URL: http://www.zoneGL.

com zoneGL software Financial Tool for Oracle EBS General Ledger

Do oracle ERP R12, 11i GL Financial Report in Excel spreadsheet
zoneGL is a financial tool for Oracle E-Business General Ledger software. It is the best practice techniques for efficient financial data retrieval. It extends the calculation and data import capabilities of Excel. zoneGL functions give you the ability to use zoneGL formulas in cells. For example: =za(Set_Of_Book, Year, Num, Value_Type, Segment)

Benefit - Operation Angle
Flexible than oracle FSG (Financial Statement Generator)
Not need defines Report Set, Display Set, Content Set, Row Set, Column Set Strong integration with Excel Design and deliver the financial reports in Excel Makes financial report ease-of-use and efficiency Save time designing reports Easy and Fast ad hoc Reports on demand Support oracle R12 , 11i ERP general ledger No need oracle XML Publisher No need Web ADI (Applications Desktop Integrator) More information: Please reference: http://www.zoneGL.com

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