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Orientation Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 = most helpful for face-to-face students = most helpful for online students

Please allow me to extend greetings to all students who are embarking on seminary training for the first time. Whether you are a master’s student or a doctoral student, please allow these few reflections to help you make the transition into the comedic maze of seminary training. I describe seminary training as “comedic” because I want to remind you of the old adage “Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.” Angela, why are you talking about crying? I am beginning seminary, what do I have to cry about!? In actuality, you probably will not cry. But there will be times when you will question your decision to be here and if you have made the right choice by beginning seminary. So, when these thoughts occur, please refer to my following tips to help you stay on track during your time at CTS. Tip No. 1: You cannot read everything. Now do not think I am telling you not to read. I am advising you all to learn the art of speed reading. Speed reading does not mean that you read every single word of every single article or book assigned. Your reading list for your classes will be way too long. However, you must learn the art of speed reading so you can ascertain what the author’s main points are and how the author argues to her conclusion. This is essential in seminary. Tip No. 2: Expect to be challenged. When I entered seminary, I was a good Baptist girl from the South who thought everyone read the Bible the same way I did. One week in seminary knocks those thoughts right out of your head. As an academic institution, we are charged

Get outside sometimes! Know that when you step away from your work and engage your body (through exercise. scratch everything I just said! No. and other events are also either streamed or recorded during the school year. and Hermeneutics with a New Testament focus. you will learn in seminary that the more questions you ask. your brain still thinks about your academic work in the background. the more questions you generate. our alumni. Angela N.m. MA student Jae Seon Jo runs the camera for the Casteñeda Lecture. 4: If you are a PhD student. please. and/or celebration for the community. theology. For the PhD students that are beginning their programs. Theodore Jennings. a walk. Each week. Parker is a fourth year PhD student in Bible. These streamed services and events are available via the CTS website to our online students. and worship together as one community. held on . we can continue to gather around our common pursuits. I am joking (only a little bit.896. Our next streamed chapel service will be Convocation. please. riding your bike). please. However. worship. lectures. CDT and featuring our own Dr. Chicago.CTS ORIENTATION NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2013 PAGE 2 to challenge the preconceived notions that you may hold dear and force you to ask new questions. We may be separated by distance. Culture. 60th Street. These online community life offerings are a great way for us to celebrate. Tip No.2400 1407 E. You need that time of refreshment and rejuvenation so you can come back to your academic work with a fresh perspective. ethics and scripture reading. We PhD students have a habit of taking way too long to complete our degrees. Parker attempts to read the sacred texts through a womanist/postcolonial lens in order to provide liberation and transformative interpretations. IL 60637 ctschicago. Be ready for that. tennis. You will be tempted to stay in your apartment or library in order to try to read everything on your syllabus. but thanks to the online format. Please keep Tips No. Ask yourself why you are studying at CTS and begin to formulate your Program of Study now. Throughout the semester. 11. though). think about and make notes for your Program of Study. You may have thought you knew all the answers to every question about faith. a different group comes together to plan a service of meditation. at 12:00 p. 1. 2 and 3 in your view but remember that you must keep moving along in order to complete your degrees (and get the really cool PhD hat). a variety of these services are streamed live (broadcast live online)—helping to make chapel accessible for those who may not be able to attend physically but can be at CTS electronically. 3: Please remain active. Tip No. STREAMING CHAPEL: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO PARTICIPATE A key part of community life here at CTS is our weekly chapel service. And chapel services aren’t the only things accessible online from CTS—various workshops. learn. Professor of Biblical and Constructive Theology (streaming link to be announced later—check your email and CTS’ Facebook page). 773. 2013. and other friends.

CTA buses 170. with a stop right by CTS. If you want guaranteed parking every day. and status updates for trains and buses. but be sure to enjoy the fantastic scenery and architecture as you walk! 3. Chicago. fare prices. befriend Google Maps to get directions for CTA. Within Hyde Park. and there’s a free parking lot on Stony Island and 60th St. here are some good things to know: Getting Around 1. This is a great way to debrief after class. Walking to CTS: Check the weather before you leave. especially when the University of Chicago is in session. and run into the early morning every day. just to be safe. and it’s good for the planet. CTA has a bus stop right in front of CTS.2400 1407 E.CTS ORIENTATION NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2013 PAGE 3 IN AND AROUND HYDE PARK AND WOODLAWN Whether you are moving into an apartment in Hyde Park or Woodlawn. Public transportation to and around CTS: To get to Hyde Park and Woodlawn. the NightRide shuttles. and check out the CTA’s website to find maps. 60th Street. In addition. and the Metra goes both north and south. 2. and 192 go around the Hyde Park/Kenwood area. However. 172. 773. as you might need to carry an umbrella or layer your clothing. so it’s first come.m. Keep your cell phone and other valuables in your pocket and out of sight. or you will just be coming into the neighborhood for classes and events. 171. and you must pay regular fares for those. Driving to CTS: Parking on the Midway is free. first served. but plan to arrive early in order to snag a spot.. IL 60637 . which start at 5:00 p. are available to anyone for free. The 6 and 28 buses run between Hyde Park and downtown. CTS offers parking in our parking lot for $140/semester—space is limited however. The Press Building next door to CTS has good food and coffee.896. consider carpooling with your classmates.

Noodles Etc. Einstein’s Bagels in the Reynolds Club on the corner of 57th St. has a nice row of restaurants. Chicago. IL 60637 ctschicago. You need caffeine in a hurry: • There’s usually some coffee already made or ready to be made in the student lounge on the third floor of CTS.. and Robust Coffee Lounge at Woodlawn and 63rd does too. and Einstein’s Bagels inside the U of C Reynolds Club on the corner of 57th St. floats. Edwardo’s Natural Pizza. • For major coffee chains. Z&H Market. You must try the mozzarella sticks.'s restaurants are a short walk from CTS. juices. check out the Starbucks on Woodlawn and 55th St. Subway. You’re done for the day and want a nice dinner: • Leona’s at the shopping center on 53rd and Kimbark. B’Gabs Goodies behind CTS serves raw vegan food. 3. You’re at CTS and you need a quick meal: • The U of C Press Building next door has sandwiches and prepared meals for breakfast and lunch. cakes.896. • • • 2. . has great shakes. Medici on 57th St. 60th Street. • • The Press Building Intelligentsia coffee. including Medici. 57th St. and University. You just aced your finals. They’re cash only. but they have an ATM. • The Pub in the basement of Ida Noyes at 59th St. and Café 57 on 57th St. and University has $1 milkshakes every Wednesday! • Go to the student lounge if you need a quick coffee fix. Z&H Market Café. and pies. and teas. So where do you go when you have a fifteen-minute class break and need coffee? Where is a good place to celebrate a birthday or take out-of-town guests? Here are some ideas: 1. and it’s time to celebrate with drinks or dessert: • Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap on Woodlawn and 55th St.CTS ORIENTATION NEWSLETTER Eating and Drinking AUGUST 2013 PAGE 4 serve good coffee. If you’re willing to walk a little farther. (next to the Starbucks) is a nice chill bar. both 773. next door serves 4.2400 1407 E. and Woodlawn (requires a $5 yearly membership). There are all kinds of unique restaurants in Hyde Park and Woodlawn. and Salonica. 57th St. Medici.

4.. too! Rockefeller Chapel's beautiful architecture is a must-see. and 55th & Lake Park. Don’t forget the beach and the Lakefront Trail. The Midway right in front of CTS is a beautiful park.896. Rockefeller Chapel offers terrific concerts and artistic events throughout the year. • Seven Fun Things to Do in Hyde Park/Woodlawn . When the weather’s nice. Harper Court. But check out 57th Street Books and Powell’s Bookstore. at some point. 60th Street. Bookstores galore! Seminary Co-op Bookstore’s new location at Woodlawn and 58th St. too (just to name a few). Go here to pick up tasty pre-made meal in the deli case. or buy affordable fresh produce & make a good homemade dinner! 6. Go to the Lake. An eclectic assortment of shops and even a movie theater—check out 53rd St. Chicago. Cedars Mediterranean Kitchen in the Kimbark shopping center at 53rd and Woodlawn. and while you’re there. Check out the Oriental Institute—it’s free and a short distance from CTS. be sure to have a picnic on Promontory Point on 54th St. check out the Osaka Garden just south of it. is beautiful. Hyde Park Produce in the Kimbark shopping center at 53rd and Woodlawn. Promontory Point offers an unparalleled view of the lake. 5. The Museum of Science and Industry is a great place to visit. 773. 3.2400 1407 E. 7. They’ve got a great dinner special. take a jog there! The Osaka Garden is a great place to find some peace and quiet.CTS ORIENTATION NEWSLETTER • • AUGUST 2013 PAGE 5 Shinju Sushi on 53rd. in addition to church and meditation services weekly. IL 60637 ctschicago. 2.

“Selfcare is important. it can be really easy to lose yourself in your academic and church responsibilities and completely forget your own selfcare.CTS ORIENTATION NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2013 A STUDENT’S PERSPECTIVE: JOSH SIMON TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF PAGE 6 I’m a second-year Master of Divinity student. I was already out of the house and couldn’t turn back. MDiv student 773. and hanging out with you over the next several years. See you soon! Josh Simon. one of the best pieces of advice I received from a secondyear MDiv student came when she noticed that I had not worn a fall jacket on a rather unexpectedly cool day. She responded with.2400 1407 E. 60th Street.896. take time to reflect on the preceding week. Chicago.” Now. you will love Chicago Theological Seminary. you need to practice selfcare. Our community at CTS is an awesome community for learning and growth. I mentioned that by the time I realized it was going to be cold. I give you this advice: to make your experience here successful. When I first started here as a first year student. making friends outside of the seminary setting. I suggest spending time with other seminarians outside of CTS. to keep the practice going. but it is vital for you to spend time outside of seminary and religious activities. IL 60637 ctschicago. from a second year MDiv student. I look forward to meeting. . Finally. which truly is an amazing city to people watch. and exploring Chicago. Chicago Theological Seminary will challenge you in many ways. do not forget to take time to be by yourself. You cannot care for others if you do not take care of yourself.

m.m. 3:00–4:00 p. Advancement Office (1st floor.m. 4th floor)* President’s Welcome & Invocation – Alice Hunt (Dining Hall) Academic Dean’s Session – Ken Stone (Dining Hall) • includes intro to Language & Writing Center with Samantha Garrett • includes intro to Title IX Coordinators: Deb Derylak & Michele Carr Controller’s Session – Michele Carr (Dining Hall) • includes Financial Aid Q & A with Howard Nelson Snacks/Break (tables outside Dining Hall) Class Photo – Susan Cusick. & PhD students – Elena Jimenez (room 118) Registrar’s Session for MDiv. Stone (Dining Hall) Faculty Advising appointments: individual meetings (various offices) Register for Classes! (Lapp Learning Commons) 9:45–10:15 a. Stone (Dining Hall) Degree Program Sessions for PhD students – K.2400 1407 E.m. 2:00–3:00 p.m. Registration (1st floor lobby) and Breakfast (Dining . Jimenez (room 118) Degree Program Sessions for MA & STM students – K.m. *All students must bring a government-issued ID to pick up their student IDs.m. 9:15–9:45 a. 10:45–11:15 a.m. 12:30–1:15 p. 11:20–11:30 a.CTS ORIENTATION NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2013 PAGE 7 AUGUST 26 ORIENTATION SCHEDULE (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) 8:00–9:00 a. SAL. 773. & MARL students – Scott Haldeman & Deb Derylak (Dining Hall) Registrar’s Session for MA. 1:30–2 p.896. IL 60637 ctschicago. 3:00–3:30 p.m.–12:25 p.m. 60th Street.m. 4:00–6:00 p. 3rd floor) Information Technology Session – Rasul Shabazz (room 118) Student & Community Life Panel – Ayanna Johnson (room 118) Lunch w/Mentors & Student Reps (Dining Hall) Safety & Community w/ Facilities and the Director of Community Life – Mike Moran & Ayanna Johnson (Dining Hall) Building Tours & Scavenger Hunt with Advancement Office – Megan Davis-Ochii Degree Program Sessions for MDiv. if you haven’t turned in an ID photo yet. north entrance) Librarian’s Session – Evan Boyd (Lapp Learning Commons. your ID will not be ready at orientation—but you should still get a photo to the faculty assistant as soon as possible.m. 1:15–1:25 p. STM.m. 11:30 a. 10:15–10:30 a. 3:30–4:00 p. 10:30–10:45 a. Also. Chicago.m. & MARL students – E.m.m.m. 9:00–9:15 a. SAL.