S LP NT HL CD ID BL BD Y-9 SN-9 SH-9 HS-9 MD MG-9 MG-4 SP HF-9 Alternator Toyota (Int. No.) Hitachi Nippondenso Mitsubishi (ext.Mini-Tune Replacement Cable Sets ORDERING INFORMATION You make the decision. early models) Nippondenso (new style) Hitachi/Subaru Hitachi (Chevy diesel) Hitachi (Isuzu diesel) Mercury Capri Bosch (int. 4-prong) No. a unit of SPX Corporation International Sales: 507-455-7223 655 Eisenhower Drive. SA-3149 Standard Cable Set SA-3117 SA-3119 SA-3121 SA-3123 SA-3125 SA-3150 SA-3151 SA-3152 SA-3153 SA-3154 SA-3155 SA-3157 SA-3158 SA-3159 SA-3160 SA-3161 SA-3162 SA-3163 SA-3164 SA-3165 SA-3166 SA-3168 SA-3169 SA-3170 SA-3174 SA-3176 ND-X Z CS Univ. SA-4150 Update Cable Set Part No. CS-D FV G H FV B ND-X K J SL T HG HF PR ZP V LO 2-IN 3-IN NV M VO Ford 2G Delco CS130 GM/Ford/Chrysler Delco CS130D Bosch Hitachi Mitsubishi/Hitachi Ford 1G Lucas/Bosch (int.. No. Desc.) Mitsubishi/Hitachi Nippondenso Hitachi Nippondenso 4-wire Paris Rome Ford 3G Nippondenso (ext. replace individual cables.) Bosch/Valeo (ext. Owatonna.) Hitachi/Nippondenso (int. SA-4151 Deluxe Cable Set — Contains both the No. or get them all with the Deluxe Cable Set.) Bosch/Valeo Update Set of cables. get the complete Standard Set or No. SA-3177 SA-3179 SA-3183 SA-3184 SA-3186 SA-3187 SA-3188 SA-3189 SA-5182 SA-5184 SA-5186 SA-5188 SA-5190 SA-5192 SA-5194 SA-5401 SA-5162 Desc. SA-3149 and SA-4150 cable sets.) Nippondenso Jumper Jumper Nippondenso (ext. CS-6150 1-800-533-6127 www.) Nissan Diesel Ford 3G w/small plug Ford 3G w/small plug Mitsubishi/Hitachi Nippendenso (int. Chrysler) Mitsubishi (ext.. SA-3115 Main Wiring Harness — Must be ordered separately. No. Alternator .) Nippondenso (ext. new Chrysler) Mitsubishi/Nippondenso ( Service Solutions..