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Synopsis Of The Reference Books BUILDING A STRONG BRANDS BY DAVID A.

AAKER A current corporate world is turning more and more dynamic day by day. in order to survive the business in the market the business should posses a strong brand. in book the cases of Saturn, General Electric, Kodak, Healthy Choice, McDonald's, and others to show how strong brands have been created and managed. a manager have to discover the what value dose it brand possess it is an very crucial asset in the current market to gain the advantages over the other business a book focus on the how can a strong brand can be built in the market by introducing the brand-asperson, brand-as-organization, and brand-as-symbol perspectives. Brand identity (the brand image that brand strategists aspire to create or maintain) and brand position (that part of the brand identity that is to be actively communicated) play a key role in growing the brand & managing it. Generally we ignore the fact that brands are the part of larger system consisting of sub brands in books it is shown that how to manage brand in the changing environment to Ancash the brand into new markets and products Strategic Brand Management By Keller (1) Brand is about creating a different image of the product from the rest in the market and efforts to maintain and sustain the product through product development and marketing strategies. (2) Customer Based Brand Equity deals with the consumers response towards the product brand according to the needs and desires met. (3) The element related to the product that can be used to differentiate the product and really defines the product. (4) Brand positioning includes companys proposal to the target consumers in unique way to create value for the product. (5) Marketing strategies and related programs in order to build a brand in the existing or a completely new market. (6) Integration of different modes of communication to the consumer in order to create awareness for the product and also build a brand that is valued and different from rest of the competitors. (7) Leveraging secondary brands helps the organizations to grab opportunity that existing brand provides with new brand association. (8) It is used to measure the performance of a product with respect to brand equity and assess the situation through marketing research and development. (9) Measurement of Brand equity through the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the product. (10)Effects of marketing and promotions of product and its performance in order to become a brand in the market. (11)Designing and implementing of different marketing strategies and programs in order to create brand value to a new or an existing product.

(12)Brand always allows the company to diversify their approach towards new market and attract existing consumers towards them. (13)Consistent development on product and marketing programs in order to sustain the awareness of the product and brand in the mind of the consumer. (14)Different approach of marketing of a product in order to create a brand which differs according to geographical landscapes and market segments of the consumer. (15)Summary regarding to brand building and brand management.