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UFPPC ( Digging Deeper XXXVII: November 19, 2007, 7:00 p.m.

Antonia Juhasz, The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time
(New York: HarperCollins, 2006; paperback 2007).

Ch. 1: The Bush Agenda. Bush’s modern version of the Pax Romana (23-
Sept. 14, 2005, address to the U.N. 28). The Defense Planning Guidance
General Assembly proclaimed: “Our document written by Dick Cheney, Paul
agenda for freer trade is part of our Wolfowitz, Zalmay Khalilzad, Scooter
agenda for a freer world” (3; 1-3). This Libby, Eric Edelman, and Colin Powell
refers to “specific economic policies (28-36). The Project for a New American
designed especially to support key U.S. Century (PNAC) (36-39). George W. Bush
multinational corporations that are used (39-41). The 2002 National Security
as veritable weapons of war”; the Iraq Strategy (41-49).
war is its “fullest and most relentless
application” (4). “Free trade is shorthand Ch. 3: A Model for Failure:
for a number of economic policies that Corporate Globalization. Foundation
expand the rights of multinational of the IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO,
corporations and investors to operate in in the aftermath of WWII (51-62). G7
more locations, under fewer regulations, forms after OPEC challenges the status
with less commitment to any specific quo (62-64). Oil becomes a weapon of
location”; corporate globalization is a war in the 1970s (64-65). Reagan
synonym used by critics (4). Roots in pursues corporate interests (65-69).
institutions founded after WWII: IMF, Effects in Zambia (70-775), Russia (75-
World Bank (5-6). Supported by 80), Argentina (80-83). Wal-Mart
corporate allies, esp. in the energy sector succeeded by “mastering the use of
(6-7). Iraq as the agenda’s “most glaring international trade agreements” (83; 83-
example” (7; 7-8). The Bush 91). Resistance: South Africa (91-96)
administration is committed to advancing and elsewhere (96-98).
the agenda further (8-9). Suicide of Lee
Kyung Hae, Korean farmer, during the Ch. 4: The Corporations: Bechtel,
Cancun summit in Sept. 2003 (9-14). Chevron, Halliburton, and Lockheed
Juhasz’s background as legislative asst. Martin. Energy sector as key (99-104).
to John Conyers (D-MI 14th), before which Review of history of oil industry (104-08).
she worked in the field developing an Chevron (108-18). Halliburton (119-27).
alternative poverty measure known as Bechtel (128-37). Lockheed Martin (137-
the Self-Sufficiency Standard (14-15). 45). Interlocking (145-46).
Research into the Multilateral Agreement
on Investment led her to decide to Ch. 5: “A Mutual Seduction”:
become convinced that corporations Turning toward Iraq. Early history of
have subverted democratic institutions Iraq, created to facilitate Western seizure
and to devote herself to the anti- of oil (147-50). History of Iraq and oil
globalization movement (15-17). The crises (150-56). Iran-Iraq war (156-59).
Bush administration publicly announced U.S.-Iraq Business Forum, 1989, founded
it would use the War on Terror to advance by Marshall Wiley (159-61). Involvement
its trade agenda (17-19). of Kissinger Associates (161-64).
Saddam’s relations with U.S. &
Ch. 2: Ambitions of Empire. Bush corporations (Bechtel’s work was later
denies having an imperialist agenda (21- cited as evidence of WMD program) (164-
22). But many in the administration 69). First Gulf War (169-74). Sanctions
have advocated a Pax Americana, a (174-75). PNAC focuses on Iraq during
Clinton years (176-79). Cheney’s Energy
Task Force (179-80). Members of the Ch. 9: A Better Agenda Is Possible.
Defense Policy Board and the Committee Replacing corporate globalization is
for the Liberation of Iraq pushed for, then easier than people think (309-12). End
profited from war (180-84). Iraq occupation & fund reconstruction
(312-23). Transition from oil economy
Ch. 6: The Economic Invasion of Iraq (323-29). Corporate charter reform (329-
[longest chapter]. L. Paul “Jerry” 32). Examples of victories (332-36). Cf.
Bremer III and the Coalition Provisional Alternatives to Economic Globalization:
Authority (184-93). The blueprint written A Better World Is Possible, 2nd ed., which
by Bearing Point, Inc. was the basis of Juhasz participated in writing (336-37).
Bremer’s 100 “Orders,” (193-211). Order Cancel odious debt (337-40).
No. 39 on foreign investment (211-22). Mobilization and hope (340-43).
Impact, favoring multinationals (222-40).
The façade of Iraqi institutions and Afterword: What a Difference a Year
elections (241-46). Iraq’s constitution Makes. Nov. 2006 elections have
(246-51). The oil law (251-59). All in all, changed the dynamic (345-46). Failure
Bush has succeeded (259). of policies in Iraq is being recognized
(346-51). Iraq oil law still a focus of the
Ch. 7: Exporting “Free Trade” in Bush administration (351-56). Iran may
Place of “Freedom” to the Middle be next (356-57). The free trade agenda
East: The U.S.-Middle East Free is “disappearing” (357-59). Protesters
Trade Area. In a commencement are winning (359-60).
address at the Univ. of South Carolina,
Bush laid out plans for a “U.S.-Middle Notes. 19 pp. / Index. 24 pp.
East Free Trade Area” (261-264).
Background (264-69). Robert Zoellick [On the Author. Graduate of Brown U.
succeeds in initiating the “Doha round” with master in public policy from
(269-77). The U.S.-Middle East Free Georgetown U (14). Has been legislative
Trade Area (277-88). U.S.-Oman FTA assistant for Conyers of MI and
(288-90). Cummings of MD; worked with Int’l
Forum on Globalization until 1995, when
Ch. 8: The Failure of the Bush she joined the Institute for Policy Studies.
Agenda: A World at Greater Risk. Her sister, Alexandra Juhasz, teaches
Lies justified Iraq war, which has made media studies at Pitzer College and
Americans less safe and Iraqis less well- recently completed a documentary film
off (291-96). U.S. policies, not freedoms about Antonia called “SCALE: Ending the
are what our “enemies” oppose (296-99). BUSH AGENDA in the Media Age.”]
Blowback: Spain, Turkey, U.S. (299-307).