CF-35 Lightning II

Canada’s Next Generation Fighter

Defining the Future

The F-35 Lightning II brings together stealth, agility, and lethality to deliver 5th generation capabilities to Canada and its allies for decades to come.

Tomorrow’s Air Defence a Reality Today Innovative Production, Unparalleled Performance
The F-35’s common manufacturing processes and parts and advanced digital design tools and assembly methods help achieve goals of affordability, quality, and production efficiency.


As an F-35 Partner, Canada Shapes and Influences Future Capabilities
The F-35 Is a Maturing, Proven Design and Available Now
• More than 75 aircraft flying today • More than 50 aircraft delivered • More than 4,000 flights • More than 6,500 flying hours • F-35 operating at – Edwards AFB – Patuxent NAS – Nellis AFB – Yuma MCAS – Eglin AFB

235 Delivered / On Order
Completed SDD (19 A/C) Lot 1 (2 A/C) Lot 2 (12 A/C) Lot 3 (17 A/C) Lot 4 (32 A/C) Lot 5 (32 A/C) Lot 6 (36 A/C) Lot 7 (37 A/C) Lot 8 (48 A/C) In Assembly On Order

F-35A CTOL Price
250 200 Aircraft Quantity 150 100 50 0
2007 Lot 1 2008 Lot 2 2009 Lot 3 2010 Lot 4 2011 Lot 5 2012 Lot 6 2013 Lot 7 2014 Lot 8



SAR 2011 CTOL With Engine FY12$

$200 $150 $100
Aircraft Price With Engine $75M (FY12$)


2015 2016 Lot 9 Lot 10 2017 2018 2019 2020 Lot 11 Lot 12 Lot 13 Lot 14 2021 Lot 15

“F-35 unit recurring flyaway costs have been going down with each successive lot of aircraft. Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney have track records for delivering the airframe and engine below government SAR estimates and we expect this trend to continue in the future.” – Joint Strike Fighter Program Office

F-35 Designed for 30+ Years of Capability Growth

Average Aircraft Price FY12$M

50% Decrease in Cost From Lot 1 to Lot 5


F-35’s Stealth Design Provides Unmatched Capability
F-35 Significantly Improves Effectiveness
Air-to-Air Relative Area Searched per Sortie Relative Loss Exchange Ratio Surveillance Targets Reached With No Exposure Air Defence Survivability

1 Advanced 4th Gen F-35

1 Advanced 4th Gen F-35

1 Advanced 4th Gen Strike F-35

Electronic Attack Relative Major Surface Combatants Engaged Relative Power at Threat


1 Advanced 4th Gen F-35

1 Advanced 4th Gen F-35

Relative Kills 1 Advanced 4th Gen F-35

Protecting Canada
• Greater than 700 nm mission radius in both air-to-air and air-tosurface low observable combat configurations • Over 18,500 pounds of internal fuel capacity • Over 18,000 pounds of ordnance capability (internal/external) • Internally built-in and integrated CNI, RWR, RF, IR, and EO sensors

Decisive Operational Advantage
Embedded, networkenabled capability allows information gathered by F-35 sensors to be shared with commanders at sea, in the air, or on the ground.





Standoff ISR Maritime Surveillance and Patrol


k-1 6

Multi-Spectral Sensing/ Electronic Attack Launch Detection Close Air Support

Battlefield Management

The F-35’s shape, embedded antennas, aligned edges, internal weapons and fuel, and special coatings all contribute to Very Low Observable (VLO) stealth.

Providing Canada Unparalleled Interoperability

Supports All Canadian Missions
• Maritime surveillance and patrol • Protection of natural resources • Air interdiction • Net-enabled for participation in expeditionary missions • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

Superior Interoperability

• Common capabilities • Common infrastructure • Increased and logistics capability in defence of Canada • Common net-enabled operations • Increased Canadian joint training and • Secure multinational exercises information exchange • Increased Canadian • Interoperable with capability with legacy systems, NATO and weapons, and other NORAD allies defence networks

Strengthened Security Alliances

Joint Force Multiplier and Enabler

F-35 Partnership Provides More Than 30 Years of Industrial Benefits
Industrial Benefits
As the F-35 transitions into full-rate production, opportunities for Canadian industry will evolve and endure throughout the life cycle of the F-35 program. Canadian industry has the opportunity to produce and sustain components and systems to a fleet that is expected to grow to more than 3,000 aircraft.
CV Wing Fold Actuation System Northstar CV Outboard Wing and Machining Avcorp Outer Fuselage Panels Composites Atlantic Center Fuselage Composite Parts Composites Atlantic Wing/Aft Major Bulkhead Asco Aerospace

CTOL Horizontal Tail Magellan-Bristol

Electro-Hydraulic Actuation System Components Ben Machine

Power and Thermal Management System Controller Honeywell Engines Systems & Services

Machined Parts Centra, Magellan, Héroux-Devtek

External Lighting Printed Circuit Board ITL Inlet Lip Castings Howmet – Laval

Circuit Cards FTG

Engine and Off-Aircraft Industry Partners Advanced Integration Pratt & Whitney Technology (AIT) FAG NGRAIN Magellan Handling Specialty Montreal Carbide Nikon Metrology PWC MXI Technologies Univ. Quebec – AMIL Nav-Aids CaseBank Technologies

Cross Manufacturing Celestica Curtiss-Wright Samuel Novatronics Excel Precision Machining Alcoa Forged and Cast Products

Howmet – Laval MDS Kennametal Stellite GasTOPS Mindready Solutions Xantrex

More Than $450M Contracted Today and $10B in Opportunities

F-35 Supports Canada’s Mission Requirements
F-35 Canada Program
Year 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2036 2037 Ongoing F-35 Production Block 3 Software Complete Canada Aircraft Production Canadian Deliveries First Canadian Delivery Pilot/MX Training

F-35 Cumulative Production Deliveries 132 175 238 343 509 690 913

Operations in Canada 3,117 3,197

The F-35 is ready to support Canada’s 2020 Next Generation fighter requirements with first aircraft delivery in 2017.

Electro-Optical Targeting System Components 5N Plus

F-35 Delivery Growth vs. 4th Gen Decline
4th Gen A 4th Gen B 4th Gen C 4th Gen D 150

Radar SingleBoard Computer Dy4 Systems

Capacity for New Foreign Military Sales Customers


F-35 Production – U.S. and Partners

Electro-Optical Targeting System Connectors Amphenol

0 2012














Enduring Opportunities for Canadian Industry


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