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Fastest Growing Occupations Occupations with the

Most Annual Openings
Hot Netw ork Systems & Data Communications
Home Health Aides

Cashiers 120
Area Workforce Trends
Truck Drivers, Heavy & Tractor-Trailer 5.0% Retail Salespersons 110
Hot Employment, Recruitment, & Placement
4.3% Truck Drivers, Heavy & Tractor-Trailer 90
Projections to 2014
Laborers & Freight, Stock, and Material Movers,
Medical Assistants 4.2% 70
Dispatchers, Except Police, Fire, & Hot Registered Nurses 60
WIA Area #19 – SE Georgia
Combined Food Prep & Serv Workers, Incl Fast
Personal & Home Care Aides 3.8% Food
Waiters & Waitresses 50
Hot Registered Nurses 3.6%
Team Assemblers 50
Preschool Teachers, Exc Special Education 3.6%
Customer Service Representatives 40
Counter & Rental Clerks 3.4% Janitors & Cleaners, Exc Maids & Housekeeping
Bill & Account Collectors 3.4%
Nursing Aides, Orderlies, & Attendants 40
Bus & Truck Mechanics & Diesel Engine Berrien
3.3% Hot General & Operations Managers 40
Operating Engineers & Other Construction
Equipment Operators
3.1% Hot Elem School Teachers, Exc Special Education 40

Hot Medical & Health Services Managers 3.1% Stock Clerks & Order Fillers 40

Hot Cost Estimators 3.1% Food Preparation Workers 30

Teacher Assistants 30
Customer Service Representatives 3.1%

These fast-growing occupations will have better employ- Most of the annual openings in this list will result from the
ment prospects than occupations with slow or declining need to replace workers who change jobs rather than from
employment. Also, conditions will be more favorable for new job creation.
mobility and advancement. This area encompasses the eight counties of southeast Georgia in and
Nine of these jobs require short-term on-the-job training of around the cities of Douglas and Waycross. It includes the following
one month or less. counties: Atkinson, Bacon, Berrien, Brantley, Charlton, Clinch, Coffee,
Five of these occupations are found in the healthcare indus- Pierce, and Ware.
try and one is computer-related.
Three have earned the “HOT” label on a statewide basis for
Five have been designated “HOT” on a statewide basis for this period.
the period 2004-2014. Workforce Information & Analysis Division
Although these occupations have many projected annual open- Georgia Department of Labor
Ten require no formal education beyond high school. ings, more than half of them pay less than average wages. Michael L. Thurmond
Total Industry Growth Industry Rate of Growth Occupations with the
Total employment in WIA Area #19 is expected to grow from This area’s economy is currently growing at essentially the
Most Job Growth
almost 59,000 jobs in 2004 to more than 68,000 by the year same rate as Georgia’s economy at 1.7 percent per year, sub-
2014, which equates to approximately 950 new jobs added stantially faster than the nation’s job growth rate of 1.2 percent Truck Drivers, Heavy & Tractor-Trailer 690

each year. This area is the home of a regional medical center, annually. Retail Salespersons 480

a regional retail distribution center, an aircraft parts manufac- Hot Registered Nurses 380

turer, and several mobile home manufacturers. Key industries The ten fastest growing industries in this area are listed below. Cashiers 280

include health services, educational services, agriculture pro- Customer Service Representatives 280

duction, wood products manufacturing, food manufacturing, Waste Management & Remediation Laborers & Freight, Stock, & Material Movers, Hand 280
transportation equipment manufacturing, and truck transporta- Services Nursing Aides, Orderlies, & Attendants 250
Janitors & Cleaners, Exc Maids & Housekeeping
tion. Cleaners
Truck Transportation 7.8%
Hot General & Operations Managers 210

The top ten industries in this area with the most job growth are Combined Food Prep & Serv Workers, Incl Fast Food 200
Miscellaneous Manufacturing 7.4%
listed below. Hot Elem School Teachers, Exc Special Education 180

Nonmetallic Mineral Product Construction Laborers 170
Administrative & Support Services Manufacturing Teacher Assistants 160

Team Assemblers 150
Educational Services 1,300 Administrative & Support Services 6.3%
Waiters & Waitresses 140

Truck Drivers, Light or Delivery Services 140
General Merchandise Stores 1,120 Chemical Manufacturing 5.6%

Truck Transportation 1,040 General Merchandise Stores 4.6%
These 19 occupations – out of more than 700 - are projected
State Government, Excl Education &
740 Social Assistance 4.3% to add over 4,200 jobs over the next 10 years, almost 45
Hospitals percent of all projected job growth in this area.
Heavy & Civil Engineering
Hospitals 690 4.3%
Construction Eight of these occupations require only short-term on-the-
job training of one month or less and three require a college
Food Services & Drinking Places 630 Rental & Leasing Services 3.9% degree.

Ambulatory Health Care Services 610 Two of these are found in health services, a key industry in
For copies of the Georgia Career Planner, this area.
Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction 500 Georgia Workforce Trends or this publication,
call 404/232-3875 or contact your local Three have made the list of Georgia’s “HOT” Careers to
Nursing & Residential Care Facilities 440
Department of Labor office. 2014 for their fast job growth, high wages, and plentiful job
openings during the period 2004-2014.