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1.At what time of day did Lady Catherine come to call on Elizabeth and her family at Longbourne?

Early morning 2. When Lady Catherine begins to speak to Elizabeth in private, it is clear that she is under some misapprehension about the report she has heard. What is it she believes about the rumor of Elizabeth's impending engagement to Darcy which is quite untrue? That Elizabeth and her family have spread the rumor. 3. Part of the way through her interrogation of Elizabeth, Lady Catherine informs her that a marriage between herself and Mr. Darcy can never take place. Why is this? Because he is engaged to Anne de Bourgh 4. Lady Catherine has no idea that Darcy had already proposed to Elizabeth and been turned down. Does Elizabeth inform her Ladyship of this fact? No 5. Lady Catherine informs Elizabeth that Darcy's family and closest friends expect him to marry her daughter, and that he will disgrace himself in their eyes if he does not. Based on what we observe of the attitudes of his family and friends, is she correct in this conviction? No 6. At the climax of the interview, Lady Catherine demands that Elizabeth reveal whether or not she is engaged to Mr. Darcy. How does Elizabeth respond? She tells her that she is not engaged to Darcy. 7. When Elizabeth refuses to satisfy Lady Catherine's demand that she refuse any offer of marriage from Darcy, Lady Catherine offers an additional objection to their union. She insultingly brings up the infamous elopement of Elizabeth's youngest sister Lydia with the scoundrel Wickham, the full details of which she had learned from her toady, Mr. Collins. She is clearly unaware that another young lady, close to her own circle, had also planned to elope with Wickham at one time. Who was it? Georgianna Darcy 8. In a final attempt to get satisfaction from Elizabeth, Lady Catherine brings up to her three principles which demand that she refuse Darcy's hand. What are they? Duty, honor, and gratitude 9. The day after Lady Catherine's visit, Elizabeth is met by her father, who presents a letter from someone congratulating him on the likely engagement of Elizabeth to Mr.

who married Mr William Collins? Charlotte 5.Darcy. What is the name of the estate owned by Mr Bennett where he and his family live? Longbourn 4. Jane Bennet was a very sweet girl and she fell very much in love with a young gentleman. What is Mr Darcy's first name? Fitzwilliam 6. Whom is the letter from? Mr. Mr Collins was always talking about the most wonderful house. Collins 10. which she does. Lady Catherine had strongly implied that she would speak to Darcy directly concerning the matter. and warning him (rather belatedly) of Lady Catherine's objections to the union. as she thought him to be a very proud man. Who did Jane Bennett eventually marry? Charles Bingley . At the close of their interview. When Elizabeth first met Mr Darcy she did not care for him very much. Mr Darcy had a young sister of whom he was very protective. Rosings. Who owned Rosings? Lady Catherine de Bourgh 9. How many daughters do Mr and Mrs Bennett have? Five 3. What is the result of her interference? Darcy is encouraged to hope that he can win Elizabeth. Which one of the Bennett sisters ran away with Mr Wickham to London? Lydia 8. 1. Do you know her name? Georgiana 7. Do you know which one? Elizabeth 2. What is the name of Elizabeth's best friend.The main heroine in this book is one of the Bennet girls.

Degree two: The Quip Modest. What a fine thing for our girls!" Mr Bennet: "How so? how can it affect them?" "'My dear Mr. they stopped to visit Mr. Darcy's magnificent house. 'It is nothing in comparison of _______. it is much larger than Sir William Lucas's. like other girls. Mrs Bennet: " A single man of large fortune. I have been meditating on the very great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow. " 'You have a very small park here. They are my old friends. how can you abuse your own children in such a way! You take delight in vexing me." Mrs Bennet: "Mr. When Elizabeth was touring through Derby with her uncle and aunt." . but. Bennet." Mr Bennet: "You mistake me. Degree two: The quip modest. Bennet.the nothingness.'" Mr Bennet: "Is that his design in settling here?" Who is the single man? Mr Bingley 4. My mind was more agreeably engaged.Degree one: The retort courteous. I have a high respect for your _______. and yet the selfimportance of all these people! What would I give to hear your strictures on them!" Darcy: "Your conjecture is totally wrong. Here is Mr Darcy responding to Miss Bingley at a ball.10. 'how can you be so tiresome! You must know that I am thinking of his marrying one of them. What was the name of Mr Darcy's magnificent estate? Pemberley 1. You have no compassion on my poor _______. I assure you. I dare say." Who is the pretty woman meditated over by Mr Darcy? Elizabeth Bennet 3. after a short silence. my lady. four or five thousand a year. Miss Bingley: "The insipidity.' replied his wife. I assure you. I have heard you mention them with consideration these twenty years at least.' returned Lady Catherine. and were shown through it by his housekeeper. Degree one: The retort courteous. What is the missing word in this Bennet interchange? Mr Bennet: "They are all silly and ignorant. Mr Bennet responds to Mrs Bennet's news of a new arrival in the area. and yet the noise -. but Lizzy has something more of quickness than her sisters. my dear.'" Which is Lady Catherine's country house?: Rosings 2. Mrs Bennet is courteous in the face of Lady Catherine de Burgh's arrogant dismissal of Longbourn.

Degree one: The retort courteous. We have tried two or three subjects already without success. This interchange between Darcy and Elizabeth is one of their most polite. You are very cautious. Affable Sir William Lucas is rebuffed by Darcy. Darcy. Every ______ can dance.' . or not with the same feelings. with a firm voice. Couples 9.I talked about the dance. smiling. I am sure we never read the same. that your resentment once created was unappeasable. as to its being created. I suppose. Elizabeth can be quite churlish herself as in this interchange with Darcy. What is the missing word in this bout between Darcy and Elizabeth during the silent dance? Elizabeth: " 'Conversation ought to be so arranged. "After a pause of some minutes she addressed him a second time with -. and what we are to talk of next I cannot imagine. Mr. "'_______ could not have interrupted any two people in the room who had less to say for themselves.Nerves 5.'It is your turn to say something now. Darcy -.'" Who interrupted their silent dance? Sir William 8.' 'What think you of books?' said he. I consider it as one of the first refinements of polished societies. Sir William: "What a charming amusement for young people this is. and you ought to make some kind of remark on the size of the room. and it has the advantage also of being in vogue amongst the less polished societies of the world. Degree four: The reproof valiant. or the number of ______. Darcy! There is nothing like dancing after all. Mr.' 'I am. Degree three: The reply churlish. Who does Elizabeth think Mr Darcy may be judging harshly? "'I remember hearing you once say." What word is missing? Savage 7.' said he. " George Wickham 6.'" What is the missing word? Hint: pairing off. Mr. Degree five: The countercheque quarrelsome." Darcy: "Certainly. as that they may have the trouble of saying as little as possible. Degree three: The reply churlish. that you hardly ever forgave. The banter between Darcy and Elizabeth becomes heightened as Elizabeth loses patience with Darcy's stiffness and lack of conversation. sir. 'Books -.Oh! no.

'for I have heard you accuse him of nothing worse than of being the son of Mr. Miss Eliza. Degree Seven: The Lie Direct. I shall be the last person to confess it. and am entitled to know all his dearest concerns. made you an offer of marriage?" What is the missing word? Hint: a family matter. and be handed down to posterity with all the éclat of a ________. I can assure you. Proverb 10. unwilling to speak.' 'His guilt and his descent appear by your account to be the same. one could not expect much better.'" Caroline Bingley 11. Degree five: The countercheque quarrelsome. Darcy's steward.' replied Elizabeth archly. 'for I have always seen a great similarity in the turn of our minds. in a moment of __________.' said Elizabeth angrily. taciturn disposition. You may have drawn him in. Degree two: The quip modest." Elizabeth: "But you are not entitled to know mine. Elizabeth: "I do not pretend to possess equal frankness with your ladyship. Elizabeth rebuffs Lady Catherine de Burgh's interference. and of that." Elizabeth: "If I have. or do you imagine that you are gratifying mine?' 'Both." Lady Catherine does not like this quip: "'This is not to be borne! Miss Bennet. You may ask questions which I shall not choose to answer. Who earns this forceful rejection of Wickham's guilt from Elizabeth? ________: "'I pity you. I am almost the nearest relation he has in the world. the gloves are off: Lady Catherine: "Miss Bennet. do you know who I am? I have not been accustomed to such language as this. for this discovery of your favourite's guilt. nor will such behaviour as this ever .'Are you consulting your own feelings in the present case. he informed me himself. Degree six: The Lie with circumstance. my nephew 12. but really considering his descent. Has he. We are each of an unsocial. has ________. The confrontation between Lady Catherine de Burgh and Elizabeth Bennet escalates from this quiet beginning.'" What word is missing? Hint: bible. unless we expect to say something that will amaze the whole room. As Elizabeth and Lady Catherine clash. I insist on being satisfied." What is the missing word? Infatuation 13. Lady Catherine: "But your arts and allurements may. have made him forget what he owes to himself and to all his family.

No. Which of the following women did NOT succumb (or nearly succumb) to George Wickham's charms? . Now. her brother Mr. Elizabeth takes Darcy to task about his silence at Longbourn. Phillips 5. "Your If is your only peacemaker" (only understood here I admit)." Darcy: "A man who had felt less." Who is Darcy's only nearer living relation? Georgiana Darcy 14. to which you have the presumption to aspire. returns to polite sparring. There is a third sibling in this family. This match. Lady Catherine: "Let me be rightly understood. can never take place. having won the exchanges with Lady Catherine. Mr. Gardiner is known for his peaceful one. you can have no reason to suppose he will make an offer to me.induce me to be explicit. Which of the Bennet girls does Mr." To whom is Darcy supposedly engaged? my daughter 15. first cast his eye towards as a potential wife? Jane 3. what have you to say?" Elizabeth: "Only this: that if he is so.An easy one: what is the married name of Charles Bingley's sister Louisa? Hurst 2. Darcy is engaged to _________. Darcy? Anne DeBourgh 4. never. Bennet is known for her excitable personality. Collins. Mrs. Degree two: The quip modest. dinner 1. As Touchstone concludes. After Elizabeth and Darcy are engaged. Which of Elizabeth's friends "never cared much for romance?" Charlotte Lucas 6. Elizabeth: "You might have talked to me more when you came to ______. Which young lady was "destined since birth" to marry the oh-so-eligible Mr. Elizabeth. might" What is the occasion missing from the quotation? Hint: The man who came to ____ . who is it? Mrs. the boorish preacher.

there were plenty of marriages which took place in the novel. Elizabeth. there will be leisure for falling in love as much as she chuses"? Charlotte Lucas 8. "It has been coming on me so gradually that I hardly know when it began. Which was the SECOND marriage. you must be a stranger to one of your parents. I send no compliments to your mother. And finally. "Your family owe me nothing. which talent was not on Mr. of these? Lydia Bennet and George Wickham 1. Speaking of accomplished ladies. "Oh." Who made this uncivil declaration? Lady Catherine 3. From this day. Bennet 5. Which woman makes the comment that Jane Bennet "should therefore make the most of every half-hour in which she can command his [Bingley's] attention. I thought only of you. But I believe it must date from my first seeing his beautiful grounds at Pemberley.. Much as I respect them. hang Kitty! What has she to do with it?" Who exclaimed these words in a fit of frenzy? Mrs. "I take no leave of you. "How I long to see her again! I never met with anybody who delighted me so much.. Miss Bennet."An unhappy alternative is before you." What lady said this? Elizabeth 4. such manners! and so extremely accomplished for her age! Her performance on the pianoforte is exquisite. I believe. Bennet 2." Who gave our heroine this somber warning? Mr. When she is secure of him. Such a countenance.Caroline Bingley 7." Which young gallant expressed these sentiments? Darcy . Bingley's list of traits a good accomplished young girl might have? Playing the pianoforte 10." Which young lady is being praised here? Georgiana Darcy 9.

"It is usual with young ladies to reject the addresses of the man whom they secretly mean to accept." Who made this observation? Mary 7." What character said this.6. Collins 9. when he first applies for their favor. "I have bought this bonnet. I shall pull it to pieces as soon as I get home. quoting Mr. "My dear Eliza." Who spoke these words? Mr. quoting another? Miss Bingley. I do not think it is very pretty. "She a beauty!-I should as soon call her mother a wit." What silly girl said this? Lydia 8. he must be in love with you." What character displayed this insight? Charlotte 10. vanity to what we would have others think of us. "Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves. but I thought I might as well buy it as not. Darcy . or he never would have called on us in this familiar way.