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CURRICULUM VITAE Name : Vijay Kumar H P Mobile : +91-8892209729 E-mail :

To involve in some innovative work that will put my knowledge to practical use and contribute towards the organizational goal. PROFILE SUMMARY 1 year 10 months of experience in RF & Microwave, System and circuit level of hardware design, implementation and testing. Experience in development & implementation of various RF subsystems like Receivers, Transmitters, Up/Down Converters, troubleshooting and testing. yields, etc. Prepare block diagrams & schematics in collaboration with related engineering design teams. Experienced in RF microwave products, making prototypes, Familiar with Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Generators, and Network Analyzers. Presently working in the R&D department as Design Engineer. Filters, Power dividers. Including the

Modify existing designs to improve performance, quality, manufacturability, production

TECHNICAL SKILLS Tools: RF Instruments: ADS2009U1 (Advanced design system), Orcad, VHDL, VERILOG, C Network Analyzers, Spectrum analyzer, Signal Generators, Oscilloscopes,

WORK EXPERIENCE Organization Department Designation Period : : : : Kavveri Telecom Products Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. Research and Development. Design Engineer. 26th Sept 2011 to till date

PROJECT DETAILS Dual Module amplifier Stage_1 & 6in1 Amplifier Stage_2: This High performance filtered Amplifier with Bias-T features high gain with flatness, DC biased at the RF output port and good rejection outside the band, compact size. This unit can be used as IF band Driver amplifier. Role & Responsibilities: Verification of components as per BOM. Verifying the PCB as per layout diagram. Assembly of components as per schematic. Testing, Tuning and troubleshooting to meet the required specifications. Preparing test report and product development file. Transfer of technology to production department for mass production.

20dBm Repeater: Repeater 20 dBm is an electronic device which receives the signal from BTS and retransmits it at a higher level. This repeater can provide output power upon 20 dBm and used for indoor wireless coverage. This Repeater is deployed in UMTS band of frequency. It will receive and boost all the indoor mobile signals and sends it to BTS. Roles & Responsibilities: Component selection & Evaluation. Testing & Troubleshooting of UL & DL chains.

Full band Repeater: This Repeater is operating in GSM900 band of frequency. This is designed to operate in full band of operation. This can deliver power output upto +20dBm. Roles & Responsibilities: Component selection & Evaluation. Testing & Troubleshooting of UL & DL chains.

GPS LNA with Filter: This is High performance filtered Low noise Amplifier with Filter for GPS frequency band

which rejects unwanted signals and has better Noise Figure with good return loss, compact size. Role & Responsibilities: Verifying the PCB as per layout diagram. Testing, Tuning and troubleshooting to meet the required specifications.

EDUCATIONAL PROFILE B.E in Electronics & communication Engg in Oxford College of Engineering, Bangalore.

PERSONAL PROFILE Name Gender Date of birth Nationality Languages known Fathers name Address Declaration: I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. Date : Place : Bangalore Vijay Kumar H P : : : : : : : Vijay Kumar H P Male 11th August 1985 Indian English, Kannada & Hindi Prabhakar 87 3rd cross Manjunath layout BG road Bangalore-560076