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Erica Strucel Walled Lake Central High School- Learning Skills Grade Level: 9-12 Intended of Duration Lesson:

90 minutes Lesson Goal: For students to be working quietly and independently on homework from their general education classes. Lesson Objectives: Given assignments from general education classes, each student will complete 70% of their homework due tomorrow. IEP Goal/Objectives Progress monitor IEP goals Check students grades on Skyward daily (missing assignments, low test/quiz scores) Materials: Teacher laptop Students planners Students homework Any student test/quizzes that need to be completed Each students learning skills folder that contains a grade chart and IEP goals Procedure: Remind students to fill out their planner Check and initial each students planner to see if they are being completed correctly (each class and homework for each class) Ask each student individually, What are you working on today? Check the board to see if students have a test, quiz, or other work to work on from their general education teachers Check co-taught e-mails for students homework and ask if they completed these assignments Let students work independently and quietly Keep the students on-task by reminding them what they should be doing if they get offtask If students finish an assignment ask them what they are going to be working on next Check each students grades on Skyward for missing assignments or low test/quiz scores Call students up to fill out their grades in their folders If necessary, talk to the students about missing assignments and how it is their responsibility to talk to their teacher about turning them in Communicate with general education teachers if necessary Help the students with their homework and study for tests (one-on-one tutor) Model organization, working hard, and studying techniques Fill out if students IEP goals are being achieved Monitor the students working Monitor time management Ask each student, What did you get done today? and What homework do you have to do at home? Accommodations For students with ADD or ADHD give them a time limit to work on homework and then if necessary allow them to run an errand for the teacher. Remind them that when they come back

they need to work for 20 more minutes. Assessment: During the last five minutes of class, ask each student, What did you get done today? and What homework do you have to do after school? This way the teacher can see who got most of their work done and used the learning skills time appropriately. The students will get a number out of ten participation points based off of how they used the time in learning skills, how much work they got done, and their behavior. A 10/10 would be a student who works hard on their homework or studying, independently and silently, for the full 90 minutes. Expansion: If students claim that they do not have homework, tell them they need to be studying for an upcoming test or studying their notes from their classes. Check co-taught e-mails to make sure the students assignment are complete and ask the student to show you the completed assignments. If they still claim that they have nothing to do then give them a math packet to complete.