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Republic of the Philippines National Capital Judicial Region REGIONAL TRIAL COURT _________, Pasay City ____________________________, Plaintiff-Appellee,

-versusCivil Case No. __________

____________________________, Defendant-Appellant. x----------------------------------------------------x NOTICE OF APPEARANCE With Motion for Extension of Time To File Memorandum Comes now Atty. Val Derek A. Ignacio unto this Honorable Court, most respectfully enter its APPEARANCE as counsel for the Plaintiff-Appellee and thereby request that any and all Notices, Orders, Decision and other processes that may be issued anent the above-captioned case be sent to: IGNACIO LAW OFFICE (ADDRESS) BY WAY OF MOTION: On 19 July 2013, a copy of an ORDER from this Honorable Court dated 9 July 2013 was received by the Appellant, which requires the latter, conformably with the Rules of Court, to file a MEMORANDUM within fifteen (15) days from receipt. Thus, appellant has until 2 August 2013 within which to file the required MEMORANDUM. Owing to the fact, however that the undersigned counsel was just recently and formally engaged to handle and represent the accused in this appeal stage, he would be needing additional time within which to craft a MEMORANDUM, needless to state the need to collate and study the records and other material documents pertinent to this case. Thus, Petitioner-Appellee, through undersigned counsel, most humbly and respectfully moves for an additional fifteen (15) day

period to be reckoned from the filing of the foregoing, by way of extension, within which to file and submit the required MEMORANDUM. PRAYER PREMISES CONSIDERED, it is most respectfully prayed before this Honorable Court that: 1. The foregoing Notice of Entry of Appearance be duly NOTED; and 2. The Motion for Extension of Time to file Memorandum be GRANTED. for. Other just and equitable relief and remedies are likewise prayed City of Bacoor for the City of Pasay, _____ August 2013

IGNACIO LAW OFFICE Counsel for the Plaintiff

By: VAL DEREK A. IGNACIO PTR # IBP # Attorneys Roll MCLE Compliance

With my consent/conformity: _____________________ Plaintiff-Appellee



To: Atty. Branch Clerk of Court Greetings: Kindly submit the foregoing Entry of Appearance with Motion for Extension of Time to file Memorandum for the consideration and approval of the Honorable Court WITHOUT FURTHER APPEARANCE OF THE PARTIES.


EXPLANATION It is hereby explained that a copy of the foregoing Entry of Appearance was sent to the Defendant-Appellants counsel, via registered mail with return card, as undersigned has no available personnel to effect personal service