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2. Why is My Name in Capital Letters on My Driver's License?

Please Check All of Your Government Documents This is the most Treasonous Act ever perpetrated on the American People
Capacity (law) - The Strawman Illusion - 10 Parts - Just set back and listen - J. Anderson discusses the 'Strawman' that is perceived to exist from the standing of the real man in Common Law - The Maxtrix Exposed - You name in capital letters and much more - You are going to like this:

Capitis Diminutio - Maxima Your Birth Certificate is worth Billions

Capitis Diminutio The truth about your birth certificate

ALL CAPITAL LETTERS What is a Person-Black law dictionary? Simple Guide to Sovereignty Banks Know About Your Straw Man (Here's Some Proof)

The Freeman and Strawman - Explained Very Well: Crown Temple Person Scam: Strawman Social Security Scam the Harsh Truth Government Deception 1099-OID - Your social security benefits are not benefits. Any payouts you receive from social - Security will be deducted from your estate when you die - Your social security benefit is actually a LOAN to you payable on your death: 20 Lies Every American Should Know! - This is a degeneracy in the principles of liberty... which I would not have expected for at least four centuries: Man on the land Executor Advocate Revocate Republic for Arizona - Bill Foust - The executor is the person which we know is a corporation or corpse which is dead. The executor has the following duties: William "Bill" Foust - Executor, Advocate & Revocate 1-2-3-4 - There was a death that occurred on the date you were berth. You know him well, he is called STRAWMAN, you know the guy who has the same name as yours only his name is in ALL CAPS. There was a executor that was created... that's YOU. His job is to handle the affairs of the dead guy, the STRAWMAN: 1. 2. 3. 4.

People Of Earth - Prepare For Economic Disaster - 2013: