Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria is an association of Nigerian Indigenous Technical Oilfield service companies in the upstream and downstream sectors of the Oil industry. The association was formed to bring together Nigerian Oil & Gas entrepreneurs to create a forum for the exchange of ideas with the major operators and policy makers.

PETAN Mission Statement is to “Promote the DOMESTICATION of Petroleum Technology by striving for FAIR and extensive patronage of the EFFICIENT and competitive INDIGENOUS Nigeria Oilfield Service companies”.

1. 2. To acquire, develop, advance and promote Petroleum Technology for the benefit of Nigerians. To foster co-operation as well as high ethical standards among Indigenous Technical Oilfield Services companies. To monitor and work to improve the performance and quality of services rendered by member companies To ensure and encourage fair patronage of member companies by Oil Producing companies in Nigeria. To liaise with Government on matters affecting the interest of members. To educate and advice Government and its agencies on developments in the Oilfield Services sector of the Nigeria economy. To promote the economic wellbeing and social welfare of the Oilfield environment and the larger society. To embark on and promote research and development in the Oilfield Services sector.



5. 6.



Although there are several dozens of Nigerian Technical Oilfield service companies in Nigeria, PETAN comprises of 45 (Forty Five) member companies with different categories of services in the oilfield industry as per the following list.

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Power Systems & Renewable Energy -Systems Integration & Industrial Automation . 7919877 (234) – 84 – 233707 Fax: (234)-1-4529027 aloyduru@epicatlantic. Lagos. Tel: (234)-53-250367 (234)-84-746073 (234)-53-816292 Fax: (234)-53-257965 info@emval.Engineering & Technical Services .104.onuoha@bgtechnical. 803 421 4616 Email: Gramen Petroserv Ltd Mr.Eng. 07028712172. Trans Amadi Ind. . R. Pipeline Integrity Assessment And Repairs. Port Harcourt. Box 852. Sure-Guard). Trans Amadi Industrial ana@anaindustries. P. P. 612023.Well testing .com Tel: (234)-84-233719. Shawley Coker Km 14. Imo. Lyt. Uche Obidi 60 Sedco Road. . 237237 Fax: (234)-84-232350 drillogp@drillogpdl. Anti-Tamper Locks. Port Harcourt. P. Installation And Maintenance Of Wellhead Equipment & Accessories . No. M.Project Management & Inspection Services .Full Range Fewd Parameters – Gamma Ray. Port Harcourt. Directional /Horizontal Drilling.Fabrication Services CONTACT PERSON Ms Patricia Simon Hart CONTACT ADDRESS No. . Idi-Oro. Ekezie 12/14 Agege Motor Road. Ordinance Road. Pumps.Particle monitoring.Early production facilities .com Tel: (234)-84-463592 Fax: 084 238647 geoff.Artificial Lift Services (ESP & Gas Lift) . TEL/FAX/ E-MAIL Tel: (234)-84-462433-34 Fax: (234) -84-462435 mail@aftrac. .08034440913 enquiry@atlanticfluids. Oceanic Bank Drive. Box 389. . . P.DIRECTORY OF PETAN MEMBERS COMPANY NAME Aftrac Limited CATEGORY OF SERVICE . T/Amadi P. Plot 110. Port Harcourt. Lawal Gbolahan 2 Chief Nwuke Road. Trans Amadi Industrial Layout (Sowsco Yard).: 234 462735.Procurement. Port Harcourt Page 2 of 4 . Off Peter Odili Way. . Tel. Charles Akhigbe Atlantic Fluids & Integrated Services Ltd Baywood Continental Ltd Mr. Port Harcourt. Trans Amadi by Bewac junction.Oil & Gas Engineering. Wole Ogunsanya Mr. Old Aba Road.Electrical. Tel: +234 84 747 236. Chemical Cleaning. .Marine Structures & Structural Steel Engineering.Fishing & Tool Rentals. Warri.Drilling Fluids Chemicals . Ana Industries Limited Mr. and Warren Brands) .net atlantic. .Oil & Gas Process Equipment e. -Construction.Valve Supply & Maintenance .Solid Mineral Processing Services .B. O. Plot C.Permanent Downhole Gauge Supply & Installation . .com Tel : 234 1 7942152 Telfax: 234 1 4970646 chrisbaywood@baywoodcontinental. Drillog Petrodynamics Ltd.Marine Structures & Structural Steel Engineering. 72 Olorunlogbon Street Anthony Lagos. 461143 Fax: (234)-84-461142 ariboilus@aol.Casing & Tubing Services & Tools.Manufacturing Of Pigs & Accessories. 741863 Fax: 234 1.g Refinery Manifold etc . 461142.fluids06@yahoo. Stephen Tel: (234)-84-465831. . 612080 cisconphc@cisconservices. Off Ordinance Road. . 612273 (234)-53-253784 Fax: (234)-84-613024.) .Port Harcourt. Aba/Port Harcourt Expressway. 141/149 Trans Amadi Industrial Layout.. Gabriel Akhedo Trans Amadi Industrial Lyt.Operations & Maintenance Services .Drilling Fluids Engineering Services . 489529 Fax: (234)-84-465832 anaindustry@hotmail. Port Harcourt. Aribeana Mr. 84 897 691 +234 803 356 Tel: (234)-84-461141. .Technical Training & Consulting Services . Dewaxing & De-Scaling Of Pipelines And Wells.Wireline (Slickline & E-Line) Services .Wireline Services .Borehole Tel: (234)-1-7748357. . Technical Limited Mr. Plot 219. Port Harcourt Tel: (234)-84-239719 kodusami@chesroc.Trans Amadi Industrial Layout.Nigeria. Measurement While Drilling & Logging While Drilling (Mwd/Lwd). Box 7884. Plot 375. Ciscon Nigeria Limited Mr. Chris Baywood Ibe B. .Installation & Commissioning Pipeline Services & Well Services Routine & Intelligent Pipeline Pigging. Tel: (234)-84-612081. Plot 256. Trans Amadi Industrial Layout. Alex Ajuebon Ariboil Company Limited Mr.G.Instrumentation Services . Duru Plot 212. . Emval Nigeria Limited Mr. & Maintenance Services (Compressors. -Completion Services And Well Restoration .Drilling Mud Solids Control.Mud & Brine Chemicals & Mud Eng Services.Fabrication Services .Mudlogging and Geological Services .net Epic Atlantic Limited Mr. Kayode Odusami 42. 1 Nkpogu Road Trans Amadi Ind. 84-462735 contactus@geoplex. Port Harcourt. Rumuomasi.B 057 Port Harcourt.Drilling Services -Instrumentation. High Street. Geoplex Drillteq Limited Gil Automations Mr. Density & Neutron Measurement (Triple Combo Lwd) & Rotary Steerable Directional Drilling.Well clean-up/flow back. .Pumping Services. Nigeria. Resistivity.Oil & Gas Process Equipment .M.Vendor Representation of Colfax / Allweiler Centrifugal & Positive Displacement Pumps (Allweiler. .Virtual Construction . Aloy Tel: 234-84-783400 234-8055027048 info@gilautomations.Panel Building & Instrument Calibration .Engineering & Field Services .Oilfield and General Fabrication.Operation & Maintenance of Production Platform. O. 612082-3 612288. 047 Port Harcourt. Geoff Onuoha Chesroc Nigeria Limited Mr. Houttuin. (Ugo) O.Surface sampling for PVT analysis . ( Dormanlong Nigeria Ltd Chief Chukwuma Okolo Dr. . Control & Safety Systems .com info@gramenpetroserv. .Supply. Mechanical & Instrumentation Tel: (234)-84896651.Engineering . -Design & Installation Of Process Safety/Remote Monitoring Security Systems. Etc.Well Completion Services.Mud Specialist & Drilling Engineering Consultancy Services -Provision of Mud Equipments for Hire . 237195 239668.

umunna@haldengrp.464823. . 2 FUTO Avenue Km 5. O. +1 832 886 0404 Fax: + 1 281 207 1269 International Energy Services Ltd Dr. Eng. Housekeeping and Laundry Services Engineering Designs Environ/Analytical lab services Recruitment & Training Mr. Layout. Port ieslagos@hyperia. Box 8014. 31 Alcon Road. Rumuomasi Area.Production Logging Services.Geoscience Training and Research Centre/ Manpower Development . Tel: (+234)-(0)1-4615636.Drilling & Petro. . 4th Floor. Port Harcourt Lagos Office: Suite 5.. 2A Osborne Road. etc) . Vertical and Underground Storage Tanks ) .PVT. Awolowo Road Energy House P. -Environment Services.Mechanical and Structural Fabrication . including Hook-up and Tie-in ( Land and Swamp ) . Well Stimulation. Port Harcourt Mr. Trans Amadi Industrial Layout.Process Pipe Work. 461261-3 Fax: (234)-84-238685. Babatunde Okikiolu Tel:(234)-84-612593. Layout. 238743 230913. Dapo Oshinusi Eneka/Igwurita Road. Head Office: 46.Measurement While Drilling Services (MWD) . info@laser-ng. Port Harcourt. Port Harcourt. Idisi Mr. Layout. Wing A. 612505.Logging While Drilling Services (LWD) .Catering. etc) . Off Adeola Odeku Victoria Island. Ordinance Road. +1 832 886 0074 Fax: (+234) – 84 -464824 admin@hobarkintl. Port Harcourt. .Filtration Services Mr. 5135.Reservoir Management (Static & Dynamic Modeling. . 4630183 Fax: (+234)-(0)1-4630936 E-mail: energyhouse@ieslglobal.Pipeline and Flowline Construction.Trans Amadi Ind. Fax: (234)-1-4614921-4 info@mansfieldenergy. Central Business District. Emeka Okwuosa Oiltest Group Dr. Fax: (234)-84-463259 (234)-1-2692072 emekae@aol.Dredging & Marine Logistics . . Port Harcourt. .Associated Civil and Structural Works .com Page 3 of 4 .com www.Definite Borehole Survey Services . (Behind Sasun Hotel).Procurement .com mavlinengineering@yahoo. Nigeria. (Off Inco Petroleum Stn. -Slickline and BHP Nembe Road. 239398. Port Harcourt.Reservoir Monitoring Services.Petroleum Reserves and Data Management Services (PERDAM) . O.Laboratory Services. 610305 Fax: (234)-84-610305 (234)-53-251320 lonestarphc@lonestargroupng. Karimu Kotun mikeonyekonwu@yahoo.1. Tel: (234)-84-232024.Drilling Optimization .Manpower Training . Mike O. Layout. 239230 Tel: (234)-1-2695280 md@oiltestng.Completion Services.Consultancy & Engineering Services . -Completion Tool & Accessories.Well Testing & Analysis.) Behind Omega House Rumuodara. .Surface Readout / Memory / Permanent Downhole Gauges..485742. Ikoyi. P.M. Woji. -Nitrogen Services. East-West Road. 897964. Rumukwurushi. P. . Box 54345. Port Harcourt. Consultancy Well Completions. Plot 98. Africa Re Building.Monocable Wireline Services .Laboratory Services (PVT.Slickline Services .B. 42. Telle Quadry Block B. .Logging While Drilling (Lwd) . Ekpeli chris. .Coil Tubing & Pumping Services.Directional Drilling & Borehole Surveys. 8th Floor. (234)-805-1557-810 info@haldengrp.Measurement While Drilling (MWD).1. Diran Fawibe 34. . . Off Trans Amadi Tel: (234)-84-463256-9. Sand Control.mansfieldenergy. Ikoyi. 237926 kasolute@phca. . . -Fabrication/ Construction/ Installation & struct.linkserve.M. Trevor Ajayi Plot 312 Danjuma Nestoil Limited Oildata Wireline Services Limited Oil & Industrial Services Ltd Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi Mr. Okorie Kyrian Prof. Tel: (234)-84-235254. Trans Amadi Ind. . TX 77479 Tel: (234) Tel: (234)-84. 231750 Mobile: (234)-803-0677-307.Formation Evaluation And Remedial Workover Tel: (234) Lonestar Drilling Nigeria Limited Mansfield Energy Nigeria Limited Mavlin Projects Limited Chief H.Mechanical / Civil Engineering .Pipeline Construction.Halden Nigeria Limited -Waste Management Services. +1 832 295 9089 Fax: (+234) .Procurement Tank .com Tel: +234-1-7307724. Lagos.Project Management . 5135.611626 emekobi@aol. Testing. Nigeria. Lagos 3rd Floor. 2715222 info@mavlinprojects-ng. Kasolute Nigeria Limited Konad Associates Limited Laser Engineering & Resources Consultants Limited . ASSBIFFI Road. Ken Worgu Oilserv Limited Mr. Plot A-1.Drilling Rigs . Trans Amadi Ind. . Tel:(234)-1-7900939. .net Tel: (234)-84-610739.232635 oisadm@oiskenquip. Port Harcourt. Ikeja. Foreshore Towers.Software Marketing . Onyekonwu 94.Screens . Elephant Cement House.PVT Services -Laboratory Services.Well Engineering .Production Enhancement. Victoria Island. Alausa. 571773 Fax: (234) Tel: (234)-84-239605.Environmental Studies and Modeling .linkserve. Old Aba Road.2626687 info@nestoilgroup. off Peter Odili Road.Specialty Mud Loss Circulation Solutions .Provision of Marine services and support. Tel: (+234) . Michael VI Towers 15 Goriola St. Houston Office: 19901 SW Freeway.Procurement Services.Crude Oil and Product Storage Tank Construction and Maintenance (Horizontal. Obioha Fubara Okoroafor Tel: +1 281 207 md@laser-ng.2626685 Fax: (234)-1.Consultant Management Services .Environmental & Waste Mgt.Repair & Maintenance of Governors . Sampling. Port Harcourt. Lagos Plot 282.261 1763 Hobark International Limited Mr.B. P. Plot Tel: (+234) – 84. . Liner Hanger Equipment and Tel: (234)-8033124518 E-mail: konadass@yahoo. .Well Prod. -Engineering Designs. Mr. Emeka Ene Mr. 769665 (234)-803-3103628 Fax: (234)-84-612325 laser@phca. 230166-7 (234)-53-250869 Fax: (234)-84-236134. .262 9152. Trans Amadi Industrial Layout. Repair and Maintenance ( Land & Swamp ) .Flow Station Construction and Upgrade ( Land and Swamp ) .Directional Drilling Services (DD) . Rumuibekwe Estate. Chris Umunna Plot 229. www. NNPC Housing Complex. 235739 Fax: (234)-1.Drilling / Workover .

Vincent Ebuh Edo House. Ofoma Page 4 of 4 .c. Cletus Onyekwere 2 Chevron Hospital Close Off NPA Expressway. .Metal Fabrication. . O.Wireline (Slickline) .net sadegboyega@sowsco. -Offshore Drilling Services .Filtration Services .Engineering & Engineering Design Services.053-255831-2 (234)-84-480863. Victoria Island. Akin Awomodu Plot 156-160 Atali/Igwuruta Tel:234-(0)84-461693. P. (by ExxonMobil House).com Weltek Limited orbitaloranges@yahoo. 1049.Fabrication And Installation. Lagos Tolmann Allied Services Company Ltd Vhelbherg Int’l Ltd.Engineering and Project Management.Laboratory Services. .com voe@petrologgroup. Plot 129. Drill Collars. O. Box 2166 Edjebba. GRA Phase 2. Mr. Suite 5-8. .Oilfield Manpower Supply . Inc. Waste Management Services . Fax: 234-84-464918 info@pointengineering.Sand Control Services. Trans Amadi Ind.PVT Services.Mwd/Lwd Services. Forklifts Etc) .Wellhead Maintenance . .Consultancy Serv.Downhole Oilwell Fishing Services & Tools Wog Allied Services Nigeria Limited Chief Gabriel S. . 750948 08037110262 okoro.Wellbore Cleaning.Process and Pipeline Cleaning.Cementing Services. Point Engineering Limited Mr. . Lagos. Port Harcourt.High Pressure ccm@teconoilserv. 464741 trutubingsolutions@yahoo. 168. .Nigerian Manpower Supply. Tel: (234)-84-611012. M.Orbital & Oranges Nigeria Limited Petrolog Group . . Tecon Oil Services Limited Mr. and SOWSCO Well Services (Nig) Ltd.Systems Integration .Marine Services & Consultancy .co. Port Harcourt Tel: (234)-84-238006 Fax: (234)-84-237795 tolmann@tolmann. Training\Manpower Dev. . P. . Trans Amadi Industrial Layout. Emmanuel Onyekwena Bank-Anthony Okoroafor 58. Washpipes).Equipment Rental (Skips.Industrial Cleaning Services . 320455. Plot 1225.B. Drilling Accelerators & Shock Tools Rentals & Jar Service Center Operations.Brine Filtration . Technical Consultancy Services. . Environmental Services.Box 4347.B. .Fighting Equipment & Services. (Rumukwurushi Junction) P. Godwin Ogbodu Tel: (234)-1-2614030. Ahmadu Bello Way. Warri. Fax: (234) Tel: (234)-1-4803413.Engineering Maintenance. . Port Harcourt Tel: (234)-84-611143 Fax: (234)-84-613424 orbitaloranges@hotmail. Trans Amadi Ind. Plot 112 & Tel: (234) – 84.Wild Well Control Services .. Heavy Duty Equipment Supply ServicesSupply and maintenance of Environmental -Drilling Services (Oil Well Drilling) . Port Harcourt. Reclamation Road. . Port Harcourt. Box 3807. B. Machining And Tools Redressing .Drilling Waste Management & Ancillary Services .Oilwell Surveys. . Tel: (234)-53-320454.M.Wellhead Maintenance. Port Harcourt. Drilling Fluid Services. Pipeline Services.Stimulation Services. Trans Amadi Industrial Layout. .com Tel: (234)-84-236645. . 483006-7 Fax: (234)-480863 teconph@teconoilserv.Drilling Jars. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. 231435. 7739981 (234)-84-610967-9. Tony Eze Plot 184C. Bodo Road.. Box 6585.Drillstring & Workstring Rentals (Drill Pipes. Tel: (234)-803-407-0464 (234)-803-292-7446 084. Off Ordinance Road. Plot Tel: (234)-84-464915/917 234-1-8968260. Layout. 99 Airport Road. P.Nitrogen Weafri Well Services Company Limited Mr. Along 34 Road. 237903-4 Fax: (234)-84-237904 pegbe@weltekng.798633 western@weafriwellservices. .487676 Fax: 234-(0)84-461 693 swnl@sowsco. 2615309 admin@petrologgroup. Fabrication.Environmental Assessment\ Studies.Casing & Tubing Running Equipment And Casing Crews.Turn-Key Marginal Field Development & Planning . P. 230708 bertrfl@aol.570474. George Okoyo Reservoir Fluids Lab. Port Harcourt.Pipeline services – Laying Oil & Gas Pipeline\ Pipeline Fabrication Consultancy Services.ed@sego-nig. . . . 230709 Fax (234)-84-236645.Design . Manufacturing.Drilling Tool Rentals Mr. . Atali. 231322-5 (234)-486049 Fax: (234)-84-238786 (234)-1-2618371 specialtynigeria@aol.Engineering and Project management .O.Filtration Services. East-West Road. Casimir Maduafokwa 47 Yeshayahu Lasode Cres. Warri. Construction Services . Tel: (234)-84-. 237902.Instrumentation And Electrical . O.Wireline Services. Port Harcourt.Waste Management(Thermal Oil Recovery System -Tank & Vessel Cleaning . (234)-84-330347 Fax: (234)-53-320454 wog@wog-allied.Pumping Services . Pedro Egbe Plot 307. (Sart Nigeria Limited) Sego Oilfield Services Mr.Directional Drilling Services . .Cementing.Marine Services – Workboat & Barges Rentals & Services Marine & Industrial Safety Training Helicopter Underwater Training (HUET) Survival at Sea (SAS) • Marginal Field Development Consultants • Well Services Consultants • Leak Repairs Specialists o Flange Leaks o Pipeline/Flowline Leaks o Facility Leaks • Wall Loss Repairs Specialists • Asset Security Consultants • Pipelines Threat Identification Monitoring • Borders/Perimeter Threat Identification Monitoring . 235662. Victoria Island. Mr. Tubing. Box 6726. Port Harcourt. off Woji Tel: (234)-84-235915.Coiled Tubing Services. Lyt. Trans Amadi Industrial Layout. P. 052.Engineering Design And Project Management. Samuel Adegboyega Specialty Drilling Fluids Ltd Dr. . P. 2nd Floor. Bert Douglas Mr.Gas Lift Valve Sales & Services . 2613808.Mud Logging.M.Haulage Services . 7918094 (234).

Zitadel Limited Zukus Industries Ltd.NDT Services. . Off Enerhen Road. . P. Warri.Well head Maintenance. Port Harcourt. (234) 84 462-396 Fax: (234) 53 250-880 zukus@webonlan. Evoc Yard. Tel: (234) 84 237700.High Pressure Pumping services .Well Testing services with Agar Multiphase Flow Meter(MPFM) Mr.Dewaxing of Flowlines/Pipelines. Engineering/Technical Tel: (234) 53 250-880.Marine and Corrosion services .. 239090 Fax: (234) 84 239494 Page 5 of 4 . Chinye Ik Uzor 52/54 Trans Amadi Industrial Lyt. Nicolas Odinuwe Mr. etc -Wireline (Slickline) Services . .Environmental Waste Mgt.Hot Oil . O Box 1192. .

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