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Equipping Youth Through Bible and Guitar Study

The Amazing Grace Bible & Guitar Study gave me encouragement to stay in school and in church. It taught me that the Lord is always there for me.
Michelle Kirk, 16 year-old member Bible Navajo Missions Wildcat Christian School

Sure, I used to pray at night when I was selling drugs, but I had no faith. I had no relationship with Christ until I started this Bible Study.

This program opened my eyes to a relationship with Christ. I have more patience now, I pray when I get frustrated, Im becoming more of a peacemaker.

I was excited about learning to play the guitar and the lessons were fun! The Bible Study has given me ways to handle life, to put up my defenses, so I can stay away from the things I need to stay away from now.

Equipping Youth Through Bible and Guitar Study

The Amazing Grace Bible & Guitar Study program has two goals: to equip at-risk young people with the tools to grow in their relationship with Christ and to teach them to play the guitar.
Noteworthy Ministries Target Audiences Noteworthy Ministries, founded in 1998, under the umbrella ministry The Medley Group, works with at-risk teens ages 12 to 19, living in disadvantaged and at-risk environments.

Initially, Noteworthy offered the Amazing Grace Bible & Guitar Study locally, in North Texas. Since 2000, however, it has expanded to New Mexico, where 27% of the young people participating live on reservations and 38% are full-blooded Native American Indians. Scope and Organization Noteworthy Ministries now reaches more than 100 young people per year, with two full-time staff members, one part-time administrative assistant and several volunteer instructors. An experienced and dedicated group of men and women serves as Board of Directors, overseeing its strategic plan for growth and wise stewardship of its funding.

Changing Young Lives.

Noteworthy Ministries changes young lives. Working with kids ages 12 to 19 who live in disadvantaged and at-risk environments, Noteworthy Ministries equips them with the kind of life-changing tools that can make a meaningful, long-lasting difference in their difficult lives. The Amazing Grace Bible & Guitar Study offers these young people positive, practical tools and skills, planting seeds of hope, self-respect, and maturity. By working weekly alongside troubled teens in small, interactive groups, this free, three- and five-month discipleship program is comprised of a 45-minute Bible study followed by a 45-minute guitar lesson. Upon completion of the program, participants are given a guitar of their own to keep. With a Bible, guitar and attentive instruction, boys and girls soon demonstrate a better understanding of Gods word along with the excitement of musical expression and the feeling of personal accomplishment. Noteworthy Ministries nourishes young souls by helping them answer the age-old questions, Who am I? Am I loved? and Where do I fit in? Noteworthy Ministries changes young lives from the inside out. You can too. Help change young lives: send your tax-deductible donation today. As Governor of Texas, President George W. Bush wrote to Noteworthy Ministries,I commend your commitment to bringing the ministry of God to the young men at the Gainesville State School. With a strong spiritual influence in their lives, they may make the right choices in the future and become productive, responsible citizens of our state.

Program and Program Services The signature discipleship program, The Amazing Grace Bible & Guitar Study, provides participants with guitars, study materials, Bibles, and instruction all free of charge. Upon completion of the program, the young people are awarded a guitar of their own to keep. Programs are limited to a maximum of 12 students per class, and have two instructors, to enable individual teaching and ministering.

Funding Noteworthy Ministries programs, materials and overhead costs are funded entirely by tax-deductible and in-kind donations. The President and the Director of New Mexico progams were compensated for the first time in 2003, raising their own salaries apart from Ministry costs. Blueprint for Growth Noteworthy Ministries is growing, serving more kids and changing more lives every day. Our goal is to double the number of young people we reach each year, for the next several years. To more efficiently and cost-effectively

handle the increasing number of programs being requested, we are enlisting the help of sponsor churches, who will host and conduct The Amazing Grace Bible & Guitar Study and provide a naturally supportive environment for graduates as they continue to mature in Christ. You Can Change Lives Too Your financial support is vital. Help us change more young lives: send your tax-deductible contribution today. For more information, please call us at (972) 874-1128 or visit on on the Web at

Noteworthy Ministries is a non-profit, 501(c)3 ministry headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas, between Dallas and Ft. Worth.

Noteworthy Ministries 8021 Morriss Rd. Suite 114 Flower Mound, TX 75028 Phone & Fax 972-874-1128
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