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The Rat

in the Hat
David Rucker

Illustrated by
Vic Lockman

Copyright © 1995
Associated Conservatives of Texas
One cold winter day
we sat in our house,
we two hundred million and a half,
we were quiet, quiet as a church mouse.

Just then, was a knock on our door!
As we opened a little,
we came face to face
with a hat wearing Rat.
He smiled and said,
“Hey, I think I like this place!”

The Rat in the Hat said, “Don’t be so glum,
we can have lots of good fun!
We’ll raise so much money,
it will make your day sunny!”

From good or from bad,
the source doesn’t matter,
we’ll have so much,
we’ll have more than enough!

We looked at each other
in stunned disbelief,
the people and me.
We thought, this is not right –
it just shouldn’t be!

But in came the Rat in the Hat
in spite of our plea.
In came that Rat,
just as bold as you please.

He went right to our phone
and began to make calls.
He did not stop,
no, not at all.

He called old, he called young,
he called smart, he called dumb.
He said what each wanted to hear,
to make it appear,
that he would be good
at making their problems disappear!

They loved it, they did,
and to our surprise
they sent him lots of good money
from morning ’til night.

Now he had many phones
and computers too,
and he used them all
to make his sordid calls!

We did not like what was happening,
not one little bit.
It was slimy and deceptive,
each one of his tricks.

We could see it was getting late,
our country was a mess,
so we told him to leave
and get out of our place!

He said, “I can’t do that!
I’ve got too much to lose.
So here’s what I’ll do:
I’ll bring out some friends
who are really cool dudes!”

So he opened this box,
did the Rat in the Hat,
and out came two things named
Thing One and Thing Two.
What do they do? we asked, as we sat.

The Rat answered,
“Why, they help me have fun,
do Thing Two and Thing One!”
I asked, “But what is the R on Thing One
and the D on Thing Two?”

“Oh, those don’t mean a thing,”
he happened to say.
“The D and the R give us license to play.
I use them to trick people each and
every day”

“All the people love one or the other –
they like it that way.
It’s very simple –
somewhat plastic I’d say!”

The Rat continued on,
“You see, it’s fun to see them fight,
fitter and fray. It keeps people occupied,
in a clever sort of way!”

It was easy to see
that the Rat loved power.
He controlled the whole of our country
from his place in our tower.

We had to get rid of that Rat,
and Thing One and Thing Two,
to save our great country
from immeasurable due.

So we came up with a plan
that would loosen this noose.
We endeavored to do it –
just tell people the truth.

We thought,
surely they’ll listen,
we know that they will.
They will listen –
for we have something to tell!

We spoke of the Rat
and Thing One and Thing Two –
about how with honor and truth
they would have nothing to do.

We told of the D,
and of the R,
and how the fight isn’t real –
nothing but fluff,
nothing but frills.

We told them
all the Rat wanted
was Money and Power –
and not to give either,
in this late, late hour.

It was getting late,
but we still had a chance
to again make our country great.

We told Greg, Mary and Bill.
We told Phil, Angie and Sue.
Some people listened,


why our government
is failing
The Invasion of the Republocrats

by David Rucker

ave you ever wondered why our nation’s problems con-

H tinue to grow, despite our best efforts to elect good people?
Does it seem as if our vote means nothing? To understand why
this occurs, we must understand the dynamics present at the
founding of our system of government. When formed, our country
had no Democrat or Republican Party, only raw political thought
and activity. Today’s conventional wisdom holds we are inca-
pable of operating outside the confines and constraints of the
current two party system. I contend that the “two party system”
is the vehicle politicians use to drive this country and its people
straight off the cliff. What a clever false dichotomy. Creating
this false dichotomy requires division of all political activity into
two defined camps. These two camps are pitted against each
other in a small self-contained political battlefield. The leader-
ship of these two camps is controlled by financial contributions
– large financial contributions. These funds are managed by a
select group, the “Party People.”
In order for financial interests to maintain control of a politi-
cal party, the importance of certain moral issues must remain
subdued. The subduction effort is the task of the “party people”
for the expressed benefit of the large financial contributors. Moral
issues are anathema to the “party people,” who take great plea-

why our government is failing

sure in downplaying their significance. “Party people” will allow

controversial issues at convention time, but these controversial
issues become secondary and subordinate to the issues of interest
for the large financial donors. A hearty handshake and patroniz-
ing pat on the head is all most people require from elected offi-
cials in order to convince them their issues are top priority. As
the assured voter goes his merry way, the elected official contin-
ues to pursue the special interests of the large financial backers.
The “two party system” creates the perfect arena in which to
accomplish this annihilation of liberty and moral governance.
During the American revolution, the threat to individual lib-
erty was the British Crown. The Crown offended the colonies
because it forced the colonies to be subject to decisions without
prior approval. Forcing an individual into actions against his will
could be defined as the actions of a tyrant. It was against this
“tyranny” Americans rebelled. They wanted their unalienable right
to govern themselves.
Today, Americans no longer trust the leadership in Washing-
ton. In reality, that leadership has assumed the mantle of the
Crown: an aloof, far off government, dictating to its “subjects”
the laws of the land without our representation in the decision
making process. In essence, this is “taxation without representa-
tion.” This system of government has virtually eliminated the
will of the people by recognizing and acting upon the will of the
dollar, specifically, the Washington lobby dollar. Professional lob-
byists know that in today’s atmosphere of a growing Federal bu-
reaucracy, money talks. Money talks with a loud and resonant
voice to our elected politicians, crossing party lines and render-
ing those lines meaningless. It matters little to the professional
lobbyist whether politicians and elected officials are Republican
or Democrat – they own both.
It should be clear that the “system” is the problem. Candidates
may be elected because of their political ideology, only to be
absorbed into the system of corruption and political payoffs. They

why our government is failing

maintain their elected position based on their ability to deliver a

large portion of government pork, while pretending to cham-
pion the populist causes of “cutting the budget, trimming gov-
ernment red tape, etc.” This charade exists due to a severe lack of
contact with the average taxpayer. Although taxpayers fund this
government outlay of pork, they fail to hold elected officials ac-
countable for their actions.
Most people believe they have a say in the affairs of their
government. In reality, once the election is over, the big boys take
charge. Imagine an elected official who, during the election pro-
cess, received $10,000 from an individual or “Political Action
Committee.” Then think about the individual who has no money
to contribute, but contributes 50 or 60 hours on the phone bank
or walking the block. The elected official receives two phone
calls, one from the block walker, one from the $10,000 donor.
Who do you think gets through? Hint: it’s not the block walker.
The American government is corrupt because the average per-
son simply cannot match the importance of the large donor. Most
Americans fail to recognize or understand this simple fact.
The “two party system” comes into play at this point. In choos-
ing the most qualified candidate, most Americans make their
choice based on the “lesser of two evils” criteria. “We must vote
Republican because the Democrat is really bad.” Or, “the Re-
publicans are so corrupt we must vote for the Democrat.” If this
occurs, good government just lost. Good representation just lost.
Moral governance just lost. The first time this happened it was
not so bad. However, after thirty or forty “lesser of two evils”
elections, prior choices compound to deliver up a majority body
of elected officials unable and incapable of moral governance.
The solution for the American people to this problem:
• Stop playing the game.
• Stop falling for the trick
• Stop being naive.

why our government is failing

• Stop electing someone simply because they are a

Republican or Democrat.
• Stop being the patsy in the electoral process.
Moral governance requires work. It requires research, follow
through and perseverance. These are attributes most modern
Americans lack when electing their representatives. We are sim-
ply too busy to govern ourselves. We are too busy watching the
Super Bowl or wondering whom Oprah will interview. We have
Peter Jennings or Tom Brokaw to do our thinking for us. We
don’t have to think, just listen. The “party people” cheer at the
opportunity to do our thinking and analyzing for us.
In the long term, this is a disaster. The old saying, “while the
cat’s away, the mice will play” takes on new meaning. Our gov-
ernment has been overrun by mice, and they are playing – play-
ing with our liberty and freedom and money.
Because of this, we are no longer a free people. Without a
fight, we have surrendered our God-given rights to the “lesser of
two evils.” For a positive change, you must reenter the playing
field in a personal way. It is up to you to reestablish your ideals in
the “game” of politics. It is time for you to be an independent
thinker and activist for your beliefs. Do not depend on the pros
in the Party to pursue your political concerns. It is time for you
to regain your heritage as a free man or woman, that heritage so
graciously given you by God. Will you accept the “lesser of two
evils” presented by the “two party system” and die in bondage?
Work for your freedom and independence every day as all free
people must!

David Rucker is a Director and Spokesman for
Associated Conservatives of Texas
based in Dallas, Texas.

about the author
David Rucker was born in Springfield, Missouri during a blizzard
in 1956. At an early age he was appropriately nicknamed ‘Bucky’.
Now he is a small business owner and resides in the Dallas, Texas
area with his wife, Resa, and their two children, Morgan and
David Jr. David is uniquely gifted as a writer, with an ability to
expose our dark side and challenge us to better. He is faithful to
point us toward our Creator in our search for truth, life and
liberty. David serves as spokesman for, and a director of, the
Associated Conservatives of Texas. In this capacity, he has
changed the momentum of politics in Texas over recent years by
consistently conveying our ‘conservative conscience’ to friend
and foe alike.
about the artist
Vic Lockman, currently residing in the west, was born in Chicago
with a pen in his hand. His career includes writing thousands of
comic book scripts, penning editorial cartoons, drawing a
syndicated comic strip, and illustrating various books. He has
authored and published over a hundred Christian and patriotic
tracts and many cartoon illustrated books. If you would like to
contact him for additional information, please write to him at
P.O. Box 1396, Yreka, California (96097).

about associated conservatives of texas

act is a grassroots political network based in Dallas, Texas. This
all volunteer network blends fiscal and social conservatives into
a unified force working together to achieve limited government
with high ethical standards, personal responsibility, strong
national defense, and fiscal integrity. A conservative is by
definition one who works to preserve fundamental truth. If that
is your calling, and you would like additional information, please
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