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C4C Photoshop Poster-2013 Guidelines


1. You may choose one of the below mentioned themes for the Everest Photoshop Poster contest. Each entry should be based only on one of these 3 themes. a. Volunteer at least once a month (12/365) b. One can make a difference c. Age is no bar for social service The competition is open to all Indians of all age groups. There is no entry/registration fee; participation in the contest is absolutely FREE of cost. Each participant can send a maximum of 5 entries. The size of posters should be A3 size (12×17 inches ) Posters can be designed in portrait or landscape mode. The resolution of the poster should be a minimum of 300 DPI. Submissions should not have any visible watermarks, signatures, or personally identifiable information such as name or email address 9. Entries should be original and should not violate any copyright laws. 10. Your entry should not have won any award earlier. 11. Avoid foul language or crude humor. Any such entries will be disqualified. 12. Last date for submission of entries is September 15, 2013. 13. Results will be announced on October 2, 2013 in commemoration with the Everest’s 7th anniversary celebrations which is also the start of “Joy of Giving” week. 14. Team Everest reserves the right to use your entry for promoting volunteerism. 15. Team Everest reserves the right to accept or reject any entry without giving any reason whatsoever. 16. Decision of the Team Everest jury shall be final and binding upon all parties. 17. Participation in the contest implies acceptance of the all mentioned rules and regulations. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Entries that qualify for the contest will be shared on our Facebook page DETAILS ON PRIZE MONEY:  The prize money will be directly spent on Education related social . please write to info@contestforacause. to be part of C4C www.everestserveindia. 4. All submissions should be made only through this website.contestforacause. www. For any queries. The number of likes your entry gets in C4C page will only be considered for ‘Likes’ fund. Everest is a voluntary group to help the needy with its primary focus on promoting volunteerism. email submissions will not be accepted. The winners can choose a cause of their choice from this list to sponsor their C4C prize money. the judgment does not depend on the number of likes your entry receives.000 and this amount will be shared to all 4 th and 5th prize winners of all the contests.  Prize money details are as follows: 1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize 4th and 5th prize INR 50.HOW TO PARTICIPATE? 1. 7. “Team Everest”.000 INR 30. All the very best to all the participants! This contest is organized by an NGO.teameverestindia. 3.000 INR 20. Register in www. However. Original source File need to be submitted if requested. Read ‘Details on Prize money’ section for more details. Entries may be submitted in JPEG or GIF format and should be less than 5 MB per image. Upload the Poster using the Team Everest account you have created. Team Everest will choose various social causes across India. 000 Depends on the ‘Likes’ Fund  Likes fund = Sum of no of Likes received by all entries for all contests in C4C * Rs 10. Share your entry from C4C FB page among your friends to get maximum likes. Maximum cap for ‘Like’ Fund = Rs 2.