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MICRO 201 Exam Intro to Public Health Microbiology and Enteric Infections

I. Introduction to Public Health Microbiology. In the Philippines, 1. What are the top 10 leading causes of death (mortality) among all of the population? Table 1: Top 10 Leading Causes of Death in the Philippines, 2011 Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Disease Coronary Heart Disease Influenza & Pneumonia Stroke Tuberculosis Hypertension Diabetes Mellitus Violence Lung Disease Kidney Disease Asthma No. Deaths 57,864 46,900 40,245 35,867 35,001 18,512 17,152 13,473 12,960 10,471 % 13.73 11.13 9.55 8.51 8.30 4.39 4.07 3.20 3.07 2.48 World Rank 79 48 106 34 15 89 40 76 59 24

Source: (Retrieved 18 July 2013)

2. What are the top 10 leading causes of sickness (morbidity) among all of the population?

Source: (retrieved 18 July 2013)

3. What are the top 10 leading causes of mortality among children? Table 3: Top 10 Leading Causes of Death in the Philippines, 2011 1 2 CAUSE Congenital anomalies Injuries No. of Deaths 6892.82 5202.77 (Retrieved 18 July 2013) 5.xsl? format=xml&target=GHO/GBD_0000000036&profile=excel&filter=GBDCHILDCAUSES:*. the education budget aims to reduce the classroom gap to zero in 2013 by allocating P25.62 33 31.066T budget signed by the president. What are the top 10 leading causes of morbidity among children? Top 10 Leading Causes of Morbidity Among Children. In particular. the highest budget allocation is earmarked for the Department of Education (DepEd) at P232.COUNTRY:PHL (Retrieved 18 July 2013) 4. according to Department of Budget and Management. and will fully address the shortages in classrooms.43 48.3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Sepsis and other infectious conditions of the newborn Diarrhoeal diseases Meningitis/encephalitis Other noncommunicable diseases Pertussis Malaria HIV/AIDS Measles 4193. 2008 Source: http://www.8B out of the 2. social welfare and public works will get the biggest increase in the proposed P2. It was also reported that the departments of health.55 . It is 8% larger than the 2012 health budget (which was at 45. As mandated by our Constitution.8M).hero. teachers and textbooks to support the K+12 program.595 billion.44 Source: http://apps.56 1727.268-trillion budget for 2014.36 3843. What was the Philippines' 2012 budget on health? What is the proposed budget for 2013? The health budget for the year of 2013 is 56.5 41.

personnel.billion for the Basic Educational Facilities Fund and P1 billion for the Regular School building Program.5 M 327 M .5 B 304.538 billion is expected to fully cover the shortfall in teachers this http://newsinfo. it is still falls short of the recommended health budget of the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition. the creation of 61. How will the Health Budget be spent/distributed (eg. The health budget for 2013 is just 1. Source: http://budgetngbayan. Another P1. Although an increase was given to the health budget and is included in the top department priorities according to General Appropriations Act.inquirer.1 million textbooks and teachers' manual to maintain a 1:1 ratio of textbooks to students. medicine)? Sector/ Program Office of the Secretary Commision on Population Local Nutrition Council Allocated Fund 6.89% of the Gross Domestic Product. very far from the 5% of GDP as recommended by the WHO.510 Teaching Positions amounting to P14.5 billion is provided for the procurement of 31. hospitals.

html . food and water-borne diseases 10.doh. dengue.9 B 69% of 2013 Budget 1. Expanded Program on Immunization 6. National Pharmaceutical Policy Development including provision of drugs and medicines. Other infectious diseases and emerging diseases including HIV/AIDS.6 B 2. Subsidy for Health Insurance Premium payment of indigent families to 2. Family Health including Responsible Parenting Tuberculosis Control 8. schistosomiasis. leprosy and filariasis 9. Elimination of diseases as public health threats such as malaria. medical and dental supplies to make affordable quality drugs available 7.Health Facility Enhancement Program Specialty Hospitals Institute for Traditional Medicine and Alternative Health Care Health Insurance Program Doctor to the Barrios and Rural Health Practice Program National Pharmaceutical Policy Development Expanded Program on Immunization Priority Programs of “Kalusugan Pangkalahatan”* Priority Programs of “Kalusugan Pangkalahatan”: the National Health Insurance Program 13.5 B 908 M 40 M 12. Implementation of the Doctors to the Barrios and Rural Health Practice Program 4. Health Facilities Enhancement Program B 1B 1. Rabies Control Program Source: http://www.

in Arial size 12 font. Inoculation of many people can result to epidemics or pandemics. 1. Diarrhea is a common symptom of enteric disease. Salmonella and the disease Salmonellosis is best described by which statement? A. Download the lecture from the internet and answer the multiple choice questions. control animal pests that may transfer the organisms into the water supply. D.5 spacing. Controlling the pests reduce transfer of foodborne and waterborne diseases by preventing them to transfer the organisms that they carry to our food and drink. You may place your take home exam inside recycled envelope. The infective dose is small. C. Escherichia coli. C. write the letter of your answer. D. C. Multiple Choice: C 1. 12 noon. multiple serotypes of Salmonella. B 3. Isolation of infected person is not necessary because the common mode of transmission of enteric diseases are via the oral-fecal route. Submit by Friday. About 200 serotypes of Salmonella causes diarrhea. A 2. Vibrio cholerae Almost 25-75% of the traveler’s diarrhea accounts to Escherichia coli infection. regardless of the cause. D. Submit a hard copy. inoculate as many people as possible against the diseases in order to control epidemics. B. It is identical to dysentery caused by members of the genus Shigella. only a few hundred organisms. using recycled paper. Hundreds of serotypes of Salmonella cause the disease. B. isolate infected persons because person-to-person transmission is so easy. educate people in proper methods of sanitation and personal hygiene. staphylococci and streptococci. Among the principal causes of traveler's diarrhea is/are A. . One of the most important factors in controlling foodborne and waterborne disease is to A. Enterics. B. then explain briefly your chosen answer. July 19. place the envelope in my pigeon hole at the Department of Medical Microbiology.II. Symptoms include diarrhea almost as severe as that of cholera.

C 5. human intestine the above C. B. virus D. soil E. All the following bacteria are recognized as causes of foodborne or waterborne infections except A. cloth imported from India. Vibrio parahaemolyticus. John Snow. In 1854. Yersinia pestis.D 4. Lactic acid bacteria : A. ferments lactose sugar B. Lactic acid producing bacteria are found in: A. a physician. B. D. plants D. The folllowing organisms spoil food EXCEPT: A. contaminated food in the shops. John Snow determined that the source of the cholera causing an epidemic was A. ergo. People suffer from diarrhea and some die of dehydration. Yersinia pestis causes plague (pneumonic. It lowers the pH of food to prevent it from spoilage. a pump handle for a well. C. septicemic. It attacks the lymphatic system. and bubonic) and is transferred via vectors like rat fleas. investigated the cause of the said . they cannot grow outside of E 6. Yersinia enterocolitica. both A and B are wrong Lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid as a major end product of carbohydrate fermentation. lowers pH of food C. moulds its host C. contaminated straw used to line the streets. bacteria B. yeast Viruses cannot spoil food because they are not free-living. animal intestines B. D 8. D. C. a cholera outbreak attacked the Broad Street in London. Bacillus cereus. In 1854. both A and B are correct D. all of B 7.

A study conducted at the Kansas State University showed that cloves kill E. He then plotted the cases of cholera in a map and found out that the people near the Broad Street had the most cases of cholera. parasites D. Fish and shellfish food sources may harbor the following microorganisms. fats and oils C. B 9. animal meats B. . water Spices like cinnamon and garlic were proven to kill bacteria. vegetables E.outbreak. C 10. Upon investigation. bacteria B. he removed the pump handle so that people will no longer take water on the said pump. The following food raw materials will least likely harbor microbes: A. he concluded that the water pump in the said area might have caused the outbreak. Infection of these organisms is only possible if the mucus production is stopped. EXCEPT: A. spices D. To prevent the increase of the number of cases. viruses No known fungi can infect fishes and shellfishes because the mucus produced by their skin prevents them from being infected by the fungi.coli. fungi C.

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