Notes on Euripides' "Bacchae" Author(s): W. J. Verdenius Source: Mnemosyne, Fourth Series, Vol. 15, Fasc. 4 (1962), pp.

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W. 8: ????. Maia later Prom.


C. Prato, The MSS. reading d??? te should be accepted. from the most of them 9 (1957), ?-19, discusses 19 passages, in first foot. occur than the elsewhere where plays, anapaests deviations from the rule are to be found (e.g. Phil. 491). in Aeschylus (e.g. For more examples cf. (similarly in apposition unexpressed. with (e.g. now read


680) and Sophocles C. Prato, St. It. 33 (1961), 9: ??pw. Dodds:''stands

101-113. in apposition

to the sentence"

on 1232 ????). It is more correct to the internal of ??sa? object Cf. Wilamowitz on H.F. 59. 20:

to say that it stands which has been left

Dodds' former explication p??t?? p??t??. (connecting because in such cases is and ???e?sa? improbable, ?atast?sa?) is close to the participle. Dodds is Arist. Nub. 1171) p??t?? of 20 after 22 and to inclined to accept Pierson's transposition

is "on Greek ????a (Chr. Pat.) in place of p????. But if the meaning we expect p??t?? soil my first convert was Thebes", (cf. 23 p??ta?). order of the lines, reading I therefore prefer keeping the transmitted * The critical remarks included in these notes are intended as a review ) of three recent editions, viz., E. R. Dodds, Euripides Bacchae. Edited with Introduction and Commentary. Second ed., Oxford, Clarendon Press, i960, LIX, 253 p., Pr. sh. 21/-; A. Tovar, Euripides Tragedias. II: Las Bacantes en H?cuba de H?cuba. Texto revidaso y traducido (con la colaboraci?n H. Gr?goire, Euripide, les R. P. Binda). Barcelona, Alma Mater, i960; Bacchantes. Texte ?tabli et traduit (avec le concours de J. Meunier) (Coll. Bud?). Paris, "Les Belles Lettres", 1961. Pr. NF 7.50. These works are quoted by author's name only. I have further used the following abbreviations: L.Sc. = Liddell- Scott -Stuart Jones, A Greek English Lexicon-, K.G.= K?hner-Gerth, GriechischeGrammatik, Satzlehre ;Schw. ==Schwyzer,Griechische Grammatik; Denn. = Denniston, Greek Particles; W.I. = R. P. WinningtonIngram, Euripides and Dionysus (Cambridge 1948). For the sake of completeness I have mentioned the most important divergencies of reading or even when I was unable to offer a new suggestion. interpretation, 15 Mnemosyne, XV

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who refers to 167 s?ft??as?. force of ??? does not 471 ff. 64-67. 453.338 t??e? (Gr?goire NOTES ON EURIPIDES' BACCHAE reads ???e? but does not render time". J. 53) wrongly use of ???e?a is attested prepositional by inscriptions from the 6th century on (Meisterhans-Schwyzer. Roux. 68: t?? ?e???????. comprendre du public". etc. 67-69. 224 (on 69 (1962). I prefer 66: p????. It is brought punishment 31: ??e?a????t?. 349. does R. Gramm. and R. 216 n. att. 1730).E. 92 b 6). with sition doux to the effort" unexpressed internal See further (Gr?goire). The to Gr?goire the preposition denotes is missing in ??a???? and ??e????a?.8. 219 ????e??. commodi. Dodds: "'those same sisters': their allegation that a?t??. p??t?? by "for the first adopts Wecklein's (here and 47. 1238).E.G. ?a?) and ????a. force. the meaning Accordingly "publicly". Mnemos. mais aussi un sens stresses to call it a dat. of e? is "aloud". Has explanatory Plato Phd. and argues that "????? rituelle. Kannicht.. Roux.194. and that This content downloaded from 129. but an appo????? (Dodds) of verb: this object "j'accours.G. 96. 75 (1962). According But the idea of excess excess.73 on Sun. rightly refer to the houses of the Thebans il faut le choeur d?clare descriptif: lorsque le fait r?ellement sous les qu'il yeux an interroputting that Gr?goire's suggestion. 43: te ?a?. In this piece a pause before the last iambus precedes a vocative (251. Dodds' objections after t?? are fully justified. 75 (1962). gation-mark d?a (6?) refers to the future. 32: Semele was punished on themselves". Dodds: "??d??? ??? prepares us for a ?e??e?? d?. dat. Cf. 308. ???e?a. Tro. But ??? ??? is a formula of transition (Denn. however. Not an internal ace. which is. replaced by d? (45)".) in which the prospective 43: refer to a special word. J. d. Inschr. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . to Dodds the 1958. R. a?t?? with pa? t? ???? sp???a simpler to contrast (35)? 35? Dodds is right in putting a comma after sp???a. 30: e??e?a. Similarly translating Gymn. that argues ???a??a does not against but to the palace.) or has another emphatic effect (963. Gr?goire 52: ?a???s? st?at???t??. 307 p?d??ta. n'a pas seulement une valeur "?????". According "the physical act of leading". not carry conviction.. much ???.

1515 ? ???ta? ?? ???d??? and Horn. Accordingly. Phoen. ?. MSS. Hipp. 113-4: ??f? of the violent . 11.". have the "abode". the first cent. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . 32 ????? (Olympia). a defining for the word stand hardly seems to be adj. but de?p??? e??e?. but Dodds Gr?goire rightly keeps ????t??f??. 102: ????t??f??. has three terminations consistent elsewhere "for the in Eur. 35 n. Gr?goire takes ??????? to be a dat. however. Gr?goire: But even in Homer the context never suggests a connection with ?????. of purpose: But ta ????a used in this sense is not found sake of child-birth". "o? les choeurs sont bien au large".I.73 on Sun. W. (cf. 87: e?????????. Similarly Pind. (and 115) in your handling Gr?goire: pieusement"). . 7. that 115: edt' a?. Aesch. L. . may meaning ?p? ???. way pour l'endroit ils se trouvent (the procession)" se rassembler dans / ??t?p??? This interpretation is supported te d???? ?pae??ete. 773. . Ven. Se. 820 ????t??f?? are implicitly contrasted a forewith the tame snakes of Asclepius. (similarly "portez "Make But ?s??? means "to make holy". keeps V 5. 18 '?s?a? e????????. H. Tovar this is impossible. 807 ?a? ???a???.D. 264. the of in Hellenistic of learning shadowing display poetry. ??????? here is hardly 95: ?a???a??. 44 ??f? dst??.194. "If ?a???a?? is right. IL The Besides. The adj. in calling this line Dodds 112: hesitates p???????. 0. ?a???a?? A. For ??f?= thyrsus "engaged C I 6. on" cf. could ?a??????? 624 ???a??? 561 '????p?? Similarly ?a?????? should not be altered. Dodds: with ????a?? 89.8.". Xen. before without right. Eur. 741. ?s???s?e. Bacch. but cf. I do not believe. . this conjecture Phoen. remarks that ???a? needs a modification. cryptic no: ? ???ta?. Pers. . on beasts" Paley seems to be right in taking it to mean "feeding The wild snakes of Dionysus d?????t??). that the word is "hardly more than a poetic variant for ?????d?".67-68 e?fa?e?t'. ?.NOTES ON EURIPIDES ?st? does not mean o? "make BACCHAE for 339 but l'or- ??t?p?? "quitter chestra". and rightly argues L.F. Cyr. wands" Dodds: "Be reverent mentioning Gr?goire prints ? '? ???ta? (without in his critical Dodds refers to rightly apparatus). by fr.Sc. Cf. "purify". a glyc. Gr?goire This content downloaded from 129. ?a?????? reading of Cf.. 1 : "the use of the yourselves holy by handling is part of what makes the Bacchanal ?s???".

. ce que fait et ?prouve le bacchant. 293-4. leur propre surexcitation . For the 759. leur donne la vision d'un dieu tombant sur le sol". reads dde pes?? t'). Meteor. For Zeus ???t?? cf. something perfectly suggest that "the mystic number three familiar" Paley suggested (Dodds). was typified by triple cap Eum. also Pind. exclamation comma makes a rather abrupt the phrase But such as an after e?a????.340 123: t???????e?. cette exp?rience Dodds suggests that e?a???? may be 141: ? d' e?a???? ???????. qui ? d' la fin avec constate un on ?d????a ??a rapport frappant ?d??. Rightly kept by Gr?goire. ?ap???. 192-3. the "welcome" joy in the god's epiphaworshippers' ("expressing "well pleasing" ny"). 22 ???? ?ap???. 374 a 25 ?????? ap? t?? op.. 194. 26. Kamerbeek. with the god. op.8. d? a? ?? ???es??. Or. that "tout le contexte d?crit de l'?pode Gr?goire objects (165)". . cit.73 on Sun. d? 1953. Dodds rightly took ?d?? to mean dta?. sacred three on Crete cf. 340. reads dd' e?a???? ???????.G. 244. I. convincingly ?????a. de ibid. 144? S???a? who refers to Arist. alien Dobree's ??a de ?????a. derniers non ce dont se r?jouit le dieu". and Suppl. . taking ??????? clause cf. something NOTES ON EURIPIDES Not BACCHAE for "the epithet should simply=t????f??. He is now inclined to adopt Dover's suggestion Mnemos. cit. and ?. 192. . not and remote. But there are no evident the celebrant priest identified parallels for this idea (in 115 Dodds himself reads e?t' a?). dta?. quand elles se laissent tomber sur le sol. P. I prefer to put a impression.194. But to read Kamerbeek. For ? d? referring to the subject of the preceding ? d? pes?? ?? de?????? ?e?ta? (where 35 ??se? / t????? '???st??. : "ce dieu-l? est en r?alit? l'hypostase But cf. but ??????a must be the object of ???asa?. Kamerbeek. f????? ap??????sa. Fraenkel on Ag. 1387. 134: ?d?? ?? ??es??. La civilisation ?geenne. Cf. dta? is awkward. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . Tovar follows Murray in adopting defends but Dodds d' ???. unnecessarily Chapouthier . Glotz. Aesch. . of as an epexegetic definition This content downloaded from 129. Kamerbeek. a or mitre". Gr?goire reads ?d? ?'. Cf. 657-8. 1. Cho. a?. taking "voici Bromios an exclamation: qui m?ne la danse". but d? a? . (to the god) and of ?d??: "apr?s must be the subject argues that Dionysus rightly les c'est le seul sujet mots de l'antistrophe qui pr?c?de si et bien la de cet entend soit l'on naturel signification puis. Gr?goire ?a??e?a au souffle des leurs transports "mariant translates plus doux 126: fl?tes".

is rightly kept by Gr?151 : in e??s?as??. t??t?. Roux.A. 848-9 ?????? p?t' ?? t??t??? ?e ?? s??pt???? ?t? / ?d??p???s??. 194) rightly is unnecessary.C. Gr?goire seems to be right in metrically this line as two dochmii this word with 144. as in 71 ?????s?? and 385 ?p??? ??f?ending anaclasis). right. 461. The addition 150: t??fe???.. Kamerbeek (op. I only prefer to take t???d' with the next line as a short pherecr. O. (where Dodds assumes The text of the MSS. 194) points out that the paeons reappear in 158 and 160.8. cit. but "causes movement". cit.G. 147 ??s??? ??? ??f? ??at? ???s?a? ???d??. des cris cries". of the ionic. 194) can hardly be could only be said of He- "It seems on the whole safer to return. of 155 to the t??pa?a. pride of Tmolus' ". 2 ed??? s?? p??????s? that gold objects are meant. goire. J. 397 ep? circumstances For ?p? denoting I do not believe that L. R. and ?. the dochm.. ???d?. another dochmius (cf.Sc. Andr. 303 ep? t??es??. ?a????? position getting preted ???d??at?.194. gold bells were attached Possibly transWilamowitz's to accept is inclined Dodds and 156: "it the rhythm (by improves But 155 may be intertogether)". cit. If we interpret (cf. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . cit.73 on Sun. Bili. I. 74 ???sF d? ?a?p???. 155". we may also take the next line in its transThe original reading mitted form (? ?a??e?? d' ????) as a dochmius. Dodds: ? to ???d?: Wilamowitz.G. But ???s????? suggests Cf. in 135 and 137). as a pherecr. himself) greatly lines the two glyconic (as is noted by Dodds This content downloaded from 129. ?. 144-5). 75 (1962). exprim?e 147: (proleptic) absolutely: Soph. Possibly of that the transposition remarks merbeek (op. for "ayant le feu en son pouvoir" phaestus. conwith the not be connected words should that these argues vincingly de ici ?? that line and l'instrument. with 154' ???da. of ? ???? p?? (adopted by Kamerbeek. cf.. op.) but "among de e???" (Kamerbeek. ??e????? if we accept a of te is unnecessary. ?p' e??s?as?? means "en vocif?rant the maenad loc. Ka148: d???? ?a? ??????.NOTES ON EURIPIDES BACCHAE 34I connecting 144: ???ta? ?. 70-71. object of ??sse?. l'origine "marque preceding as She the takes p?a??ta? l'action par le verbe ??sse?".E. ?? ???????? ??sse?. this verb is perhaps For the instrumental better taken use of ?? cf. ???pete.

and a?t?. for which The most obvious is there do not seem to be parallels. f??e? ???p?? (232 Page) pa????s??a? pa????e?. But even if a?????? could have the meaning of "individuThe point is not als". it does not yield a satisfactory interpretation. a??t?? surprisingly O. ?. Phoen. ap??t?? does not have a quantitative but a qualitative meaning. Cf. ?. as "sportive Wrongly translated 22 Cf. after comes pronoun But cf. e. 207: e'? ???. reading distinctions"). K. ?a? ?a? Eur. status. It is not to read ??d' ??s?f????es?a. that "Dionysiac was essentially but collective" worship (Dodds). 501 a ??d?? d?a?????sa???? no ("making absolutely Dodds is now inclined to accept the MSS.g. the Dodds: noun "the which redundant it resumes". defended 229~3?? Rightly by E. information. ?e??? / ??t' The pr?s. M ed.342 NOTES ON EURIPIDES BACCHAE strains". H. '?p?????. delle 89 (1961). that the god wants to be worshipped his whatever by anybody.8. 206 pa????ta ?et' ??a??t??s? ?e??s?. Plato Gorg. ?'?e?a? ?d? ?a??. 1243 ?????a 1285 p?f???a f???? ?' ??e?.73 on Sun. correction ??e??is better than ??d??'. Valgiglio. In other words. Gr?goire and Tovar keep both e?te and e?. ?. Soph. Paley rightly keeps ?ata????e?. Fil. 66?-?. 138. s?f????es?a. Not "a hint to the producer" but a 214: ?? ?pt??ta?.G.g. as in the present or as e. 209: d?a?????? d' ??d??. This information This content downloaded from 129. These often strike t???e??? f???a t???e??? f???' ???. d?' a??????. ses a greater confidence than the fut. by the person himself. 202: soon ?a? ta?ta t???. person. Aesch.G. by another as a compensation for the lack of facial expression. who observes: destinate 200: a guidare i tre tiasi Riv. I. As the masks worn by the actors prevented the their emotions. Ap. 269-70 a?t??? ??? ?????a? t??? ?? d??s?? e????a? ?. descriptions us as prosaic or even as gushing.194.Sc.R. Horn. necessary Cf. but they should be understood case. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . the poet added a descriptive public from recognizing may be given either. ?6 te t' Pind. by L. Ag. Stesich. 161 : pa???ata. 1292 dsa ???t??? for t??s? da???s? is a dat. i nomi "Penteo enuncia 196-7. incommodi. tre principesse See also Dodds. (Dodds) hint to the public. This (Gr?goire) Cf. sul Citerone (680)". expres207: ?ata?a?e?.

Similarly is a colloquialnaked genitive 264: t?? d?sse?e?a?. e. ? t??'.Q. Thuc. II. colloquial expressions. keep hold of" (L.C. ? d' ???e? ?p? t??t?to retain what is practically the reading pa???. 31 (1937). e??s??? Better Dodds: This (Dodds) is better ????? 239: st????. ??? is attractive". Dodds admits that "it is possible of L. Pers. Dodds: "The t?? ase?e?a?? and d?sse?e?a 270: ???se?. Not in the narrower Tro. . 373 a???? ?a??s?a?. identified but (Dodds) "La conversion formule himself "than sleep". but "refreshment". ??t?pa???.G. occurs Hel. alien so far as we can tell to any dignified or formal speech". little harsh". ?????.g. Not "than wine" 284: d'une mani?re do we know sp??deta?. d??sd?t? / ???e?. sense 224: ?a???da?. Dion.?? f??? Te??. of ?a????es?a? The meaning is "seize and ? 2). has explanatory that This content downloaded from 129. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . But Chr. But the addition of ???a (Med. .NOTES ON EURIPIDES BACCHAE of Bacchantes. 1051 ???a t?? ???? ?????) does not make mitting 182-91.194. . with Tiresias ? The use of that is a "the resulting asyndeton force. Plato Polit. . ? Se????? ??????" Cf. But e?s? ??? is impossible. "Norwood's ?????es?a Cf. 173. . A g. e??s??? and (Gr?goire) 236: ????p??. H. Gr?goire: ?clatante dans cette Eur. Gr?goire keeps ??as??.F. has Dodds suggests t?? ??s??e?a? difference. P. a fundamental went rather far in adEuripides Cf. Cf.73 on Sun. came to bring about a balance between Dodds objects dry and moist. ???????. Soph. .Sc. than ?'???pa? (Tovar). / d??? p?????te?. Dodds. but this asyndeton 344283: ???a.8. The same confusion of e?se?e?a "fort de 635 ??t???? ?????. 235*. ?39?_2 ?a????s?? (Gr?goire). Cf. Pat. where Cassandra is called ?a????. 383-4 483-4 ??f? . . O. 251: seeing" 262: "zumo" ????a??? ??a????a?. 2 e?? a?t?pa?a ?a??stas?a?. his translation of "only" cf. but son audace" is impossible. ?????. For the ellipse d? ????as?? d??f????. Aesch. C. "to become balanced". VII 13. Not (Tovar). 278: d? d' ???' epe?t. "liqueur" "liquid gleam" (Dodds). than e??s???? but 343 cf. 1021. ????? Not "je te renie" (Gr?goire) but "I shrink from ????? (Tovar). K. Stevens. T. Cf. (Dodds). 309 b ???? ?a??a?????? t?? t??a?t?? a???e?a?. d'Euripide appara?t But how eucharistique". ism .

Gr?goire and Tovar keep the transbut text. 315 : ?? t? f?se?. 48. Hdt. as 234 ???? ep?d??. See also ?e??. (Gr?goire: but 291 : ??a d? ????. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .G. 21-22 ???a s?te??a ???? Eur. 543-589. out of the way of Hera's ?????s?? quarrels".'s divinity" 296: ?e??. better Perhaps 289: ?e??. ??a d? ep?sta?????. Not "in a manner worthy of a god" (Dodds) from a god" (a mortal would not have dared "as was to be expected Cf. e?p??? ???? ?a????? W. 8.194. Ill 13.344 form the passive solite" (Gr?goire) NOTES ON EURIPIDES sp??deta? BACCHAE applied to a god is not "tout ? fait infor the Greek point of view or "curious" (Dodds). It is perhaps to read ??t??e??: "putting Dion.?. 426 sp?????a ? 97 e. Dodds: attributively "G enfant-Dieu"). According possible (a) ??est???"depends this is unexampled. ??? ??e?a? ??e??a?. But this leaves e?? ta p??ta other to read e? and to put a comma unexplained. Gr?goire assumes ? propos de la vertu des femmes" a "jugement favorable d'Euripide and refers to I. E. 294: mitted calmer simpler '??a? ?e?????. fr. 292: ?????. "as a god". Op. Cf. C.73 on Sun. 1956). This is not "an assertion (Dodds) but it expresses the point of view of the common people : they could not believe that a god should have been given as a hostage to angod. but cf. 122. Dodds is inclined after ?e?.. . 220-2 ? (Dike) '??f?t??t?. d????? "??a? ?e????? cannot mean "un otage pour la querelleuse H?ra". 221. / d? ?? ????st?? ?ad??? ??t?sat?.g. ? ?sp????t? ?? d? II. (K. Thuc. .. 5 ?? ?a? ?? t? '?tt??? ?sta? This content downloaded from 129. Dodds assumes a lacuna. out that there is not a ? 41-42. Similarly Denn. ??s?e? ???st???? ??a???sa . ?pe??e??? ?fa?st???. ??a d? f????. Archil. Pind. . ?. rightly points only play upon ????? but That also was as one d????? upon ????? ?????.8. There are two solutions: to Dodds on".N. 1103 a 17 ? d' ????? ?? ????? d?e? ?a? t?????a ?p? t?? ?'s???e ?????? pa?e??????? pe?????eta?. del Grande. ? pronounced a long e is also shown by Arist. 3 ????e?? . . I to oppose Hera). to of the from the the shifts non-personal aspects personal easily ? Horn. gods. d' ?peta? Hes. of Dion. 20 ?? p???t?? ?e???? / p??ed??? as?e?ta? ("is cultivated"). But this is no real parallel. ?30-?).A. Filologia minore (Milano-Napoli. ?????. 78.

Dodds. (b) ?e? may be taken distributively e. 359? ?d?. who refers to Pind. 5 ?d? ??. Arist. 937 ??pte t?? ??at???t' is found it has is: in each case where self-restraint ?e?. where In fact after the all have passages aspects Cf. t(* p??ta p??a. ?d? 371 f??s??ta?. to ????". gives these lines to Pentheus. ada??). Schw. reproach 331 : ???e? . Eur. A 819-21 ? ?d? ??? t?de e?pe . retorting ???? ??? ???? (252). of possession. . II 98 ? ?e? ?as??e???. ?a. Pers. There usual translations these gone meanings so far as". Thuc. ?. 340? ???p?sa?t'. ?^? d* t??t?? ? 603 ???? ?p?de???a?. pa?????d?? ?d? 92~93 Soph. ("already". ???? pe??e?.. II. 0. e. 83-84 d? sf? ?e?? ???e? / ?pase?. Hdt. ?. 334: ?e??s??. Ac h. Horn. Aesch. "dwelling-place". Prom. 3 ?^?? d' ?d? ?'?e???? p??s????se??. Gr?goire are many and Tovar wrongly in Greek put a comma literature fail. 805 t?d' ?d? d????? e?? ?e ???a?a. 189. are but special "finally". Dodds: Cf. 371 ? ?s?a " ?. 2. For the ellipse of "only" cf. Hdt. Cf. IV 66. In the present passage (and in 805 and 1063) ?d? "eerst recht"). 209b t??te?? te ?a? ?e???? ?d? ?p?????. Hdt. 14-15 dat. 4 ?et? d? ?????. 2 ???sa? ?d? a?d??? ??a???. reading ?? est? Se335: Se????. of shade "really" meaning (Dutch special Cf. Seems to allude to ?????. madness his own "natural" contrasts sity for this. Lucr. Soph.. The force of d? seems to be progressive. ?6Eur. 315 t??t? t??p?? de ivo ? ?d?. Pentheus' ?????. Dodds rightly defends the MS. Tiresias implicitly with "artificial" thus Pentheus' madness. d?. this. Ion 1031 ???? ?????te? ????a p?s??. But ???? may be a "in apposition 336: ???e?. O. 827 ?p?' ?d??a? ada??. . "now") of the idea "matters Cf. Phil. I 107. Ill 35-36 animi natura videtur \ atque animae ciar anda mets iam verstbus has the esse. Symp.g.8. ? 85. '?p?e d' ?????? [seil.73 on Sun. 8. For a similar use of iam cf. ? 79> 2 t??t? ?d? ?f??ee.194. but there is no neces326-7. sf?s?? ????s?? / ???p? ???e?. 270... 115a ??? d? ??? ?d? ?a?e? . VIII 100. ("in each case"). ? e??a?????. The meaning its root in the nature Tovar of the person in question.NOTES ON EURIPIDES BACCHAE 345 as ? p??e???. Eur. ?d??e?? te t??? '????a???? ?d?. ?????. This content downloaded from 129.g. epe?d? ?? ???sa? t?? a?t??? e?s?. Plato Phd. Aesch.F. ??? f???? ?a? ?d? 802-3 p?st?? ??? t? pa?a??? ?d? st??e?a? / ????sas' e??a?. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . d? El.

. is meant. at the of the line seems to be emphatic. taking ??f?? as the object of ?????ta? and ??f??. ?sa in 421 (for the adverbial use cf. Gr?goire rightly translates "qui soulage" (cf. 379: ??ase?e??. ?f???p????). But Dodds rightly asks from Manil. 406: ??f??. but rains at all d'irrigation". suggests can hardly refer to "tra- a??????? unexplained no one thought or could pulsatur fluctibus "that it never (Dodds: amnis. But cf. Dodds retaining that "with is this bare and but its objects reading ??f?? abrupt". The reference to Egypt implied in the next ?d??e?. / ?? ??f??. refer to the whole preceding sentence. But ?e??sa? is intransitive and is more If we take than to the god himself. W.I.Sc. Kamerbeek. Dion. is to Cf. the only passage where ?ta???? to the read is used ?? t?de in the sense "in but of this this "appeasing" 431 : t?d' matter" sounds into (to rather (schol. island 117) 7 stades refers to this leaves in Paphos is to read The simplest solution think"). Cf. river vaux 9.346 NOTES ON EURIPIDES' BACCHAE 18 ???? s?. 2 and 49. ?????. Dodds But ??de must interrogative.73 on Sun. but 1953. Pyramus Mnemos. e. preceding clause). words is sufficiently Hdt. IV 1). / ???? d' a?d??? d? ????d???? / ???? ??ep??ase. II 42. "wine is the banisher of Dodds that 65: care"). Ven. argues "causing no grief" is "the usual and natural meaning".. IV 635 Aegyptique wish to visit (Marginalia Cypros this small Scaenica. 63 n. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . ??at?st???? that the 195-7. likely to refer to the worshipper ??ase?e?? as intransitive.. ? 362-3 ? d' ??a ??p??? ??a?? f?????e?d?? or ?. supported by H.194. of ?? and the alteration of t?de to be an attempt to give sense to ?e??????. H. may position beginning have had in mind Horn. I. ??. Dodds : "to make men one in the dance". and Horn. ?d??a? ???s??? ???? / e?????.g. Gr?goire adopts Reiske's F????. 849. Aesch. also W. Dodds is inclined be connected p???e?) with prosaic. Gr?goire : "conduire les choeurs". Denn. 58-59 ^? ??p??? d' ?????sa ???dea '?f??d?t?. "why the Chorus should Alexandria". a? ?'. 1. The addition seems (?): t?de (seil. Prom. ?? ???? / ??f??. Eur.F. 486 se???t?t' ??e? s??t??. L. 299 ??e? equivalent pa???e?. translating f???? by "put up with". 163. 2. ? ? ? is inclined to take the sentence as t?? 399: f????. Jackson Astr. 732 ??e? ?a? ?a?t???? p????? ??e?. This content downloaded from 129. 423: ???p??.8.

against objections recommendation of Wakefield's ??? d???? seem to me convincing. smile has nothing to present destroyer 170 to The ?e?d?a?sa?s' ??a??t? p??s?p?. 200 and 506: d t? ???. . ?. Cf. 14 superiority. reads with t??? the consimply to underline Cf. (Dodds) but explanatory (Dutch wel"). the confusion emendation seems of f to be d f???e??. conclusion 449: introducing and Mnemos. Dodds rightly (LP). p????? d?. dst??. both cases afterwards it is also the the smile of the smile of divine But in (1021)".73 on Sun. 194? The contrast in a?t?? does not refer to the implied presence (Dodds) but to the e?se?e?? who do see him. but it is not easy to find a palaeofor the corruption of this into d t? ???. ?955> sf?s? god's in Plato trast 249. But Dodds rightly and EIC is easy and 965 ep?? d?. as is suggested by W. and refers keeps e?? pa?as?e??? seems to be e?? e?t??e?a?=e?te??? remarks that "confusion of EK frequent". Denn. Gr?goire in this context. 1958. . "It is an ambiguous Dodds: smile?here the smile of 439: ?e???.194. 243. but s? is too emphatic ??' d t? f??. Gr?goire IV 3. This is not parallel (Dodds) but to p????. This content downloaded from 129.I. to adopt Campbell's inclined The most obvious and ? is unexampled. IV 66. (not mentioned a?t?? ?'. Sa. have ??d? possible.. 479: ???d??.8. The closest parallel L.NOTES ON EURIPIDES BACCHAE 347 to ??d' ?p?spase 438: ??d' ?????. 71. where the best MSS. The confusion of ?. the martyr. Thuc.Sc. (Arist. 805). . 502: 1956. 249. . Mnemos. Cf.) 468: ???' ?. The force of ?a? is not concessive "en Cf. Dodd's this reading and his 461 : ?? ???p??. by Gr?goire!) and ?'fe??e? reads ???a (Pap. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . a?t??. also Phd. graphical justification : ??d' to . Hes. 1956. Av. According 5o6 But cf. ?. Similarly 64 a 5 a?t?? "is inserted (Hackforth). tory force. Similarly 457: ?? pa?as?e???. For d? a cf. of Pap. Ant. 3 ??????e??? ??d???a? t?? and Mnemos. ??d? .. ??d? before ?p?spase and before ???a?e? has explana1954. 466: ????. ???d????. Dodds is Mnemos. Dodds and Tovar rightly adopt the reading Ant. do with 380 ?et? t' a???? ?e??sa?. 190-1. 68 and 1956. 118 a 3 and ??????" 1958. Phd. but d t? s? f??. Op. 248. p is not uncommon. ??te is im??? Dodds. t?? p???? ?a? ???????te? ???ss? 276.

H. ? ?. (1) because in a stable this is the obvious someone. "fiestas". Pritchett. regarded as forming to part of the river. suspected what could have preceded 519. Aesch. by pression ?at??a??' ?pe???a ? 85) paralleled (s plying 218. the manger. stables" "pr?s (Dodds). 618 p??? f?t?a??. but this is less obvious This content downloaded from 129. accentuating (2) as an extra humiliation. Ant. 509: p??a?. / sf?s?? In these cases ?? e 466 e? ??? ?' ?? p?ta?? d?s??d?a ???ta f???ss?. thigh". . that Tovar: of snatching. 552: ?????a?. also the use L. Thuc. but the banks were does not mean "at" or "by" (L.J.73 on Sun. in action of hiding But the is fact instrumental: the dat. . 515: ?? ?????. V 99 t??? ?d? force". is fastened Cf. Cf. .F. 520-l 532 p?ta??.8. 813 ??f?f???? ?? a????? gen. . ?? S : d?? e??e ?? s??. ?. Plutarch. 537 : ??a? ??a? ?????. Cf. ????sa?. Tovar adopts Wilamowitz's transposition from ??d?a? pat??a te. Not "in the neighbouring for does not mean d'ici au fond des ?curies" f?t?? (Gr?goire). 3 ?at??a???? t? d???. Hel. . The force of ?? is not "subjective" (Gr?goire) but Cf. cf. Horn. A. but in these of ?ata?a???. 40. 523: ???? . A I 4). Dodds: Gr?goire: The lutte contre la fatalit?". seems to be a gen. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . coincides 532: before with ???s???. Zimmern. 2?6. variations and not The bed of a Greek river is recognizable.Sc. of a????? referring to torture (L. ??pase.Sc. simply emphatic. Rightly by Dodds. exDodds rightly reads ???p???. Horn. t?? a???? t? ??a??a?? pa????????????. qualitatis. H. VII is Hdt. Tovar: "en lucha con la violencia". It is hard to subject easily strong always The Greek Commonwealth. Pap. Cf. ? 399 ???? ??a??a??. See further W. Dodds rightly deletes te. ????sa?="keeping" Accordingly. Cf. The Homeric 554: "????p??. For "violent". ?a? t? ?? ??e?? p??e. 79 (1958).P.Sc. imagine "en "at grips with oppression". 311 d ??? ?a? ??de?? ?? ??e?? ??se? p?t?. place to fasten his bestiality. 436 ???. a?a??a???.194. to Dion. But this meaning is not or found "leading". On the other hand. (and hid) in his Dodds: "snatched. Cf. "apa????a?. ???'. has ???' . Cho. . objects cases the accusatives are direct 573 : pat??a te.F. "stable" but "manger".348 NOTES ON EURIPIDES' BACCHAE d??a??? / ??? a?a???. I 3b). ??55 ?????a a??at??. 93? ??a?e? d? ?? ????. 392-404.

Dodds the reading of the Etym. 40-41. read as line be R. of t? (Gr?goire) 483 ??? te ???a??a. Vesp.Sc. 98-99.E. is expressed Cf. 171 t??a?t???? t????. 234. L. the main idea of the sentence with ??pep??????a?. 652.194. Cg. s??ata. The ep? ???a??a. The addition metre may be taken as a pherecr. reading ?e??a is probably lar is often used in a collective sense. e. 1956. Aesch.8. addition of t??de. cf. . meaning . 2. II ?. should J. not stands the construction. Not to be connected with pept??ate but 604: ??t??.E. (brave) correct. rightly adopts d??ete Magn. Gr?goire suggests p???? p?d??. and Mnemos. II. (Gr?goire) As so often in Greek. by the participle. The singu6?5 : ?e??e. by 585: <se?e> p?d??.73 on Sun. Pentheus This content downloaded from 129. rightly points t???? to cannot be equivalent ?t??e? e?e??e???e??. 74 (1961).G. preceding anapaests. seems to be right in arguing that the tomb of Semele is not 600: on the scene. e. followed a teles. "to have to do with". it with the behaviour associates have reference as a reproach to the could hardly be regarded of the Bacchantes. to wine. Roux. 5 (the Amazons) Ag. explain "p?re de l'abondance. Cf. .G. Dodds unnecessarily is afraid that the Stranger will again escape. adopts Wilamowitz's is unnecessary. addition Andr. la de does make clear how he undernot dispensateur prosp?rit?". Dodds if we read t?f?? a we the get ??f' ?e???. Roux. But 597: Se???a?. For the stage-setting of a second dde is unnecessary. assumes a lacuna after god. but there are no parallels for this use of p????. "fais trembler cette terre". out that ??e??e????? Dodds 613: t????. d' a?a??? t????sa? a?d???. R. 74 (1961). Schw. But a?d??? a??s??? t???? is not "oddish and weakish" for t??e?? may have the (Dodds). 1170 589: ???. 30 ff. 576 ff. 1216 ?d?? ?at? ?e????. metre. and this 652. but he does the and his translation. K. Gr?goire retains te.NOTES ON EURIPIDES BACCHAE 349 the palaeographical point of view. The MS. 389. On the other hand. It seems been to me extremely spoken by Pentheus.g. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . prosodiac Accordingly.G. Arist. even if Pentheus that this line should improbable as is suggested The by Dodds. Lys. II. J. for the 578: t??. t???e?? / s??ata.g. of "to be confronted with".

350 NOTES ON EURIPIDES BACCHAE time not only from his prison but from the whole town. Ill 57.194. "not a third category . limitationis. is not "monstrous" but to the belongs exaggeration (Dodds) tragic avoir ?t? surpris par une "je me rappelle Gr?goire: chute de neige sur le Cith?ron. Rei. Mnemos. en plein ?t?". Or. 7 ?e??????? t?? t???a?. to be more open to the inspiration Gesch. style. Not "as not being responsible but as this cribes" reliable. Phoen. This cannot mean "loose their be simply "noble". 114: "In dem Mysterienkult von Lykosura war das Tragen von Ringen und in diesem wie in der verboten.Sc. Cf. Hdt. Cf. pose. IX 340.. but seil. "perdit (Tovar).Sc. . 89 n. Pal. IV 28. Not "je venais de mener" (Gr?goire). "adding". (or. Similarly their hair unloosened. 369 ?pe?d?? p?e??' ??? (cf. (Dodds) 1955. but rather a dat. Sommer. 233 d 6). to your "contributing (or imposing)" (Dodds). I. bei den Mysterien zu Andania mussten die Frauen aufProzession Haaren the worshippers of Cybele had gel?ste tragen". and L. The Stranger that his god will easily take him along over the city wall. yo" (Tovar) but of relation" s??as??. 1). also W. cf. (Tovar). Cf. Diod. also 662: ??e?sa?. brusque et abondante Not "traes" 663: p??st??e??. "llevaba 678: ?pe????????.8. 563. Dodds: to sleep". 3 d??a??t?t? ?????. and L. Nilsson. . to your poetic Dodds: 664: p?t???da?. Anthol. ?a? ????te? understands Pentheus ??sa?te? ?pe??a????s? ?e. VII. Cf. El. Soph. griech. 2 (??? ??? ???e?. Phil. and Denn. This should not be called a "dative This content downloaded from 129. This L. 487. son ?clat" "faltan" Parallels such as (Gr?goire). d. the sense is 694: pa?????? te. 1147 ?????te? ?pp?? a???t?? t' ?p?st?ta?. "climb" (Dodds).. the knows that ?e?? refers to the Stranger himself. for what he des673: d??a????. But the meaning "of high rank". 853. them the power of p?t??a?" coming may introduction). Hdt. viz. 3 ??e??sat? ?a?t??. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . But the taking down of their hair here has a special purrather of the god. For use of d??a??? cf. "apporte" (Gr?goire). But 'young cf.73 on Sun. plur. II 8) show that the meaning must be "stop falling". 271 (on Plato Phdr. audience answers grip" (Dodds). 108. being (Dodds) t? t?? ? ? ib. 501 ? "women tied up their hair under a ??t?a 695? ?a?e?sa?. Dodds: 683: and old?and unmarried girls among them' ". Das Haar 3d pers. "their has conferred possession upon (cf.I.

"Inviting Iakchos and calling him the son of Cf. I 189. t?? ?? ???e? p??d?ta?. f??e??). 592> Fraenkel 725: Zeus".194. 62 ?? ????sta? pa???ta?. M ed. Dodds: d?d??te? ????e??".73 on Sun. Wagenvoort.G. Aesch. nous fait h?siter quant au sens des mots ?????s?? ?????: d'H?siode il s'agirait vif de la langue des serpents d'un mouvement qui semBut in Theog. Pind. Hdt. 721 : ???e?a. Fast. 831). ?87???st?? A II 8. Cf. The meaning of ????sa? is "holding in a certain direction". and K. 205-6 ??a / on A g. "a typically variation Euripidean We rather to 621. ?pp???. shepherds form of a but "obstinate".Sc. suggestion licking 715: ????. Gr?goire which is very improb?? ?e???? d??a by "de ses deux bras ?cart?s". also ??. 2. The women show that they. For the use of the article in reported phrases cf. to ????? ???st???? and compare ???? as equivalent ?d?d?sa? sf?s? ?????. 99 ????at' ?????? ????e?. there Besides. should referring The the for ?????? take ????? I 97. Paley rightly retains the MS. 2. ???????te? ?? ?? d??? ?t??ass?? 5. p??sse?? ????? ?e??a? as equivalent (d???a?. ?????te? pe?? t?? ?at????t??. = G Cf.. 2 Hdt. 2 Xen. t??f??s?? Seil. L. but their deliberation takes take counsel together. ? t?? t?? ???? ?pp?? t?? ?e???? ?p? ?????? ?s??? ?? t?? p?ta??? d?a?a??e?? ?pe???t?. (Munster 1912). IV 129. translates 738: ????sa?. 768). Not "arrogant" (Dodds) This is a technical term: cf. H. Cyr.NOTES ON EURIPIDES BACCHAE 351 der Griechen in Religion und Aberglauben 50-51. Horn. VII t?? ?pp?? t?? S??????. A 2 ??a???? 0. ped???d' 263 "wrenching "directing apart" ???? ???a? and L. ? 279 ?p?) ?'s?e? ??? e?e???a ??a. and able. reading ???e? taking to ?. IV 518 in sacris nihil solet esse religatum. Ill 257 resoluto crine precetur (and Frazer and Borner ad loe). ???e' ????e?.I. 713. the snakes are only making and there is no movements. t?? ???? ?????.8. Serv. 235 blent pe???e??e?? t? ?d??? st??a". 743: ????sta?. "wild". Dodds would read e????sa?. Cf. asunder". 826 and Scut. Gr?goire: 698: ?????. too. ?pp?? ??te????e??? t?? ??? d???e?? ?a? ?????e?? ?p?- This content downloaded from 129.Sc. of Bacchantes "Un vers the (cf. as was pointed out to me by Prof. Aen. ??e?. 712-3 ?????s???sa / ????? t?? a????e?t???. C. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . debate. Ag. licking their of own jaws. Horn. between the present line and 494 (and must be some connection t?? ????? t? ?e?.

Gymn. be a gen. 785 : ?? ???. ??e?d?? e??. 23. ??te d???. Ion 783: p??ta?..g. specimens R. Cf. Dodds: point". I do not believe that the second d??? "may be unconscious admission that the initiative is passing to the (W. a???t??a goire) IV la). T??a???? is probable". H.). Cf. on 68. Valgiglio. 3 ??sa? d????. etc. 31 ? 791 ? ??????ta. 321 (s????) p???e?. 2 ?? ??? t? ?a? ?? ta?? S??ata p????ata ??d???a?. but shields. VII 48. a line or more as among the things I incline to agree is lost after 756". Fil. Thuc. ?? ai8y)poc. (L. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . Dodds: "upborne by their own But d???? is probably a modal dat. ?f???et? (Gow adopts Not "in the eyes of the Greeks" Gr?779: ?? '?????a?. a?e?t? ?st?? (Dodds) Denn. but "a reproach to the Hellenic race". 34-35 probability. Cf. 102 n.I. Not seil. 1). possessive T??a??? may "it is at any rate a little odd 757: ?? ?a????. ?. I 132. 210 but ????? ??e?. Cf. ?? p?? t? pef??????? ?st' ?f??d?t?? / ??te ?e?? ?a????? ??te ???t?? a????p??. Dodds rightly prefers t??. 760: t???.G. 198. 778: Dodds the messenthey return mentioned retains to which according ?f?pteta?.73 on Sun. NOTES ON EURIPIDES BACCHAE ?????s? . reading is doubtful from the pap. But and of heavy objects. Similarly. Cf. Horn. e??. Dodds: that which with bronze pots and pans should did not fall off the those who iron think are that be specially named maenads' shoulders. Hes. 89 (1961). 69 (1962). which has more transcriptional For t? instead of t?? or t??e? cf. IV 31.. Dodds: "Brunck's But 750: T??a???. ???e?sa? d????.8. ???sa?? ??????e??? t??? ????a???? t?? 798: 801: an Tovar unnecessarily reads fe??es?e.Sc. Scut. Not "javelot" (Gr?goire) p?????s?? ?t??. belonging to ?????s?. Dodds. and ?. Gr?goire ef?pteta?. ? ??????? d????. . derives support from Theocr. Ill 77. I prefer ???e?? t?. fe??e?s?e. (Dodds. But there the 14. For the formal antithesis cf.352 748: speed". Riv. Kannicht. 97. . Thuc. 5 pa?d??? p?t? ?? a?t?? ?a? p?st?tat?? ??e???. E. d' ????? Stranger" This content downloaded from 129. Hdt. Thuc. Ven. Cf.194. 649? "has little apparent 766: a?t??. But ger is struck by the fact that in spite of their madness to the very point from which they had started. e.

expression but means have this that the some t????. 103 n. Cf. a??' ?p???a?e?. ?????a). 852: ?e??s?. Or. IO-II s???a??a. (e. But the II. I would translate use Mnemosyne. I. refers i. 860: d?. But a pronoun necessary. Tovar's ?' ?st??is reading?t??t? very improbable. following are a simple epexegesis. duct"). quotes gods passages saying that t???? is in them.a.. however.Sc. Dodds. 241) proposal is unnecessary. cf. for there is no contrast in the first half between this phrase and his impatience expressed of the line. El. XV 16 This content downloaded from 129. because words come even if d?=???? in awkwardly". p?es?e?a. 651. not that they are ?? t??e?. 104. other authors at times) uses ???? in the sphere of action to introduce a suggested for following course". ??39 IL and L. "bloodshed". Dodds: clear and exact parallel". ???ta? ?' ?? : "I have supports Elmsley's This is better than d' ?? (W. Dodds: seems to "we be should probably read ??? for ???".. Gr?goire and Tovar 820: s??. not mentioned by 851: Gr?goire). II p?? p????? ?st?? ??af???. "light conthe In addition to mentioned by Dodds cf. 452: "Eur.I. following "? la fin" is improbable 860: ?? t??e?. 3). comparing of this Dodds is limited to the sphere of politics. 285 e???asta? "slaughter" ??t???? a??a. Dodds). Dodds: "with a god's authority". "rather For questionable t??eva?="make". For the For the anacoluthon 843: ????e?s??a?. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . For a??a= rightly cf. ?? ?? t??e?. Cf. (Gr?goire) but "rash" (cf. Gr?goire's (cf. These K. 400-1).I. (and 839? ????. I know no "cause" Dodds read ?e. See also W. 8?8: ?s??.73 on Sun. Dodds (cf. to Horn.g. Not translated by Tovar. unnecessarily t?? ?????? ?a? ?? f???? strongly plenty of time for this expedition". examples VI 56. 87-88. I. Dodds compares f??? = f???de?. 837: a??a ??se??.8. of adding a line after ?????? (Marg. a pro tanto reason Not "douce" ??af???. K. Dodds rightly defends ?e??se? (?. Greek. ? 235 ????a?d?? ????e?. Jackson's the on of Denniston breaking stichomythia.194.G. 816 : s??? d?. 238 ??est'. words. See further K.. Scaen.G. Hec.. is inclined "the to read ??.NOTES ON EURIPIDES BACCHAE 353 803 : d???e?a?. Dodds. 59-60. Polyb.G. Denn. 814: ???.

But it should be meaning ?d???? ?' ds?? e. 920 ???? t????. M ed.F. 869: ???a?. is bold for a Greek poet . (specifying) 876 t' ???es??. 328-9 quoted In addition by him opposed. Maas would always on 803 872: means keep P's ???a?' (here and 1171). t? t?? and 181 e pa?d?? t. Cf. ??. Arist. II 2). ". 873 f??? translate we should Accordingly news"). 1571 s?? ??????? This content downloaded from 129. ig55> ?6. ??? ?d???? ("joyful ' 'pleasure -grounds' '. d?????a. supra. as is suggested de???tat??. (Pind. 7. 1072-3 / pa?d??. cf. Gr?goire keeps d?????a. Gr?goire reads ??????s' This is unnecessary. . Accordingly. e.g. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . 3 ??t' e? ???st?? ??t' e? t? ?a???. Soph. ??e?? of plants or animals Symp. It is not necessary by R. Nub. of athlete 0. both with ???d?????? ???d????? sp??d??. but this Hel. ?t?. 404 ?????? t' tion of a connective and a specifying t' p?p?e??a. exertion. ?d. 539 ??f?? te. who points Rightly are even occur where the two clauses concerned antithetically cf. 69 Gymn.Sc. ???d?????? d' (but does 873 : ??????? te. f??a?a? (at but see Dodds. out that 861 : ?????p??s?.194. Trach. Plato For t???? in the sense of "maturity" t. ??. is probably Wecklein right in connecting "con and with ????a??. and Mnemos. 98.g. The fawn's ?????? need not ??e???? ??????? ?p?d????? / be "painful" ?????? simply N. ???a????. 5. . Cf. Similarly nets). The same combinate occurs Hel.g. this may taken ?p? ?????? by Dodds.73 on Sun.354 NOTES ON EURIPIDES BACCHAE "up to the mark". (L. ?e??. (Dodds. Denn. = the "watchers" d???e?a??. mark should 862 : ??a. Or. ????e?? ?p?ste?e?s?a?. 929 ?d?? we should not put a comma after d?s?e???. 192). El. has perhaps the effect borne thing in mind causing of a compound 'green-meadow-joy' that ?d??? can have the objective pleasure". Dodds: abstract noun. 48).. with the preceding one (cf. ?a?e??. denotes Tovar: for la fatiga de la carrera"). for the first te connot translate ??????sa!).. Kannicht. e. For ???a="hunters" "prey" (e. nects the present sentence The second te has explanatory force. the 8.g. a colour-word applied to an 867: ?d??a??. 1956. 252.8. cf. Dodds rightly points out that a question after ????? or be put after ??pt??sa (865) (872). ??d? ??t?? to alter d? into te. (1962). Soph. of "some- to H. Accordingly. 497). "a hundred per cent god" (Dutch "volwaardig"). " 'Green joy'..

(the same confusion with the plain". to Sabine Presented G. between the present s?f?a and that of 395.. N. For the postponement of te cf. I do not believe that ??????? and pef???? are attributively t?de (Gr?goire). just have as in 198. Dodds rightly deletes t?. 5. ste??' BACCHAE 355 ????a. the Chorus. 896: with pef????. "Through internal ace Cf.8. They da???. cf. Hel. L. argues Plato. 135.. But Dodds refers to the Anon. e. 216 c A. wrongly et paisibles. habitually nected is implied But the assertion of t? ??????? and t? f?se?". In the present speaking although however... R. takes it to refer to "des moeurs simples une ga?t? innocente. 19 n. He also quotes Ion 643 d??a??? e??a? ?' ? ????? ? f?s?? ?' ??a / pa?e??e sense than t? ?e?. p.I. Cf. Vorsokr. It is taken in this utilitarian but "profitable". 108: "an honour88?: ?a???. a specific of ????? and f?s?? is not found before occurs at Phoen. Prom.I. Not "el honor" (Tovar. 167). We should rather mentally repeat take thus Dodds that Chorus "the can scarcely objects ?s??? ??e??. but adds: "both terms have a more restricted inborn is the in our passage: rule. 28. Horn. for granted of two things which Eur's contemporaries the identity It seems more likely that they assert the contrasted . juxtaposition in Political in Essays Nomos und Physis. in practical matters"). f?s?? disposition ????? Apollo's of an individual". ? 319 708 ?a?????. 877: s?f??.. G.73 on Sun. Heinimann.Sc. believed the Homeric to probably d???? Not "to consider to an truth" but ?e?. identity in the paradoxical of the two words (cf. W. able thing") sense by Eran. "knack". W.NOTES ON EURIPIDES 873 : ped???. be eternal (Dodds). that the identification and proposes ??????? 538). 889: le contentement d'un coeur pur". 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .. use the Doric form. passage. Denn. 502 a t? s?f?? ??? ????et? I do not believe that there is a connection (L. 1948). and ?.G.194. as is maintained by 108. 3?2-3? Not "wisdom" but "skill". 877 : t? ?????? v. 598 p?sa? p?a???e?? t??de ????a??? This content downloaded from 129. Plato Rep.Sc : "my little trick"). ?????t??? ??a?. The tragedians always be a Ionicism. ?. Morrow. in general terms. Eur.. J. 402.g. Plato Lys. H. Festugi?re. probably to be explained as an ????s? Aesch.Y. (Dodds) I 2 ("clever For this meaning of s?f?? cf. 55 (1957). II. to be connected con517. Iambi. 1190 s?f?? s?f??. Theory (Ithaca.

Jackson proposed the idea of fulfillment. M.I. An. Dodds: is much Mus. Dodds and Gr?goire are 909: ap???sa?. Xen. Dodds rightly refers to Denn.356 NOTES ON EURIPIDES' BACCHAE This ????? is identical with ????? in mind. S caen. From the remaining only one refers to an expectation passages and this (Thuc. . Dodds: "Nauck's p??e?? for ?????? is specious. simpler to take d? as a weak Helv. Gr?goire reads ????a? d? ??????s??. 3 that we may ask whether ?? might qualified by other words (Thuc. Consequently rendering present correct. At any rate it cannot be maintained that the use of ?p??a??e?? in the sense of "to come true" was "firmly established" the traditional of the (Jackson).). 6 (1949). by 907: ????a?.. Consequently. Festugi?re. Cf. ed??et? ?p??a??e?. ??. rightly refers to 399. . 907-9 belong e?(s??). Hartung's by Dodds and Dodds argues that "the pleasure of hope" Tovar. 229-233). but does not exd' ?t? ??????? is adopted plain the metre. but happiness (?t?) I is a take ?t' a not to be of always pleasure. ?? p??s8. 4 ??d?? ?p??a??e? a?t??? ?? p??sed????t?). Besides.. dreams ?p??a??e?? in connection expectations. 237). 22 ??t? ta p??te?a ?e?? ap???). viz. that impressed by Jackson's argument with promises. is so similar to Thuc.. 3 ??d?? a?t? .194.73 on Sun. 961: ??????. to read ??????? for ?? ??means "to come true". Gr?goire and Tovar seem to be right in taking an example p?t? to mean "before". 172. 55 (1957). 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . (Marg. 331. Tovar: "se desvanecen". but te?e?t?? equally implies adduced in two out of the five examples ?p??a??e?? is by Jackson much IV 104. Eran. 6). omens. passage by "vanish". in ff.8. but simply prepares 910-1. hope dittography does not to a is as "Priamel". But This content downloaded from 129. J. Ill 26. 137. of ? p?t?. for real happiness A. the rule of Dionysus. is mentioned beside the referred to in 902-6. "come to naught" may after all be 917: d?. Cadmus See also the ????? mentioned in W. held by Dodds. p?t?. but ?t? is awkward. of d?. 922: It be felt" (Denn. Leumann. The asyndeton 907 has force: happiness lies in all kinds of achievement (902explanatory is the happiness of the here and now (910).. but I doubt whether in such cases "a connective or adversative force is perhaps after all to form Sehr. IV 104. VII not be an error for ??. 85-89 (=Kleine But I have not been able to find "perhaps".

Dodds: suppresses "Murray of the particle awkwardness three recurring half with behind the a different these force each time". but Dodds 983: ? s????p??. ?p??f?s?st?? (to be connected ta ?e??. he refers to Theocr. We expect. at all in such Greeks the times d? to avoid the and a in a line But there is no awkwardness a variation. s????? ?? ???a?a? ?atad??. 27 ??????ta?.73 on Sun. however.8. "it is always used of unquestioning If we bear in mind obedience". ??s?? 965: d' e???. exact. 26. six Gow ad loc: "The mastich-shrub of about grows to a height feet". s?f????s?a mean Dodds out that this cannot ?p??f?s?st??. Io 274 s??pe??? ??a?a? p?t?a?. Dodds rightly reads p??ta. in Gr?goire's text. 985: We a read s??p???? might perhaps indicating (? originally Cf. but ????? is rightly by Dodds. adduced 205 773. p?t?a? on 998. 11 But cf. 1002: This content downloaded from 129. Gr?goire reads Dodds: "we rather expect here ?? ???p??.g. translation the original no excuse". 7?4?5 de???de? ?a??as?? cf. is sufficient to recall that e. points rightly but it is not correct to say that "indeprecabilis" (Murray). 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . him cf. 995: ??????. variant).NOTES ON EURIPIDES carries BACCHAE 357 with it the notion so that d?a ??s?? ?????? 'public'. Dodds For the form of the dochmius / ????sa? s??pe???. defended 964: ?????. 982 : p??ta. some and not necessarily of the tree in which P. the It road' ". by ??????ept??. "to accept without quessuggestion ?p??fas?st?? tion in things that are of the gods" (adopted by Tovar). Tovar: "un ?rbol seco". rightly points out that there is no parallel for this meaning. which is rather weak. This is missing 1002 : s?f???a. vision.194. Dodds is probably In addition in reading t?? dde right of ???to the examples ?ad?e??? ?ast?? ???d?????. for it may be assumed that the unity different shades of meaning was more easily felt by than by us. refers to a in Soph. Hec. Gr?goire reads se ???. with s?f????s?a). fr. emendation e?? 1003: Gr?goire's ?' ??e?? is very plausible. Dodds' is rightly adopted by Tovar. "offering "la Mort qui n'h?site pas" seems to be more probable than Dodd's ?? ta ?e?? ??e??. 368 ???? city. Gr?goire's meaning. implies 'by public high Ant. sat". ??e?d?????.

but Dodds rightly points in 395 f.358 NOTES ON EURIPIDES' BACCHAE Dodds reads ???te???. Mem. we get the same effect. 988. Eum.Sc. Dodds: "It is likely that 1031 should be restored as a dochmiac dimeter by inserting s? or ?? before fa???". emendation which seems to be fairly certain is ??e? for ?e?. e. "ceux qui pensent en mortels m?nent une vie exempte de torments". 19. ???te?? may conceal some word for to the same ?? f???? ?? ????". 1031. solution.T. but 1004: ???te???. ??6?: dss??? but Gr?goire ?????. ???tea ??? only we should a substantive of t ??e??. ?' ?? ?e?. 171 objection. but is no finite verb. instead Accordingly. ? ?????s??. ??e??.. by Tovar) (followed this pregnant use of ???te??? in the sense of "as befits mortality" seems to be unparalleled. I 4. Gr?goire reads ?. II 3. ? ???? ?????. ?? f????. Dodds: "We expect something . 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . ?????e. il est vrai.8. expect If sentence. suggests but the parenthesis The only ??e? . 17. ???? is not very satisfactory. there bracketed Rightly by Dodds. and (2) that ????? is unsuited to a tragic context. ???te?? ???e?. but this seems ? ???? pa??. 1007: t?? ?e?. and stronger t' ??e??e is right.g. Aesch. but this does not make a significant Gr?goire's "pious". . refer to Xen. On le trouve. . although 1037. t? s?f?? is equated with t? ?? ???t? f???e??. But if we take may have been right in proposing as a litotes. is open As far as I know. Dodds reads out (1) that e???????a? by itself ????? rightly points could hardly mean "see" (L. "hacia cuya hermosura siempre gu?o bien la vida". is the t??? instance of ???te??? used substantially. but Dodds rightly and Tovar. . . "que ma vie s'?coule vers la beaut?". but there the eyes are mentioned as the subject).194. which is very improbable Tovar reads (cf. The same corruption occurs at I. avec le g?nitif au vers 612 de YElectre Dodds This content downloaded from 129. Dodds). Gr?goire's suggestion ???te??? t' ??e??e. Gr?goire metricprefers dp?? 1028. Gr?goire: "la science". 1005: out that 1005: Headlam t? s?f??. adopted by Gr?goire simpler I do not know an exact parallel. Gr?goire argues that "e???????a? se construit avec l'accusatif ou les pr?positions e??. toujours ?????.73 on Sun. Hartung's trans? to seems be a ??a? position. Dodds t ??t'? ??e? d' ep? ?t?. p???. Tovar keeps the second reads So ally impossible. ep?.

28. 1091-2. But a perception. Hdt. This content downloaded from 129. 1067 : ???e? d?????. Fil. Dodds and (not mentioned Dodds I 112. III. . 721 rightly by Gr?goire). Riv. Schmid. Jackson . IV Hell. (cf. il ne s'agit pas d'une perception mais d'une prise d'Euripide. d.NOTES ON EURIPIDES' BACCHAE 359 Mais l?. (not mentioned to be right. On the other hand. read d?????". perhaps proposes from probable E. too.73 on Sun. Horn. ??s?? but / ?a???? ???a???. de possession". concludes that "we parallel compare should 198-9.. Lit. 1083: ?st????e. In addition by Dodds cf. 1117.8. Gr?goire takes ??e?? and ??a??e?? used of drawing Dodds as to but equivalent points out that pe??f???? pe??f??e?a?. Pat. ?a???d?? (Marg. ?a??'. 803 7. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . IX the 92> l> Xen. Cf. argues that 1961. But we may a line. into TEMOI seems to be more likely than the reverse. 788 and Phoen. ????? is not very satisfactory. VII ?. Murray reads ?st????e Tovar rightly prefer the impf. Valgiglio. by the pap. ????. ? 385). 1177 ? ??a te ta?ta ??e?e ? ???????? 98. 1087: ???a?. is better. . but less . to El. but the corruption of C0ENIN to choose between the two readings". 89 (1961). ?. He there is no convincing for this. But the over-fullness of the messenger's seems to be characteristic style. An . griech.). These lines are omitted this Gr?goire). . 1113. The reading of Pap. which is attractive pe??f???? of the palaeographical view. Gnom. t? ?a??' (Dodds. Gesch. d?????. ??s??. mentioned 1085: pap. 1089). 661 adduced by Dodds e??e?? : it may refer to the pulling of the strap denotes a rotary movement or driving-belt used to move a drill (cf. prefers the pap. 150. 1100.194. Dodds believes by of Cf. point 1081 : t????e?s?e. reading ???a (not mentioned but K. although it may be doubted whether in Cycl. 2223 te????e?t' ???? little that seems writes "there is not mentioned Dodds by Gr?goire. ?a? ???a???a? ?pede????e. of ???? there may be an intentional play upon the double meaning n. Gr?goire's ?????d????? is unnecessary. Cf. easier correctScaen. 353-4 reads Gr?goire e?sf??e? ?a???s?'. 213) proposed ion seems 1063: Tovar) to be ??s??. means taking hold of something. expression etc. of the 3? VIII Tovar rightly adopt reading ?????? by Gr?goire). and Gr?goire (Chr. Mras. Oxy.

I. on 8. 1160 376 Dodds: ???st?ta?. "blanco". London Papyri. Gr?goire unnecessarily (cf. 243. Dodds: But "the papyrus" (not but "cible". For the anapaest in the fourth foot cf. 1147: ?. "este arbolito". 299a ?ata??f?s??. Horn. Gr?goire explains: 85 e 2). Dodds: "every throat "ce n'?taient confuses clameurs". II. 1125: ????a??. Dodds takes Pentheus to be the ????t??et?. p?s??. Prom. 1131: p?sa. 506. Dodds and W.73 on Sun. i960) has ?e????? at the end of the line. The idea means by the Tovar: Cf. ???? used as a substantive 1098: (rightly 1098: subject. 2. to pa?t????. where ?a?a?pet? is followed in the next reading ???. 1113: pt????? always has to seize a branch.360 NOTES ON EURIPIDES' BACCHAE glade" (Dodds) 1093: ?e??????? ??p??. Aesch. 132 n.8. 1114: ?e??a. to be that rightly line by pes??sa. confirms t for d' Hermann's adopted by Tovar. "la mort sur laquelle on 1157: p?st?? "??da?. 239. similarly II 1. 1100: st????. Cf.194. mentioned Dodds Gr?goire: by Gr?goire). Dodds. "now Plato confirmed Polit. ???-? t????? Phdr. p?? as equivalent ?? e?d?te p?s??. 295 (on ?. Aesch. reads ?t??a 1152: ????a. L. Dodds and Tovar rightly prefer the pap. 1107: pt?????. 73 in The Antinopolis II. This is better than ?e??a (Gr?goire). que It is simpler and more correct to take Cf. at the of aimed but act aiming". "ce tronc". d???s? d'. Meno E 11 ????? Mnemos. not mentioned by Gr?goire). Tovar retains This content downloaded from 129. Barns as nr.). Tovar: Gr?goire: "branch". but cf. Dodds). rightly says : "not the mark Suppl. every Bacchante Tovar reads ?a?a?pet??. but Dodds himself (now published points out that a new papyrus fragment by J. 1957. ?e????? ??transposition has been ?e??ta adopted by Dodds and Tovar. Wilamowitz's 1155: ???e??ta ?e?????. but cf. Arist. Gr?goire: "todo con griter?o". ?a?a???f?? (Chr. cf. Av. (Gr?goire. ig55> 282 (on Plato shouted Tovar: d' together". Ran. seems mi: stem". Tovar reads ?'^?????. but Dodds refers to Tro. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . mentioned ??' (not by Gr?goire). Dodds: " "The pap. apparently but the sense seems to be impersonal. Pat.. ?f?de?eta?.Sc. Schw. 254 a 2). Not "the torrent-flowing For ?e????but "le torrent du vallon" Tovar).

griech. He argues that death': without noun". . but p??? has been replaced Cf. Eum. 220-2. I. Cf. adj. Gr?goire reads ?f???sa?. a??at? should be connected who translates the word by "life") ?a?e?? (Dodds. said Hermann. Ill.I. context (L. 3. ? ???a??' '??a??. m?me "L'ironie. 864-5 t???a? ???a f????a? / t?????? ????. " illud ???a'. p?st?? A III). just is too weak. Aesch. p?????? t?f' 1304 ??? t??e??e?. Cf. Agaue. because Av. has a?da. t??a?ta ????d??. 795 n. but "I am celebrated". 136 n. agrees with P. ?a?e??. 1162: ????. to Not "ay de mi" (Tovar). M arg. "malheureuse" as 1200 t??a??a. Dodds: 'Molestum est. But then we should not translate the next words by "That is what 1177? 1180: deleted call me".73 on Sun. Gr?goire's translation Cf. and (2) that pe???????="embrace". argues that there is no need to assume a lacuna and of the points out that the new pap. but Dodds rightly remarks (i) that t????? cannot which is depend on pe???a?e??. with justice". are very common But such repetitions 1184: Schmid. in spite of Gr?goire's remark: moins directe". Dodds: "This is perhaps It certainly better". He recommends Wecklein's inappropriate rightly suggestion "on ?treint ?? a??at? not only but also ?e??a?. sing. Dodds. Gesch. Gr?goire translates: in Greek This content downloaded from 129. ?. d. a sense which fits the but present cf. by p??e?. with with is correct.194. cannot do duty as a p?st?? is regularly used in the sense of "pledge". See also W. Tovar excellently. est. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .. and I 2. K.NOTES ON EURIPIDES' BACCHAE but Dodds 361 peut compter".T. is. 1176 : e??????. par d?finition. 540 ed she has come from that place. Jackson. Med. tragedy.Sc. . rursus inculcari 1190: ???a. by Dodds and Tovar. But the beginning end as the could same be the antistrophe spoken by person hardly of the strophe. for it is addressed t?????. and Arist. 198-9. adopts Murray's t?????. Lit. ?. Dodds 546-7? t?. Greek for 'assurance "??da "is scarcely of an article the neut. S caen. L. here.Sc.G. 41-42 a??at? / st????ta st????sa?. See also the worshippers 1183. "warrant" But points out that the new pap. le corps 1164: pe???a?e?? de son enfant". cruelle. If this st????.. Rightly . gives these words to the Chorus.8.

by L. p?d??? ?????. It should be borne in mind that the can refer to a past action. reads d??????. 1034 ????ta d?at????? ?e????). . . meant the vigour of the ankles. Dodds: "Jackson (Marg. 1) may well have been right in suggesting p?d??". reads -?t??? (cf. F ?66 p???? ???e a???" (he compares Cf.. Soph.73 on Sun. and 1006 t?d' ?te?a ?e???a. 1034. This content downloaded from 129.R. 8. ?a?t?? ?p??ate???pt???. ?. a??? ?e???)". Gr?goire: "?e?? s'apbras tout entier. refer to Horn. 373-4 p?d??). 1060 Dodds: not hands. Dodds. 1220: p?d?.362 NOTES ON EURIPIDES' BACCHAE Tovar: "sublime". we ??t??ata perhaps read ??????. 187 n. 1060 (quoted Eum. This (Gr?goire) ional tween 1205: 1207: fingers. II). ptcp. we should noun (Wecklein)". . But the 1197: pe??ss??. Gr?goire: "glorieuse". Dodds). O. p?d?? denoting 1229: a particular d??????.R. O.Sc. Xen. gen. p?p??? d' ??e??e . G 425 d?f??? ????sa pr?s. Soph. than tad' and (1193) Tovar ???a ?st? (Dodds. above). e. Cf. Dodds. but these (for p???="leg" are not The same meaning should be assumed examples convincing). 2. site listed Cf. An. ?pe?ta . not the toes must be L. But the word order does not favour the connection of ??t??as? with e????. 1237: ?e????a. 69 ????a ta??ss??te? ?? ?e??? ???a (cf. . probability ?ad?e??? ??????t???. .G. "despu?s sense) (cf. /. O. is also very natural. "?e???? ???a? are probably as p?d??? ???a?. unnecessarily phrase Pers.g.T. 13 a? ?a? ???a??e? ??pt??sa? ta pa?d?a e?ta K. "after that". Sc. Pers. . Horn. . ? 772. Aesch.8. are ^ee^> n?t toes. Better Tovar: "fuerza".. IV y. seems to have greater transcript 1199: t?de ?a. f????sa. (i202) Its position beTovar). 37 ????? Aesch. au dont Gavant-bras et la main plique parfois forment l'extr?mit?: Horn. But cf. L. Gr?goire unnecessarily This is better than ?e???? (Gr?goire). . 28-29 ?a???sa . d 149. the examples of ?a??????.Sc. 2. ???a?s?. . are now past. so we had better choose a neutral word like "extraordinary". Chorus do not mean it as a downright compliment (cf. plur. 3 ??t? d??st?sa? ????? ???te???. where in Pind.. VIII d? a???????e??? 16. Hdt. Tovar: expect an aor. ?a??pes? p?d?? ?????. ptcp. . Eum.194. Scaen. 1243 ????? sp?s' ??f?de????? ???a??. 1207: Rather "and then" (in a non-temporal 1218: ??????. ?at????e Aesch. Dodds: ?at?. 0. Dodds) . 200. 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . Soph. But the that the hands are sharp and deadly suggests (cf. Dodds: "Since the de esto".

to ?. than 1348 to Agaue. Dodds. St???? T 3^9 St???? ?dat?? a?p? ??e??a. Scaen. Cf. gives This is better 1346. where has ?p?te instead of dte. e "il sta il contrasto fra defend non cigno (bianco) p????????: l'uomo di Agave". 1286: ???' ??. Suppl. ?d??. Aesch. Suppl. Riv. cf. O. Gr?goire: does not render ????e?ta?. But this This content downloaded from 129. Tovar but cf. Soph. Tovar "by seems whom the house had reIo to be wrong in taking ?a?p?s?? 1312: 1344: absolutely Gr?goire ?????a?e?. 89 (1961)* ?99> ^es 1365: p????????.73 on Sun. Eur. Dodds. 1344. but Gr?goire (Dodds). ma tra l'inutilit? But p????? (even in Or. Cf. Dodds. Fil.. t35&: s???a? f?s?? (Tovar). Not "vers qui la maison de ne cessait 1308: f d??' ?????ef'. Cf. reads ???e?. The Dodds and Tovar BACCHAE 363 adopt Hermann's 1240: ????e?as??. 748. to be a dat. Zeist. Or. reads e????a?e?. 989. (Marg.8. of direction. lever covered 1467 ses regards" sight" (Gr?goire). See also Dodds. be connected For ??ss??a? used 60. dt' ??.194.NOTES ON EURIPIDES' ?? ??e?as??. unnecessarily with ?d????a?e?. Dodds. 67). Valgiglio. O 37 t? ?ate????e??? 1361 : ?ata???t??. se. 1254: rightly best correction seems to be Jackson's ?p?te L2 Cf. 1376 p????? a????a) can hardly refer to splendour. Homeruslaan 53 le thyrse". 4 Aug 2013 21:39:08 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . Might wrongly Cf. 650. Horn. di Cadmo e lo splendore canuto. "o? rien ne rappelle 1385: ????a.R.

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