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My Civil Services interview: My civil services interview
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My Civil Services interview
Frid ay , May 10, 2013 Blog Arc hive

My civil services interview
This post is at the request of one of my friend, who asked me to write about my interview on the blog, after I got 593rd rank in Civil Services Exam,2012. . My interview was in the board of Sh. IMG Khan on 9th April,2013. I was the 4th candidate to be interviewed in the Forenoon.I was interacting with other candidates of the Board and waited anxiously for my turn, which came just before Noon.I was quite nervous before entering the Board. I asked for permission to come inside.After coming inside , I wished Good morning to all.The Chairman told me to sit on the chair. I sat after thanking him.I sat upright with hands placed on the respective thighs with palms facing upwards. The Chairman was perusing through my Biodata and clarified about the nature of work and place of posting in earlier organisations.Earlier to the current job in Indian Railways as IRSS officer, I was working in Drilling at ONGC, in Marketing at Bangalore Airport at BPCL , and in Maintenance at RIL, Nagothane,Maharashtra. Then, the normal interview started, which I am trying to reproduce(according to my memory) as far as possible, as mentioned below: Chairman: You are a Mechanical Engineer.But, currently you are posted as Stores officer(IRSS). What is the use of being Mech. Engg. and opting for non-technical job? Myself:Sir, Indian Railway Stores Service(IRSS) is a technical job. By doing Mech. Engg., it has helped me to perform the job in a better way.Our prime job is to supply material to the user.Mech. Engg. has helped in supply of correct material through study of drawing of the material receipted. Also, Mech. Engg. has helped in procurement of right material by ensuring the correct description of material at the requisition stage. 2nd Member :But, you are not involved in Quality Assurance of the Material. It is being done through agencies like RITES,etc. Myself:Yes sir, but we are responsible for supply of correct material through inspection during receipt stage. Chairman :Mechanical Dept. is responsible for design of the material and not the Stores Deptt.Then, being a Mechanical Engg., how it could give you job satisfaction? Myself:Yes sir, Mech. Deptt. is responsible for design of material. But, we are responsible for supply of the right material so that production does not stop.This is a new type of job which has offered different kind of challenges. Sir, you can see I have opted different kinds of jobs in my professional career.(The Chairman peruses through my Biodata and says: Yes , I can see)This has given me different challenges and opportunities to learn. All jobs were satisfying. Chairman:Whether the Group C staffs are technical or non-technical? Who are better performers? Myself:Sir, some are technical and some are non-technicals.Obviously,the technical ones are better as it helps in better understanding of the technical nature of the job. 3rd Member :Why do you want to join civil services? Myself:Sir,I want to join the civil services because these give better career prospects. (One round of interview finishes.They grilled hard and by seeing the reactions on their faces, I observed that they were not satisfied by my answers.They were highly dynamic and were creating pressures on me, which was uncommon of Khan's board reputation.However, I realised that I did not buckle to their pressure technique, eventhough I could not execute the above answers to my best capability) 4th Member :Your year of birth is 1983.Why this year was remarkable for India? Myself:Sir, I play cricket so I can say about India's achievement in Cricket. Sir, India won the Cricket world cricket in this year. 4th Member : Oh, You play cricket also? (I had not mentioned Cricket in my Biodata.) Myself:Yes sir, I am the vice-captain of Railway Officers' team at Dahod. 4th Member : You have mentioned that you were President of Saraswati Pooja Committee. What was that?

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What do think about the percentage contribution of infrastructure in the GDP? Myself: Sir. Chairman: You can give your answer one by one.Then I said.. I can say that there are various concerns. should select many such areas for success of PPPs.html 2/5 . But the top three problems . then how can we think of going ahead with such a big project. Also. which would give a return of say 12 or 15 %. where better infrastructure like road. Students and teachers appointed me to head the committee. Then I stopped and waited for the next question. Also. Khan while asking this question. we can manage the water crisis. It plans to divert the water from water surplus regions to water deficit regions. 3rd Member : The Bureaucracy of South. In this manner. being a student of Geography. 2nd Member : But. 1st Member : What are the concerns?(as I thought. Myself: I would like to answer first the first question. It would result in environmental degradation. We have not been able to solve Cauvery dispute till now. the Govt. I paused for some time. Water crisis could be tackled by proper utilization of rainwater. PPP is a success at Tolls? Myself: Yes.. However.east Asia is badly reputed. and Third. How should we fully utilize our land resources for the development of the country?(The member asked question after very lengthy explanation. Second. The investors will invest in those areas only. It would result in great displacement of many people. electricity. have led to higher economic growth compared to other states with poorer infrastructure. which I think are as: First. old and aging infrastructure raising safety concerns. infrastructure must grow by 10% if the economy has to grow by 8%.then I paused for some seconds. Just below my bungalow. 3rd Member : What are the top three problems of Railways? Myself: Sir.) Myself: Sir. Sir. The challenge of water crisis could be tackled by integrated development of underground and surface water.I would organise Eid Milan also. rajivranjan1983. Then I thought that I would lead the interview and then replied. etc. 1st Member :Country is facing severe water crisis like Maharashtra drought. I scantly looked towards the Chairman.8/12/13 My Civil Services interview: My civil services interview Myself:Sir. development of water resourses is necessary for economic development of the country. but there are some concerns. Sir. 1st Member : But building dams over Ganges . lack of fund.) Myself:Yes sir. it would result in inter-state water dispute.where nearly 6-7 thousands people used to come. the training of which is challenge for better functioning of Railways. I do not think that the bureaucrats are bad. 4th Member : Would you organise Eid-Milan?(The member looked towards Chairman Mr.Sir. I was still recovering from initial grilling. there is a checkdam. What do you think are the problems of our bureaucracy? Myself: Sir. Then the Chairman suddenly intervenes and stops the discussion and directs the 3rd Member to ask questions. sir. that is a success. I nodded my head in affirmation. They are highly qualified and are considerate.blogspot. Saraswati Pooja was the biggest cultural function organised by the school.How could we go ahead so that such crises does not occur? Land resources are very important for the development of the country.. We can take the example of Gujarat. 2nd Member : Why the PPP failed in India? Myself: Sir. Big dams have its own problems.. Sir. rainwater harvesting is proper harvesting of rainwater by way of pumping it underground.is creating great problems? Myself: Sir. The Govt. I had listen very patiently and I was nodding my head regularly giving indication that I was listening him all the time). I am talking about small-small dams only. .in the meantime . Railway is a very good organization.in/2013/05/my-civil-services-interview. 2nd Member : Infrastructure has got a very important role in the development of the country. infrastructure does not directly contribute to the percentage points of GDP.he was smiling and looking at me carefully while I was answering the question. 1st Member : What are these terms like rainwater harvesting and all? Myself: Sir.I was the Topper of High School and they wanted some respectable person to head the Pooja Committee.India level. The rainwater collected is still being utilized by surrounding Bhill tribes. I would like to take one example. By rainwater harvesting and watershed management. high number of unskilled Group D staff. was not able to select the right areas for application of PPPs. ports. 1st Member : What do you think about interlinking of rivers? Myself: The Hon’ble Supreme court has directed the Govt. I don’t know . we can utilize the rain water.. to link the rivers at pan. in road sector. 2nd Member : Can you elaborate on the role of infrastructure in growth of economy by comparing different parts of the country? Myself: Yes sir. now I could recollect the reasons for failure of PPP in India. It is recharging the underground.

LED TV uses light emitting diodes. I look up towards them for guidance. it was one of the worst hit state. and Plasma TV? Myself: Sir. I can take the example from my work. famous or infamous? The board including the Chairman started laughing. I don’t know how does it function. then operate it and recovers its cost and makes profit. Myself: Surely sir. It resulted in accumulation of lands in few hands.you complete the movie after the interview .8/12/13 My Civil Services interview: My civil services interview Chairman: You do not think that all the people who are sitting are bureaucrats? Myself: No sir. 4th Member : What do you think could be the reasons for this? Myself: Sir. 4th Member : OK. Own…. 4th Member : Can you take the example from Rlys? Myself: Yes sir. Chairman: I think you have not understood the question? Myself: My voice trembles and I speak very cautiously in a hesitant manner. because on that day only the result was out. 4th Member : Your home district is Jehanabad. the reasons could be traced to the Permanent settlement system started in 1793. due to high number cases. I had prepared about the above four only. rajivranjan1983. Jehanabad is infamous due to violence between the private militias like Ranveer sena and the naxalite organization like MCC. I was feeling upperhand and I was at my best in humorous mood. Judges are highly qualified. the problem is with the system. I don’t know whether I could satisfy them fully. we could not successfully implement the land reforms. This answer might have been wrong. Sir. where money of several investors are locked up for more than a year. as according to the new participative policy of Rlys. 4th Member : What is BOT? Myself: Sir. To protect against naxalites. What kind of movies do you watch? Myself: Sir. I would complete the movie. I watch Hollywood movies.blogspot. But. I would recommend LED TV as it has less power consumption and would result in power saving. 4th Member : Yes.LED. I am speaking from my heart and I can say from my experience. I could watch that movie half only. Lawn Tennis and TT. 4th Member : What was the last movie did you watch? Myself: Sir. mines. it stands for Liquid Crystal Display. the landowners formed their own militias and the violence ensued among them. and then transfers it to the govt after some time. The naxalite movement utilized the ground level discontent among the landless. in BOT.html 3/5 .Operate and Transfer. Parties build the infrastructure. it might have been the example of BOT as per earlier policies. Chairman: Now. However.) 4th Member : You have mentioned that watching movies as your hobby. Myself: Sir.Yes. which are inspirational. After independence. it came as out of blue about the two haobbies of watching movies and reading books. Sir. I mean infamous. Now.I indicated towards the 2nd Member while answering. it was the turn for Questions from hobby: (I had lost the DAF and I had forgotten about these two hobbies although I remembered the other hobbies like Travelling and extra curricular activities/games like playing Badminton. I was confused the middle letter O. But. which is too slow.or…. the above examples were of non-government Railways. there is often delay in justice which brings in inefficiency in the system.in/2013/05/my-civil-services-interview. in Rlys. we can take the Sir’s example of Toll tax . 3rd Member : Do you think that the Judiciary contributes towards this inefficiency of bureaucracy? Myself: Sir.. 4th Member : Can you give an example of BOT? Myself: Sir. Bihar being an agrarian state. BOT was adopted for first and last mile connectivity like linking ports.Oscar award winning movies. may be 20 yrs or 25 years or 30 years. What is LCD? How does it function? Myself: Sir. they are overloaded. It was Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.. BOT stands for Build. leading to large number of agricultural and landless labourers. 4th Member : You are a Mechanical Engineer. What is the difference between LCD. So.. Can you tell why Jehanabad is famous and remains in news? By this time . 4th Member : Which one would you recommend to the customer and why? Myself: Sir. The problem is of supply and demand… the chairman intervenes. The plasma TV uses ionized gas. the Pvt. because we have not been able to take decisions yet. ets. Myself: Sir. to the mainline.

In fact. 2013 at 4:06 AM Thanks Reply RAJIV RANJAN M ay 10.in/2013/05/my-civil-services-interview. It also erased the bad memories of great pain that I . My status has led to social activities after my normal work. Then I further clarified. Also. called me for inauguration of cultural programme during Saraswati Pooja. I am fully enjoying the posting. it was Ignited Minds by APJ Abdul Kalam. my interview was on 9th April. but was fresh before the exam and I was able to perform fairly. But. It also reminded me that I should have persisted with my studies after I joined Railways in December 2010 as IRSS officer. This time I was out of touch . Recently.html 4/5 .. I may not join IRS. I stood up and thanked everybody. Posted by RAJIV RANJAN at 12:46 AM Recommend this on Google 7 comments: PRANAV MUKTIBODH M ay 10. I could give much attention to the hobbies as we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our second child which are expected within a week. Finally the result was out on 3rd May and I got 593rd rank in CSE’12. I am monitoring the Pulse Polio Mission in the colony. I read inspirational books. The rank was a bit letdown.blogspot. 3rd Member : What was the last book you read? Myself: Sir . Chairman: You can go now.. I might have got improved rank.. I wished every body and came out. 2013 at 2:55 AM Great interview..You do not join IRS. Sir. however it gave me immense satisfaction that finally I was successful with subjects like Geography and Mechanical Engg as options. I am integrating well with the society. Then . After moving back some steps. I am getting better social recognition there. I will organize Eid Milan also. because I have been on deputation in Rlys. Myself: Sir. Sir. I returned from Delhi on 11 th April and the second child was born on 12 th April. Chairman: How come? There was an sparkle in his eyes. Conclusion: By observing the interest of members in me and variety of questions being asked . Bihari community there. I had given these choices when I was just posted at my working post. because Railways are good. Now. I could read it half only. What kinds of books do you read? Myself: Sir. Myself: Yes sir. I am highly thankful to UPSC. it feels good to taste success after so many near misses like missing interview in 2009 by 01 mark and having night out during optionals in 2010 due pressure. 2013 at 10:24 AM thanx everybody for going through the post. In 2009. who has transformed our lives. Paper. Chairman: No problem… The chairman further said. my wife and my son took due to hardships during the preparation all these years. thanks for sharing!! Reply Shamim Husain M ay 10.. Nonetheless.pardon me rajivranjan1983. Sir.8/12/13 My Civil Services interview: My civil services interview 3rd Member : You have mentioned reading books as your hobby.there are various typing errors. I had got the highest marks (344)of UPSC that year in Mechanical Engg. 3rd Member : What is the gist of that book? Myself: It has stressed on the fact that how ignited minds of youths are necessary for the country to become a developed country. you have to organize Eid Milan also and not only Saraswati Pooja Myself: Yes sir. I knew that the interview has gone well.

Harry August 12.. Sir.. 2013 at 1:08 AM Thanks for sharing .8/12/13 for that. 2013 at 10:58 PM Thanks you sir for this post... rajivranjan1983.in/2013/05/my-civil-services-interview.. 2013 at 1:01 AM awesome sir. Reply E n t e ry o u rc o m m e n t .blogspot. may I know your marks in interview? Reply Mr. 2013 at 8:19 AM Sir . .. Powered by Blogger. Comment as: Google Account Publish Preview Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Simple template.you really answered all the question very smartly. People like you who share their experience and knowledge enrich the internet.. Reply My Civil Services interview: My civil services interview Amit Agrawal M ay 11..:) Reply Bhanwar Singh August 11. . It was nice reading your interview Reply satyam M ay 25.html 5/5 .

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