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Steven Truong March 19th, 2012 Ms. Hollingsworth Is God Vengeful?

A common question that has been asked many times is whether or not vengeance is justified. In the television series Supernatural an episode called “House of the Holy,” the topic of the “avenging angel”; a justified act of vengeance by God, is debated. The two protagonists Sam and Dean have conflicting views on Providence and angels. However, Dean’s perspective of the avenging angel holds truer since the concept of the avenging angel is not justified and that angels do not exist in the Supernatural world. The concept of the avenging angel is false because it goes against God’s teachings and the fact that vengeance cannot be justified. The avenging angel concept implies that revenge is justified by God’s “will”. However, based on the teachings of God and the Bible, vengeance is intolerable and forgiveness should be given to those who sin. The fact that God forgives and tells people to forgive those who have sinned obviously portrays how God would not justify vengeance and kill people based on the avenging angel concept introduced in the Supernatural episode. Furthermore, vengeance cannot be truly justified since it is basically just revenge to satisfy personal grudges and does not improve any present conditions. In the episode, Father Gregory realizes that his justification of vengeance by God was wrong after the priest confronts him. The saying that two wrongs make a right perfectly depicts the topic of vengeance in the episode since revenge does not do good, it only gives satisfaction to a person for a limited time.

the avenging angel that is “sent by God” is just an excuse for personal revenge. Through lucid thinking. . Therefore. The concept of an anvenging angel is therefore untrue since vengeance is not justified and that avenging angels do not exist in Sam and Dean’s world. the fact of an actual “avenging angel” is also questionable based on “House of the Holy”. Furthermore. nevertheless send his angels to kill and avenge. God would not promote vengeance. because of his teachings to forgive sinners. At first. In the end. the concept of an avenging angel is false as it only serves as an excuse or means of justification for personal revenge. the audience soon finds that the so-called angel in the episode is actually Father Gregory’s spirit which claims to be an “angel from God” doing God’s work.Apart from the subject of the avenging angel. though Dean is reluctant to believe Sam since he has never seen one with his own eyes. the myth of an avenging angel is also false as God would not promote such violent affairs. However. Furthermore. Sam claims to have seen an angel. thus voiding the existence of avenging angels. Deducting from Dean’s statement that he had never seen an angel while Sam has clearly shows how it is hard to believe whether or not an avenging angel exists. vengeance will never be justified.