Opening to Divine Abundance

By Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

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Opening to Divine Abundance
By Mary Kretzmann, Director, Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry
We continue to receive many prayer requests regarding issues of right livelihood, income, housing and other material matters. I offer this in hope it can be of help to others.

“Father Divine, I care not what I may permanently possess, but give me the power to acquire at will whatever I may daily need.” Paramhansa Yogananda
Our family experienced several episodes of financial difficulty before we found the right balance between living simply and attracting the money we needed, when we needed it. My husband, Tim, and I moved to Ananda Village in 1978. It was still the pioneering “good old days” at Ananda and sacrifices were necessary to help build the work. We worked in community jobs for very modest salaries. Tim worked in the community’s cabinet shop; I in the nursery school. Being at Ananda accelerated our spiritual growth tremendously; our inner life was deeply blessed. But our family was also growing (three children eventually), and we soon had new responsibilities to fulfill, but we were happy. The challenge of earning a living In the days before the internet, it was tough making a living in an extremely rural area. We lived very simply: We had a large garden and I sewed many of our clothes. I was mostly a stay-at-home mom and did childcare, sewing, or baking to bring in a little income. But for years, there was no money to cushion against the unexpected. This gradually created a sense of “lack,” which developed its own magnetism. Our family had to experience several episodes of extreme financial difficulty before Tim and I found the right balance between living simply and being able to joyfully attract the money we needed. In fact, we focused so much on “spending less” that it was a “light bulb moment” when we realized we actually needed to “earn more.”

The cabinet shop: a hard teacher The vehicle for much of our “instruction” was the Ananda cabinet shop. As a capable craftsman, Tim soon became manager. At that time, small cabinet shops tended to be high overhead and low profit; the least little breeze of a housing recession would nearly blow them over. In a very serious recession in the early ‘80s, two thirds of all the cabinet shops in the county went bankrupt. Tim was the last to throw in the towel. Tim found other work in town, but eventually started getting calls for his beautiful cabinetwork. He started up again privately, renting the old cabinet shop space. We had some good years and also some bad years. Suffice it to say, the bad years gave us a taste of real hardship. Through it all, our family life was happy and we retained our inner peace. But when simplicity goes too far, it starts to feel like poverty. To disconnect from the unpredictable housing industry, Tim began making meditation benches. Later, he also made hammer dulcimer musical instruments, and some wonderful recordings. But these ventures started slowly, and we were still primarily dependent upon the cabinet business. A mounting stack of bills In the early ‘90s, there was another housing slowdown, and the cabinet business really took a hit—we were right back into the same struggle to survive. I was then running the fledgling Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry from home. One day, in desperation, I placed my hands on a mounting stack of bills and prayed, “Divine Mother, I have no idea how we are going to pay these bills. You will have to show me how.” I then sent divine healing energy into that pile of bills. An hour later, I was offered a nurse’s aide position three nights a week for an elderly couple nearby. I slept in a private room but would answer their bell as needed in the night. I got $100 a night, and was home with my kids by breakfast! The pile of bills soon disappeared. “This isn’t about the economy” Things were better for a little while, but Tim’s business still struggled. At this point he said, “This isn’t really about the economy, it’s about my karma. I’m going to do Master’s ‘material success affirmation’ until this karma is GONE!” Years ago, because I was so committed to the idea of simplicity, I couldn’t relate to this affirmation, but now it was quite obvious we needed it. Simplicity gets complicated when you are broke. At first Tim and I simply read it aloud together, but once we memorized it, we felt its deep power. Tim would say it 30 times a day, first as a focused part of his sadhana, and then throughout the day. He described the process as “removing cobwebs of disbelief from my mind.” One day, soon after we memorized it, I was feeling anxious about some upcoming bills. But now Yogananda’s powerful words were implanted in my mind, right beside that fearful sense of lack. I realized I had a choice. So I said the affirmation again, with power! Things improved immediately.

A huge turning point This period was a huge turning point for us. We felt many inner blocks dissolve. Tim felt the inner guidance to “hold up each business decision to the spiritual eye.” In the past, his business struggles often came after taking on a “bad” client when cabinet jobs were scarce. Now that he trusted his intuition, there were no further financial setbacks. In time, Tim’s meditation bench business became the family’s primary source of income, especially once he had a good website. We were able to meet our obligations and even save a little. Life was still fairly simple, but at a higher level. An opportunity to expand In June 2006, Swami Kriyananda invited Tim to perform one of the main roles in his play, Jewel in the Lotus, during the 2007 International Mahasamadhi Retreat in India. Tim wanted me to go, and also our youngest son, David, who still lived at home. All of a sudden this looked like a very expensive trip! How were we to pay for it? We didn’t have money for international travel for three people, and I didn’t want to go into debt again. I found myself almost resenting the expense of the trip, yet I wanted to be receptive to God’s flow. Swami Kriyananda’s new course, Material Success through Yogic Principles, teaches how to magnetize abundance as needed, without getting trapped in the desire for luxury. Studying these lessons helped dissolve a few remaining blocks about money, giving me inner “permission” to receive God’s blessings to meet any needs in life. So, I prayed, simply, “Divine Mother, I hope you have a plan, because we sure don’t…” A “thank you” from Divine Mother In July, I received a number of unsolicited donations earmarked for the trip, almost the exact amount of my plane ticket. Based on what the donors said, the money seemed like a “thank you” from Divine Mother for my years of service through Ananda’s Healing Prayer Ministry. In September, Tim was given some “free miles” to cover his plane ticket, but we were wondering how we would manifest the rest of the money for the trip (David’s plane ticket, and hotel costs, etc.) Later in the month, when Tim and I were visiting beautiful Lake Tahoe and gazing down at the expansive view, I started to affirm with him, half jokingly, “Who brings in the orders? God brings in the orders!” Suddenly, we were joyfully invoking God’s support to flow through Tim’s meditation bench business. September was Tim’s biggest month ever. October was even bigger, and so it continued…. A desire to serve others At the heart of our affirmations was the desire to serve others—by taking the play to India and by energizing the new Indian healing prayer ministry. This expansive motive inspired us to affirm exuberantly, much more so than if the trip had been only for ourselves. Later that fall, when I was asked to teach piano lessons to Gaurja, an exchange student from India, I realized I had really begun to trust Divine Mother’s “financial flow.” Since Gaurja’s funds were limited, I didn’t charge for the lessons even though we still lacked

some of the money for the upcoming trip. Surprisingly, giving these lessons proved to be great fun, and a joyful balance to my service in the healing prayer ministry. To teach Gaurja, I used the piano in the Ananda Village thrift store; years ago, I had sold my old, worn-out piano and never replaced it. I soon realized, however, that I needed my own piano for the convenience of teaching at home and to brush up on my playing. Searching online, I found a very high quality electric piano priced 80% below retail, but still much more than we had wanted to pay. Amazingly, it felt right to Tim and me to buy this piano. It made no sense! I was giving piano lessons for free, and we were leaving for India soon, yet the inner feeling was calm and very expansive. We ordered the piano. Almost the exact amount Soon after, we left for India. After two nights in the hotel, I casually mentioned to Sangeeta, Gaurja’s mother, that I felt lonely at the hotel and missed being with other devotees. Before I even knew what was happening, Sangeeta had arranged for us to stay in the homes of two devotee families in India, only a short car ride from our ashram. This turned out to be a delightful highlight of the trip. Once back home, we realized that without hotel bills to pay, we now had enough money to pay for the piano. It almost worked out to the exact amount. A growing sense of trust I am deeply grateful. My heart is now more openly trusting of God’s flow, even when I don’t know how it will all work out. As this trust grows, I am able to serve in more and more ways, with fewer limits. As times goes on, I learn ever more deeply that God’s grace is there to support me in my dharma, or right action.

“Lord, give us thyself, that we may give to all.” Paramhansa Yogananda

Daily Gratitude:
• “Do not forget when you meet Beauty, beauty of every kind—the gorgeous color of the sunset, the music of birds, the glistening water, the rustling trees, the soft breeze on your face, the warm sun, the joy of love and friendship—to speak your gratitude to the Father within for surrounding you with so much wonder and beauty and for opening your eyes that you might see and enjoy it.” Paramhansa Yogananda “The secret of prosperity is gratitude and generosity.” Swami Kriyananda

Tim Kretzmann (right) performing in the Jewel in the Lotus, June 2007.

Tim in his shop

More about Tim Kretzmann, his woodworking and music, click below:

Material Success Affirmation
by Paramhansa Yogananda From Scientific Healing Affirmations, 1924 edition Thou art my Father Success and joy. I am Thy child Success and joy. All the wealth of this earth All the riches of the universe Belong to Thee, belong to Thee. I am Thy child. The wealth of earth and universe Belongs to me, belongs to me O belongs to me, belongs to me. I lived in thoughts of poverty And wrongly fancied I was poor So I was poor. Now I am home and Thy consciousness Has made me wealthy, made me rich. I am success, I am rich. Thou art my treasure, I am rich, I am rich. Thou art everything, Thou art everything. Thou art mine. I have everything, I have everything. I am wealthy, I am rich. I have everything, I have everything. I possess all and everything Even as Thou dost, even as Thou dost. I possess everything, I possess everything. Thou art my wealth. I have everything.

More Prayers and Affirmations from Paramhansa Yogananda: “I will find something each day for which to give thanks, and thus form the habit of gratitude for all the good gifts the Father has bestowed upon me.”

“Father Divine, I care not what I may permanently possess, but give me the power to acquire at will whatever I may daily need.”

Symbolizing Divine Mother’s Loving Abundance: Murti of the Goddess Laksmi Representing the Infinite Flow of Light bestowing financial blessings Open. Receive. Visualize Divine Abundance when you do prosperity prayers or affirmations for yourself, or for others. Pray in attunement to that aspect of Infinity that is already Divine Abundance itself. Imbue your prayers with this abundant flow of light and joy. Pray also with receptivity to that Divine flow that wants to bless you and others now. Feel that. In times of need, “Abundance” does not necessarily mean opulence, but that our needs are lovingly met. Let that aspect of Divine Mother’s Grace not only flow to you, but through you; bestow blessings on others, in tune with your present realities. This may indeed be the true blessing of this Murti: when we can feel the impulse to bless others in a practical way, just as with healing prayers you already bless others in a spiritual way. May your heart be (Mary Kretzmann) generous. Bless others as you would be blessed.

The Hindu Way of Awakening: By J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda)
Everything, when viewed with the eyes of wisdom, becomes a symbol of Infinity. It is a window onto the universe. And even though that window need cleaning, a glimpse of the Divine can almost always be caught, through it. Ultimately, the symbols in Hinduism, like the symbols in every true religion, are meant to expand our consciousness, to remind us of universal truths within ourselves. No temple, no church, no synagogue, no mosque, no Buddhist vihara can monopolize truth. Outer forms can only remind us of who we are, within. In the highest and truest sense, the human body is the true shrine, for it is within ourselves, first and foremost, that we worship God wherever we sit, kneel, stand, or bow to the ground to pray. As we move about in the world, we are, consciously or unconsciously, on a pilgrimage. By treating life as sacred, for it is a manifestation of God, our own lives become sanctified. The Divine Mother is that aspect of God that the planet most needs today. We need to bring love back again—unconditional, trusting, self-giving love, a love that asks nothing in return, but that gives of itself generously, freely, and forever. Such, surely, more than any other human feeling, is mother love. The Hindu Way of Awakening: Its Revelation, Its Symbols: An Essential View of Religion Swami Kriyananda $14.95; Member Price: $11.96

“Live Long and Prosper”
May the Infinite Light Rain Blessings on You now

Praying and Affirming for a Job
By Mary Kretzmann, Director, Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry
We receive prayer requests for every type of human need, physical, mental and spiritual. Over the years, we have received a fair number or requests regarding the need for employment. While this need for “right livelihood” and prosperity and has been an ongoing human need throughout history, we can see patterns in the ebb and flow of the prayer requests regarding this topic over the last 20 years in the ministry. Since so many jobs have been lost recently, I offer this for those all looking for work now. In prosperous times, we would get a few prayer requests for jobs because people wanted to realize a higher potential in their career or income. I would normally counsel them on how to apply their own energy and divine will power, using positive thinking, and the affirmations as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda. I then put them on the prayer list for general blessings in body, mind and, soul. I did not want to emphasize the material needs of those prayer requests in prosperous times, when we already had so many pressing needs on the list, such as severe illnesses. I saw an increase in prayer requests for jobs once the baby boomers hit their 50’s, right when so many of the US jobs were being outsourced. Suddenly many people who were well educated were out of a job. They hadn’t planned on this. For some reason, most of them were men, and they were now dependent on their wives for financial support, should they be so lucky. Others moved in with Mom. This represented a true human need for material survival, as well as for marital and family harmony. I realized these people needed extra support. There was a common thought that men in their 50’s, once out of work, were nearly unemployable, and would not find work again, and certainly not a “good” job. Well, luckily, it was not my job to fix the nation; my task was simply to do my best for those who asked for our help and prayers. Sometimes they would come to me after they had been out of work for months, or even more than a year. So, my first question was always, “Are you serious about this? Do you really want a job?” I needed to know if they were done with the “plus side” of being unemployed. You know – the days off, and the thought/dream/fantasy that anything could happen, including a great new job offer that comes in from left field, like a total gift from above. People need that phase, really. They just don’t need it to go on forever, because being unemployed begins to take on it’s own reality, such as in more casual dressing, later breakfasts, no shoes, etc. This is death to the job search. So, what follows is my process of how I have guided people, while we also pray for them. Those who followed this whole plan with gusto usually had a job in about 2 weeks. Yes – 2 weeks! Get started…

Next: See ‘Mary Kretzmann’s job search plan’ on the next page. Print it out, and use it!


Do you really want a job? Are you willing to follow through, and do my plan? It is important to get this agreement right from the start. This is partly to save my breath, but also to eliminate the ‘a la carte’ or “pick and choose” mentality. Since “their way” has not worked, I need to see if they are willing to apply full positive energy in new direction that is bound to bring them many benefits. My question assumes they trust me, which they do. (That is why they called.) If they say ‘yes,’ (which they all do) then we proceed to: 2. What kind of job? What are your best bets? If that field seems blocked, or glutted, we will still work and affirm for it, but I will also ask: 3. Is there any training or certification that you can acquire in a relatively short amount of time that will enhance your chances and value in your chosen field? And I will also ask: 4. What is your second best option, and how can we can we make it better? (Sometimes, especially once a person is in his 50’s, we must cultivate the concept of flexible practicality. Paramhansa Yogananda said that most people, once they hit age 40, become “psychological antiques.” This negative quality is also death to the job search, so, be flexible and try to look at things in a fresh way. 5. What time did you normally get up, have breakfast, and leave for work? 6. Okay – that is your new schedule. Vacation is over. Be dressed and ready for work. This helps gets your vibration in tune with employment. (Note, this can be adjusted, if necessary, to a generic Monday to Friday, 9-5 model. But that means – ready to be at work from 9-5 – dressed, fed and ready to go. It would also mean a commute time…Work with this idea. It is there to help YOU. 7. How would you dress each day for your preferred job? Suit? Khakis and shirt with tie, or no tie? What kind of shoes? (For women, I ask the same questions, but geared to female clothing). Once this has been discussed I say: 8. You will now dress for your preferred work each day…including shoes. If you normally pad around the house barefoot, too bad: You don’t now. You are “at work.” If you are barefoot indoors for spiritual or cultural reasons, then buy yourself a brand new pair of work shoes, and wear them indoors only, as “clean” shoes. Once you have a job, you can then use them as regular work shoes. For now, please do not use slippers for this purpose, or any form of shoes you would not wear at your preferred job, because: 9. Studies have been done regarding shoes/no shoes. This involved telemarketers who worked from home. People could tell, simply from their voice, etc. whether or not they were wearing shoes. So, think what this does to your work vibe when you call for an interview, or even worse, do a phone interview for a job! The employer might not think –“Oh he’s not wearing shoes,” but, rather, “He seems dreamy or not very serious, or like he doesn’t really want this job.” 10.Positive thinking: memorize the Material Success Affirmation by Paramhansa Yogananda (enclosed). Memorize it line by line, if you have to. This embeds it into your subconscious where it can do battle with your negative and discouraged thought patterns. It is very powerful to do this right before bed, and right when you

wake up. That really gets it into your thought patterns. But – while you are looking for work, please also do it during the day. Your “work” now is to memorize it. Write it out, many times. Get the job done! 11. Read Money Magnetism, by J. Donald Walters. This will enhance your understanding and inner growth regarding all of these related issues of your positive things and how you might either attract, or repel, the job opportunities you want and need right now. You need all of your inner forces to work together positively right NOW. (This step is extra – the plan will work without it. But I recommend it for added understanding. It may make the difference in increasing your magnetism to get your absolute BEST job.) 12.You are now ready for your job search. Approach your job search like a job in itself. Make a to-do list, work at it, and take specified breaks, and then get back to “work.” Network with people, etc. 13.Write a brief, positive statement about finding work. Keep the statement in present tense. Not “I will find” but I am finding work now… You can add in a few specifics, but don’t be too rigid. Say your statement right before each phone call or interview, etc. Keep this one brief. It can even be a line from the big affirmation: Material Success Affirmation 14.Review questions 3 and 4. The emphasis should be on things that can be accomplished in a relatively short, focused and decisive manner. “Short” can mean anything from a few weeks to a program that takes a couple of months, or even a year. Interestingly, it is normally the willingness to retrain, or certify, that increases the person’s magnetism. I frequently see them get a job before they have had a chance to complete the program. But this gets them out of a discouraged rut. However, you still have to follow through on this…get started! 15.Improve your skills as part of your “work day.” If you have decided on some plan of improvement, then be definite about it. Make it a scheduled part of your 8 hour “work day.” This action creates magnetism for getting the right job. You need to be moving forward. This gets you OUT of the pack of psychological antiques. 16.Go clean your room…You’ve probably heard of feng shui. I won’t tell you to hang doo-dads. But if your place is a mess, or if the closets are too cluttered, then that is blocking the energy, too. Really. Fix it, as a scheduled part of your workday. I’m by no means perfect about this…but I have a job! You don’t! So get busy. If you are really challenged in this area, see 17.Finally, find some way to be of help to others. This is an important step, and it increases one’s spiritual magnetism and grace, or “good karma” if you like to use that term. You don’t want to do it to manipulate divine law, but rather to get in tune with divine law. Do something every day to be of help to others, without seeking payment. (Don’t refuse payment if it is offered, since you are looking for a job, after all.) Let them reciprocate in some way, but offer help without seeking the “fruits of your labor.” Keep your energy moving: Get off the couch and go help somebody! This generates positive energy and magnetism, which helps you get that special job, if you add it to the rest of the plan, above.

Secrets of Success
By J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda)

One thought a day to move you toward greater success in life
The secret of success is ...
1. enjoying, never bemoaning, whatever effort a work requires. 2. doing things not merely because they are popular, but because you deeply believe in them. 3. working with things as they are, not with the way you wish they were or think they ought to be. 4. non-attachment to results; doing your best at the moment, and letting the results take care of themselves. 5. enthusiasm! Without it, nothing worthwhile was ever achieved. 6. asking yourself always, not, “What do I want to see happen?” but rather, “What is trying to happen here?” 7. seeing your work primarily as a service to others, and not as a means of personal gain. 8. blaming no one when things go wrong, but doing whatever you can to improve matters. 9. being crystal clear as to your purpose and directions, and having the courage to act accordingly. What, specifically, do you want? Why do you want it? What further ends would it serve? Is it a worthwhile goal? Will it hurt anyone? (If so, abandon it.) Will it advance your long-range purposes? 10. welcoming as opportunities whatever obstacles confront you. 11. seeing every setback as a steppingstone to ultimate achievement. 12. developing your will power, by setting yourself increasingly difficult goals, and persevering until each of them has been achieved. 13. being more energy-oriented than goal-oriented; seeing life in terms of constant progress, not of pre-established ends. 14. daring to step outside the boundaries of conventional wisdom. 15. the ability to concentrate one-pointedly on whatever task you set yourself. 16. viewing every day as a fresh beginning, bright with promise, and never defining yourself in terms of past accomplishments.

17. not limiting your self-identity to present realities, but expanding it to include your highest potentials. 18. willingness to re-evaluate your first principles. 19. ensuring that the outcome of everything you do be harmonious, by acting always with a positive, harmonious attitude. 20. asking yourself in anything you do, not merely, “What would people like to have?” but, “What would I feel happy giving them?” 21. openness to the truth, no matter by whom it is uttered, and no matter how unwelcome or unpalatable. Have the courage of your convictions. Don’t listen to doubts, if they paralyze you to inaction. On the other hand, be open to the truth, from whatever source it comes. 22. a preference for the truth over mere opinion -- even if the opinion be your own. 23. consulting your inner feeling before making decisions; never doing a thing, whatever Reason tells you, unless your heart concurs. The heart is the seat of intuition, and intuition transcends reason as the sun outshines all the stars. 24. never making emotional decisions, but maintaining your heart’s feeling in a calm state of reason. 25. being solution-oriented, not problem-oriented, and having faith that, for every problem, an inherent solution exists. 26. being grateful for what you have, however little, and not resenting life for what it hasn’t given you…and you will find abundance where you least expected it. 27. not making excuses for yourself when things go wrong, but reflecting that God alone is infallible. 28. understanding that you are the final measure of everything you accomplish. For that work alone is noble which ennobles its creator. 29. meeting challenges by remaining calmly centered within, and seeking strength and guidance intuitively, in your inner Self. 30. attuning your limited, human will to the infinite divine will. 31. humility; realizing that pride is the death of wisdom, and the paralysis of every worthwhile endeavor.

Secrets of Prosperity
By J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda)

One thought a day to move you toward true prosperity in life
The secret of prosperity is...
1. contentment, not a bank account. 2. happiness, for a determination simply to be happy attracts prosperity. Happiness is, at the same time, the best definition of prosperity. 3. generosity, for by sharing with others the good that life gives us we open up the well-springs of abundance. 4. including the good of all in your own quest for abundance. 5. recognition of the part you play in the great Symphony of Life. For Life will sustain you, if you attune yourself to its harmonies. 6. working with, not against, life’s changing rhythms. Sometimes, failure itself is only a doorway to new definitions of prosperity. 7. looking behind the obstacles you face in life, to the opportunities they represent. 8. seeing failure as a corrective, not as a misfortune. Be an artist of life, striving ever to perfect your masterpiece. 9. to diversify: not your financial investments merely, as monetary counselors recommend, but – more importantly – your investments of energy. Cultivate fresh ideas, fresh interests, fresh relationships, fresh reasons for enjoying your life. 10. faith – in yourself; in others; in Life’s abundance. 11. to break the hypnosis of self-limitation. The heights that any man has attained can be attained again by others – by anyone, each in his own way – given enough time, dedication, and focused energy. 12. not to fritter energy away with trivial desires [and wishful thinking]. A leaky faucet, drop by drop, wastes many gallons. 13. finding pleasure in simplicity. 14. holding positive expectations, supported by a dynamic will. 15. recognizing that people can be your best investment. Be a true friend to all.

16. realizing that what you own is held by you in trust. Treat it responsibly. If you squander it, the trust will pass to another. 17. finding strength in yourself. Don’t wait for passing waves to propel you forward. Prosperity is a state of mind, primarily. Some people are more prosperous owning nothing than others with millions of dollars. 18. realizing that one cannot truly prosper by the diminishment of others. Bless everyone. An expansion of self-identity is a mark of prosperity, and also a condition for its attainment. 19. extending a willing hand to the needy; helping them, above all, to help themselves. Never help others without giving them an opportunity to reciprocate in some way. 20. common sense: Don’t depend on luck, but on a realistic assessment of whatever situation you face. Only in practical stages can you transform “improbables” into realities. 21. to remember: The higher the mountain, the harder the effort needed to conquer it. Success is not for the weak-hearted. It is for those who never rest until they attain their ideals. 22. the willingness to sacrifice non-essentials for essentials. 23. to live in the present: not in past attainments, nor in future victories. 24. the patience to adjust action to reality. In every setback, try to understand what life is trying to teach you. 25. envying no one. View others’ successes and failures empathetically, as your own. 26. inventiveness; success in any field demands the creative outlook of an artist. The achievement of true prosperity, indeed, is an art.] 27. to feed it daily with fresh, new ideas – lest, like a still pond, it stagnate. 28. to use it for the good of all, and not to hoard it selfishly, lest you stagnate. 29. a sense of proportion. Beware of obsessions: They are an ever-narrowing pathway. 30. to make time for singing. What, after all, is prosperity, if in striving for it one lose his capacity for song and laughter? 31. remembering that the less importance you claim for yourself, the more importance you will acquire in the eyes of others. Their friendship will become, in time, your greatest asset.

Money Magnetism, By Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters) Techniques and keys for attracting the power and success that everyone seeks in life…It is a book about money, but also about a great deal more. Its larger purpose is to help you attract whatever you need in life, when you need it.

The Art of Supportive Leadership By Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters) A Practical Guide for People in Positions of Responsibility

30-Day Essentials for Career, By Jyotish Novak Discover the essentials of a satisfying career in just thirty days—one thought for each day of the month. Find, build, and sustain a successful career.

Secrets of Leadership, Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)
A seed thought for every day of the month to develop true leadership qualities

Praying and Affirming for a Job, by Mary Kretzmann (freestanding article)
“Thou Art With Me” By Mary Kretzmann…Read it - and then go back and click on the links – it is a storehouse of instructions and blessings. Psalm 23 in the Chakras, Psalm 91, The Jesus Prayer Meditation, by Mary Kretzmann; The Beatitudes, by Swami Kriyananda, Spiritual Interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer by Paramhansa Yogananda, and more…

Life's Little Secrets - For Children, by J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda) Seed thoughts to guide your child toward true happiness and success in life

Prayer-Demands for Children, By Paramhansa Yogananda

“When Does the Soul Enter the Body?” By Mary Kretzmann

Finding God…in Your Family, By Mary Kretzmann
Helping your child find the light within…

“Healing With Divine Energy” Seminars, with Mary Kretzmann
Meditation Supplies: From our family to you, with love:

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