Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 7th Judicial Division Branch _____, Cebu City




PRE-TRIAL BRIEF PLAINTIFF by counsel, respectfully submits his Pre-Trial Brief, as follows:

POSSIBILITY OF AMICABLE SETTLEMENT Plaintiff owes much gratitude to the defendant, spouses Robert and Mary Sta. Cruz. Over the years, defendants have been good neighbor to the plaintiffs. It is of paramount interest of the plaintiff to amicably settle the case. Plaintiff is very much willing to pay the value of the area affected by the right of way for a reasonable amount as agreed to by both partied.

PROPOSED STIPULATION OF FACTS AND/OR ADMISSION OF FACTS Plaintiffs’ proposed to Defendants the following facts:

That Plaintiffs’ property is surrounded by estates owned by different persons including the herein Defendants.certified copy of Transfer Certificate of Title no. “Annex F” – Copy of the letter refusal received by plaintiffs. II.Copy plan for the proposed pathway as easement of right of way. VI. III. ISSUES TO BE TRIED OR RESOLVED I. vii. EXHIBITS MARKED AS DOCUMENTS TO BE PRESENTED i. 123 to establish the ownership of the land by herein plaintiff. vi. IV. The isolation of the Plaintiffs property is not due to their own acts. “Annex E” . “Annex A” . Plaintiff intends to present the following witnesses: . Whether or not Plaintiffs are entitled for easement of right of way. iii. “Annex G” – Copy of Certificate to file action issued by Barangay Chairman of Brgy. The plaintiffs’ are willing to pay the Defendants reasonable price over the area affected by the right of way. v. Cebu City. “Annex C” . “Annex D” . V. That Plaintiffs’ had no adequate outlet to and from their estate to the public highway by reasons of the perimeter fence constructed by the Defendants. “Annex B” . Ramos.I.Copy of the letter which was sent to defendant to establish that a demand letter was duly served. WITNESSES TO BE PRESENTED a.Transfer certificate of title no. 124 to establish the ownership of the land by herein defendant that will serve as a servient estate. ii. The right of way claimed by the Plaintiffs is at the point least prejudicial to the Defendants estate for its only one (1) meter wide and fourteen meter long to the public highway.Sketch plan showing the location of the plaintiff’s lot and defendant’s lot to establish the necessity of having a right of way. iv.

iii. Rubio to prove that the lot of herein plaintiff where his dwelling house is located is surrounded by other immovables owned by other persons. and without adequate outlet to a public highway. . Engr. Plaintiff reserves the right to present other two witnesses not herein enumerated as deemed necessary. Ronaldo D. Mick B. Magpapilde to establish the necessity of having a right of way in favor of plaintiff.i. ii.

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