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Top: DS VS Weaver -Weaver will get good farm cause it's his safe lane and DS will be permanently

pushing. -DS will get good farm, probably more or less equal to weaver -Weaver is hard carry so he'll get exponentially more benefit from the gold relative to DS

=Come off slightly worse than them as it's better having hard carry with farm than DS.

Mid: DK vs Nyx -Pretty solid vs Nyx, might lack rune control, but DK should come out ahead on farm. -Means other lanes will be ganged by Nyx

Bot: Alch/Naga/Disruptor vs Lifestealer/Warlock/Silencer -Double melee lane, so harassing will be difficult -They came off slightly ahead with the weaver farming top, so our safe lane should come off ahead of theirs to account for that. -Alch pick, you really want uninterrupted free farm for him for greevils etc. Therefore in 3v3 tri lane you want MORE aggressive lane than them -The double melee picks made that hard. -In 3v3 tri lanes you cant stack and pull jungle and have your supports farming there. You need to have lane presence to make sure your carry is farming better than theirs. You should only stack and pull to get your lane back to your tower or after youve killed one or two of them. -Since it was our safe lane, alch should have had way more farm than their life stealer.

@10mins: Alch 19/0 vs Lifestealer 46/11 DS 46/0 vs Weaver 42/6 DK 40/2 vs Nyx 32/0 (+3 kills)

The picks relied on solidly winning bot lane so that Nyx wouldn't really be able to gang effectively and so that their life stealer would be under farmed (Although they would have weaver to make up for it.)

@20mins: Alch 47/1 vs 92/15 DS 80/0 vs 103/7 DK 80/2 vs Nyx 38/0

Alch couldnt farm anywhere consistently after bot tower dropped and we were always slightly behind them for the rest of the game. Alch vs lifestealer -Lifestealer probably comes off ahead as alch has a high HP pool and low armour -Lifestealers weakness is also low armour, but we had nothing to exploit that. Desolator or Medallion on DK would have been good. -Maelstrom probably wasnt the best first item, as LS has magic immune shadowblade would have been better. Or even Medallion for the armour bonus early (only activate when LS is locked down) and then basher or whatever else after.

Conclusion: Having DK mid meant that bot lane wouldnt really have much help if they needed it, as Nyx would probably have rune control. We had a less aggressive lane than them so their life stealer farmed better, where we needed our carry to have the better farm. So if we relied on having those heroes in the bot lane for future team fight potential and sacrificed lane presence for it we needed a mid hero that could control the runes and help win the bot lane. What ended up happening was; they had more farm on their carries, which we were able to hold off and keep the kills relatively equal up until like 40 minutes, but after that the carries were too strong to deal with.

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