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Diploma in Information Management (IM110) Information And Communication Technology Application (IMD113)



Mastura Binti Rosli 2013207152 JIM1101D

Prepared for:

Sir Albakri Bin Mohammad @ Ahmad

Assalamualaikum, Firstly, I would like to thank you to Allah for calm me from the panics to complete this assignment about Summary MOBILE TECHNOLOGY AND LIBERAL

I would like to say thank you to my parents especially my mom who always support and helps to complete this assignment. She always called me on the phone to give many ideas topics. She did to easily for me to find the materials. I also never forget my lecturer, Sir Albakri Bin Mohamad @ Ahmad who are give advices and helps his students to understanding what to do and how to do it in this the assignment. Thank you very much sir ! Other than that, I would like to say thank you about my classmates and the other classes who are support each other to complete this assignment together. I would like to say thank you to my friends, Amira ,Ezatul and Ayu Asyrida. Because of them, I got idea to write down about this topics. Finally, I feel happy that I can finish this assignment at the time before I pass up to lecturer.

In a world of increasingly sophisticated it. The use of mobile technology in education is needed. At present, the use of technology is very important in our daily lives. There are different types of mobile technology used in education. For example, iPads, iPhones, Android-powered tablets and Smartphone. In this journal, he explained that iPads used in academic positions. iPad has access to a set of iPads for activities in the classroom. Teaching and Learning Centre and University Information Technology Services at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) has made a study that iPads are encouraged at school to facilitate the learning of the pupils. With this state of the art facility, iPads can create new relationships that promote civic responsibility and awareness of the students. Mobile technology has been regarded as a miracle worker who can perform a variety of educational feats, rather than cure apathy education to ensure student engagement and learning outcomes. In recent years, almost every student in earnest using iPads to focus, visiting the sites associated with education. Current technology also allows students to become more competent students in using the Internet for the purpose of study and students no longer need to bother finding books and information in bookstores, they can surf the Internet with ease only. Now, almost every student who owned gadgets trying to share information, such as web pages and images, between personal devices and iPads loaned. Urge the students to send information back and forth between the device shows that technology has changed the way people think about sharing knowledge. Students who grew up with these cool tools to think and create cooperation. Another student ex-planned that "the amount and quality of INFORMATOION" good because students can work interactively on the device. That is, students can quickly share files and resources and build each other work with applications that enable them to synchronize their work across multiple iPads and view updates to shared documents. Students can access research materials and information-tion through the web and other applications. Technology also helps to stimulate and engage all students in the learning process better than just sitting and taking notes. When students feel that they can understand the concept of learning to use the technology, it's somewhat entertaining when making an assignment. In addition, the unique features of liberal education to develop skills and feelings that will help people be successful in the future if they use technology that is used to full benefit. Liberal educators have also questioned the extent to which mobile technologies are changing stan-dards as important learning outcomes identified by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (2007) through the Liberal Education and American Promise (LEAP). Students today need to be prepared to adapt with facilities such as iPads, iPhones, Android-powered tablets and Smartphone. Students who are not literate face economic disadvantages and

professional technology, culture and civic participation decreases, and the limited ability of solving problems. The digital divide gap is already high added importance. However, it would be a mistake to privilege savvy or enabling technology skills to form the main focus of a liberal education. The main objective of this journal is to combine mobile technology and reflect on the use, but not for teaching skills mobile technology for job readiness. Finally, the students built on the success of teaching technology to others and appear more open to learning kolaboratif. Gadgets like the iPad was born from the skills associated with a liberal education, such as problem solving and innovative application of knowledge, but they do not naturally develop skills . As a university student, the use of technology in education is important for us to complete a task with the help of gadgets.