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Sharda University is one of the well-known repudiated and famous university it has a number of good colleges which provides excellent courses to students. Sharda University comes under the university grant commission. Sharda university provides various good facilities to its students, Sharda university has all the infrastructural facilities, well-stocked and well-maintain library and laborites with all the equipments. Sharda University provides many new up-coming and famous courses which all have bright scope; one of them is Bachelor of journalism and mass communication (BJMC). This programme enables you to choose a career from a variety of stages of media manufacture. With an importance on the communal and educational impact of different media forms, this programme examines the technologies, practices and policies that drive contemporary media infrastructure. Practical skills such as image building, diverse styles of writing, editing and working with layout software, audiovideo editing techniques are also covered. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a 3-year undergraduate course. The 3year course is additional divided in to six successive semesters. The main purpose of the course is to make the contributor appreciate the ways although which one can converse his thoughts amongst masses. The course includes outside projects by which the students get the exposure to different expert domains such as news dailies, radio, television, journals etc. Upon conclusion of the course, the candidate gets a brief and obvious picture on diverse aspects of journalism, advertising, and communication. The course study helps one to get either in to the profession of journalism or other media professions such as community relation officer, satisfied research and creation, media preparation and so on.

ELIGIBILITY FOR BJMC :- Candidate must be Proficient in English Communication, Candidates must have completed their 12th standard with 50% marks in any of stream. Benefits or Advantages of Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication: - BJMC course helps the candidate to obtain hypothetical and request information on a variety of areas related to journalism and mass communication. The route acts as a basis for higher study options, such as master and doctorate level programs in mass communications. This helps the candidate to build up a demanding vocation in media sector with profitable salary packages. The same allow chance to travel and make contact with a lot of admired personalities.

ADMISSION PROCESS IN SHARDA UNIVERSITY:- The admission forms are available at Sharda University Admissions Office. You may buy the form for Rs 1,000 from the counter or send a DD in favour of Sharda University- "SURE Entrance Test payable at Greater Noida.

CAREER AND PLACEMENTS IN SHARDA UNIVERSITY:Below are some of the specializations that you can aspire to become after pursuing BJMC from Sharda:

Journalist: Reporter & Sub Editor for Print, Broadcast and Online Media Copywriter Media Planner Brand Manager Event Manager Media Marketing Professional Media Response Professional Layout and Graphic Designer / Animator

Music Manager Photo Journalist Web Designer Content Editor PR Professional Corporate Communication DTP Publisher Film Maker- Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer

TV Producer News Anchor Sound Editor Radio Jockey

Script Writer

The industry offers packages ranging from 2.5-6.0 lacs per annum.