Rebuild Sri Lanka With Slaved Tamils We have been targeted by many new types of mails nowadays from

some people who refer them as "moderate" Tamils. For few months I received the mails and campaign to stop the genocide and killings of Tamils now the climate is changing. Yesterday I received a mail on from my friend who was sent a mail from a mail group which is run by Chandrika supporters asking for rebuilding Sri Lanka. Also a mail from Colombo Rotary club suggesting a temporary toilets for IDPs at cost for £80 (which would not even cost £20 in my costing). Many so called service orgnaisations are now stepping in to "HELP" our people. So I went deep into investigate who are these so called "Tamils" and I real ised they are so called "United " Sri Lanka group. Also so called Sinhalese who wants friendship with Tamils. I was just wondering where these guys jumping out of the sky to "Help" us. Okay , let us assume Sinhalese want to help us , who say they are just against Tigers but not against Tamils. All these time where were they? Why could not they ask the government to avoid killings of Tamils. Why do they just want to collect money rather than fight to release those Tamils?. It is so obvious , Sri Lankan government has now focusing on our money. All know Tamil Diaspora is very rich. This is the reason why they run those camps!. Now they illegally ask money to release those people. They start millions charities to help those people in the camp. They want UN , NGo and Tamil Diaspora fund to come in. We know what will happen to those money. May be as I said for £20 toilets with metal sheet will cost you £80. Administrative costs and many jobs will be given to Sinhalese for "helping " those Tamils. I was wondering to see many Sinhala doctors, many Sinhala aid workers are heading to Vavuniya. Our aid workers who worked for Un and NGOs are inside the camp. So they now going to get paid higher salaries on our money. Camps will be run for longer period so more of our and international money will come into the country. Many of our people who worked for NGOs because Sinhalese could not enter Tiger areas. Now it is 100% Sinhalese who are allowed to help. TRO and some Tamil agencies are banned. It is so sad to see even some us without thinking properly rushing into suck our money saying "our people". Why cannot you all ask yourself first. It is Sri Lankan government which holds this people now. So it is Sri Lankan government who has to spend money for it. It is very clear message given to Sinhalese on "Ape Wenuwen Api" , the charity to build houses for Army personnel. They are so focused on doing charity. We need to focus on releasing those people from camp. Activate a Tamil charity to help our people if needed but also it is vital to stop huge amount of our money pumped into Sri Lanka. Also please DO NOT forwards the mails from those who want to rebuild Sri Lanka. We need to be determined. Many of youngsters are determined to stand for our rights. We were doing so much all these days saying Tamil have the rights to determine what they want. It is not acceptable to run camps for the people in their own land. We need to let them free. We need those people to get back to their jobs. We do not support those camps for any reasons. We know we got many traitors within ourselves. We know other than youngsters , all others still cannot come under single opinion. There are some Tamils who are short focused and thinking about having a pint on sunny beaches. I do not even treat them as Tamils. Their era is over. Now this time we are well focused. We are united and our solidarity is st rong enough If we just stand down and forget the rights of people which we still stand up for , there is no point of our democratic fight.

Please do not forward mails about "Rebuilding Sri Lanka" because that is not our problem. Please do not collect funds for those camps , because it is government who running these camps should spend money. Please do not support those orgnaisation who have suddenly trying to support Tamils because they are opportunist. All these time Tamil Diaspora's money which changed the Colombo with thousands of apartments. It is export to Tamil Diaspora from Sri Lanka which has earned lot of money to kill our own people. It is Tamil Diaspora who made big income by touring Sri Lanka by spending in Dollars and Pounds. Now Sri Lanka is feeling major set back from Tamil Diaspora who vowed to cut off everything. Unfortunately there are some Tamils still want to give up our rights and not to worry about those who sacrificed their lives in the war. It is very important to identify these people without backbone and reject them. Who ever they are , it is not important to us. We will not allow them to penetrate our determined minds. We give a clear message to Sri Lanka. We need out rights to determine and we need immediate release of those people. It is the one and only way to bring peace in Sri Lanka. Tamil Diaspora are not fools to be manipulated. Tamils have realised the mistakes and there is no more. We will still ensure those people who committed crimes against humanity will be punished. We will stay united on everything. We will not allow anybody to influence us. Please from today identify the people who are promoting the new campaign of "Rebuilding Srilanka" and "Donations" and explain them. Make Tamil Diaspora the real challenge for Srilankan chauvinists.

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